My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 84


A woman?

A beautiful one as well?

Lin Suci was in a daze.

After a while, he asked uncertainly, “Sister Wan’er, Sister Qian Qian, or Sister Ah Shuang? No, maybe it’s Fourth Senior Sister?”

Xu Wuwang’s smiley face, as if he was about to see an exciting show, slowly stiffened. The curvature of the corners of his mouth was smoothed, and his face was expressionless.

“…You are that rational?”

Lin Suci was even more at a loss, “What does this have to do with rationality? Isn’t it normal reasoning?”

“Look,” Lin Suci stuck out his fingers, “you know how our Big Senior’s temper is like. He is not a person who will follow a stranger. And an acquaintance may not be able to call him away easily, unless there is something going on… so there is no other option at all. It is a person in need, who specifically comes to Boshen for help.”

“A person Boshen knows… wait, no, it should be the woman I know that Boshen knows, which are Fourth Senior Sister, Sister Wan’er, Sister Qian Qian, and Sister Ah Shuang. There should be no one else.”

Xu Wuwang screamed twice while grabbing his head.

“You, oh, you, when you should be smart, you are so foolish to the point that someone might sell you away! Usually in front of the big brother, you are just a stupid little cat. How can you be so shrewd when Big Senior is away?”

“I can’t trick you…” Xu Wuwang felt bored.

Lin Suci’s mouth twitched and he went to the kitchen on his own. Rubbing his belly, he went looking for food without turning his head back, “So, who has been here, where has Boshen gone?”

“You guessed it.”

Xu Wuwang followed him in, leaning on the scorched pillar and slowly said, “Linggu is here.”

“It’s really Fourth Senior Sister?!” Lin Suci shook, and the corner of his mouth curled upwards, “It’s been a long time since I saw her. When will Fourth Senior Sister and Boshen come back?”

Last time, once they bid goodbye, they had not seen each other for ten years. The time in the cultivation realm flew by really fast.

“It was not easy to see them in a short time.”

It was indeed Ruan Linggu who came to find Yan Boshen.

Since the departure of the Cardinal Sect, Ruan Linggu avenged her grievances. After she slashed her enemies, she had no worries in her heart. She returned to the old site of the Cardinal Sect to rebuild it bit by bit, and guarded it for many years.

Xiao Lan and Zhongli Haiming did business outside to earn a living, and they would come back every few months. There was also Jing Huilian in Tianyou City. At least they could get together every year.

But just a year ago, when she went to Tianyou City to find Jing Huilian, something happened.

She accompanied Huilian to the nearby Pingqi City to buy medicinal materials. However, no one expected that once she stepped into Pingqi City with her front foot, the city became infected with a plague on her back foot.

That epidemic was coming in fiercely. Whether it was a mortal or a cultivator, it was difficult to prevent it. Especially when the plague was contagious, but in just a few months, the city of Pingqi, which had already closed its gates, allowed no one to enter. It was already a living hell on earth.

Huilian was a talisman master, and Ruan Linggu was a magic weapon cultivator. No one knew how to heal.

Thanks to the fact that the two of them were high-level cultivators. Although they were trapped in Pingqi City, they had great measures for self-protection. They dug a hole and squatted inside for a few months, hiding away from the most dangerous stage of purgatory on earth.

It was really impossible not to hide.

That plague was man-made.

The pest would become stronger as the number of people infected with the plague increased, thus devouring more people.

There were several Golden Core cultivators in Pingqi City, and they had united Huilian and Ruan Linggu to kill the pests together.

It was a pity that in the first wave, the two Golden Core cultivators and three Fusions departed, but instead they were eaten by the plague pests and turned into plagues themselves, increasing the intensity and spread of the plague.

Huilian and Ruan Linggu had nothing to do. They hid in the dirt cave and cursed that the devils who released the pests were not inhumane.

The devils, of course, were not humans.

In addition to the pests, there were many methods to turn Pingqi city into a dry city.

Within a few months, countless people have died, and the dead have increased the range of the epidemic. Repeatedly, it could be said that Pingqi City was really almost turned into a dry city, even if it took a hundred years, it was impossible to clean up the abandoned city.

At that time, a few people rescued Pingqi City.

There were human cultivators, demon cultivators, and devil cultivators.

Those people were not very old. It was unknown where or how they dug up the spiritual spring water and move it to the sky above Pingqi City.

The spiritual spring water could purify the epidemic, but it could only prevent it from spreading in a short period of time and could not be eradicated.

But the spiritual spring water was only the first step.

After that, a devil cultivator girl released a group of yellow spring butterflies and they began to devour the plagues’ soul in the city.

Another young man began to touch every place with his hand.

Wherever he touched, everything was turned into ashes, whether it was people, animals, or buildings.

After those three steps, the pests had already felt the threat, flapping their wings to stop them from continuing.

Three sword cultivators blocked the pests.

Three ancient Godly soldiers slashed away in Pingqi City for seven days.

The last thing that fell on the ground was the worm that was split into three pieces.

The pests were eliminated.

Pingqi City had become an empty city. There were tens of thousands of people in the city, and only a few thousand people were left.

The young man, who was feared by everyone, kept touching. The dead bodies that piled up into mountains turned into ashes under his feet, and all the buildings infected with the epidemic were destroyed. It could be said that there was destruction on one hand, but rebirth on the other.

When Ruan Linggu and Huilian came out, they discovered that Huilian knew the one who took the lead.

It was a young man named Bai Qingkong. Holding an ancient sword filled with the strong aura of the ancient gods, he brought his friends to that living hell on earth.

Bai Qingkong also remembered Huilian. After a conversation, when they left Pingqi City, Huilian and Ruan Linggu followed him.

Three sword cultivators, Bai Qingkong, Shu Changyi, Buqi, the devil cultivator girl Na Erdie, and the one who melted all things, was Lin Zhixi.

Huilian’s hospitality led everyone to the Cardinal Sect to stay. Ruan Linggu thanked them for their life-saving grace and made some magical weapons for them.

None of those five people were fusion, and they were very happy to get the magic weapon of Golden Core strength. After showing their gratitude, they got along more harmoniously.

However, Bai Qingkong and the others stayed for a while. They planned to return to the Bihai Continent, saying that there was still something to do.

By coincidence, Ruan Linggu and Jing Huilian were also planning to go to the Bihai Continent. After all, their sect’s Master, Big Senior, Second Senior and Junior Brother were all there, so they should go pay a visit.

The few people hit it off and arrived at the Bihai Continent together.

The problem appeared in the Bihai Continent.

Not knowing what happened, the group were hunted down as soon as they entered the continent.

Two Golden Cores, five Fusions, and three ancient Godly soldiers, who could rescue a city from the pests, could not beat the cultivators.

Seven people fled in a hurry.

In order to avoid the chase, they accidentally collided with Wan’er and Qian Qian when they hid in Cloud Imperial Lane.

Wan’er did not know the others, but she always knew Bai Qingkong.

Not to mention…

At that time, Bai Qingkong was dressed in women’s clothing again, and she was so familiar that she shouted his name aloud after a glance.

It was much easier to deal with their situation once they met Wan’er and Qian Qian.

Knowing that Big Senior, Second Senior and Junior Brother were not far away, Ruan Linggu and Huilian were full of confidence, and quickly asked Wan’er to go on a journey to let Big Senior and Second Senior to help.

As for Little Junior Brother…

Lin Suci’s eyes widened, “What did Fourth Senior Sister say?”

Xu Wuwang glanced at him pityingly, “As for that hindrance Little Junior Brother, please be sure not to let him disrupt the situation.”

Lin Suci: “…”

The first sentence after not seeing each other for ten years… Fourth Senior Sister’s words were always so hurtful to the heart.

He was sad.

“So, Boshen went to help them.”

Lin Suci was holding the messy batter, and just said a sentence. He tasted the batter with joy, and suddenly his smile froze. After a while, he spit out expressionlessly, silently trying to cover the messy scene with a pot lid and pretending that it did not exist.

“Why didn’t Second Senior Brother go? Didn’t Fourth Senior Sister ask you to go too?”

“Ah, wasn’t I ordered by Big Senior to stay here and look after you?” Xu Wuwang cracked his fingers, “Krrt Krrak,” and looked bored, “Ah, by comparing baby-sitting a little bunny and getting revenge on those b*stards, I really want to go out and fight more.”

“Little brat, it’s all because of you.” Xu Wuwang looked provocative.

Lin Suci found a clue from Xu Wuwang’s words, “Why? Are those people who chased Third and Fourth Seniors the same as those who attacked you guys in the first place?”

Xu Wuwang looked upset, “Why do you react so quickly to this kind of thing!”

Lin Suci was innocent,”…” Are you blaming me?

“Pretty close,” Xu Wuwang opened the lid of the pot and took a look. The corner of his mouth twitched as he resolutely closed the lid of the pot, then turned and left.

In the early morning, none of the two brothers who were struggling to stay behind could have a good relationship with the Kitchen God, so they could only go around the corner to eat the wontons of Grandma Soup.

The left-behind brothers sat in the yard and watched the sky.

“…Second Senior Brother.”

Lin Suci hesitated for a few hours, and finally shouted.

XU Wuwang had slept twice.


Lin Suci rubbed his hands and said, “The next time I enter the bewitchment formation, it will be a few months later, how about you?”

“Same.” Xu Wuwang did not lift his eyelids, feeling drowsy.

Lin Suci: “Having Boshen and the others suffer outside, while we eat and drink here… makes me feel a little guilty.”

Xu Wuwang opened his eyes and squinted at him, “So?”

Lin Suci smiled and said, “So let’s go to Boshen.”

Xu Wuwang turned over and clapped his hands loudly, “I was waiting for your words!”

Xu Wuwang, who had packed up early, quickly returned to Lin Suci, urging, “Let’s go, let’s go.”

Lin Suci: “…I haven’t packed up yet.”

Fortunately, he did not have many things to pack. A sword and a bunch of talisman, all the life-savers were there, just two clothes were needed.

As for the spirit stones, it was the Cardinal Sect’s tradition to always be poor.

The two brothers added up their spirit stones, but it was so less that it was pitiful.

In the end, Xu Wuwang joined forces with Lin Suci. Going up the mountain and going down the oceans, they hunted down and killed a lot of monsters, selling them for a little bit of spirit stones before they dared to lock the door and leave.

Lin Suci often ran on the surface of the sea and took a boat ride, but it was the second time he had taken the awning boat as he left the Void Realm.

They boarded a boat of four people, one seat for him and one for Xu Wuwang. Two women were on the opposite side.

One was covered with red gauze, which was vaguely familiar, and the other was wearing a black hood, which was also a little familiar.

Lin Suci glanced at the two of them, turned his head and forgot the women.

He did not know them, and they had nothing to do with him anyway.

However, the two women fought.

Lin Suci was still talking about the way out to Xu Wuwang, and the two women on the opposite side also began to talk. It was unsure why the more they talked, the colder their voices were, and the angrier they got. When there was still a mile of waterway from the shore, the two women fought.

A sword aura directly rubbed Lin Suci’s cheeks, almost cutting off his temples and hair. The sword aura hit the sea and directly stirred up a thousand waves.

The awning boat shook heavily.

The two women on the opposite side had already showed hundreds of moves.

The red gauze’s methods were ruthless, the black-hooded one’s hand dropped. The two women fought fiercely, and they did not let each other down. Even the Golden Core cultivator who was sitting in town could not persuade them to stop.

The awning boat was small, and the two women’s fight could directly sink their boat. Lin Suci and Xu Wuwang were both at the edge. Even if they quickly opened their barrier and resisted it, that situation would still make people furious.

Xu Wuwang had drawn his sword.

Lin Suci quickly held it down, “Don’t! Second Senior Brother, you must hold back!”

“Why tolerate this? They’ve already bullied till our heads!” The smile on Xu Wuwang’s faced was terrifying.

“No!” Lin Suci tried his best to stop Xu Wuwang. At the same time the awning boat swayed from left to right, unable to support the two women’s big fight, almost dispersing.

“Second Senior Brother, you have to think twice! They are two women! If you dare to get involved in women’s fight, you have to make sure you are prepared to lose your life!”

Lin Suci persuaded, “If you rush up there, do you believe that it will be the two of them hitting you the next moment?!”

Xu Wuwang was taken aback, “…No way?”

“Yes, believe me, Second Senior Brother.” Lin Suci said sincerely, “I have seen the tragedy happen with my own eyes.”

Lin Suci generally did not stop fights, it was boring. If he had to persuade, then he would stop the people he knew.

However, even if he was a person who would try to stop a fight, he did not dare to persuade two women on the battlefield.

In the past ten years ago, he was still a teenager who was unable to get up and lying in a hospital bed. In his room, two women went from smiling to cynicism to swearing to beating in three minutes.

The battle caused by the two women made five or six women rushed in to fight together. Singles turned into a group fight.

They would tear off hairs, scratch faces and bite arms. Anything could happen.

Lin Suci was still a weak young man at the time. He did not even dare to speak loudly, and could not get up. He could only watch the seven or eight women fight till the sky was dark, till the sun and moon lose their light. The hospital building was as if it was about to collapse.

The man who he called uncle or something rushed in to stop the fight.

Lin Suci thought at the time that the battle that disrupted his three senses was finally over.

His clenched fists hidden under the blanket relaxed a little.

But the next second, the alarm of the ECG monitor placed by the bedside went off.

His heartbeat almost detonated his heart.

As soon as the uncle who tried to stop the fight entered the battlefield, the group fight turned into a gang fight.

Seven or eight women beat him, and cursed, asking him where his stance was and whether he had a conscience…

When that uncle was rescued by other uncles, his suit and shirt were already torn into strips.

Lin Suci quietly hid his head in the blanket. Under the blanket, his frightened eyes shone brightly.

What was the cause of the fight at that time, and what happened later? Even after more than ten years, Lin Suci still could not remember.

In other words, the last life about ten years ago was a little far away.

For more than ten years, day after day, it was dull and boring. In the past ten years or so in the cultivation realm, he lived every day with great taste, and he had long since wiped out his past mood.

However, even so, the past battle left him a big impression. He grasped Xu Wuwang naturally, hoping that he would not repeat the mistakes of that uncle who was beaten.

Xu Wuwang had a dazed expression on his face. The man who had been in blood all the year round could not understand Lin Suci’s fear at all.

“Just two weak people, who can they beat?”

Xu Wuwang dropped such a sentence, drew his sword directly, and shot the two women, who had already beaten the sun and moon, into the sea with a slash.

The two women fell into the water, and their first reaction was not to continue their fight with each other, but to cast their furious gazes at Xu Wuwang. Their fierce eyes made the Nascent Soul stage cultivator fear.

Xu Wuwang shrank silently and shrank his shoulders.

“Ah, it’s true,” He murmured, “Scary eyes…”

Lin Suci cautiously glanced at the two women in the sea, and hurriedly stretched out his feet and slightly kicked the cultivator rowing the boat, “Go! Why are you still in a daze for?!”

The fusion cultivator suddenly realized that, and desperately shook the raft, turning the awning boat into a ferocious boat in a regatta, and left the place in just a short time.

The two women were still soaking in the sea.

“They are ill…”

After getting off the boat, Xu Wuwang made a comment about the two women on the boat who suddenly fought.

Lin Suci nodded sadly.

The two women were quickly left behind by Lin Suci’s mind.

Ruan Linggu and others were now settled in Jin Chi’s courtyard.

Lin Suci and Xu Wuwang’s memory of Xinye City was Jin Chi’s courtyard. They flew with swords all the way and went straight to the courtyard to settle down.

It was late at night.

Lin Suci and Xu Wuwang paid the entrance fee, and turned around in the winding alleys, finding their way back.

Lin Suci had not gone out much before, so could not remember where to go. Fortunately, there was still Xu Wuwang, who brought him back in the end.

In the moonlight, the willow shoots turned off the lights everywhere.

Lin Suci was wrapped in a cloak, and finally saw the door of the courtyard that was somewhat familiar, and was reaching out his hand to knock.


Xu Wuwang stopped him.

“It’s so late, they are probably asleep.” Xu Wuwang said solemnly, “Come, let’s jump over the wall.”

A Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, a high-level predecessor who was to be honored as an ancestor outside, did all the secretive things he did.

Fortunately, Lin Suci’s three senses were not always correct. He felt that Xu Wuwang was right, and nodded earnestly with a sullen face.

The two climbed up the wall.

There were three layers of enchantment barriers in the yard.

In Lin Suci’s eyes, it was a bit tricky, but in Xu Wuwang’s eyes, it was easy.

“It’s not right…”

Xu Wuwang arrogantly lifted the three-layered enchantment for a breath of time. He carried Lin Suci down, and stood on the overgrown backyard. He touched his chin and thought deeply.

Lin Suci patted the dust on his shoulders, and said with a sullen face, “It’s really not right.”

The two brothers looked at each other.

The problem was naturally on those three layers of enchantment.

Xu Wuwang solved them so easily, and that proved that it was not at least an enchantment of the Nascent Soul Stage.

However, if Yan Boshen was there, how could he tolerate such a flawed enchantment?

Two people came to a conclusion.

They dared not say anything else, at least for now. Yan Boshen was clearly not in the Jin Chi’s courtyard.

Lin Suci let out a sigh of relief. His shoulders collapsed, and he yawned feebly, “It’s so late, let’s find an empty room to stay, and forget about other matters.”

On the contrary, Xu Wuwang could see Lin Suci changes in that instant. He raised his eyebrows, and shut his mouth knowingly because of his junior’s young age.

The Jin family’s yard was much larger than the yard in Void Realm. There were yards in the front and back, with dozens of wing rooms.

No lights were lit everywhere at night, and the fires lighting the candles were all extinguished. With only a little moonlight, Lin Suci and Xu Wuwang walked to the wing rooms in the dark.

“Who’s there?”

A delicate voice came not far away.

Lin Suci and Xu Wuwang looked up, and a girl with draped hair in a tube top dress stood not far away in the moonlight.

The girl looked very weak, like duckweed swaying in the wind, delicate and timid.

Lin Suci stared at her for a long time, but did not recognize who it was.

“The owner of this yard. Are you a guest?”

Xu Wuwang talked aloud.

That yard belonged to Jin Chi, Jin Chi belonged to Qing Fou, Qing Fou was their master, and what Qing Fou had was theirs too.

There was nothing wrong with Xu Wuwang’s logic, and he was naturally confident with his conclusion.

The girl’s clear eyes flickered in the moonlight, and then she said with a soft smile, “So the owner is back. I’m here as a guest. Pardon my intrusion.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Suci frowned. No matter how he matched the girls in his memories with the girl in front of him, he simply could not figure it out.

According to what Xu Wuwang said, aside from Third and Fourth Seniors, the people who came were Bai Qingkong, Shu Changyi, Buqi, Lin Zhixi, and Na Erdie.

Naerdie was a lord who was so cold and frosty, how could that charming and tender girl be her?

However, apart from Naerdie, there were no other women.

“You are a little late to come back, there are already people living here.” The girl pointed enthusiastically, “Now there are two rooms left in that place.”

It was full?

Lin Suci was even more surprised. How big was the Jin family’s yard, where dozens of young girls lived, so that only a few people could live in it?

No, he did not know that girl. Maybe there were many people in that yard who they did not know.

“Good, thank you.” Xu Wuwang took a look at the girl, and when he saw that the girl was not a big threat, he withdrew his gaze.

The direction the girl pointed was the most remote location in the backyard.

There were only three rooms in total, and few people stayed there.

Lin Suci and Xu Wuwang walked towards the most remote corner.

As he walked, Lin Suci frowned and recalled. Who the heck was that girl?

Bai Qingkong’s harem?


After all, in the original works, Bai Qingkong had always attracted women’s attention since he was a teenager. They either helped him or harmed him. There was always a group of women flocking to him like moths.


He and Bai Qingkong have known each other for many years, and besides Bai’s side, there was really no woman besides Na Erdie from the protagonist group.

Was it possible that he was in women’s clothing again?

Lin Suci was happy thinking about it.

It did not take long to walk along the steps. In the three rooms that were always treated as cold palaces, there was a close flapping sound from the one on the far left. Accompanied by squeaking, the sound of movement was like demolishing a house. In that quiet night, it was the only sound in the entire Jin family’s yard.

There was also an on-going conversation between two people.

The voices of begging for mercy or sobbing were dragged tremblingly, and it made one’s hair stood on end.

Lin Suci was caught off guard for a moment, “…”

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