Chapter 44


In the mansion of the fusion cultivator, there was a big fire. The barrier bells suddenly rang, the old women in the mansion ran back and forth and yelled in horror. There was no cultivator in that place, except Chen Jia.

Lin Suci ran while committing arson. Not long after, there was a raging fire along the way. From the inner courtyard to the outer courtyard, the fiery fire could completely engulf the mansion.

Xiao Lan ran after him with his giant sword in hand, howling, “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Creating a chance for those two guys!” Lin Suci’s cat body was agile as he flickered from left to right, staggering and twisting all the way.

Anyhow, if he involved himself in that situation, he should help save the people too.

Especially, what Lin Suci saw after entering the mansion, made him somewhat uncomfortable.

The group of female cultivators who had been drained of spiritual power ended up being white-headed old women in one night, yet they still did not dare to leave. Hiding their hatred for Chen Jia, they could only stay in Chen’s house and live their humble life there.

Due to their own experiences, whenever there were newcomers, they would be in pleasure to seek revenge to those follow in their footsteps instead.

People like them could no longer be considered human beings at all.

Their humanity was long crushed in Chen Jia’s hands.

Nonetheless, those rooms where the lights were not on still lived some people. They were not surrendering to Chen Jia’s appearance, that must have meant that those people were captured nearby, and they had hopes of being rescued.

At first, Lin Suci felt that it was enough to flex himself, but now…

Sure enough, he just could not ignore them.

No matter how fast his cat paws ran, he could not get out of the imprisoned Chen mansion. After the chaos, he heard a loud roar, echoing over the mansion.

“We have been found out…” Xiao Lan stopped and turned around. Behind him, the butcher-like burly man rushed through the moon-arched door in rage with dishevelled clothes.

Lin Suci had already done what he wanted to do. He retransformed, clapped his hands, faced Chen Jia who was about to rush over without fear, and asked Xiao Lan in a low voice, “How can our Qi-training ranks beat him?”

Xiao Lan: “…If Qi-training was annoying, then we could just lie down and die.”

“Well, then let’s practice the foundation a little bit.” Lin Suci got an answer, muttered to himself, took out the mustard seeds hidden in his sleeves and put them on. After choosing two Qi-training talismans, Lin Suci faced Chen Jia, who was a few distances away, and yelled, “Piss off you rich man! You want to use a little money to buy my life, are you kidding me?! I won’t accompany your play anymore!”

The raging Chen Jia saw that the person he had spent three thousand spiritual stones for was glaring at him. It was obvious that he was just a someone who just started Qi-training, so he should be full of hostility and vigilance towards him.

When he got the news, Chen Jia’s brain sounded an alarm bell, fearing that the person who was introduced to his door was not right, so he hurried over. Hearing that, he thought that something was wrong.

“Who told him anything?!” Chen Jia glared at the old women and the shrivelled women who had arrived, stumbling over one’s self.

Lin Suci did not wait for those people to speak, and just answered for them bluntly, “You asked them what they told, but they did not share anything! You thought I didn’t know that you wanted to initiate dual cultivation and hurt people’s lives!”

After speaking, regrets flashed in Lin Suci’s eyes. Covering his mouth, he looked at the women apologetically.

That behaviour still made Chen Jia noticed it, clearly.

“No, Master, don’t listen to his nonsense! He argued with Miss Butterfly!”

“Master, please bear with us, we really didn’t tell him anything!”

Several women knelt on the ground before they could see the whole situation clearly, so they quickly pleaded for themselves.

Lin Suci was awe-inspiring, “They didn’t say anything!”

The more so, the more suspicious Chen Jia was about those women, he was in doubt. His eyes flashed with distrust.

The women had been serving him for a long time, so how could they not know Chen Jia’s temperament. They immediately kowtowed their heads and shouted, “We never said anything!”

Lin Suci did not ignite any more flames, and quietly retreated half a step, looking like he wanted to run.

When Chen Jia noticed that Lin Suci wanted to escape, he ignored the women and said with a calm face, “If you want to run away, don’t you care about your sisters?”

Lin Suci plausibly said, “What does their lives have to do with me! Anyway, I brought you two people, you can just let me go, and they will be at your disposal!”

If it was the Chen Jia from a few years ago, he would still have some doubts. However, he was dispelled by Lin Suci’s actions.

“It’s a pity, if they ran away, I’ll let them. But you, I won’t let you run.”

Between Chen Jia’s hand, a condensed spiritual energy hit Lin Suci!

“A natural born spirit body, the best of all slaves. If I missed getting you, I would regret it for life!”

Lin Suci was busy using the strength from his Qi-training rank to dodge the man. His face was distorted when he heard Chen Jia’s words.

Slave, a slave again!!

Why was he treated as a slave again?!

Lin Suci, who had been angry with Cui Hong a long time ago, wanted to explode when he heard that remark.

Cui Hong was a woman anyway, Chen Jia in front of him was not only a man, but also a rough man who looked like a butcher. When he thought of that, dullness flashed in Lin Suci’s eyes.

Chen Jia would not really hurt that natural spirit body of his. He did not make rough moves on him. Although Lin Suci was in a mess, he could still easily dodge them. He rolled to the side and stood up with a talisman faintly shining in his hand.

Xiao Lan stood with his sword and shielded him. He gritted his teeth, “Tell me the details, what on earth do you want to do?”

Lin Suci: “…make him regret living.”

Xiao Lan thought for a while, “Use your strength of Qi training?”

“Can you do it?” Lin Suci asked.

Xiao Lan was honest, “Practicing Qi was only enough for him to move his tendons and bones.”

“Then…” Lin Suci said, “let’s do the foundation.”

The cover on Xiao Lan’s body quietly slipped away, and the aura from his foundation enveloped him, instantly attracting Chen Jia’s gaze.

Chen Jia was stunned, and Xiao Lan took the opportunity to swing his sword up. The domineering sword aura turned into substance and gushed over at the man!

Chen Jia sneered and flew up, directly facing Xiao Lan.

Lin Suci took advantage of that chance and ran away, “Hold on to it! I’m leaving now!”

Xiao Lan panicked, “Why are you leaving me?! Don’t run away!!!”

With words of effort, Xiao Lan’s sword in his hand swinged slantly.

Lin Suci’s figure that was running fast at the front, almost turned into an afterimage. How could Chen Jia willingly let him slip away. Ignoring Xiao Lan in front of him, he quickly flew to chase him!

Lin Suci dodged in a hurry, still shouting, “Don’t chase me! Or else I’ll pay you back! Double!”

“The only spirit body that I came across in the world, you though you can brush it off with just the money!” Chen Jia laughed arrogantly, looking at Lin Suci’s disturbed figure, like a cat playing with a mouse, he did not give a heavy blow. Instead, he used basic spells to tease Lin Suci back and forth, forcing him to dodge everywhere he can.

“Why don’t you just obey me well? If I can increase my growth in cultivation, I will try to make you improve too. Wouldn’t it be great if you and I cultivate together in the future?”

Lin Suci’s dodge made himself covered in grey, and the tip of his nose was rubbed grey as he panted while bending over to support his knees, watching Chen Jia pacing step by step with vigilance to him.

“Don’t even think about it!”

Lin Suci scolded angrily, “Based on your dignity and appearance, how dare you imagine of taking advantage on me.  You are a toad, and all you can do is cry!”

“You!” Chen Jia changed his expression.

“Boy, because you are a natural spirit body, I will tolerate you once. If you dare to act wild again, I will break your leg and imprison you!”

Lin Suci raised his sleeves and sneered, “Oh, what a big tone! Then let me see if you have the ability to do it.”

Chen Jia was irritated by Lin Suci several times, and no longer wanted to go easy on him. Raising his hands, he hit hard with a heavy blow!

Lin Suci did not avoid him, and raised his arm.

In the next instant, golden light appeared.

Not far away, Chen Jia was hit by the golden light and fell dozens of feet away. He crawled on the ground and spitted out a mouthful of blood.

Lin Suci looked down at his golden wrist and muttered to himself, “Boshen is really amazing, it’s much easier to summon than what I imagined…”

After saying that, Lin Suci gently shook the talisman, which had been held in his palm.

The bells of the entire mansion rang suddenly.

The fire spread. Circles of golden light slowly emerged on the ground where Chen Jia was lying on.

“No, this is the formation of magic circles!” Chen Jia clutched his chest, astonished as he watched the intertwined golden light enveloping him.

Lin Suci smiled and said, “This is the first time I formed a magic circle, so be grateful for me.”

“This kid has such a big tone! You’re just someone who practice Qi, even if you have some magic weapons for body protection, don’t be too arrogant!” Chen Jia was not too panic, “When you fall into my hands, there will be your own good fruit!”

Lin Suci took out a small cymbal from the mustard seeds and played it.

“Then we’ll talk about it again if you have the ability to catch me.”

When the little cymbal moved, Chen Jia, who was in the magic circle, seemed to be covered by a loud voice, and blood came out of his ears due to pain.

“No! You are not one who practices Qi!”

No matter how bad a fusion cultivator was, he would not fall even in the hands of another Qi-training cultivator. At first, he did not care at all, but the power contained in that magic circle far exceeded his prediction.

It was not even easy to know if he was building a foundation.

Chen Jia finally changed his expressions.

When Xiao Lan came over with the giant sword, Lin Suci stuffed the little cymbal to him and exhorted, “There’s sound coming, bang it hard!”

“How about you?” Xiao Lan asked.

Lin Suci tore off his clothes without raising his head, “Making the *keywords for shielding*.”

Not long after, in a pitch-black sky, a golden light came. It was so far, yet so near. Like a meteor, it rushed over instantly.

Stepping on the moonlit galaxy, the giant sword slowly landed on the ocean of fire.

The man in black standing on the sword had his gaze falling straight on Lin Suci.

Lin Suci rubbed his nose and cried out. His clothes were half-faded and his hair were loosened. He stretched his hand and stumbled over to the man.

“Boshen, Boshen! Someone bullied me!”

Lin Suci, with a red nose and dusty face, threw himself into a familiar embrace as he wished.

Yan Boshen allowed Lin Suci to hold him. His eyes swept across that chaotic scene, with a slight rise at the corner of his mouth.

“How did you get bullied?”

The tenderness in his tone was full of the illusions of peace.

It was a pity that Lin Suci, who was just thinking about filing a complaint, did not hear the kindness from it. He spoke as if he was extremely wronged, “That guy wants me to be a slave! He took off my clothes! Act frivolity to me!”

“You knew what frivolity was?” Where Yan Boshen’s gaze stayed, Xiao Lan tremblingly turned his back to him without saying a word.

Lin Suci plausibly said, “He took off my clothes! So, it’s frivolity!”

Yan Boshen smiled, “…you still know.”

Lin Suci suddenly felt something was wrong, “…Huh?”

Yan Boshen took a deep breath, and put his arms around the kitten with torn clothes in his arms. He touched his cheek where his back tooth sockets were, “…I think it’s necessary for me to teach you well about frivolity.”

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