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Chapter 86


The three brothers and sisters flew on their swords and set off.


The Konggu Mountain was hundreds of miles away, it’s neither far nor very close.


They didn’t tell the others before they left.


Those in the Jin family’s courtyard were all cultivators who had integrated their cultivation. From the perspective of Huilian and Xu Wuwang, they wouldn’t be good fighters altogether.


Lin Suci knew that there were all the protagonists there, and wherever they went, they could always turn the situation around. It might even be possible that they triggered some sort of invisible secret realms or other opportunities.


It’s only that…


He only overheard the conversation between Bai Qingkong and Lin Zhixi the previous night. He didn’t want to face the entanglement of Buqi, the sword fanatic, or the evil Xunhe. As for Shu Changyi, he was completely dragged behind by his two good brothers.


There were many advantages with the protagonist group, and Lin Suci was very confident of his owner.

A nascent soul, a villain described in the original novel, a big villain that could destroy the world…did he still need to worry about those little scums?


It’d just be another gorgeous performance.


After flying on their swords for about three quarters and leaving the populated area, they arrived at the desolate suburbs.


The Konggu Mountain was an endless high mountain, the peaks gradually joined the sky, and the mountain was steep. After taking their swords and stepping on the ground, they could clearly feel the aura impurities contained in the air.


Lin Suci sniffed his nose, rubbed the tip of it, holding back a sneeze.


The dead trees rot from their roots, and there were rotten leaves piled up in mountains beneath their feet. The three brothers and sisters looked around at the environment at the foot of Konggu Mountain, and they all had a bad look on their faces.


Lin Suci didn’t like it here.


It’s desolate, dead, and even with a breath of death, reminding him of countless nights in the peach blossom miasma.

Their bodies naturally entered a state of alert, ready to draw swords to fight at any time.




Lin Suci took out Sansi from his mustard seeds, while Sansi was on the scabbard, buzzing non-stop.


Huilian, who was standing on the left side of Lin Suci, lowered his head and looked at it for a second, with a smile on his face, “did the eldest senior brother make this for you?”


“Yeah.” Lin Suci thought about it and showed it off to Huilian, “does it look nice?”


Huilian followed Lin Suci’s words and complimented for a second, then changed the topic, “do you know when the last time I saw this sword was?”


Naturally, Lin Suci didn’t know, so he honestly shook his head.


Huilian led the way ahead. The mountain was steep and the road was rugged. There were blood stains everywhere on the road, which splattered on the grass by the roadside and on the tree trunks, forming a thick layer of blood scabs.


It was such a strong smell of blood.

Huilian held the talisman in his hand while continuing to walk. He frowned as he looked for the way forward, and he said, “it’s been seven or eight years, when this sword was just made. Did you know that the eldest senior brother almost destroyed it back then?”


Lin Suci followed Huilian’s footsteps closely. His thoughts were all on the surrounding environment, and he was being distracted by the smell of blood. Suddenly, he was stunned when he heard Huilian.


When Sansi was just cast, it was almost destroyed by the eldest senior brother?


How could it be possible?


When Yan Boshen gave him the sword and started to teach him how to practice it, everything about the sword was taught by Yan Boshen himself. Sansi’s initial maintenance was all done by Yan Boshen as well.


Yan Boshen was a sword cultivator, and he was naturally patient with swords.


In the hands of Yan Boshen, Sansi received good care. In comparison to Boshen’s own sword, it had a much better treatment.

Lin Suci thought that since Sansi was a sword forged by Yan Boshen himself, so Yan Boshen had deeper feelings for Sansi.


In any case, it was all because Yan Boshen really loved swords and he saw the importance of Sansi.


And Huilian said that he almost destroyed Sansi back then?


Sitting in the courtyard under the moonlight, he gently wiped Sansi with a clean handkerchief, and infused a little bit of spiritual energy into the sword body, making Sansi buzzing happily in the night. It seems so irrelevant to what was said.


“Heh, I’m just afraid of seeing things and missing people. What’s there to say?” Xu Wuwang followed behind Lin Suci. Compared to Lin Suci who was in a state of confusion, he was very calm and he replied Huilian lazily. His tone was a little disdainful, “little junior brother, when someone is so afraid of missing something that he’d rather destroy it, do you know what kind of mood is that?”


Lin Suci instinctively knew that Xu Wuwang wasn’t looking for an answer but he was just trying to make him happier.


Sure enough, he didn’t answer. Xu Wuwang still smiled happily; he passed through Lin Suci and patted Huilian’s shoulders.
Lin Suci couldn’t hear what the two senior brothers were whispering.


He pursed his lips and stepped up to follow.


He would think about what Huilian and Xu Wuwang just said.


Think clearly…


And now…


Of course, he would need to solve these troubles first.


The three stopped talking and increased their speed. The surrounding trees were showing a kind of decay, the traces and waves left by the surrounding spiritual power still existed, and it was easily speculated that battles happened there.


Among them, Lin Suci was most familiar with Yan Boshen’s spiritual wave. He sniffed, and when his eyes lit up, he instantly rushed forward.

“Hey, little junior brother, slow down!”

Xu Wuwang hooked him by the collar, “what are you running for? Didn’t you see that there’re other nascent souls? The faster you run, the sooner you’ll die!”


Lin Suci calmed down a little. After checking his collar, he sniffed around.


Indeed, in addition to the aura of Yan Boshen that he was familiar with, there was also the remnant of extremely strong aura fluctuations, and the pressure contained in it lingered for a long time.


And there were still other nascent souls…


Lin Suci clenched his hands and thought for a second, he suddenly sobered up a lot.


Nascent soul wasn’t something he could deal with. Let alone nascent souls, a single golden core could already kill him. As the one with the lowest level, who always dragged people behind, Lin Suci knew exactly what his position was. While running, he put on the defensive outfit that Yan Boshen gave him. He also wore the heart-protective mirror that was given by Yan Boshen.
After all, it was a magic weapon at the level of nascent soul. Even if he couldn’t use 100% power of it, he could still use it to defend against the attack of a golden core.


In addition, with his superb ability to escape, Lin Suci was confident that no matter how powerful the opponent was, he could at least save himself.


As long as he could save himself, what else should he be worried of?




It doesn’t exist!


Lin Suci fully armed himself, ignoring the indescribable expressions of the two senior brothers, patted his chest. He was confident to be able to handle any situations and smiled with satisfaction.




The winding path came to the end, and they had a wider vision.

It was originally supposed to be a dense forest, but at this moment, all the trees were uprooted, and only some sawdust remained. They were rolled up a few feet away, slumped in a mess.


The ground seemed to have been lifted up by a layer, and the layer of grass growing on the ground was all rolled up with the soil, and it was scattered everywhere.


The ground in front of him was full of wet soil, with a lot of bloodstains mixed in it.


After getting there, Lin Suci’s breathing became a little unsteady.


There are other nascent soul cultivators left behind by the pressure, which had no effect on Xu Wuwang, but Huilian felt comfortable about it. For him, this pressure almost killed him.


Xu Wuwang squatted down and pinched the blood-stained soil on the ground, turned around and saw Lin Suci’s pale face, reached out and squeezed the palm of his hand, and a spiritual energy came over.


Lin Suci’s breathing relaxed.

“They left for no more than an hour, and the blood has not yet completely solidified.”


Huilian checked the surrounding situation and frowned, “it’s strange, why did they start so early?”


“What do you expect?”


Huilian said, “senior brother is waiting at Konggu Mountain, and Linggu will lead them in this direction. He will be around and take action when the sun goes down.”


When the sun goes down…


Xu Wuwang thought of something, “is the eldest senior brother planning to take souls?”


Lin Suci might not understand anything else but he perfectly knew what soul taking meant.


Killing a person during the day does not mean that the soul leaves the body directly, but at night, after killing a person, the soul that has left the body would forcibly be imprisoned after taking advantage of the darkness.

“I’m afraid the eldest senior has no plans to leave them alive.” Huilian frowned, “It’s just that there are a lot of changes in it right now.”


“After all, there is still nascent soul, and it must be controlling the eldest senior brother right now.”


Xu Wuwang moved his wrists and ankles, stretching his waist.


“Okay, it doesn’t matter if we’re a bit early. We’ll just keep him alive until tonight.”


He looked back at Lin Suci with a smile, “little junior brother, don’t think anymore. Start action.”




Lin Suci held the Sansi Sword in hand, and caught up with Xu Wuwang in a few steps.


Xu Wuwang has already summoned his sword, flying up on it.


The battlefield was constantly changing, and there were bloodstains all along the way. The main battlefield was indeed in Konggu Mountain, but now the question is – where did they move to?

The Konggu Mountain was stretched endlessly, there were dozens of miles into the mountain, with peaks on all sides.


Huilian threw out a talisman.


This talisman swayed left and right, emitting a burst of golden light, then went straight in one direction.


Lin Suci and Xu Wuwang followed closely.


After the talisman flew for a quarter, Lin Suci felt the pressure like a sea of clouds, and the shock made his chest beat irritably. It felt like bursting at any moment.

It’s right there.


Headed by Xu Wuwang, Huilian led Lin Suci, and the three of them rushed straight down.


Three arrows smashed directly into the battlefield.


Lin Suci reacted very quickly. The moment he landed, he held the Sansi Sword and quickly squeezed a tactic to open a defensive barrier around him. Then, he quickly stepped back and looked at the battlefield.

The place was completely ruined.


Black smoke everywhere.


Several people were standing here.


Before Lin Suci could see the haze in front of him, he shouted excitedly, “Boshen Boshen!”


Yan Boshen was holding a long sword in his hand, the sword body was moving with lightning, the ground was already scorched, and it had long been flattened by the power of this sword.


He looked back.


Lin Suci saw the cold eyes of his owner, and he softened the moment they met.


Lin Suci could only smirk, shaking his hands and thinking for a second, jumping excitedly, “Boshen, here I am!”


“Shh…” Someone quietly stood behind him, pulling his sleeves and turning him around.

There was a gorgeous woman with slender figure in front of Lin Suci.


She looked very unfamiliar.


Lin Suci frowned and he’s not sure, “…fourth senior sister?”


“Oh! You recognized me. That’s great. I thought that the eldest senior brother is the only person you know.” Ruan Linggu rubbed her cheek, showing her familiar look.


“Um, fourth senior sister.” Lin Suci pointed to her rag-like clothes and said indirectly, “aren’t you going to change first?”


Ruan Linggu’s clothes could only be used to cover her body. It’s the consequence after several battles.


“There’s no time, there’s still a guy over there who hasn’t been killed…” Ruan Linggu pointed to his behind.


Lin Suci looked in front of him. Xu Wuwang had already stepped forward, standing behind Yan Boshen.


Looking through Yan Boshen’s shoulders, Lin Suci saw another person standing on the opposite side not far away.

Obviously, it was a nascent soul cultivator.


The air was filled with the murderous breath of a nascent soul.


His black clothes were also in a state of dilapidation, and his facial features looked blurred, as if a layer of seal was stamped on his face, making it impossible to distinguish his appearance or to confirm his identity.


He was covered in blood, yet there was no wound.


“My darling… It’s actually a cannibal…” Huilian, as a golden core, followed Ruan Linggu and stood beside Lin Suci. He couldn’t help feeling speechless while protecting the youngest brat.


Lin Suci couldn’t see anything. He only knew that there was something on this person which made him very uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that even the rhythm of his heart was messed up.


“What cannibal?”


Lin Suci asked in a low voice.

Xu Wuwang and Yan Boshen chatted in a low voice. Then, they took out their swords and stood in front of Yan Boshen.


And Yan Boshen waved his sword and left in big steps.


Huilian and Ruan Linggu took two steps back.


Yan Boshen stood in front of Lin Suci’s eyes.


He was wearing the clothes that Lin Suci had ordered for him at the beginning. It had a gentle haze color, a silk sash around his waist, and a polished and rounded jade pendant hanging around his waist, swaying slightly as he walked.


He looked so elegant, just like a gentleman. However, Yan Boshen had such a strong bloody smell. It’s only that his soft gaze made his cool face look warmer and softer.




Lin Suci looked at him carefully. Seeing that Yan Boshen was not injured, he breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “I’m here to find you.”

Yan Boshen stretched out his hand and squeezed his cheek affectionately. He whispered, “I know you can’t live without…”


There was another word after it, but Lin Suci didn’t hear it clearly.


However, fighting already started over that side.


Lin Suci hurriedly looked at that side.


He had seen Xu Wuwang fighting many times, but he rarely saw him confronting a nascent soul cultivator directly.


As a little sword cultivator who was still learning, Lin Suci would not miss any opportunity to learn.


After just taking a look, Lin Suci felt that something was not right.


The nascent soul cultivator had destructive attack power, he could also switch attack methods of different sects in just seconds.

Lin Suci had never seen such a situation.


It’s also a bit difficult for Xu Wuwang to deal with this.


That’s weird.


Before he could ask any questions, Yan Boshen pinched the back of his neck deeply and pressed him lightly, while explaining to him, “Huilian just said that it’s someone who eats people.”


Ruan Linggu heard this and immediately added, “I attracted more than 20 people at the time, and now they are all eaten by him. There is also a nascent soul cultivator inside!”


Lin Suci was shocked, “a nascent soul…eating a nascent soul?”


They were cultivators of the same level. They could at most fight each other brutally…but eating each other?


And they were obviously together?

Lin Suci shuddered.


“This guy was not among those people at first…” Ruan Linggu’s mouth twitched, as if recalling something she didn’t want to recall at all. She said with a look of disgust, “he only came after we arranged the arrays in the Konggu Mountain. He can’t fight against the eldest senior brother but he happened to have eaten everyone else. That’s why his cultivation level increased rapidly.”


Just hearing Ruan Linggu’s description, Lin Suci felt a little chill in his bones.


“Is this guy really not a demon cultivator?” Lin Suci couldn’t help muttering as he looked at the nascent soul cultivator who was at ease under Xu Wuwang’s attack.


Wait, even demon cultivators don’t eat each other, right?


What kind of strange organization is this?


Yan Boshen slowly rubbed the back of Lin Suci’s neck to relax him, and when the kitten’s rigid body slowly recovered, he said calmly, “they’re not demon cultivators but the demon race.”

“The demon race?” Lin Suci, Huilian and Ruan Linggu were stunned.


The human and demon continents were not interconnected, and the demons rarely came to the places of the human race, except the evil people in Pingji city.


How could a demon race cooperate with the human race and do stuff like hunting after people?


It’s just too incredible.


Seeing that the spiritual power of Xu Wuwang getting less and less, Yan Boshen took out his sword again after seeing how relaxed the opponent seemed to be.


“Wait a minute. I’ll kill him first.”


Yan Boshen stepped forward.


The ground was scorched, and on the road that Yan Boshen had walked, there were scarlet footprints ignited on the black scorch.
After Yan Boshen joined, Xu Wuwang was much more at ease.


Lin Suci stood in the distance and saw that the two swords cooperated extremely tacitly, forcing the demon race to back off. In just a short while, there were already many more wounds on his body.


And Yan Boshen’s attack was also very domineering. He didn’t give the opponent a moment to relax at all. The swords with the wrath of thunder continued one after another, and the sharp sword light swayed one after another.


Lin Suci held his breath.


There was even golden light in his eyes.


With each strike, the action was so fast that he couldn’t capture any movements. There were only afterimages flashing in Lin Suci’s eyes.


He clenched the Sansi sword tightly.


He also practiced his sword skills with Yan Boshen before.

They practised very frequently, even once a day.


However, he had never seen such a fierce killing aura in Yan Boshen’s sword. There was an aura from the strong, rushing him fiercely, making it harder to breathe.


The swords of Xu Wuwang and Yan Boshen were like the overbearing arrogance that swallowed the mountains and rivers at the moment when the white snow collapsed.


The demon race on the opposite side was clearly retreating.


The thought in Lin Suci’s hands buzzed.


He moved.


Faster and neater than before, and without a single wasted moment, Lin Suci rushed to the east in a short moment. He threw out the talismans in his hand, while the Sansi sword formed an array with the talismans.


The demon race, who had retreated only half a step to the east, was forced to stop.

At the same time, Huilian’s talisman array was like an airtight net. As he raised his arms, the array that stretched for dozens of miles simultaneously emitted golden light, and the vibrating talisman shook his body, making sounds like a bell.


Ruan Linggu took a half step forward, and the defensive weapons in her hands were stained with Huilian’s defensive array net, forming a wall that nobody could easily escape.


There were two terrifying soul taking swords in front of her.


There was simply nowhere to escape.


Lin Suci was guarding the east, his whole body was tense. He had no direct contact with the demon race, but he only shot out a few breaths of sword.


The difference of strength was simply too big, and he couldn’t do anything further.


When the demon race was suppressed by Yan Boshen and Xu Wuwang, he silently emitted sword energy one after another, aggravating layer by layer. He aimed at the demon race, treating him like the target of a trainer.


The demon race was seriously injured. He turned his head in the direction of Lin Suci and gave a full blow!

Lin Suci’s Sansi moved quickly, and he threw out the life-saving talismans one by one, connecting the defensive barrier one by one.


The strength of the integration stage was simply too weak.


His barrier was stabbed through layer by layer, and the flying talismans were burned to ashes. In a short while, the full force of the demon race’s attack reached Lin Suci’s face after a few layers.


Lin Suci escaped very quickly.


Almost at the moment when the barrier shattered, he ran forward. However, how could anyone escape from the attack of a nascent soul? In the end, Lin Suci couldn’t run away. He raised his Sansi sword high and infused energy into it.




It was broken.

Lin Suci’s hand was trembling. He swung the sword with all his strength and hit the demon race as best as he could. He successfully eliminated the danger.

He could hardly believe that he’d done it.


Lin Suci’s eyes widened, looking at the Sansi sword in his hand.


Sansi glowed with dim light, and the sword’s edge was sharp.


Lin Suci raised his head.


Not far away, there was a sword stabbed through the demon race.


The sword of the demon race collided with that of Yan Boshen and shattered into powder.


Xu Wuwang stabbed through his chest accurately, removing all possibilities for him to live.


The nascent soul gradually emerged from his body.

Yan Boshen raised his hand, it’s another ruthless attack!


“Master, wait a moment!”


Before Xu Wuwang said something, the nascent soul, which was escaping, was already cut into half by Yan Boshen.


Its vitality instantly dissipated.


Yan Boshen put away his sword and said lightly, “sweep up the remnant soul.”


Xu Wuwang looked straight and slowly responded.


Lin Suci watched as Yan Boshen came to him.

His hand holding the Sansi turned white, and he was still shaking from the blow just now.


Yan Boshen gently hugged Lin Suci into his arms. It was a strong force but with a gentle kind of love.


His lips pressed against Lin Suci’s ear, and he whispered softly in a low voice.


“Good kid, you did a great job.”

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