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Chapter 85


Lin Suci, “……”


Xu Wuwang, “……”


The voice inside still continued, and it was obvious that it was still in full swing.


A gust of cool wind blew by, which made Lin Suci feel cold and he shivered.


“A–sneeze!” The loud sneeze sounded very decisive.


The scream that had broken the throat came to an abrupt end, and all the noises stopped in just one breath.


As soon as Lin Suci sneezed out, he felt that something was wrong.


He didn’t dare to talk nonsense at all, and he didn’t care about Xu Wuwang. He turned around and turned into a cat and ran away.


Just kidding, in this situation, what if they opened the door shamelessly and come face-to-face? Could he possibly even say that, “it’s been difficult for you”?


He must go! And that’s the first thing he needed to do!


The soft cushion of the cat’s claws landed lightly, and Lin Suci ran as fast as a whirlwind without leaving a trace. He quickly turned the corner to find the room where he and Master had lived, and squeezed sideways into the narrow crack of the door.


He’s finally safe.


Lin Suci laid on the doorstep and listened carefully for a long while, but there was no sound in the yard.


There were two possibilities, one was that the person inside was too embarrassed to come out.


The second possibility was that he had opened the door but there was no one, so it was only an illusory hearing.


As for Xu Wuwang that was thrown in the original place, he looked just like a joke. If someone saw a nascent soul cultivator there, it’s more than shameful.


Lin Suci patted his chest with his small paws and breathed a sigh of relief.


After relaxing, he turned back into a human body and lit the light in the room, only to realize later that the woman who was blindly pointing the way in the courtyard had deceived him about more than one thing.

He tried to listen to it carefully again. There were less than ten people breathing in the yard!


In order to trick them into listening, she had really tried her best.


Xunhe and Jian Buqi…


Xunhe, the sword spirit.


A wicked girl in the original novel.


They were really unlucky to come across this wicked girl.




Lin Suci gave himself a bath, and when he fell asleep with his little quilt, he couldn’t help thinking of what he heard after being deceived.


Incomparable enthusiasm, incomparable lingering, incomparable…collision.


It was the second time he had encountered this.


Fortunately, compared to the first scene where the sound and picture were synchronized, it was only half-time this time.


Lin Suci turned around and rubbed his little red ears.


In the last life and this life, Lin Suci had never seen much in the world.


In his last life, he was sick and always in bed. When he was a teenager, his body didn’t change that much and such changes could almost be ignored. He had always been thinking about living a life full of enjoyment, so he hadn’t thought about physical enjoyment at all.


As for this life…


Many people sent him invitations in that regard.


Cui Hong, who was specialized in playing with little boys, and a butcher who robbed people and imprisoned them…these were such disgusting characters for him.


He didn’t like these people one bit.

Thank goodness, Bai Qingkong seemed so keen!


In the original book, Bai Qingkong who didn’t like women at all still stayed the same now…at least his character was kept intact.


…The hell with that!


After doing it with Lin Zhixi, his character was no longer intact!


Lin Suci’s eyes darkened.


He’s such a good male lead and he’d turned gay.


Since the male lead had been on a good path, could the original plot still continue?


And if it got broken like this, did he still need to care about the plot?


Anyway, just let it be. He only needed to keep his life and be fed by his host.


Lin Suci suddenly opened his eyes.


In the dark, his eyes sparkled.


When thinking of Yan Boshen, Lin Suci thought again about Bai Qingkong and Lin Zhixi, and he instantly thought about the time when he was in the Four-Square sect.


His owner seemed to have needs in that regard as well.


In this situation, what would Yan Boshen do?


Would he look for someone?


Lin Suci thought about it for a long time, but couldn’t come up with a result.


Whether or not he should leave the Four-Square sect, his owner wasn’t a kind and loving guy. He shouldn’t expect that his owner would find someone to vent his need for intimacy.


As for himself…


As long as Lin Suci thought about Yan Boshen comforting himself, he instantly turned red.


It’s a bit too exciting. Let’s not think about it.


Or he would simply lose sleep.


Lin Suci patted his cheek loudly and forced himself to fall asleep.


When he was almost passing out, there was still a faint thought in his head.


When could his body give a reaction…


He also wanted to try how pleasing it could be…


Lin Suci woke up in the morning by the sound of a hammer knocking on the door, after having so many weird dreams.


“Morning, little brother! Come and have breakfast, everyone is waiting for you!”


Wan’er ordered and started knocking on another’s door after leaving.


Lin Suci hugged his head and groaned, pounding his head and his eyes looked dull.


So damn tired, what kind of dream did he have…

In the dining hall on the side, there was a large round table with two or three vacant seats, and the other seats were all occupied.


Lin Suci stepped over the threshold, Wan’er and Qianqian were filling the soup, and they smiled upon seeing him.


“Little brother, you came up in a hurry last night. I bet you didn’t eat anything. Come, have some soup first.”


Lin Suci sat down on the nearest chair and saw the person on the left looking at him and smiling.


With a double bun with a bright moon ring on it, the cute girl in pink skirt looked at him with one hand on her cheek, and there was a beautiful arc on her mouth.


“Good morning.”


Lin Suci was silent, “…” How come he was stupid enough to sit beside Xunhe?


It’s the bad girl who’s full of lies and who wanted the world to turn chaotic!

When he’s not careful enough, someone might even jump on him!


“Master of the yard, I am not sure how I should address you…”


The girl’s voice was soft and sweet, even slightly more charming than Wan’er and Qianqian.


You sword spirit! As long as you could fight, everything will be fine! Why are you even trying to be girly?


Lin Suci resisted to complain, but he eventually couldn’t hold on, raised his butt and changed to another side.


There were two seats away from Xunhe.


Let’s maintain a safe distance.


Lin Suci looked warily at Xunhe, who couldn’t smile, and when he was slightly relieved, his right arm touched someone.


He turned his head and saw a pair of beautiful small eyes.


The young man sitting on the right side of him had delicate features and a little red mole on his left brow bone. The young man sitting upright was quietly facing his eyes.

The red mole on the left brow bone…


The Xunhe sword, Buqi.


Lin Suci raised a smile.


Buqi didn’t seem to be good at smiling. It tried to raise a smile but looked very stiff.


But Lin Suci didn’t care.


The third sword of the protagonist, Bai Qingkong didn’t have pure intentions. It all depended on whom it’d meet, and its responses might change anytime. Sooner or later, it’d become the biggest scum.


The wind sword, Shu Changyi was enthusiastic, eager for righteousness and had good reputations. It had never been cut open in the original novel, so it’s unknown whether it’s pure or not.


As for Buqi, the Xunhe sword.


Now that’s someone obsessed with swords only.


It didn’t care about anything besides kendo. And it cared about nothing besides cultivation.

It’s a completely obsessed with swords only.


It’s the purest one among the three.


It’s a pity that what he owned was the Xunhe sword.


There was also a sword spirit that was about to overthrow everything.


Xunhe wasn’t a good person. Ever since Buqi owned the Xunhe sword, this girl had kept finding troubles for Buqi.


The cousin brothers in the family were beaten to the top of the tree, the son of the city owner was tricked into an array for a few months, and even Buqi’s own brother was not spared. Xunhe stepped into brother Buqi’s room and pretended to be intimate in front of Buqi’s wife.


Brother Buqi was beaten by his wife almost to the death. When their relationship was almost sabotaged, brother Buqi decisively kicked away Buqi out of the door.


He’s only allowed to return home when his sword was changed.

It’s a pity that Buqi was so obsessed with his sword that he could even sacrifice his life for it.


As a result, Buqi hadn’t returned home for many years. On his path of cultivation, he’d taken up many responsibilities for Xunhe, becoming the evil sword cultivator commonly known.


Seeing the clear eyes and pure nature of Buqi in front of him, Lin Suci started feeling sympathetic.


The young man pursed his lips and looked at Lin Suci, feeling puzzled. Then, he turned his head, looked at Xunhe, then looked at Lin Suci again.


“Xiao Xi, this is Ye… Lin… Ye Xingchen.” Shu Changyi was sitting beside Buqi. He had not seen Buqi for many years; he smiled at Lin Suci, then introduced to Buqi with hesitation, “this is an old friend of me and Qingkong, also a junior brother of senior Ruan and senior Jing.”


Lin Suci shook his hand kindly towards Shu Changyi, “it’s been a long time.”


Shu Changyi was still the same as before. He’s smiling with good temper and chatted with Lin Suci a bit.


Buqi was hesitating for a long while before saying to Lin Suci, “let’s…compete.”


Lin Suci, who was still chatting and laughing with Shu Changyi, answered, “…Ah?”

“You…have a sword.”


Buqi’s voice was slow but firm, “you’re a sword cultivator.”


Lin Suci’s heart skipped a beat.


Oh…Buqi’s really so obsessed with swords. He always wanted to compete whenever there’s a sword cultivator.


However, his sword was so well kept, so how would he notice it?


Buqi could see the dazed look in Lin Suci’s eyes, he pointed to Lin Suci’s hands and said slowly, “cocoon.”


Lin Suci looked at his hand and suddenly realized something.


He almost forgot. Ever since he’d practiced with his sword, a thick layer of sword cocoons formed on his smooth and tender hands.


Nothing would happen if others saw it, but if Buqi saw it, it indicated a confirmation by a sword cultivator, which could arouse him directly.


Lin Suci decisively refused, “no.”


Buqi, who’s ready to draw his sword, “eh?”

Lin Suci held the bowl of soup in front of her, took a sip, and slowly squinted at Buqi, “I’m hungry.”

How could anyone fight during breakfast time?


Buqi blinked, burying his head and holding his bowl, eating frantically.


“Oh, this lord is really a cunning fellow, how could you bully my master?” Xunhe slowly floated to Lin Suci’s side with a wicked smile and said, “master, sword cultivators all have a strong will and body. It doesn’t matter whether they eat. Actually, the more they starve, the more dynamic their moves would be.”


Lin Suci almost spat out a mouthful of soup.


This wicked girl…how could she do this so openly?


However, Buqi’s eyes flashed upon hearing this. He put down his bowl and looked at Lin Suci brightly.


Lin Suci held the bowl and moved away silently.

He thought about it and felt that it’s still unsafe. He needed to sit between this master and servant, who knew what could happen next.


On the round table, there were also a few men and women that he didn’t know. Besides, Xu Wuwang was eating while watching the lively scene on their side.


He decided to change his location.


Just as Lin Suci was about to stand up holding the bowl, he heard a hoarse voice from behind.


“I’m sorry. We had a late night by discussing heart spells. And I got up late.”


Lin Suci almost choked on the soup.


His facial expression changed and slowly raised his head.


Two people sat on both of his sides at the same time.


On the left, there was a smiling young, energetic guy in white clothes. His delicate facial features made him look less like a teenager, while he looked more macho.

It’s Bai Qingkong.


On the right, a young man in a finely embroidered brocade robe with a red mark on his hand stretched out and yawned. He looked exhausted. His eyes looked watery, as if he’s still not fully awake. He had handsome features, a rarely good-looking guy.


Lin Zhixi, who hadn’t changed in appearance many years ago.


Bai Qingkong seemed to have noticed Lin Suci, he and Lin Zhixi turned to look at Lin Suci who was sitting in the middle.


Lin Suci, “…”


He only realized now that he’s sitting between 2 people.


And would it look too obvious now to change seat with his bowl?


Lin Suci stood up decisively and showed a big smile towards Bai Qingkong on the left, “Oh, Xiao Bai, long time no see.”

Before Bai Qingkong could answer, he turned his head and repeated what he just said to Lin Zhixi, “Xiao Lin, long time no see.”


Before Bai Qingkong greeted back, Lin Zhixi was still yawning. Lin Suci decisively took his bowl and left and he still yelled, “I’ve finished. Sister Qianqian, one more please.”


He walked very naturally, so natural that Bai Qingkong and Lin Zhixi only realized it when he sat down lightly between Xu Wuwang and Qianqian.


Suddenly, there were two big red faces at the dinner table.


Lin Suci pretended not to see it, covered his eyes with the bowl, and ate seriously.




Everyone finished eating. When Lin Suci was about to step out of the threshold, he heard Bai Qingkong’s voice.


Bai Qingkong, whose appearance changed a lot in the past few years, had become so bright-looking.


As for Lin Zhixi, although he looked incredibly tough on the outside, he’s actually very shy. After putting down his bowl, he instantly ran away. There was no way for Lin Suci to find someone to talk.

And Bai Qingkong, who caused Lin Zhixi’s temperatment to change greatly, smiled and patted Lin Suci’s shoulder affectionately and said enthusiastically, “I haven’t seen you for many years, you are still the same, you haven’t changed at all.”


“Well, actually I have.” Lin Suci said seriously, “I’ve become more handsome than before, haven’t you noticed?”


If it was Bai Qingkong from many years ago, he’d just look embarrassed, yet now he looked so sincere with still a smile on his face, “I’ve noticed that Xinchen is brighter and more handsome than anyone.”


After Lin Suci was praised, he waved his hand shyly, “no, not at all.” He was very humble, “anyway.”


“What is Xinchen?” Bai Qingkong asked casually.


Lin Suci was smart enough to realize that Bai Qingkong wasn’t so innocent anymore.


He said calmly, “It was over Yin time when I came back, and it was almost dawn.”


Bai Qingqi breathed a sigh of relief without being noticed.

After leaving Bai Qingkong behind, Lin Suci made two steps forward and saw someone in front of him.


A pair of beautiful eyes quietly followed his movement. The handsome young man standing under the corridor was holding a sword, his eyes were flashing with desire.


Lin Suci’s back was numb, and his steps were two times faster.


How come everyone in the yard looked so strange that day?




The one who threw a stone at him was Xu Wuwang.


He waved at Lin Suci, “come, let’s look for third junior brother.”


The third senior brother, Huilian, was in the cultivation room in the basement.


As soon as Lin Suci entered, the ground was filled with talismans and arrays, and Huilian in the middle kept writing fast. He didn’t even raise his head when he heard footsteps coming along, “I’m not eating or drinking. Get out.”

Lin Suci paused and coughed, “um, third junior brother.”


Huilian paused and raised her head: “Little Junior Brother?”


Lin Suci had been waiting for this big hug from the long-awaited reunion, and with a smile, he opened his arms and walked quickly towards Huilian.


Huilian dug into his sleeve, and accurately stuffed the three pots into Lin Suci’s arms.


“You go and play aside, don’t disturb me.”


Lin Suci,”…” What about the long-awaited reunion hug?


Well, perhaps the Four Square sect didn’t have such rules about hugging each other when the disciples reunited.




Lin Suci smelled a familiar and reminiscent aroma on the tip of her nose.


He decisively opened the jar, which contained some neat dried small fish.


Lin Suci’s eyes lit up. He instantly grabbed a handful and stuffed it into his mouth. He found it so delicious.

Ah, it’s true that the third junior brother made the best dried fish ever.


Lin Suci was so moved that he almost cried.


In the cultivation room, Huilian kept busy and didn’t even say hello to Xu Wuwang, but only kept writing and drawing with his head down.


Xu Wuwang and Lin Suci waited cross-legged.


Lin Suci had not eaten any dried small fish made by Huilian for many years. After getting it, he’s so excited that even his tail was swaying and he looked so happy.


After a long moment, Huilian slowly put down his cinnabar pen.


He raised his eyes, nodded to Xu Wuwang and said hello. Then, he looked at Lin Suci.


Lin Suci, who was sitting in a pile of talismans, had turned into his prototype. The palm-sized kitten hugged the small dried fish pot tightly squinting and eating with great satisfaction. Holding the pot, his body swayed back and forth like a tumbler. .


Huilian pressed his fist to his lips, and a smile gradually appeared in his cold eyes.
“Is it delicious?”


“Very delicious!”


Hearing Huilian’s voice, Lin Suci turned into a human figure. Holding the jar of dried fish, he was almost tearful, “this is really the best dried fish I’ve ever eaten.”


Huilian smiled and said, “I’ve wronged you all these years, but why haven’t you lost any weight?”


Lin Suci said righteously, “In order not to make the third senior brother feel guilty again, I will gain weight within a month.”


Huilian: “…” It’s really the familiar answer, the clever little junior brother really hasn’t changed at all.


“You can eat the fish whenever you want. You two, get more serious and get down to business.”


The master and the elder brother were not there. As the only second senior brother, it was rare for Xu Wuwang to knock on the wall surface and make the two focus on him.


Huilian threw away the pen, carried over a pile of painted talismans, and sat cross-legged between Lin Suci and Xu Wuwang.

“Where are the third junior brother, the eldest senior brother, and the fourth junior sister?”


Huilian answered, “those people showed up two days ago. The fourth junior sister took herself as bait and lured them to Konggu Mountain. The eldest senior brother is guarding Konggu Mountain.”

Konggu Mountain was a barren mountain several hundred miles outside the city.


Lin Suci had a piece of dried fish in his mouth, and asked vaguely, “then when will Senior Brother come back?”


“I’m not sure…” Huilian groaned, “these people are not easy to deal with. I don’t think even the eldest senior brother can easily take down all of them.”


Lin Suci was shocked, “even he cannot do it?”


It did not match the character of Yan Boshen or Yan Ran in his memory.


“It does sound a little strange.”


Huilian rubbed his chin, “we all know the strength of the eldest senior brother. If he attacks someone, it will only be a matter of day and night. It’s just that these people’s strength looks too weird.”

“There are definitely more than ten golden core cultivators. And since we’re not yet nascent soul cultivators, we’re not sure if there are any. And if so, how many are there? One? Or two?”


“Isn’t it weird in here?”


Lin Suci immediately realized why Huilian said it’s strange.


“As nascent soul, how could they…”


How could they hunt them down?


However, if there’s no nascent soul, why should Ruan Lingzhu use her body as bait to lure all of them to Konggu Mountain?


If they were just golden core cultivators, it’d be so easy for Yan Boshen.


Huilian patted the talisman in front of him, “I just made these.”


Lin Suci had learnt from Huilian and he instantly knew what they were after looking at them.

“Third senior brother, are you going?”


“Of course I’m going. I’m only staying here to wait for you…all.” Huilian replied stiffly.


Xu Wuwang snorted.


“Come on, you must have been entrusted by the eldest senior brother to wait for the younger junior brother here. You don’t need to bring me. I know my position very well.”


Huilian touched his nose in embarrassment.


Lin Suci was surprised, “the eldest senior brother knows that I’m coming?”


“How could he not know what you’re thinking about since he raised you?” Xu Wuwang replied lazily, “at that time, he was anxious that something would happen, and he had to leave before you. If you weren’t still in retreat, he would have taken you with him.”

Lin Suci was vaguely embarrassed, but he was also a little at loss as to why he felt embarrassed.


“Okay, don’t delay anymore. Just carry on with what you’re supposed to do. When the second senior brother is here, everything will be fine. Let’s go to Konggu Mountain.”


Huilian got up and put all the talismans in his pocket. He said, “go and look for Bai Qingkong. That kid has made great progress. And perhaps you’ll improve by working with him.”


“I’m following you.”


How could Lin Suci sit still? He instantly followed his two senior brothers’ steps.


“What kind of chaos are you trying to create? You will only make more troubles.”


Huilian rolled his eyes.


“That’s not correct.” Xu Wuwang looked at Lin Suci and smiled. He raised his eyebrows playfully, “with him here, perhaps our eldest senior brother will show a different side…do you want to see?”


Huilian, who still sounded so decisive the previous moment, gave in the next moment, “Yes!”


Lin Suci imagined a different Yan Boshen, and licked the corner of his lips. His eyes were bright, and he was firm, “yes!”

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