Chapter 88


Lin Suci looked sincere, “I’m actually an illegitimate child from the mainstream of the Lin family. People who want to kill me are worried that I will go back and inherit the family business.”


Xu Wuwang looked at him, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, “surprisingly, it makes sense now.”


“Perhaps the mother of Xiao Ci is some kind of unaccepted woman, and she ended up throwing him away at the back of our mountain as she’s worried that he’d be killed?” Jing Huilian had a conclusion.


Lin Suci was stunned, as he was just making this all up.


“It’s also possible that in order to protect him, his mother made everyone think that he’s no longer alive. Unexpectedly, after so many years, a teenager looked like our young master appeared…” Ruan Linggu said.


Lin Suci tried to interrupt, “it’s not that…”


Even Bai Qingkong said in surprise, “is it possible that the pseudonym that Xingchen told me isn’t a pseudonym after all? And that the surname of Xingchen’s mother is Ye?”


Lin Suci refuted weakly, “hey…!”


Shu Changyi continued, “I only know one big demon named Ye in the Fengjing domain, but there might be other people with the same surname. It seems that we may need to go to the Fengjing domain to complain to the mother-in-law of brother Xingchen.”


Lin Suci was expressionless, “please listen to me…”


“What if his mother-in-law is no longer there?” This was the worry of the Buqi since he’s so realistic. He hadn’t listened to Lin Suci’s words at all.


“This is easy to handle!” Xunhe, fearing that the world would not be in chaos, jumped up and cheered, “let’s pretend to be the Lin family, kill them in Fengjing’s domain, capture all the descendants of the big demon. We’ll then use them to make soup for our master! I guarantee that they will definitely attack! Then, his family-in-law will become the entire Fengjing domain!”


“Good idea, I knew already that you like making chaos!” Xu Wuwang gave a thumbs-up to Xunhe.


Lin Zhixi also joined in, “in this case, let’s set off…to the family-in-law of Lin?”


Lin Suci had already given up, his eyes were dull and he stared at the beams of the roof. He couldn’t understand why he almost believed in his own lie.

Everyone was chattering inside and Lin Suci was so frustrated. At this time, Yan Boshen rubbed the back of his neck and smiled, “are you unhappy?”


“No…” Lin Suci knew that everyone was joking on purpose, how could he be unhappy? He deliberately looked worried and said nonsense in a serious manner, “if everyone thinks that something is true, then perhaps it’ll become true one day.”


Yan Boshen, “…”


Lin Suci chuckled.


Everyone naturally knew that he wasn’t an illegitimate child. It’s only that they were too happy and had edited so many different versions of the love story of his parents. It even turned out that his ancestor was once an artist on the streets.


Their imagination was so rich that they could even expand the story of “Lingkong Sword” into millions of words.


No matter what, no one understood the background of Lin Suci.


The first person who came into contact with Lin Suci was Huilian. It’s only that he was hugely suppressed by Xuanxin sect at that time and he didn’t really pay attention to Lin Suci.

All he knew was that when Qingfu went to the mountain a hundred miles away to collect medicine, this cat fell into master’s basket and was picked up.


When he first arrived at Four-Square sect, Lin Suci’s cat body was only the size of a palm, and Huilian could hold it with one hand. According to the age, everyone preconceived that Lin Suci was only less than 20 days old.


In the hands of Qingfu, he was able to transform into shape and speak with the help of the Dragon Breath Pill. In the eyes of everyone, Lin Suci was a wild child who was abandoned at birth, and no one cared about his background.


That is, when he was accepted as an apprentice by Qingfu, Qingfu asked something like that.


At that time, Lin Suci’s answer was that he had no memory of his parents.


No one would look for the source of his pain. And after such a long time, no one ever questioned his background.


However, why would the Lin family hunt after him and not let him return?


Ruan Linggu said coldly, “little junior brother, why was your surname Lin?”


Lin Suci’s heart was broken. Someone finally asked this question.

It’s really hard to answer.


Was he supposed the fourth senior sister that he was carrying the memory of his past life and he was too lazy to think of a name, that’s why he simply chose the name of his past life?


If he said this, he would be regarded as an old monster, even a useless one.


But what if no one cared about his identity as an old monster? What if someone asked about his family or his previous life? No matter how good he was in making things up, they might not be convinced!


However, if it’s not related to his previous life, then why would his surname be Lin? And why would he say that he was picked up in the woods? Only fools would believe so!


Lin Suci suddenly got silent.


Wait. Everyone believed at that time, right? Yan Boshen, his master, senior brothers and sisters didn’t object it. And it naturally became his name.


No one reacted to it, and it all seemed not so okay now that he thought about it.


Lin Suci carefully raised his head and glanced at his brothers and sisters. Seeing that they were all calm, he hadn’t noticed anything strange. He was somewhat confused.


It’s not the time to care about what happened back then. He’d better solve the current problem first.


“Because…” Lin Suci cleared his throat, and calmly used the same excuse, “when master picked me up, it happened in the woods.”


Everyone was silent.


After a while, Bai Qingkong forced a smile, “this proves that Xingchen is an affectionate person.”


Lin Suci was very satisfied with Bai Qingkong’s reponse and gave him a big smile.


It’s really the male lead, as he knew exactly what he’s supposed to say. He could just fool anyone.


“There’s something…and I’m not sure if I should say it.”

It was Lin Zhixi who spoke.


He may have been somewhat isolated from everyone, that’s why he was just speaking now.


Lin Zhixi was a handsome man. Wherever he went, he’d be the center of a topic, a truly popular person.


It’s just that he was always silent among them. Out of some reasons, he was a bit shy.


Lin Suci thought that it wasn’t just about Lin Zhixi’s character.


Back then, he was the kind of wanderer who used tricks to deceive people to do that kind of thing!


Lin Zhixi didn’t know how much Lin Suci speculated about him. He took a breath and looked at Lin Suci, “when I was small, I visited the original Lin family with my uncle.”


“Uncle’s adoptive mother’s mother is a member of the Lin family. When we went there, the old man was busy preparing something.”

Lin Zhixi rubbed the teacup in his hand and frowned, “I was young at that time, and even if they didn’t like me, they wouldn’t let me die. I’m a bit of a scoundrel, sticking around to eavesdrop, and no one beat me up. That’s why I overheard something.”


Lin Zhixi put down the teacup and said softly, “Later I heard a few high-status members of the Lin family chatting, saying that the owner of the house was redecorating the house. They found a lot of servants and were collecting stuff everyone. They said that all was for the young master.”


Lin Suci’s heart skipped a beat.


Young master?


His memory drifted back to the time when his consciousness awakened.


The rickety bamboo basket, the sunset slantingly shining the basket, a man in a panic, calling him nervously…


“Young master…”


Shu Changyi repeated it in a low voice and he said with a blank look, “I’ve heard that there’s a young master in the Lin family.”


That is what everyone wanted to say.

It was related to the ancestors of the calamity-transcending stage of the entire cultivation world. Everyone tried their best to inquire about the things that the Lin family could inquire about. If there was really a young master of the Lin family, it must be news that the entire cultivation world would know about. How could it be kept secret for so many years?


Lin Zhixi, “it’s normal that it hasn’t been known. Even those in the Lin family do not know.”


“Almost no one in the Lin family has ever seen this young master. None of the Lin family members do, as far as I know.”


Xu Wuwang applauded, “it seems that he’s more like an illegitimate child of the junior brother. Master Lin, even if you lie, you have to think it through. Even the Lin family doesn’t know about this young master, they don’t even know whether it’s a man or woman. If we want to verify it, we need to find the direct relatives of the Lin’s. Are you kidding or not?”


Lin Zhixi was not too happy, “everything that I said is true. If you doubt me, I won’t say anything anymore.”


He’s someone with temperament. He turned away and really planned to stop saying further.


Xu Wuwang uttered a smile, “master Lin should finish what you want to say!”

It was a matter of great importance. Lin Zhixi said calmly, “I don’t care about that young master, it has nothing to do with me. It’s just that 11 years ago, when uncle came to visit me, he drank a lot of wine and kept saying about one big thing.”


“The young master is gone.”


Lin Zhixi recalled, “it was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I remember it very clearly. Uncle said that when he went back to Lin’s house, everyone was messed up. The host gave an order to look for young master. All the disciples above golden core had to look for him no matter what they were doing at that time.”


“Since uncle wasn’t a member of the Lin’s, he didn’t go. He only told me about it after drinking some wine.”


Lin Zhixi said, “that’s all I know.”


“Mid-Autumn Festival…” Huilian and Ruan Linggu exchanged glances.


Lin Suci didn’t have much concept yet.


He didn’t know what it was about at all. It’s only that he got vigilant after Lin Zhixi mentioned about the young master.

He shrank his neck involuntarily.


The young master of the Lin’s…


There must be something that he didn’t know…


Xu Wuwang poked around and turned back to Jing Huilian, “what did you tell junior sister? When did you pick up little junior brother actually?”


Huilian said reluctantly, “it was a few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival.”


At the moment, everything was quiet in the room.


The timing was right.


Eleven years ago, before the Mid-Autumn Festival, it was the time when Lin Suci was carried to the hillside and abandoned, and it was also when he fell into the arms of Qing Fou and started belonging to Four-Square sect.”


Lin Suci raised his hand and said weakly, “you guys, don’t look at me like that. Okay?”


The room was full of people, and everyone was staring at Lin Suci, especially Yan Boshen who’s beside Lin Suci.

Yan Boshen stared at him quietly and looked at Xu Yu, and he suddenly said, “Leng Mei…”


Lin Suci was at a loss, “what?”


Yan Boshen hesitated for a while and shook his head. He didn’t say anything, just lowered his eyes and hid the fact that he’s thinking deeply.


“It’s unbelievable…” Xu Wuwang rubbed his chin, “our junior brother might really be the young master of the Lin’s!”


Ruan Linghu snapped her fingers, “if we sell him to the Lin’s, how much can we get?”


Jing Huilian said calmly, “we won’t know. A young master must be worth a spiritual mine, we’ll get insanely rich.”


“Hey!” Lin Suci protested expressionlessly, “count me in before dividing your profits.”


Ruan Linggu got soft-hearted and coughed once, “yes…”


Lin Suci proudly stretched out five fingers, “I will share half of the stolen money!”


Ruan Linggu’s soft-heartedness benefited the cat.

Things remained still.


No one knew whether Lin Suci’s identity was related to the young master mentioned by Lin Zhixi. What was certain was that things might get stirred up among Lin Suci, the Lin family and Lin Zhixi.


The remnant soul could persist for a long time, and Xu Wuwang was evil enough to keep torturing it. Whenever it got so weak that it was about to disperse, Xu Wuwang replenished it slowly. In about half a day, the remnant soul said something else.


And it’s related to Lin Zhixi.


Lin Suci didn’t know about this. Lin Zhixi told him to meet on the rooftop after midnight, and Lin Suci had no idea how he was going to climb onto the rooftop.


He slept on the inside all the time, and Yan Boshen came back very late that night. Xu Wuwang and the others seemed to be discussing something, and Lin Suci was about to go out.


Yan Boshen had been very silent, he seemed to be in a bad mood.


Lin Suci dared not provoke Yan Boshen, so he kept her mouth shut and watched as Yan Boshen lay beside him.

When the candles were put off, Lin Suci widened his eyes and counted time.


Lin Zhixi asked him out, which was somewhat surprising but expected.


Among everyone there, only those two didn’t belong to the Lin family but with the surname Lin.


Their identity was also particular.


Yan Boshen fell into deep sleep quickly. Lin Suci played with his fingers and felt that time was passing by quickly. When it was almost time, he was hesitant.


To go or not to go?


If he went, he might know something.


And if he didn’t…


For him, there’s nothing to lose.


Lin Suci closed his eyes.

After a while, he opened his eyes again, staring hard.


No way. He felt too curious and couldn’t help it.


Lin Suci carefully glanced at Yan Boshen beside him. He’s having such a deep sleep.


Lin Suci carefully stretched out his hand to support Yan Boshen’s shoulder, crossed his waist, and slowly and quietly felt him. He’s afraid to make a sound and dared not even wear his shoes.


When Lin Suci noticed the sound of opening the door, he immediately regretted it.


He could obviously change back into a cat! Why was he so stupid?


His brain might have been broken.


Lin Suci dared not open the door. He turned back into a cat and got out along the crack of the window.

It was a really dark night and there was a chilling wind.


Lin Suci jumped on the rooftop and saw Lin Zhixi.


Lin Zhixi, who was neatly dressed, sat on the ridge of the house facing the huge moon, without raising his head, “here you are.”


Lin Suci turned into his human form.


He dressed much more simply than Lin Zhixi. There was only one shirt and his bun was all messed up.




He stepped on the tiles with bare feet, stopped not far from Lin Zhixi, and imitated him to sit on the ridge of the house.


“Come to me, what do you want to say to me?”


Before Lin Zhixi spoke, he raised his hand to create a barrier, and he said unhurriedly, “previously, it was not convenient for me to say anything, it’d be better if I tell you face to face.”

Lin Zhixi seemed to be indicating something.


Lin Suci was very determined, “just say it.”


He took some fried fish from the mustard seeds, generously gave one to Lin Zhixi, and asked casually, “Is there any wine?”


Lin Zhixi squeezed the dried fish in his hand, listening to Lin Suci’s request for wine. The dignified expression on his face that had been maintained for a long time was completely broken, and the corner of his mouth twitched, “no…”


“Be serious!” Lin Zhixi couldn’t help it anymore, “what we’re going to talk about is a very serious matter.”


Lin Suci frowned and looked at him innocently, “just tell me what you’ve got to say. I am not covering your mouth.”


Lin Zhixi, “……”


After thinking about it, the person in front of him had an unusual identity, and there was also another person that he couldn’t afford to offend.


Lin Zhixi still endured it, reluctantly stuffed the dried small fish into his mouth and ate it.

In the middle of the night, they sat on the high ridge of the house and ate dried fish in silence.


Lin Suci was afraid of embarrassment, that’s why Lin Zhixi threw another one for him after eating one. The kind Lin Suci was eating it with Lin Zhixi, who was not good at refusing. After a few rounds, Lin Zhixi finally refused.


“Please, I didn’t call you out for a picnic!” Lin Zhixi covered his stomach, eating so much that he felt like it was about to explode.


It was supposed to be a serious matter and they were sitting there, eating dried fish!


Seeing that Lin Zhixi really couldn’t eat it anymore, Lin Suci stopped feeding.




Lin Zhixi was afraid that Lin Suci would do something else that would make him speechless, and before Lin Suci had time to dig out his dried fish, he quickly said, “after the young master was lost eleven years ago, there were bounties everywhere in the Bihai Continent. All kittens, regardless of their breed, could be exchanged for money when they were sent to the city lord’s mansion.”


Lin Suci stopped eating and said nonchalantly, “I know that when Master and I came, we went to the city lord’s mansion and earned a thousand spirit stones.”

This reply was beyond Lin Zhixi’s expectations, he was silent for a while: “…so you’ve been there?”


“Yes,” Lin Suci recalled, “we used the thousand spirit stones and bought a lot of things.”


This kind of thing was a little different from what Lin Zhixi had expected. He hesitated for a long time, thought about it, and decided to continue talking as he had originally planned.


“Since that’s the case, you should know that the lost young master is actually a cat. It completely suits your identity.”


Lin Zhixi looked at Lin Suci quietly.


Lin Suci said dryly, “Oh.”


Lin Zhixi got angry, “just oh?”


What then?


Lin Suci was also afraid of pissing off Lin Zhixi. After thinking about it, he added, “Okay, I’ve got it.”

Not only Lin Zhixi found it painful in his lungs, he felt his stomach aching too.


After a while, Lin Zhixi realized that it was not an illusion.


He was really in pain, his face turned pale from the pain, and there was a thin layer of cold sweat on his forehead.


In a short period of time, Lin Zhixi was already curled up in pain, which startled Lin Suci. He quickly stood up and walked away.


“You!” Lin Zhixi was about to die of anger, he pointed at him with a trembling hand, feeling like he was going to die, “what are you running for?!”


Shouldn’t he go saving him instead?!


Lin Suci said innocently, “I’ll look for Qingkong to save you. You’re from his family. If something goes wrong, I have to look for him.”


Lin Zhixi’s face turned from black to red, then suddenly turned white.


“The other night! Sure enough, it was you!”


Seeing that Lin Suci was defeated, he hurriedly planned to sneak off to find Bai Qingkong.

“Don’t go, don’t look for him!” Lin Zhixi endured and forcibly coaxed Lin Suci back.


Lin Suci felt that his stomach was aching but he didn’t feel so painful that it could kill a fusion cultivator. However, if he went to look for Bai Qingkong, Lin Zhixi might get furious to death.


Why should he feel embarrassed? It’s not like he hadn’t seen them getting intimate.


Lin Suci was very puzzled.


He came out of bed with nothing on him, and there were only some supplements in the mustard seeds. He took it out and handed it to Lin Zhixi, which managed to cure his stomach ache.


After all this trouble, Lin Zhixi had become so pitiful. There’s a strange kind of attractiveness with this vulnerability on a handsome man.


Lin Suci looked at him firmly and couldn’t help imagining if Yan Boshen would get this vulnerable too…


“What disgusting things are you thinking about, you’re almost drooling.” Lin Zhixi coldly interrupted Lin Suci’s delusions.


Lin Suci pouted.

After the pain stopped, Lin Zhixi felt that he was really unlucky that night.


It hurt for such a long moment and he hadn’t even finished speaking about the real business.


With a dark face, he was afraid of what would happen. He said quickly, “you have the breath of the spiritual pool of Heaven and Earth of the Lin family.”


Lin Suci was startled.


“When I saw you for the first time, I noticed the breath of the spiritual pool of Heaven and Earth. I was stunned when you said that you didn’t belong to the Lin family.”


Lin Zhixi glanced at him and made Lin Suci completely confused. He continued as he was sure that Lin Suci had no idea, “the one chasing you and the one chasing me has the same goal.”

“They want to kill me as my background brings shame to the Lin family, and I’m still alive, which makes some people’s lives difficult. As to why they want to kill you…” Lin Zhixi sneered, “I know how much the family master favored the young master, and I know what will happen to you after you return.”


“Wait, don’t you think that something is wrong?” Lin Suci interrupted him calmly when he heard this, “If I am really the young master you said, and if those who want to kill me already know about me, why is your host still indifferent then?”


Lin Zhixi looked at him quietly, and he showed a cold smile after a while. There’s a sense of empathy in his voice, “you really think that he’s indifferent?”

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