Chapter 43


“Do you remember what you are here for?”

“I do.”

“Then say it, what are you here for?”

Lin Suci stepped out of the carriage, and looked up at the big plaque door of the Chen family house. He smiled at Xiao Lan, who had a face of discomfort, beside him.

“Of course, it’s to come have fun.”

Xiao Lan: “…”

“Hurry up and collect the money,” Lin Suci took advantage when the strong butcher surnamed Chen was hugging Bai Qingkong at his left and Shu Changyi at the right. Chen was amused, but before he took care of Lin Suci, Suci teased Xiao Lan. He asked, “Three thousand spirit stones, this is the money for selling myself, so you have to keep it well. Remember to take it back to our sect to pay respects.”

Xiao Lan looked as if his soul flew off, “Just kill me… It’s easier than having Big Senior dismantling me when he knew this.”

Lin Suci covered his ears, “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you, lololol~”

Xiao Lan died furiously.

The courtyard of that house was considered to be a relatively large house in the Ordinary Realm. It was enough for a cultivator who lived alone.

That man named Chen Jia was the owner of the yard. He was a fusion cultivator of the Fifth Rank.

In the outstanding courtyard, according to Shu Changyi’s quiet explanation, there were many female cultivators, who were kidnapped and snatched by him, that were trapped within.

Lin Suci’s ears listened to the pretentious laughter in front of him, and quietly shifted his position. Using the retrospective mirror Ruan Linggu made him, Lin Suci recorded Bai Qingkong’s face that was bearing the humiliation while giving his best-seller smile and Shu Changyi’s happily-broken container.

In the future, if he became poor one day, he could still sell the small peripherals of the majestic soaring sword and earn some money to support his family.

There were flower fragrances in the yard, and Lin Suci’s sensitive nose almost sneezed. He did not want to attract Chen Jia’s attention at that time, and quietly pinched his nose to weaken the fragrance of flowers while breathing.

As he walked from the outer courtyard into the inner courtyard, the originally empty courtyard was filled with a lot of figures, all of which were a group of grey-headed, rickety old women.

The group of old women who wore tattered clothes and were acting timid all shrank themselves when they met the butcher-like Chen Jia. They bowed and greeted as they retreated to the sides.

When Lin Suci followed them in and passed them, he clearly saw that the eyes of those old women stayed on Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi. Their eyes… were filled with unconcealed sympathy and… viciousness.

The inner courtyard was not as simple as the outer courtyard. There were barriers and confinements. When they walked by, the barrier seemed to have bells, which kept ringing.

In the inner courtyard, there was a large row couch with silk cloth hanging on the four corners. A faintly unbreathable fragrance came from the couch. It rushed directly at Lin Suci’s nose, making him unable to hold back, and he sneezed hard.

Chen Jia who hugged Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi, left and right, finally remembered that there was still someone behind him.

“Almost forgot that you were the one. I put my arms around these minors, but I left you in the cold.”

Lin Suci, who was worth three thousand spiritual stones, showed a timid and innocent expression of a young man. The minors who happened to see his expressions— Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi, left themselves with complex expressions.

Chen Jia smiled, “Everyone! Someone new has arrived.”

While Chen Jia turned his head, Xiao Lan, who followed Lin Suci, tugged at his sleeve, and said telepathically, “You have to worry a bit, and don’t be taken advantage of.”

Lin Suci still maintained an ignorant appearance and answered, “Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

The lack of sloppiness he had when he answered made Xiao Lan even more nervous.

After the summoning call in the room, two or three women entered slowly.

Their plain outfit was a first but what Lin Suci saw at a glance was the turbid and desiccated aura of those women.

The stench of their whole body made Lin Suci take a step back.

The appearances of those women were below par. They were shrivelled, thin, and had nowhere near being beauties. The women even acted as if they had a charming appearance as they waved their handkerchiefs and giggled.

Lin Suci swore that at that moment, he really felt that Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi were peerless beauties.

“The two new girls are so beautiful. Who knew what kind of family raised them?”

The women gathered around, their fingers were about to touch Bai Qingkong, little cabbage turned sideways and hid behind Shu Changyi, pretending to be embarrassed.

Shu Changyi also warmly said, “Big sisters, stop teasing us, we are just selling laughs in the house and are from a very lowly background.”

Hearing those words, the expressions of the women changed slightly. Following their gazes, their eyes fell on Lin Suci again.

Lin Suci and Xiao Lan, two young man, one was well-behaved and the other was handsome, but standing in that yard, they seemed out of place.

“Then these two are…”

Lin Suci rushed forward and replied, “I am Butterfly’s brother, he is Bee’s brother. We followed to enjoy the fun.”

Those words made Chen Jia glance at him.

He obviously bought him with three thousand spirit stones, yet he said that he was the one who was tagging along them. Chen Jia did not say much at all. He just asked with a smile, “It’s a bit strange to say but you all are also practicing Qi. Why did you enter the Fragrance House?”

Lin Suci was unsure what Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi used because they surpressed their cultivation base to the second level of Qi training, the most basic level like those who were just getting started.

And the talisman that Lin Suci carried on his body also suppressed his cultivation base to the third stage of Qi training, not to mention Xiao Lan, who did not have to use anything. He naturally could adjust his state.

The four who were still in Qi training, were indeed like ants in the eyes of a fusion cultivator.

No wonder he brought people back so simply, knowing that those little ants could not create “waves”.

“Because of poverty.”

Lin Suci spoke decisively, “There are only four of us in the family. My big brother and I can’t make money, and my sisters don’t have any personal skills. There is no other way besides using this method to save ourselves.”

He was really poor, the sadness between his brows was real, and the boredom in his speech could be heard by anyone who listened.

That sentence also made Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi looked at each other, and their gaze fell on Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan glared back.

What are you looking at, young junior felt poor about himself, it has nothing to do with me!

Those words convinced Chen Jia. The poor could not afford to eat. No matter how beautiful they were, they were still at the mercy of others. It was normal when he fell into his hands.

“Since you are here, you’ll be I, Chen Jia’s people. From now on, I will cover all your food and drinks. You only need to do one thing…” Chen Jia lifted up Shu Changyi’s chin, exposing his kinky, evil smile, “Sleep with me.”

Bai Qingkong was still a little cabbage in the end, and he almost exposed himself. Thanks to Shu Changyi’s willingness, he threw a charming wink and said, “You can rest assured, I will serve you well.”

Lin Suci quietly gave Shu Changyi a thumbs up.

In any case, Shu Changyi was really a hero.

The future wind rage swordsman was really unfathomable.

Did he really have to ignore his dignity just to save someone else?

Lin Suci thought for a while, and felt that that situation was actually too difficult for him.

After all, he was such a shy person who valued face.

The women had already surrounded them, trying to drag Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi to change their clothes. The two pure iron-blooded men clung to their collars and could not follow them.

“Master, I can’t tolerate big sisters to take off my clothes for me.” Shu Changyi tugged at the collar and stomped his feet coquettishly while facing Chen Jia.

“Yes, yes, alright, I’ll take it off, I’ll take it off!” The man rolled up his sleeve, not as if he was about to take it off, but as if he was about to tear it off.

Shu Changyi stepped back half a step, “We’re in public…so it’s not suitable.”

“Hahahaha, all right, let’s go in!”

Chen Jia hugged Shu Changyi’s waist and walked into the inner wing. As he walked, he ordered, “Find a place for Butterfly and their two brothers to stay. Take care of them and wash them well. I’ll come here at night.”

The women responded with multiple tones. Looking at Lin Suci and Xiao Lan, they accompanied them to the back wing with a smile.

“It’s a big place here, can we choose any room we want?” Bai Qingkong kept his mission in mind. During the time he exchanged for Shu Changyi’s virginity, he tried every means to inquire some information.

The women looked at each other, but they did not have much guard on based on their conversation.

“Almost, you see, except for the one row here,” the woman swiped her hand, and a row of dark rooms with no lights came into view. “There are people in these, you can choose any other rooms.”

Bai Qingkong’s heart tingled.


Lin Suci tugged at his sleeve and said with a smile, “You are new here. Do you want to say hello to your seniors?”

After a pause, Lin Suci raised his hands, “We are men, so we won’t go.”

That request was reasonable and logical. If a newcomer entered a home, how could one not meet the seniors?

However, those women smiled stiffly, “Our family doesn’t have this rule, it’s not appropriate, so forget it.”

“How inappropriate could this be? If we have a good relationship with senior sisters, we will have a good life in the future.” Bai Qingkong looked puzzled.

“Oh, it really doesn’t matter, who knows that when they will be…” A woman spoke too much, and her mouth was covered by the person next to her halfway through.

That woman smiled, “They are all old people, they will be gone someday, there is no need to meet them.”

“Oh,” Lin Suci nodded, “Forget it, Butterfly, you can go pick a room.”

Noticing that Lin Suci and his sister did not continue to question, the women heaved a sigh of relief. After confirming their picked rooms and bringing them clothes, the women wanted to take away all their old clothes.

Bai Qingkong hid behind the curtain and changed his clothes. Xiao Lan did not care so he just took it off. When they all cooperated, it was Lin Suci’s turn.

Lin Suci received the clothes presented by the woman, he suddenly turned his head, “No!”

“Young man, do you think the clothes are not good?” the woman asked cautiously.

Lin Suci slapped the table furiously, “I mean it! This thing won’t work!”

“Up till now, I must say it. Butterfly, big brother can’t accompany you today!”

Lin Suci got up and was going to leave.

That skit made everyone dumbfounded.

“Xing…Big brother!” Bai Qingkong was frightened, and rushed forward and shouted in shock, “What’s the matter with you! You were fine just now?! What are you going to do?!”

Lin Suci resolutely brushed Bai Qingkong off, “You want to raise money by finding a lover, volunteer to sell yourself, and even force your brother to raise money for you too! Butterfly, I, big brother has someone in my heart. No matter how I think of it, I just couldn’t bear it, so raise your own money. I’m leaving!”

“You can’t leave!”

The women rushed up, their expressions changed drastically, “Young man, if you have something to say, say it. It’s not easy to leave!”

Lin Suci shook off the women and rushed out, “Don’t stop me! Let me go!”

Xiao Lan immediately followed.

“Big brother!” Bai Qingkong also rushed forward.

Bai Qingkong dived into Lin Suci’s embrace. After a fight, Lin Suci shook off Bai Qingkong and ran away.

“Don’t go!”

“Stop him!”

The chaos of the “soldiers and horses” behind, made Lin Suci quietly turned his head on the rampage.

Bai Qingkong, who had received the signal, winked at him, resolutely turned around and slipped away.

Lin Suci’s escape caused the barrier bell to sway, and everyone from everywhere rushed out to catch him.

“Quick! Stop him!”

“Report to the master!”

Taking advantage of the chaos, Lin Suci jumped onto the roof, picked up a dead leaf, wrote a talisman in the air, and threw it toward the courtyard where the fire started piling up in the sky.

In the next instant, the flames were ignited.


“Hurry up and put out the fire!”

Lin Suci clapped his hands and raised his eyebrows, “Not bad, not bad. It went quite well.”

Xiao Lan, who was following him all the way, was stunned by that scene, “…What are you doing? What does this all mean?”

Lin Suci took the opportunity to turn into a kitten, and the kitten swaggered down the roof. Looking at the fiery scene of flames, his paws turned its direction. The mischievous kitten said nonsense with a serious face, “Of course, it’s to— defend virginity.”

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