My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 83


It was unknown of what the woman was thinking when he said that. Her facial features under her hood seemed distorted. She opened her mouth, and tried to speak several times, but she did not know what to say.

She was there to find someone to cooperate! No matter the demon pet was just a pet, or a cultivation partner, it had nothing to do with her anyway! Why did that Senior seem wary of her, as if she was going to grab someone from him or something!

Was it necessary? It was just a cat!

The woman looked at the cat in Yan Boshen’s arms.

Uh, well, it really is a cute kitten.

Lin Suci stared at the woman and blinked.

What did Yan Boshen say just now?

Cultivation partners?

Lin Suci scratched the whiskers by his cheek, deep in thought.

That phrase… If he remembered correctly, it did not seem to be a phrase that could be used casually.

The others who had enjoyed the morning’s fish soup in Qianyue Hall had already scattered and left. Yan Boshen also picked up Lin Suci, ready to leave.


The woman hurriedly called out to Yan Boshen with a stiff smile on her face, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that this is your cultivation partner. I almost offended Senior just now. Please don’t get me wrong, Senior. I just want to discuss some cooperation terms with… Eh, Senior, don’t go!”

Before the woman could finish her words, Yan Boshen had already walked out a long distance away while holding Lin Suci.

He shrank to an inch, and the only visible back that was distant had disappeared in the blink of an eye. The woman chased a few steps after him, but she could not catch up. Alas, she reluctantly gave up, and stomped her foot severely.

In just a short time, they have returned to the small courtyard.

Lin Suci crawled out of Yan Boshen’s arms and turned into his human form. Before he had time to speak, Qian Qian and Wan’er, who got up early, was already greeting him.

“Did little brother drink with Granny Yu’s fish soup this morning?”


Lin Suci answered, but was dragged into the small kitchen by Qian Qian.

“Since you’ve drunk it, come and taste my work of art. See how my fish soup tastes.”

Lin Suci was clueless about what Qian Qian and Wan’er were doing. He was forced to sit in the small kitchen. After drinking three bowls of different soups, his stomach was bulging. He dared not drink any further, so he kept shaking his head.

He quickly praised the fish soup they made. Lin Suci finally got his two excited sisters under control and slipped away.

After getting interrupted by his big sisters, Lin Suci forgot to ask what Yan Boshen said at the time.

In the Qianyue Hall, the final spiritual energy gathered was ten times that of the first time. It was so rich that Lin Suci could not swallow it all at once. It took him three times to eat the ball of spiritual energy, and it took a month to digest it.

With that, he isolated himself for three months.

When he finally left isolation, Lin Suci’s cultivation base jumped to the ninth level of Qi cultivation.

He was only one step away before the foundation establishment stage.

Fortunately, Lin Suci and Yan Boshen did not insist on that. They were not in a hurry to go to the bewitchment array, and focused on spending more time to stabilize Lin Suci’s current cultivation base. At the same time, they continued to practice sword skills. It took another three months to wait for the desire in Lin Suci’s body. Only then he began to step in for the third time.

That time, Yan Boshen took Lin Suci and returned to the Peach Blossom Miasma.

The second stage of Peach Blossom Miasma was far more disgusting than the first. All kinds of weird insects, half-faced people with stinky juices, and whatever kind of disgusting creatures, appeared.

From the very beginning, Lin Suci went from constantly having his fur stand on end, to being able to handle the situation silently and coldly.

In the Peach Blossom Miasma, Yan Boshen was still the same as before. In the early stage, Lin Suci was able to deal with it by himself, and did not need Yan Boshen’s help. It was not until the fifth ring of the bell when Yan Boshen would take action to solve the situation that way-surpassed Lin Suci’s power.

Their lifestyle in the Void Realm gradually stabilized.

Lin Suci and Yan Boshen promised to go in once every three to five months, and come out for another three to five months of integrated cultivation studies. A bewitchment array made them stay there for two whole years.

Typhoons often visited the islands, and occasionally they were accompanied by huge whirlpools, creating a natural trap on the surface of the sea.

From the beginning, Lin Suci did not know anything. He could be beaten into the sea by a small wave and remained struggling. However, he was now holding a long sword and standing on the sea’s surface, calmly coping with the storm.

The sky was already dark, and the grains of rain were bigger than the pinkie finger. They were falling from the skies like arrows, shooting fiercely and accurately. With a smash to the sea, they could form water holes, one by one. Not to mention falling on people, they were almost like a rain of knives and blades, which could cut people alive.

Lin Suci did not even have a layer of defensive clothing, but the defensive tools of the foundation establishment stage were far inferior to the power of the heaven and the earth. They had long lost their shelter effect under the torrential rain that could devour the power of the heaven and the earth.

Lin Suci directly used his body to fight against the torturing rain he was waiting for.

That rain was extraordinary, and there would be one event every month. In each event, many low-level cultivators could not bear the explosions, which caused their deaths.

Raindrops were not considered rain, but flames. Lin Suci stood in the rain curtain without any cover, and the fabric of his clothes that had been in contact with the rain had melted. Directly facing the rain was Lin Suci’s exposed skin.

On the fair skin, the blue-black marks had appeared due to the smashes of rain. He was subcutaneously bleeding, and nowhere on skin was in good condition.

Lin Suci’s lips were purple with coldness.

His hair was wet and clinging to his cheek, making him feel very uncomfortable.

Another huge wave lifted up on the sea, and was blown towards Lin Suci by the gusty wind.

Lin Suci took a deep breath and slowly drew out the long sword.

That long sword, which he named ‘Sansi (三思sān sī: refers to三思而后行sān sī ér hòu xíng, which means ‘think multiple times before you act.’),’ had been with him for almost three years.

Sansi completely failed to obey Lin Suci when he was named. After having the sword soul, Sansi never thought twice, it was irritable and was even more rampant than Lin Suci.

It might really be just like what Yan Boshen said. The so-called ‘Sansi’ was probably just ‘the three years of thinking (三载思念sān zài sī niàn).’ After having the sword soul, the years of silence caused the Sansi sword to be very irritable and could not wait for anything.

The long sword was held in Lin Suci’s hand, and the tip of the sword pointed directly at the sea. The rain splashed onto the sword, making pattering sounds before rolling into the sea.

The huge wave rose three thousand feet, swallowing the sky and destroying the earth.

Lin Suci jumped, and split the waves with his long sword, aiding him to walk onto the surface of the waves. He stood on the peak of the waves, swaying along. His sight was fixed on the dark sea surface under the eye of the storm. Waves were thrown layer by layer. On the surface of the sea, a thin fish, with the length as tall as a human, suddenly emerged.

With gleaming scales, the fish mouth flung open. Its sharp tooth was biting towards Lin Suci!

With a tap under Lin Suci’s feet, he jumped back and forth in the rain and waves, avoiding the attack of the fish beast. Swiping the long sword in his hand, a sharp sword aura was shot out.

Compared to the weaker one that could barely leave a trace on the boulder, the present sword aura of the Sansi Sword had the appearance that a swordsman cultivator should have.

A line of vigilant sword aura hit the fish beast’s abdomen, and the fish with a mouthful of teeth was hit by a single blow.

There were two people in the boat.

Yan Boshen wore a cloak on his body. He stood on the back of the boat’s head and looked at Lin Suci’s vigorous posture that was in the torrential rain. Meanwhile, Xu Wuwang was sitting cross-legged, accurately receiving the beaten fish beasts and beheaded them cleanly. After that, his swift hands and feet neatly chopped, scraping up the fish’s scales and separating the fish bones, fish teeth and fish flesh.

“Little Junior Brother, one more!”

Even if the voice was vaguely fluttering in the sea, Lin Suci could still hear it.

At that time, it was the moment when the little demons under the sea loved to come out for trouble. It was also the cultivation that Lin Suci had to carry out during that period of time.

Rain continued falling on his body. The skin that was burned on one side slowly healed, and then burned by the rain again. All of Lin Suci’s exposed body parts directly confronted the rain outside, always in a state of constant wounding and healing. It was pain, pain, and pain again, but no matter what, he had to endure it.

He must train his body.

Lin Suci replied from a distance. Kicking the water below him with a sword in hand, a ravine was opened.

Three sharp-toothed fish beasts had nowhere to hide, so they jumped up.

Lin Suci flicked his wrist, prepared himself with a stance, and jumped up.

However, within a quarter of an hour, the three fish beasts that he had cut in half arrived on Xu Wuwang’s boat.

Xu Wuwang critiqued, “Little Junior Brother, this is not enough. You can’t make a single hit on three-headed fish monster. Look, so much material is wasted.”

Yan Boshen looked back and glared at him.

Xu Wuwang immediately covered his mouth, “I mean, these fish beasts can’t fight back at all. I didn’t say that Little Junior Brother is bad.”

Yan Boshen turned his head and continued to watch Lin Suci’s movements.

Xu Wuwang, who was peeling the fish, was humming a little song, sitting leisurely and contentedly in the heavy rain. After a long time, he said nonchalantly, “Big Senior, are you and Little Junior Brother planning to spend it like this all the time?”

Yan Boshen neither looked back, nor answered.

The torrential rain surpassed Yan Boshen, and the raindrops could not fall on him. An enchantment enveloped him. The world in the rain curtain was vaguely blurred, but Yan Boshen seemed to be a lonely soul in another the world.

“Let me say it. It’s been so many years, you’ve been treating Little junior Brother good, and Little Junior Brother also treated you good. How come you guys get stuck in this section? For so many years too?”

Xu Wuwang’s voice asked, “Big Senior, don’t you know how to do it?”

That time, Xu Wuwang got a response from Yan Boshen.

“…He is still young.”

Xu Wuwang held the fish bones and stretched his neck. Watching Lin Suci fighting desperately with an octopus monster five times bigger than him in the rain, he said thoughtfully, “Well, he really is young.”

“Big Senior, you seem to be more than three hundred years old, right? Our little junior is… oh, let me do the calculations. If we round it off, he is only at the age of seven or eight?”

Xu Wuwang moved his fingers, and after calculating Lin Suci’s true age, his smiling face stiffened. He shuddered silently, and hurriedly retorted, “Don’t do it. Ignore all the nonsense I’ve said before. You both are good like this.”

“Big Senior, have a good time raising him for a few more years. We’ll talk about it again when he is an adult. Otherwise, it would be too shameful to say it out.”

Yan Boshen’s face was pale.

He knew the age of his little kitten very well. If he waited, he still had to wait longer.

It took an hour for Lin Suci to stun the middle-level octopus monster.

“It’s coming!”

Lin Suci’s clothes were torn again.

The newly exposed skin on his body was burnt red. The flesh and blood under his skin burned to a mess, but only a layer of redness and swelling appeared on the outside.

The violent storms gradually became much weaker.

Lin Suci panted and threw the octopus monster to Xu Wuwang, proudly speaking with his hands on his waist, “Last time, this monster dragged me into the deep sea and almost killed me. Today, I finally avenged myself!”

Yan Boshen had already prepared a bowl of ginger tea, and pulled Lin Suci into the barrier while rubbing his wet hair.

Lin Suci slurped tea and heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Not bad, Little Junior Brother, you made it till the end today.” Xu Wuwang gave a symbolic applaud.

At the beginning, when Lin Suci touched the rain, he would cry father or mother due to the pain. His tears and nose mucus streamed downwards, as if killing pigs was better than that situation.

However, when he was fighting with all his strength, he still held his sword, crying while entering the rain to refine his body. Trembling with pain, he never left without permission. He always waited till his physical limit was reached before passing out. Then, he would be carried out by Yan Boshen.

Xu Wuwang only felt that it was unnecessary.

Lin Suci’s body refining was so painful that Yan Boshen kept frowning outside, wanting to replace him, but he still had to watch Lin Suci suffer. One suffered physical torment, while the other suffered mentally. After every round, it was not easy. Xu Wuwang really admired those two people.

Now, Lin Suci was able to draw his sword at the beginning of the rainstorm. Two days and two nights, for twenty-four hours, he would withdraw his sword when the rain stopped.

His body was much stronger than when he built the ninth level of foundation establishment.

Everyone knew that physical training was good for their body, and could also help in cultivation, but not everyone was willing to try.

After all, refining the body was equivalent to tearing and reorganizing the body over and over, and repairing it again and again.

It was a pain that could almost tear a person apart, and enduring it for life was not what everyone could do.

Even Lin Suci himself did not expect himself to stick to that point.

Sitting cross-legged on the boat, leaning against Yan Boshen’s arms, Lin Suci, who let the other party wipe his wet hair, slowly thought, why did he start refining in the first place?

Oh, it was proposed by Yan Boshen.

At that time, it was the fifth time he followed Yan Boshen into the Qianyue Hall. That time, he shot a moon, and a demon ape came out of it.

With immense power and strong body, Lin Suci spent a lot of talisman formation at the time, and could not cause heavy damage to the opponent.

Instead, it was him, the kitten that maintained its form who got hurt. As soon as he was caught up by the opponent and hit the body, the weak kitten was directly beaten up, vomiting blood.

That time, he suffered a serious internal injury, and it took him a full month to recover.

After Yan Boshen took good care of him until he was healthy again, he told Lin Suci that he should train his body.

There were thousands of ways to train the body, and Yan Boshen chose the roughest one for him to face directly.

Lin Suci was also worried that his body was dragging him behind, so she clenched his teeth and persevered.

He was also unsure why, but that persistence lasted for two years.

Back to the small courtyard, Lin Suci, who had worked hard for two days and nights, fell asleep.

His body was being reorganized by the burning rain all the time, causing pain. In the beginning, he experienced the pain for at least three days and could not sleep. By now, his body was still tearing up and painful, but he fell asleep, as if he was unaffected by it, sleeping soundly.

He slept for three days.

Lin Suci squatted by the sink in the yard, brushing his teeth with willow leaves in his hand. His eyes were half-open and half-closed. His head was nodding, bit by bit, almost falling asleep.

“…Young brother, are you listening?”

Wan’er, who was sitting on a stool, held a fancy thread. Noticing Lin Suci’s distraction, she was dissatisfied, “Little brother, Big Sis just told you so much, have you listened?”

“Huh?” Lin Suci rinsed his mouth, racking his brains to recall what Wan’er just whispered in his ear.

“Sister Wan’er just said that she wants to go back to Bihai Continent?”

Wan’er stopped her work and nodded, “Yes.”

“There was a Good Samaritan, who saved me at the beginning, but now he is entangled by a wicked person, and he heard that I was in the Void Realm. He tried every means to beg someone to bring a letter so that I could help him.”

Lin Suci slowly said, “As long as you aren’t deceived, go and repay his kindness.”

“I’m a hundred years older than you, how can I not know this?” Wan’er said, “I won’t suffer anyway.”

“Then that’s fine.” Lin Suci cleaned up the willow twigs and walked towards the small kitchen.

“Eh, hey, hey, wait, wait a minute.”

Wan’er got up and chased after him.

“Young Brother, will you accompany me back?”

Lin Suci pointed a finger at the tip of his nose, “Me?”

“Yes,” Wan’er looked helpless, “Since you got on the island, you have been cultivating and cultivating, and you have lost your inner child’s temper. If this goes on, I’m afraid you might…”

She glanced left and right with caution. Noticing that Yan Boshen was not in the yard, she patted her chest, and whispered, “…be the same as Senior Yan.”

Lin Suci lifted the pot, took out the fish soup reserved for him, and shook his head as he drank, “How is it possible. Have you not yet realised who our old Yan is? And who am I?”

“Who am I? Who are you?”

Lin Suci almost choked himself with a mouthful of fish soup, and his eyes were slightly red.

He coughed for a long time and looked up.

Yan Boshen had just returned, beads of sweat were on his body. When his eyes met Lin Suci’s eyes, they seemed refreshing.

Lin Suci sat in jeopardy. His mouth obediently spoke, “You are my owner, and I am the cat that drags you back.”

Wan’er witnessed Lin Suci’s face change in an instant, but did not dare to say a word, so she shrank her neck and pretended to be dead.

Even though she had lived under the same roof as that Yan Ran for three years, Wan’er still did not dare to breathe in the face of Yan Boshen. She was naturally afraid of him, and her fears were engraved into her bones.

“What were you just talking about?”

Yan Boshen sat beside Lin Suci.

He was not usually interested in anything, except for one. If one thing was related to Lin Suci, then no matter what he would want to know everything.

Lin Suci first gave Yan Boshen a few sips of fish soup, then smiled and shared about Wan’er.

Wan’er lowered her head and continued to play dead.

“He can’t go.”

Yan Boshen rejected the person in a straightforward and decisive manner. His cold voice was as if he was about to raise his hand to kill Wan’er if she did not agree with him.

Wan’er smiled immediately, “He won’t go, he won’t go. Young brother won’t go anywhere.” He’ll just stay here to accompany your old self, alright?

Although Lin Suci himself had no plans to go, after hearing Yan Boshen refused, he naturally got cheeky, and smiled. He pressed his spoon against Yan Boshen’s lips, “Why can’t I go? I will go no matter what!”

Yan Boshen clenched Lin Suci’s wrist, looked at him closely with his eyes, and then slowly opened his mouth, inserting the spoon into his mouth.

Lin Suci shook his fingers and quickly released it.

Neither of them was interested in drinking the fish soup in the bowl. Wan’er wanted to keep a low profile at the moment, so she bent over and quickly cleaned up for Lin Suci, running quietly away.

“You forgot, you should go in alone.”

Yan Boshen said slowly.

Lin Suci suddenly realized.

Before he entered the bewitchment formation, although many of them were operated by him, he still went in under Yan Boshen’s name and acted as his subsidiary.

In the bewitchment formation, everything was dealt with by Yan Boshen, and Lin Suci could be said to have no worries. Therefore, the number of times he had truly experienced life despair was zero.

That was not conducive to his cultivation journey.

As early as a few months ago, Xu Wuwang made that point. However, Yan Boshen could not rest assure from watching Lin Suci go into a place where he could not touch. He refused to let go, and stood in a stalemate condition for a long time.

Lin Suci had no objection to that.

He should have gone there alone anyways.

The place, where Yan Boshen was, was too safe, so safe that his heart would get lazy.

As for whether he would be killed after leaving Yan Boshen…

Lin Suci felt that no matter how bad it was, he should be able to bear it. Otherwise, he could just come back if he could not make it, no big deal.

Cultivation was important, but life was even more precious.

Without a bewitchment formation, he could continue anywhere. However, without his life, Lin Suci should prepare an epitaph for himself.

Yan Boshen was hesitant about that matter, but Lin Suci was very blunt.

After a few months, Yan Boshen was finally relieved.

For Lin Suci, who was now returning to the ninth level of foundation establishment, entering the bewitchment formation alone was very difficult. It was intense, and its level of fun was close to zero.

Lin Suci’s face twitched when he thought of the Peach Blossom Miasma, and he could not wait to open the head of the person who created the bewitchment formation to see what kind of yellow mud soup was in it.

Wan’er and Qian Qian left the Void Realm together ten days before Lin Suci entered the battlefield.

It was Lin Suci’s first solo in the formation, so his Big Senior and Second Senior Brothers followed him to the Qianyue Hall.

Lin Suci was wearing a black cloak and a hood. He was already slender, so wrapping himself in a black cloak made him even thinner, as if he could be blown away by a gust of wind.

Many people were waiting outside the Qianyue Hall.

Yan Boshen held Lin Suci’s hand quietly, and was silent for a long time.

The moon gradually rose.

Yan Boshen tightened his grip and squeezed Lin Suci.

He pursed his lips and slowly released his hand.

“Go ahead.”

With two concise and powerful words, Yan Boshen closed his mouth after speaking, taking those two short words as encouragement to Lin Suci.

Lin Suci’s heart was pounding inexplicably.

He clutched his chest, forced himself to calm down, and gave Yan Boshen a big smile.

“Ok, then I’m going in.”

Someone, who was obviously there to bid farewell, was like an invisible man during the whole journey. No one seemed to notice Xu Wuwang, “…” Forget it, there seemed to be no need for him there.

It was…time.

Lin Suci entered the Qianyue Hall and the sight in front him got blurry.

That was his solo battlefield.

Lin Suci, who stumbled through many layers with Yan Boshen, was familiar to him in the early stage, and it all felt so easy.

However, within three months, Lin Suci had entered the fourth time.

Alone, with no support behind him.

But it was also good.

He could enjoy the excitement of fighting desperately for his life.

It had been five years since Lin Suci joined the battle in the cold and heat. Over the years, he had already broken through the path that Yan Boshen brought him. It had more obstacles, and was a more difficult and dangerous place.

He had been seriously injured three times, and one of them was a narrow escape from death.

Fortunately, he could survive till the end.

The small door that had been closed for three months finally opened.

Lin Suci was wearing a white shirt, slowly rubbing his eyes as he walked out.

The aura on his body had become softer, but it was different from the aura of his weak self at the beginning.

“Congratulations, Little Junior, you have reached the seventh stage of Fusion.”

Xu Wuwang stayed there to protect Lin Suci for a long time. When he saw Lin Suci, he smiled and clapped his hands, then threw something to him, “Here, it’s your senior’s congratulatory gift for you.”

Lin Suci caught the gift in a hurry, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

It was a gift full of Xu Wuwang’s flavor, an animal head with only its skeleton.

“Thank you, Second Senior…” Lin Suci was weak.

“Where’s Boshen?”

He looked back and forth, but he did not see the person who always appeared in his sight first. He was a little at a loss.

“Oh… you mean Big Senior.”

Xu Wuwang scratched his hair, and showed a weird smile to Lin Suci. His tone had a hint of complaint, but somewhat excited to witness an up-coming big show.

“A person… called him away.”

“A woman, a beautiful…woman.”

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