My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 89


Lin Suci sneezed.

He rubbed his nose, and spoke in a low, muffled voice, “Do you know anything else?”

“Just a little more than you,” Lin Zhixi suddenly raised his hand to create a barrier, directly enveloping him and Lin Suci in it.

Time was scarce. Lin Suci was silent for a moment in the darkness when the barrier opened. Before he knew it, the barrier had disappeared.

Following that, Lin Zhixi’s raised hand landed on Lin Suci’s neck.

“The lord asked me to take you home. See, he’s not an indifferent one.”

The heartbeat at the main artery was strong. The moment Lin Zhixi’s warm fingertips landed on him, Lin Suci’s pulse slightly sped up.

The bright moon was so clear, like it was washed with water. The tiles under the ridge reflected Lin Suci’s shadow, a small figure.

Lin Suci lowered his eyes.

The slender fingers that landed on his neck felt like the hands of a scholar, but Lin Suci knew that the hand could turn him into ashes with just slight movement.

“Forgive me. You have to go back anyway. I did this just to escort you back earlier.”

It was the apologetic Lin Zhixi who was holding Lin Suci with a dangerous hand.

He forced Lin Suci to stand up from the ridge of the roof, but the shadow that fell on the tile did not change. It twisted a few times, creating a black spiral.

Lin Suci was silent for a long time, and said in a low voice, “I shouldn’t have saved you just now.”

He was referring to Lin Zhixi’s stomach ache. He did not leave but stayed to find the “medicine” for Lin Zhixi.

Looking at it now, if he just left, he might have escaped that time.


Since Lin Zhixi had the heart to do so, Lin Suci generally could not hide.

“Yet you are too daring to say it!” Lin Zhixi’s face darkened when he mentioned that. He was very unhappy.

Lin Suci looked down at Lin Zhixi’s trembling hands when he was agitated, and calmly said, “Be careful not to hurt me.”

Lin Zhixi also knew how powerful he was. Lin Suci, who was also in the fusion stage, had no ability to resist at all.

If he was not careful and melted that person, the trouble would be huge.

Without further ado, Lin Zhixi jumped into the black spiral as he grabbed Lin Suci. Only his whispers still echoed in Lin Suci’s ears.

The black spiral was naturally a teleportation array that was prepared earlier.

That was a very high-level technique, which could not be deployed by cultivators below the golden core. Even the cultivators above the golden core could only carry out teleportation within a hundred miles by themselves.

It was obviously not something Lin Zhixi in the fusion stage could do. Unfortunately, all the golden cores in the Jin family were Lin Suci’s family, and even more unfortunate, he knew that no one there would help Lin Zhixi.

At least one person with a golden core or higher had gotten in.

In other words, he was in contact with Lin Zhixi.

Lin Suci passed through the teleportation array. He was within Lin Zhixi’s grasp so he dared not move. His body stiffened, and his dizziness almost made him pass out. He stared blankly and fell silent.

The person who was in contact with Lin Zhixi was definitely not a golden core, and the teleportation array was definitely not a short distance of just a few hundred miles.

At least he knew that they were no longer in Bihai Continent.

It was just three in midnight, but the place he was standing was bright and the sun was shining dazzlingly. The warm and humid air was sticky and uncomfortable.

There was a small bridge and long rivers. Willow trees hang down the banks, and an old man was there with a sunshade hat as he rested on a bamboo chair. Meanwhile, a fishing rod hung by the river, its fishing line moved and the water rippled. It was obvious that a fish had taken the bait.

Lin Suci stood under the shade of an old willow tree. His cheeks brushed against the willow tips above him along with the wind. It was itchy and thorny.

Both of them were silent for a while.

“Bai’s wife, can I ask…” Lin Suci just opened his mouth, when Lin Zhixi, who was still in shock during the silence, suddenly vomited blood due to anger. He punched Lin Suci’s head in frenzy, “Wife, your ass! What nonsense are you calling! Call me by my name!”

Lin Suci was bullied, and he felt rebellious at the moment. The more he knew that Lin Zhixi was ashamed to talk about his relationship with Bai Qingkong, the more he persevered in using this provocation.

“Aren’t you Little Bai’s wife? He’s my godbrother, so you’re my godbrother’s wife.” Lin Suci was unhappy after being hammered twice. He rolled up his sleeves and hammered Lin Zhixi with the back of his hand. He hammered while clearly saying, “Godbrother’s wife, you have such a bad temper!”

“Ah ptui!” Lin Zhixi just counterattacked twice, but was distracted by what Lin Suci said. His face was contorted with anger, and he was furious as he could never hit Lin Suci in his hand, “I’m a dignified and upright gentleman. Don’t call me your godbrother’s wife!”

Lin Suci defeated Lin Zhixi by virtue of his physical strength. After winning, he pressed Lin Zhixi proudly, smiling and saying, “Godbrother’s… wife.”

Lin Zhixi’s face was black enough to create ink, and after grinding his teeth for a long time, he fought back angrily, “Sister-in-law of Yan family!”

Lin Suci did not care about verbal sayings, so he readily agreed with a smile, “Hey, Bai family’s wife!”

Lin Zhixi desperately told himself not to be angry with shameless people, and in the end it was himself who got angry.

Lin Suci, who was well-versed in shameless ways, noticed that Lin Zhixi was furious enough, so he put his heart away and began to look around, “Where is this?”

Lin Zhixi got up, patted the dust from his body, and pouted, “How do I know?”

Lin Suci was surprised, “You sold me here. How could you not know?”

“Sold your ass!” Lin Zhixi’s self-restraint was fed to the dogs, and he almost rolled up his sleeves to continue his beating.

Lin Suci basked in the sun for a while, and his body was already warm. He felt a little hot. He fanned the wind with his sleeve and said impatiently, “Where’s the buyer? I’ve been kidnapped by you people, but why don’t I see anyone?”

Hearing that, Lin Zhixi’s slack expression suddenly tightened. He was on guard for a while due to reflex, and then he slowly relaxed his muscles.

“…I have no idea.”

Before Lin Suci could complain, Lin Zhixi quickly commented, “I was dragged by the nightmare devil into that lord’s dream, and that lord asked me to take you into the teleportation array. Other than that, I don’t know.”

Lin Suci twitched the corners of his mouth, raised his hand and clapped, “You have great tolerance, taking your action now.”

Lin Zhixi retorted, “What tolerance? I only found out when I took a nap three hours ago!”

Lin Suci immediately changed his words, “Then you are really loyal. With one order from the higher-ups, you sold your life to abduct and sell underage kittens. Extremely active.”

“Do you know what I’ll get?”

Lin Zhixi looked at him coldly.

Seeing the expression on his face, Lin Suci knew that what he was asking was definitely not ordinary, so he shut his mouth and shook his head wisely.

“Blood exchange.” Lin Zhixi was expressionless, “If I bring you from the yard to him safely, he will change the other half of blood from my body for me.”


Lin Suci was surprised, and he almost blurted out, “How can this work…” After changing the blood, there would be no event of the sacrifices and Bai Qingkong’s plot could not go on. How would the original story develop?!

In the middle of the conversation, he felt that something was wrong and quickly swallowed it back.

Fortunately, he did not say anything. At that time, no one knew about Lin Zhixi’s identity.

He tried his best to turn his expression into blankness and curiosity, so he opened his mouth like a fool.

Lin Zhixi was so immersed in his emotions that he did not notice Lin Suci, so he was lucky enough to fool him.

“The other half of the blood in my body is not good. Once I’ve changed, I’ll be the pure member of Lin family in the future, and I’ll be able to live an upright life.” After all, Lin Zhixi could not reveal his identity, so he said that lightly.

Lin Suci immediately knew why Lin Zhixi dared to set up an attack on him as soon as he got the news.

Change blood, completely becoming a Lin family member, live upright.

Whichever one was the extravagant hope that Lin Zhixi had been looking forward to for many years. It was the day he could fulfil his wishes, so he just jumped on it.

It just felt like it was a pity for him.

Lin Suci felt distressed for himself.

He became the victim of Lin Zhixi’s realization of his wish.

“Then congratulations.” Lin Suci praised lazily. He looked around and snorted, “Where is this? Should I just wait here for that buyer, or can I just walk around?”

Lin Zhixi’s emotional moment was interrupted by Lin Suci’s attitude. He looked around cautiously, but could not understand what was going on, so he tentatively said, “We’re waiting here now.”

Lin Suci expressed no opinion.

He stood with his arms crossed in the shade, and stared while counting the leaves on the wicker in front of him. The old man who was fishing not far away and the woman who passed by carrying a vegetable basket could not help looking at him.

Lin Suci sneaked out when sleeping.

He was wearing a white undershirt. His hair was dishevelled, and his feet were bare. Appearing in a public place in broad daylight made him seem like some mentally ill lunatic escaping.

Thanks to Lin Suci’s good looks, he folded his arms and shook his legs impatiently, giving off an aura of ruffian handsomeness.

The eyes of the elder woman and the little widows passing by were glued to him.

Lin Suci yawned with tears in his eyes.

If he was in the yard, it would be late at night, and he should be sleeping soundly.

He really should not be sneaking around in the middle of the night. Now he had done it, he suffered.

Lin Suci was so sleepy that he yawned again and again. He simply sat on the ground and threw the stones that were bugging him into the river, making water circles.

“Come on. Before the seller comes, tell me what’s going on.”

Lin Zhixi never talked about the matters publicly, so his movements were a little awkward. After looking left and right, he sat down slowly, staying stiff for a long time.

“If you don’t want to talk about this, let’s just talk about you and Little Bai… Qing Kong. I’m also interested in you guys.” Lin Suci suggested.

Lin Zhixi was just hesitant and was unsure how to start just now. He immediately answered, “I didn’t know it when Senior Xu suggested that there was something wrong with your background. All I knew at the time was the thing about young master. I didn’t think much about it, but at noon during the nap, the nightmare devil came to my dreams.”

Nightmare was a relatively invincible powerhouse in the dream state. Lin Zhixi’s dream was controlled by the nightmare, and his soul was directly dragged into a person’s dream.

Lin Zhixi knelt down the whole time, unable to move due to the pressure, and could not raise his head at all, let alone take a look at who it was.

He just knew that the lord had kept his breath and weakened himself by only one present in the dream, yet the lord’s coercion was still thrilling, not an ordinary person.

However, the lord reported his family name, which startled him.

But, the identity of that lord was only the first of all his frights.

They were just discussing about Lin Suci’s birth not long ago, and what came up to his mind unexpectedly was not an illegitimate child, but the young master.

Lin Suci was the real young master of the Lin family, the person whom the lord has been looking for many years.

After learning about it, Lin Zhixi was not even sure how he was feeling. Maybe he had no time to react to it, because the lord told him the reason for that, so he came out.

The lord wanted him to initiate action, in a way that would not hurt Lin Suci, and coax him into the teleportation array.

After an hour, Lin Zhixi sent a message to Lin Suci and asked him to meet.

In the shade of the tree under the weeping willows, Lin Suci, who was sitting cross-legged, snored with his eyes closed. He staggered, but he was already asleep.

Lin Zhixi, who wasted his breath saying a lot, went speechless, “…”

He had a mental breakdown.

After counting the time, it was indeed time to go to bed. Lin Zhixi had no rights to wake up Lin Suci, who ought to be asleep. He sat on the side with his legs in his arms and sighed silently.

Lin Suci did not sleep deeply.

He was terribly sleepy, and Lin Zhixi’s voice was flat and rhythmic, like hypnosis, so he could not help but squinted.

Alas, he was outside, so when Lin Zhixi’s voice stopped, Lin Suci had already woken up.

However, he did not move, still keeping his eyes closed, and slowly crooked to the ground along his swaying body.

The ants on the ground climbed up to him along his clothes, and on the wrist under his sleeves, a small ant was struggling to climb up his arm.

Lin Suci felt itchy.

But the sun was hanging down through the willow branches, and the scattered light enveloped him, so warm and comfortable. He was too lazy to move.

Anyway, let the ants bite. It doesn’t hurt.

Lin Suci resolutely let it be. He lied there with his eyes closed very comfortably.

After a while, he heard a laugh, a soft one.

It was not like Lin Zhixi’s.

Lin Suci seemed to have thought of something. Just as he was about to move, he found a hand clutching his wrist, opened his sleeve, and pinched out that little ant that had crawled up to his elbow.

Very gentle, but…

…very unfamiliar.

Lin Suci opened his eyes immediately.

He tried sitting up with his elbows on the ground.

At a glance, he met that someone close at hand.

A handsome and elegant young man was looking at him with a smile. His long and narrow red phoenix eyes (eyes whose outer corners incline upwards) were full of affection, and Lin Suci’s stunned face was clearly reflected in the amber eyes.

Very unfamiliar…

The young man’s long hair was not neatly in a bundle, but two bundles from each side of the temple. They were coiled at the back of his head with a jade hairpin, and the rest of his long hair fell on his shoulders and fell on his flawless white clothes.

Holding the little ant with his fingers and holding it in front of Lin Suci’s eyes, the corner of the man’s mouth raised a gentle arc, “Little sleepyhead.”

Lin Suci pursed her lips and shrank back unconsciously.

The young man in front of him looked like an ordinary person. Compared with ordinary people, he was more handsome, more… and more graceful, like a fairy.

But he was just an ordinary man.

There was neither a trace of spiritual energy fluctuations in his body, nor a little bit of demonic energy.

He was completely different from what he expected. He was not an ancestor with strong coercion who could directly pinch people to death.

“You…” Just as Lin Suci was about to speak, he realized that his throat was dry. He cleared his throat and continued to slip back a bit. His entire back was resting on the tree trunk, and his eyes wandered everywhere, looking for Lin Zhixi.

Even if Lin Zhixi was the person who betrayed him, he was the only person he knew there, who could give him a sense of security.

It was a pity that among the scenery he seen, there were street and flourishing landscapes, but no Lin Zhixi.

He was as if being swept away by a breeze, leaving no trace behind.

It was over. He was the only one left!

The corners of Lin Suci’s mouth twitched, and he managed to maintain the appearance of a polite kitten. With manners, he said to the young man in front of him, “May I ask who you are?”

The young man did not care about Lin Suci’s retreat at all. He smiled and answered, “Bugui, Lin Bugui.”

Come on, without further asking, that Lin person would not be someone else, only the head of the Lin family who was in the *Judgment Phase (*T/N: also known as God’s Test, the last phase before achieving immortality).

Lin Suci thought for a while, and asked slightly impolitely, “What’s the matter with you arresting me here?”

“Aren’t you going to ask the relationship between us?” Lin Bugui reminded with interest, “For example, are you my illegitimate child.”

Lin Suci choked on his saliva and coughed.

He just made up those words in the daytime, yet that person already knew?

Seeing that he was coughing awkwardly, Lin Bugui pressed his fist to his lips and smiled lightly.

He was very relaxed, and even a little satisfied.

But Lin Suci was not. He was already tense all over.

“Old man… Are you really the father that I’ve never met?” Lin Suci asked cautiously.

That was really distressing.

If he was indeed the child of the lord, wouldn’t he be the only one who has attained enlightenment? From then on, he would be that one person with ten thousand men. He could summon wind and rain, work miracles, swim freely in that world, and soar into the sky, but no one dared to control?

Lin Suci looked at Lin Bugui with bright eyes.

If it was true that he really was his child…

Lin Suci’s ‘father’ was already pressed in his throat, waiting for Lin Bugui to nod. He could not wait to shout it out.

However, Lin Bugui smiled and shook his head in Lin Suci’s expectant eyes, “No, it’s not.”

Oh, Father. The father who dominated the world!

Was not his father!!!

Lin Suci could not tell whether it was disappointment or relief, but he could not control his dead fisheye look.

Lin Bugui smiled again. Once he smiled, the corners of his eyes showed his wrinkles, making him appear as a gentle brother, a master.

“Whoever you think I am, I am.”

He stretched out his hand, took the initiative to hold Lin Suci’s wrist, and gently pulled Lin Suci up from the ground. He patted his dusty sleeve, and said softly, “I always follow you.”

Lin Suci was pulled up and let go of his hand. It was awkward.

“Since you are not my father, then we are not a family. Look, why you don’t send me back? I’m still growing, and it’s time to sleep.”

Lin Suci’s tone was sincere, and he gave Lin Bugui a big yawn. The back of his teeth could be seen, showing his sleepiness.

“That’s right.” Lin Bugui nodded slowly, “You really should get some sleep.”

At that moment, on the street not far away, there was a group of people driving a carriage and carrying a sedan chair, walking neatly towards the river.

A middle-aged man dressed as a servant stopped at a distance of ten feet away. He bowed his waist and smiled, “Master, young master, the weather is hot, and young master is still young. It is time for his nap.”

Lin Suci’s eyes widened.

A dozen neatly-dressed servants bowed and smiled. The groom in the high carriage jumped down, put down the footstool, and directed Lin Suci diligently, “Young master, please get on the carriage.”

The eight sedan chairmen carrying the sedan chair rushed to each other and said, “Young master, please sit in the sedan chair!”

Lin Suci had already hid behind the willow tree, silently holding two willow leaves in his hands to cover himself.

“Where is this going?”

Lin Suci was flustered.

At first glance, those people were ordinary people, but he did not care at all. When he wanted to play some pranks and mobilize his spiritual energy, he found that his cinnabar field was empty, so he panicked.

He just tried quietly for a long time, and finally came to the conclusion that not only those people were ordinary people, he was also an ordinary person.

A mortal.

The kind with no cultivation base.

Lin Suci was frightened when he found that the mustard seeds in his hand disappeared. His sword, Sansi, was not by his side, and there was not even a talisman.

Ordinary people did not have a trace of spiritual energy. As long as there were twice as many people on the opposite side, a chaotic fist punch could kill a martial artist, let alone him.

This is terrible. Is this a dream?

Lin Suci squeezed his thigh with his hand.

Suddenly, he was almost burst into tears.

Oh, it was reality.

That was when Lin Bugui just came. He had sealed all his cultivation bases.

That was the only possibility that Lin Suci could accept. He did not dare to believe that his cultivation base was abolished…

He had gone through it once, and he did not want to go through it again.

“Going home, of course.”

Lin Bugui smiled and grabbed his wrist. Lin Suci, who was struggling to resist, was like a real kitten. He had no resistance and was easily dragged away.

“Want to take the carriage or the sedan chair?”

Lin Suci trembled, “Can I choose neither?”

“No,” Lin Bugui gently refused, “you’re sleepy, and so you have to go back to bed earlier.”

Lin Suci was about to cry, “I’m not sleepy now, fine?”

Obviously not.

Lin Suci was helpless. He had to choose the one with lesser burdens, so he pointed to the sedan chair.

The carriage was so big. If he went on it, then Lin Bugui would definitely follow. He did not want that, because he needed some time to think.

The enthusiastic butler bowed to meet Lin Suci and helped him get on the sedan chair, which was lifted steadily.

The sedan chairmen’s feet were very stable, and there was a layer of sedan curtains. The noise of the market outside got softer, and soon it was vaguely heard.

Lin Suci sat in the sedan chair and bit his fingers, frowning thoughtfully.

The only thing he could be sure of now was that he was the lost young master of the Lin family, and that Lin Bugui was the head of the Lin family.

He knew nothing beyond that.

What was their relationship, how was he lost, and what did the Lin family patriarch want?

The most important thing was that Yan Boshen should have found out that he was gone, right?

Thinking of that, Lin Suci shivered silently. He clasped his arms tightly, and looked between the fate of life and death.

The sedan chair swayed for an unknown time, and when Lin Suci almost fell asleep, it slowly landed.

The one who opened the curtains was a maid with a double bun. The girl in the blue skirt smiled and said cheerfully as she reached out her arm to be Lin Suci’s support.

“Young master, the bed has been made. Please head in and rest.”

There was already an inner courtyard, with green bamboo forests and well-manicured flower beds. There was a bamboo chair in the shades in the atrium.

Lin Suci stood there dumbfounded.

Not far away, the front door facing him was pushed open, and two earnest girls walked out, smiling and greeting him.

“The young master is back. The weather is hot, so your humble slaves have prepared herbal tea for you. You can have some to get rid of the heat.”

Another maid bowed to Lin Bugui who was standing behind Lin Suci, “Master, Young Master is not in a good mood today. Would you like to accompany him?”

Lin Suci stared blankly as Lin Bugui agreed.

Several maids brought Lin Suci into the house, fanning the fans, serving tea, and even bringing water to wash his feet.

Lin Suci had already jumped to a table in the room, clinging to the veil hanging from the beam.

“Get out, all of you get out. Don’t touch me!”

Lin Suci’s feet were dirty, but he did not allow that girl to touch him at all. He was determined not to let those girls come close.

When Lin Bugui walked into the room, the maids were relieved, and they all bowed and retreated.

Lin Suci did not ask that question until now, “I take the liberty to ask. Where is this place?”

“Haven’t you already seen it?” Lin Bugui smiled. Looking at the panicked Lin Suci, like a naughty kitten, he replied gently, “This is the mortal world.”

“You have no cultivation base. You can’t leave the mortal world.”

Lin Bugui looked at Lin Suci quietly, and said slowly, “Xiao Ci, you will be here to spend your whole life with me.”

“You must not leave, unless you die.”

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