Chapter 87


The fragments of the nascent soul collected by Xu Wuwang was so tiny, and the soul inside was severely damaged. It was barely kept by Xu Wuwang’s spiritual box, which stimulated the night.


Huilian folded a talisman into a paper crane, flapped his wings and flew away.


Lin Suci glanced at it.


“What are you doing, third senior brother?”


Huilian calmly said, “we need to clean up here and purify the demonic energy.”


That’s right, the place was seriously polluted by the breath of the demon race. The battlefields that stretched for dozens of miles changed dramatically, and there were many small battlefields in the middle, hugely polluted by the blood of demon race.


The places polluted by the blood of demons could not return to normal for decades, and it was difficult for any plants to survive.


Since the combat power and destructive power of the demon race were so overwhelming, all the places where they stayed before had been destroyed by such violence. The scope was too large, and it also caused a great impact on the Konggu Mountain.

The demon race ate all the others, and there was half of his soul left. They would be the only one cleaning up the mess.


A paper crane flew out for less than a quarter of an hour, and Wan’er Qianqian, who flew on their swords, were already hovering in the sky and fell to the ground.


The scabs on the battlefield were full of black blood. As soon as the two girls in long skirts landed, they covered their noses in disgust.


At this speed, it was obvious that they did not come after receiving the paper crane.


Not long after the three brothers Lin Suci left, Wan’er and the others noticed it. After knowing it, they considered about it and decided not to tell Bai Qingkong. They reckoned that nothing would happen to Yan Boshen, Xu Wuwang, Huilian and Linggu. The two decided to travel for hundreds of miles and see if there’s anything they could help with.


And it turned out that there was.


There was plenty that they could do, and they had to clean up the battlefield first.

Both Wan’er and Qianqian were excellent at cleaning. Before even greeting, the two were led by Huilian and they were shown all the battlefields that stretched for dozens of miles.


Qianqian, who was completely confused, were left there in the Konggu Mountain and Wan’er.


Fortunately, before she left, Ruan Linggu promised them that there would someone helping them in an hour.


Wan’er had long since accepted her fate, she rolled up her sleeves and worked in full swing, and all the places contaminated with filthy demonic energy were purified by her and Qianqian.


After going back to the Jin’s small courtyard, Ruan Linggu brought several wood-type cultivators to help to rebuild the woods.


After knowing that they would be back, Bai Qingkong had long waited.


There was a dark night barrier set up in the Jin family courtyard, which directly isolated the sun and made it completely dark.

Lin Suci did not participate in the interrogation work. As soon as he returned, he was taken into the room by Yan Boshen.

The Sansi sword was thrown on the table, overlapping with Yan Boshen’s sword.


The room was also completely dark, so dark that you couldn’t even see your fingers.


Lin Suci wanted to use a spell to light the candle, but as soon as he stretched out his hand, Yan Boshen stopped him.




Lin Suci asked carefully, “why are you suddenly here?”




Yan Boshen squeezed his hand with little strength and tenderness, but he couldn’t break free and could not refuse.


He took Lin Suci carefully around the half-moon door, and entered the inner room.

This is the room where Yan Boshen lived. It’s bigger than the room that Lin Suci and Qingfou lived in at first, and it was divided into two rooms.


Lin Suci was not familiar with the layout here at all. Everything was dark in front of him. He could only hear his heartbeat and Yan Boshen’s breath.


But he wasn’t worried of bumping into something at all. Yan Boshen took him and he could walk at ease.


The footsteps of the two were almost overlapping.


After walking a few steps, Lin Suci’s foot kicked something.


Those should be pedals.


Was there a bed in front of him?


Lin Suci thought of something.


There were more than 20 people on the opposite side, using arrays and bait to attract two Nascent Souls. Was Yan Boshen powerful enough? Naturally, he was. However, no matter how powerful one was, he’d find it a hard battle when facing two cultivators of the same grade.

And Yan Boshen also defeated everyone on the opposite side.


He must have consumed a lot of spiritual energy and he’d be hugely exhausted.


Lin Suci felt that he knew why Yan Boshen led him to the bedside.


He must have been too tired now and he didn’t want to go out and interrogate that broken soul. He planned to resume his energy after taking a nap. And he must want to sleep with Lin Suci by making him stay.


Lin Suci quietly stretched out his tail and he looked calm. However, the tail hidden under his clothes was swaying wildly from side to side.


It kind of annoyed him that Yan Boshen relied on him so much.


Lin Suci’s mouth twitched and he started seeing things clearly in the dark.


As expected, Yan Boshen started undressing him.




Lin Suci was taken aback.

When he was in a trance, his coat had already been stripped off, and Yan Boshen’s cold fingertips reached out to his underwear.


“Boshen, we’re just taking a nap. There is no need to get naked.” Lin Suci grabbed his collar.


He usually slept with Boshen, and they would at least keep an undershirt. If they were all naked, he’s worried that Yan Boshen would be too embarrassed.


As a good and understanding cat, Lin Suci was very considerate of his owner.


“I want to check your body.”


In the dark, Yan Boshen sounded very calm.


His hand was still on Lin Suci’s collar, and he said calmly, “this time, you fought against a demon race, and I’m afraid there’s remaining demonic energy on your body.”


Lin Suci was immediately shaken.


Oh, he almost forgot, he was very, very heroic today. He actually raised his sword to resist a blow from a nascent soul cultivator!


He twisted his body.

So far, there was nothing unusual about his body. When he raised his sword at the beginning, there was indeed a strong spiritual energy that almost broke through his heart, but it disappeared in a short time. When his body was overwhelmed by the coercion, he got a trace of vitality.


It’s been almost an hour, and he still hadn’t felt any discomfort. Perhaps the demonic energy did not leave any abnormalities on his body.


Although Lin Suci was confident, there must be something left from the demonic energy. If something happened to him, his path of cultivation would also be affected.


No matter what, it’d be always smart to stay vigilant.


Lin Suci confirmed this, and without any further persuasion from Yan Boshen, he took off the tie with both hands, took it off to the end, and patted his chest loudly.


“Come and check then!”


He really cared about his body. And he had to remove all negative possibilities that would influence his body.


It was pitch black, and Lin Suci could only feel Yan Boshen’s cold hand on his shoulder. Then, with a little force, they both fell onto the bed.

After some crazy moments, Lin Suci and Yan Boshen both sat on the bed, facing each other.


Yan Boshen’s palm warmed a little, and a ball of spiritual energy flowed into his skin along Lin Suci’s shoulders and arms.


Lin Suci was already used to being checked by Yan Boshen. He was just sitting there cross-legged and his thoughts started wandering.


When he was in the world of void, he went into the evil array alone. After he came out, Yan Boshen would touch his bones to test his spirit. He’d know instantly whether there were any injuries, and he’d be thrown to the back of the mountain to fully rest. He wouldn’t be released until all his blood and Qi were resumed.


During the years when he was in the world of void, with the perseverance of body training and Yan Boshen’s care, his body was much better than before. He’s even healthier than cultivators of the same level. There were many times he’d been in the evil array and he didn’t care about the minor injuries.


The more times he went in, the more Yan Boshen would check his body. Lin Suci was very familiar with this procedure.

Therefore, when a spiritual energy gradually spread down his chest, Lin Suci twisted his waist in embarrassment.


Something seemed wrong.


The hand that was tightly pressed against his chest was already hot.


Lin Suci’s body temperature was always quite high, while those of Yan Boshen were usually cold. Lin Suci often had goosebumps when Yan Boshen touched him.


However, things seemed to be different this time.




When Lin Suci just called, the hand started sliding downwards.


His stomach tightened.


Lin Suci clamped his legs, raised his hips, pulled his waist and held his neck. He held his breath, not daring to move.


Wait, this hand seemed to be sliding down too much!


He stammered, tightening his stomach, trying to avoid it.


“Wait, why does it feel different…”




Yan Boshen held Lin Suci’s shoulder with one hand, and his other hand stayed in front of his lower abdomen, remaining still.


After a while, he said in a low voice, “I’ll check your Dantian.”


A surge of spiritual energy rushed into his Dantian along Lin Suci’s lower abdomen.


This spiritual energy penetrated into Lin Suci’s body without any hindrance.




Lin Suci couldn’t hold back, and he let out a short, hurried grunt.

What a strange feeling.


Lin Suci couldn’t help holding down Yan Boshen’s hand, he stumbled and said, “wait, it’s a little weird…”


After the surge of spiritual energy penetrated into his Dantian, it should have stimulated the spiritual energy inside it. And Lin Suci already knew how it would feel. However, he now had a really strange feeling with his body and his scalp felt numb.


It’s such an unfamiliar feeling and made Lin Suci panic a little bit.


Yan Boshen didn’t say anything, he just put Lin Suci into his arms with force.


Lin Suci’s side face was directly pressed against Yan Boshen’s cheek.




Lin Suci carefully looked sideways, but from his angle, he couldn’t see Yan Boshen’s face.


Yan Boshen raised his hand and caressed Lin Suci’s back.


“I am very happy.”

His voice was low, and in the darkness, it occupied in Lin Suci’s hearing like a drum.


“You’re healthy.”


Lin Suci was at a loss for a moment.




So, nothing happened to his body and he’s still a good cat?


It startled him.


Lin Suci let out a breath of foul breath. He wanted to pat his chest, but found that he was still in Yan Boshen’s arms.


They were leaning against each other and nobody could interfere. They seemed to be completely isolated from the outside world.


Lin Suci leaned against Yan Boshen’s arms and it felt so safe. He closed his eyes and almost fell asleep.

Why did he get sleepy before Yan Boshen? It shouldn’t be…


Lin Suci was still thinking about it, while he was getting sleepier.


Not long after, he had closed his eyes and leaned softly in Yan Boshen’s arms, sleeping in the dark.


And he was asleep until the morning 3 days later.


When he got up, he didn’t know what year it was.


His head hurt, his waist hurt, his legs hurt and so did his shoulders.


Everywhere hurt.


Lin Suci got out of bed. Someone folded his clothes neatly and placed them on the drum stool beside his bed. There was a smoking pot next to it. The person also lit some aromatherapy tablets with fine smoke, and there was a light and sweet fragrance.

When Lin Suci was getting dressed, he was standing in a full-body bronze mirror not far away, and he vaguely saw some red spots on his back.


It didn’t hurt nor itch.


Could that be mosquito bites?


Lin Suci scratched and put on his clothes with a lost mind.


The curtain of the Half-Moon gate was lowered, and it was isolated from the outside. Lin Suci lifted the curtain and took a step outside when she saw Yan Boshen.


In the outer room, on several sides of a table, Yan Boshen was sitting with a pen in his hand, writing something.


His steps lightened a little, and he leaned over slowly.


Taking a few steps closer, the sense of ink was getting stronger and stronger.


On the slightly yellow paper, Yan Boshen had neatly written a page. His pen was sharp and his muscles and bones were strong. Lin Suci glanced down, but before he could see the content clearly, Yan Boshen put down his pen very smoothly, put the paper together with his backhand, and raised his eyes to show a soft smile at him.


“You’re awake.”


Lin Suci’s attention immediately turned away from the written content, and he was very puzzled, “how long have I slept? How come my head hurts so much?”


Yan Boshen got up, took away his pen and ink and said softly, “your pulse was shaken and I lit some aroma to let you sleep longer. It could help you recover better.”


“I see.” Lin Suci accepted this reason.


But he didn’t feel totally recovered. On the contrary, he felt even more tired and sleepier.


Lin Suci pinched his cheeks, thinking that it was perhaps just a trivial matter.


Three days was enough for Xu Wuwang to cultivate the remnant soul by various means.


How could the remnant soul withstand torture? In the end, it started saying something.

As soon as Lin Suci and Yan Boshen entered the room, they locked the door for three whole days. During this period, no one dared to disturb them. They took the record and could only wait outside, waiting for the door to open by itself.


Wan’er, Qianqian and the others were still planting trees and grass on the Konggu Mountain. In the huge yard, only Huilian could cook. He had no interest in preparing meals for others, so he only made a few cans of dried fish.


Lin Suci starved for three days and he always had a good appetite. After ordering over a dozen dishes from Huilian, he only put down his chopsticks after an hour.


He was the only one in the entire dining hall and there were a lot of dishes on the round table. He was so busy with eating and all the others were gathering in the main hall.


Lin Suci was so full that he couldn’t stand up. After resting for a while, he slowly went to the main hall to gather with everyone else.

The upper seat was vacated, the left side was occupied by Yan Boshen, Xu Wuwang, Jing Huilian, Ruan Linggu. On the right side, there were Bai Qingkong, Lin Zhixi, Shu Changyi, Buqi. Xunhe was Sitting on the armrest of the chair, she was fluttering and her eyes looked evil and calculating.

As soon as Lin Suci entered, everyone stopped talking and looked at him.


Lin Suci touched his nose, and he was about to take a seat on the vacant chair behind Linggu. When Xu Wuwang stood up, Huilian and Ruan Linggu did the same.


Then, they moved back one by one, leaving the second position next to Yan Boshen.


Lin Suci watched the logical movements of his brothers sisters speechlessly, “…”


What is this? Wasn’t that a privilege? How could he sit in front of his senior brother and sister as a junior brother?


However, no one paid any attention to his arrangement. Xu Wuwang kicked his leg and said lazily, ”hey, my junior brother who’s late. Sit down as we were talking about you.”


Talking about him?

Lin Suci didn’t care so much. He sat down behind Yan Boshen and asked immediately, “why talk about me?”


Ah Shuang came over and handed him a plate of melons, fruits and tea, then stroked his hair. Under the gaze of Yan Boshen, he smiled, “do you still remember that we were hunted after when you were in retreat?”


“Is it really related?” Lin Suci was stunned?


Back then, when he was in the retreat, master and the others were being hunted down. It occurred almost a decade ago. However, why was it related to Ruan Linggu being hunted down?


Ah Shuang pouted, “ask them. I wasn’t here during the interrogation.”


Ah Shuang followed Wan’er, Qianqian to plant trees in Konggu Mountain for two days. That means she came back that day to give them something, and happened to listen to some of the conversation. As one of the members who was hunted down that year, Ah Shuang raised her hand and clenched her fist. She smiled and said, “the heavy responsibility of revenge is now on you.”


Lin Suci innocently asked, “me?”


There were nascent soul, golden core, a male lead and a villain, why was it on an innocent cat?

Ah Shuang rubbed his bun again, and completely loosened his hair before he slowly left.


Lin Suci was a little dizzy with his messy hair.


Yan Boshen couldn’t take it any longer. He sighed, asked Lin Suci to turn over. He pointed at the hair of Lin Suci and helped him fix his bun.


“I’ve got all the answers. This incident is somewhat related to what happened back then.” Xu Wuwang crossed his legs and played with his container of ramnant soul.


“Simply out, the hosts between these 2 groups are different, but the origin is the same.”


“It’s up to you to talk about it, young master Lin.” Xu Wuwang pouted at Lin Zhixi.


Lin Zhixi and Lin Suci sat face to face, and Lin Suci could clearly see that Lin Zhixi’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

He seemed a little unhappy after hearing this, and after hesitating for a long time, he said roughly, “maybe it has something to do with my background.”

“With your background…are these from the Lin’s?” Lin Suci was shocked.


At the beginning, they had doubted whether it was the Lin family who could have such a powerful strength in the Bihai Continent. At that time, they already felt that it’s related to the Lin family.


But when Lin Zhixi said that his life experience was related, Lin Suci knew that there was at least a real Lin family member in charge.




Lin Zhixi didn’t look very well, and he looked even a bit depressed.


He was a handsome man, with incomparably good-looking brows. Even when he frowned, he had an unexpectedly attractive look.


Lin Suci took one more look.


“This person said that we were targeted when we return to the Bihai Continent.” Lin Zhixi couldn’t say too much. His life experience was actually a kind of barrier or shackle.

He was both brief and vague, “some people don’t want to see me come back alive. Among the people who returned together, only senior Jing and senior Ruan are golden core cultivators. Those people directly attacked us and wanted me to die.”


No one would have guessed so before.


After all, those people didn’t care whom they’d kill.


Thanks to their huge team, good strength and the male lead’s luck, they were able to hold on until now.


Bai Qingkong glanced at Lin Zhixi, pursing his lips, seemingly thinking about something.


Logically, the team sent from the opposite side at that time had a great chance of winning against a group of teams formed by integration. Unfortunately, they encountered the protagonist group, and some people even died because of it, causing the nascent soul to come over.


And Ruan Linggu got the chance and got Yan Boshen over.

This hunt was originally aimed at Lin Zhixi, but it turned into a fight between the two sides.


In the end, Yan Boshen won.


Lin Suci didn’t ask any questions about Lin Zhixi’s life experience, although he knew it already.


Lin Zhixi hesitated for a while, then said, “I probably know who wants to kill me.”


“Let’s talk about this later.” Xu Wuwang said lazily, “it’s very clear about what happened. It’s a murder caused by a private matter. Everyone was dragged. It’s quite obvious.”


Lin Zhixi nodded, then looked at Lin Suci with doubt and didn’t speak.


“Now let’s talk about the second thing.” Xu Wuwang flipped his leg up and looked sideways.


“Young master Lin said it clearly, but it’s not so simple ten years ago. Accurately speaking, we weren’t the ones being hunted down back then, who they were looking for was you, junior brother.”

Xu Wuwang smiled and looked at Lin Suci, “little junior brother, you’re still young and you do not know how complex human relationships are. It’s not easy to make someone remember to kill you ten years ago.”


The corners of Lin Suci’s mouth twitched, “excuse me, can you make it clearer?”


When he was in retreat, he didn’t know about anything and the whole incident just happened randomly. Even after ten years, he was still confused.


“See what this guy said.” Xu Wuwang shook the container, “it’s said that the main target wasn’t found ten years ago, and it’d be better that we were killed as well, so that you had no one to rely on.”


Lin Suci’s eyes narrowed.


His hand was gently grasped by the hand stretched out beside him.


Yan Boshen said in a deep voice, “don’t worry. This kind of thing will never happen.”

Lin Suci started looking less pale.


He clenched Yan Boshen’s palm tightly, as if he could give him strength to support him, and held on tightly.


“……what happened?”


Lin Suci said slowly, “I am in the Bihai Continent, and I have never offended the Lin family.”


“You didn’t offend the Lin family, on the contrary, the Lin family who led this matter are also worried about offending you.” Xu Wuwang found it a little funny when he said so. He raised his eyebrows, “don’t you find it funny? Someone from the Lin family is afraid to be noticed by you.”


Lin Suci frowned, feeling a little confused.


Lin family…


“Little junior brother, I’ll just make it direct for you.” Xu Wuwang said lightly, “if the person in the Lin family wants to kill you, do you think you can ever return alive?”

“At this stage, do you think you should tell us your background, junior brother?”

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