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Chapter 45


The keenness of beasts played an absolute role at that moment. Lin Suci clamped his tail up and stuck his ears on, vaguely aware of something he did not dare to think deeply of. The kitten which was conscious of the current situation quickly gathered up the torn clothes on his body, and patted the dirty traces of dust casually. He quickly kept his pretend of grief to himself, and showed a decent, dignified smile.

“Senior, I’m sorry that I took the liberty to act this late at night. Looks like I have to burden you again.”

Being polite and obedient, even with some respectful words were completely not Lin Suci’s usual habit.

His attitude made Yan Boshen feel helpless.

The swiftness of shrinking himself to Boshen’s neck every time made Bosshen unable to catch him at all. He was slippery, but the kitten would still end up in his hands. His reactions were usually slow, but when he met that kind of matter, he was obviously ignorant, yet very keen.

Yan Boshen twisted the little cat’s cheek, leaving no mercy.

“Big Senior!” Xiao Lan did not dare to clash the cymbals anymore. His eyes glowed, “Why are you here?! Anyway, Junior got into trouble again!”

Yan Boshen looked over, a butcher-like, brawny man was trapped in the middle by a piece of gold-wired mesh. He was in a realm of fusion and was caught by a formation of foundation and cultivation. There was also the sound of cymbal made by Ruan Linggu. It pierced the ears, forcing Chen Jia to bleed and scream on the ground.

Lin Suci quietly stood in front of Yan Boshen with an evil look of revenge, “Boshen, Boshen, you don’t know how bad this man is! He robbed the cultivators into the mansion, sucked up their spiritual energy and hurt a lot of people!”

A gust of wind blew between Yan Boshen’s fingers and he punched Chen Jia. The tumbling strong man suddenly lost all strength as he lied on the ground, soft as a puddle of mud. His motionless body lied flat, as if he was dead.

“Stop this nonsense.” Yan Boshen flicked Lin Suci’s forehead, but it was neither light nor heavy.

Lin Suci stuck out his tongue and quietly took out a cloak from the mustard seeds to cover himself. He followed Yan Boshen, chatting endlessly about his accidental encounter with Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi, and how he learned about that private matter.

“…I’m a kind-hearted person, so I really can’t ignore these bad guys. They both begged me for help, of course I will try my best to help if I can.”

Lin Suci stepped forward and squatted in front of the brawny man. He flipped through the man, and saw that Chen Jia had passed out in a coma, lost all consciousness. Brushing his hands with claps, he stood up, sighing with emotion, “This kind of villain committed so many sins because of his high cultivation base, others can’t help but fall into his hands. He’s really more than guilty.”

“What happens to him, has nothing to do with you.” Yan Boshen raised his hand, and the flames in the sky before quietly faded, leaving only a place of burnt coal.

The old women of the Chen family who were rushing towards them saw their imprisoned and fainted master on the ground. They were so frightened that they knelt on the ground and shivered, not daring to say a word.

After waiting for half an hour, Lin Suci deliberately made a fuss, which gave Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi a chance to rescue all the women who were imprisoned in the dark rooms.

When they gathered, Lin Suci followed behind Yan Boshen, Xiao Lan held a sword in one hand and the unconscious Chen Jia in the other. A group of crying women also followed their tail.

In the middle courtyard, the place that Chen Jia used to favour Shu Changyi had now turned into ruins. The door flew to one side, and broken ceramics covered the ground. A few women knelt on the ground. Meanwhile, Shu Changyi, who had restored his body of a man, stood on a stool. One of his hands were placed at his waist, his clothes were half-destroyed, showing firm pectoral muscles. Him, who had disorderly-worn makeup, cracked his fingers, making a crisp hum.

Perhaps Shu Changyi was too amazing, Lin Suci took out the retrospective mirror and recorded it for him. Soon after that, he did not want to look at him anymore, so he quietly covered his eyes with Yan Boshen’s sleeves.

To prevent getting blind.

“Xingchen!” Bai Qingkong squatted on the ground and was talking to the women. When he saw Lin Suci who had arrived, his eyes lit up and he beckoned to him vigorously.

Lin Suci ran to him.

“How is it? Are they all rescued?”

“His cousin is not here…” Bai Qingkong looked down, a little depressed.

Shu Changyi tidied up his appearance, arched his hand to Yan Boshen, but did not speak to him. Instead, he turned to Lin Suci, and said sincerely, “Thank you, Brother Ye for helping me. It’s a pity that my cousin is not here among these people. I don’t know if Chen Jia is still alive, is it alright to ask him?”

Lin Suci just took care of that nasty and misbehaved thing. Now, he watched Yan Boshen obediently, and when he saw his owner nodded, he waved to Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan threw the man in front of them, “He’s not dead, just ask.”

The brawny man on the ground was not really dead, but he did not seem alright either. Still motionless, Shu Changyi yelled for a long time, but he did not wake up.

“This won’t work…” Shu Changyi thought for a while, and asked politely, “May I ask if Brother Ye and these two brothers are afraid of blood?”

Lin Suci thought he had a wound on his body, and shook his head, “No, what are you planning?”

Lord Shu Changyi, the graceful swordsman master, got out a short sword from beneath his cloth. After pulling out the sheath, he stabbed Chen Jia firmly in the chest.

While the blood was splashing in fountains, one hand covered Lin Suci’s eyes.

It was fortunate that Yan Boshen’s hand came in time, Lin Suci only saw the sword went in, but did not see blood coming out. Because of that, Lin Suci still could not help taking a half step back in silence and approached deep in Yan Boshen’s arms.

When he wanted to stab the man with the sword, he just did it without further hesitation or doubts. The ups and downs of the weapon in hand had no pauses and that was truly the killing style of the wind rage swordsman.

Lin Suci grasped Yan Boshen’s hand tightly to cover his eyes, not wanting to look at the gruesome scene at all.

He was still a little cub, so such a bloody and violent scene was not suitable for him.

The others were still calm, even the weak little cabbage, Bai Qingkong could stabilize himself, but Lin Suci looked different among them as he hid in Yan Boshen’s arms.

After Bai Qingkong saw it clearly, he paused and tugged Shu Changyi. He whispered, “Xingchen is only one year old, so I’m afraid… he might be scared.”

Shu Changyi drew out the sword, a puff of blood surged along the edge of the sword, splashing his face. He did not care to wipe the blood on his face, and was slightly apologetic, “I’m sorry, I forgot about it. I always can’t recall Brother Ye’s age. I am to blame for not taking good care of you.”

Lin Suci tremblingly stretched out a hand and shook it calmly, “You are too kind. It’s normal for you to understand the thoughts of youths like me.”

Shu Changyi: “…”

Bai Qingkong: “…”

Yan Boshen was as calm as ever. Raising his other hand, he covered the annoying mouth of the person in his arms.

“Sorry for the laughing stock.”

His owner came forward, and now Lin Suci was quiet.

Chen Jia, who was stabbed, quickly regained consciousness, but perhaps he felt that he should continue fainting.

Shu Changyi, who was dressed in women’s clothing, looked gentle, but he was very violent. Lin Suci covered his eyes and could not see, so he could only hear Chen Jia’s wailing.

Soon, Shu Changyi forced Chen Jia to confess the location of the girl who was still hidden while torturing him.

“Pure Yin physique… these kind of treasure… is in the cellar…” Chen Jia was beaten so much, that he started doubting his life. Facing a disciple who was not able to build a foundation yet, he could not afford to resist at all, and honestly explained.

Shu Changyi and Bai Qingkong did not bother to care about anything else, and quickly went to find other girls who had not been rescued.

When Chen Jia had not much blood on him, Yan Boshen released his hand that was covering Lin Suci’s eyes.

Lin Suci was covering his ears obediently, and for a while, he was drowsy.

When he was let go, he blinked twice and looked at Boshen. Chen Jia on the ground was unbearable and miserable. Several other women knelt on the ground and banged their heads at Yan Boshen.

“Thank you for saving my life, Senior! I almost lost my life when I was taken captive. If Senior hadn’t arrived in time, I would be buried here, and I would never be able to go home again.”

One of the women was crying with tears streaming down, almost choking and convulsing to unconsciousness.

Yan Boshen, who was getting gratitude, did not flinch his brows, and only asked Lin Suci, “I have saved people, can we go home now?”

Lin Suci: “Wait a minute, his little cousin hasn’t come out yet!”

“Little Junior,” Xiao Lan squatted on the ground, inspected those bleak women, and asked, “What are they going to do?”

Lin Suci was not hesitating, “They have people who wanted to save them, so naturally they would arrange a way out. We are just here to move our muscles and bones.”

“No, no, no! Saviour! Senior!” The best-looking woman knelt two steps in front of them, trying to grab the hem of Yan Boshen, begging, “I’m a maiden sold here from home and I have no way out. If these seniors don’t dislike me, I’m willing to serve you!”

Lin Suci was full of curiosity upon hearing that, “So, do you think you are a priceless treasure?”

The woman was a little dazed, and still replied, “Little maiden is also has pure Yin physique, but I can’t escape with resisting, so I’m not kept underneath. If saviour uses little maiden, it will be beneficial for cultivation.”

“Pure Yin physique…” Lin Suci murmured and turned around to ask Xiao Lan, “Is this physique special?”

Xiao Lan did not look up, “Not as special as you are.”

“Oh,” Lin Suci nodded when he heard the words, and continued to say to the woman, “Is your brain not very good?”

The woman was stunned, “…Huh?”

Lin Suci explained, “What king of talent do you think my senior has? His appearance, character, cultivation base and strength are all top-notch in this world of cultivation. How can you be so faceless to use yourself to repay your life-saving grace? Are you satirizing my senior?”

Yan Boshen, who originally wanted to refuse the woman, felt that being a step late was much more interesting. He casually looked at the kitten squatting on the ground while quietly folding his arms folded. The cat’s ears that were swaying side-by-side made his heart went soft.

The woman stiffened, “This is just little maiden’s gratitude.”

“I’m sorry but you have to keep yourself to yourself.” Lin Suci was not welcoming her at all, “My senior wants to find the slaves, what kind of thing can’t be found in the world that needs your help? Seriously, I feel that you’re just craving for my senior’s beauty, so you deliberately came to stick on others, right?”

The woman’s face switched between red and white. She was speechless, and she covered her face, wailing again.

Lin Suci did not have any pity, but clicked his tongue, “You have calculated too well for your plan. What kind of gratitude is this? You are clearly trying to claim ties of kinship with someone of higher position.”

The woman was criticized that she placed her head directly to the ground, refusing to show her face.

Lin Suci stood up and spoke to Yan Boshen with sincerity and earnestly, “Senior, you have to pay attention to these little foxes outside. You look like this, so the mad bees and butterflies will come to you. You have to learn to distinguish right from wrong.”

Yan Boshen slowly raised his hand and tapped the boy’s forehead, with a smile in his tone, “Alright, I’ll remember.”

As soon as he finished, Shu Changyi and Bai Qingkong came out carrying two women on their backs.

“Did you save them?!”

Lin Suci ran forward, and the two women who were rescued had been tortured so much, they were incomparable with normal human forms. However, they were like remnant flowers after the wind and rain, trembling and clinging to the last beauty.

Compared with those outside, those two pale and thin girls were absolutely stunning.

Shu Changyi eagerly took out the medicinal pill he had prepared long ago, and fed the two young girls.

Not long after, the two dying girls finally had slight recovery.

One of the girls with a pointed chin and slender eyes, abruptly propped up her body and bowed firmly to the end.

“I will never forget everyone’s kindness for saving my life. If I did not show my proper gratitude to fellow saviours, Na Erdie will not hesitate to die!”

Shu Changyi and Bai Qingkong hurriedly support the girl.

Lin Suci opened his mouth slightly, his expression froze.

The sweaty and messy girl in front of him had dull eyes.

She just mentioned, Na Erdie?

That…person who blocked killing, the Buddha who blocked God-killing, the cold-blooded magic cultivation boss who personally slaughtered a major magic cultivator in the main city?

The magic cultivation boss in front of him was even more miserable than little cabbage.

Lin Suci did not know what expression to face her with. After being sluggish for a moment, he lowered his head and flipped over his belt.

“This is for you, this too…this is also for you.”

Lin Suci gave Na Erdie a bunch of life-saving medicine and talismans. He said sincerely, “This sister looks so kind, maybe we are destined in the past life which makes us able to meet each other in this life. If you don’t dislike it…”

…why don’t we become brothers and sisters?

Lin Suci had not finished speaking when the collar of his back felt tight. He could not spit out anything in his throat.

“Since we saved people, we will leave first.”

The long sword was thrown and Yan Boshen brought the kitten up onto the flying sword expressionlessly. He turned away without any pauses to look back.

Lin Suci snatched his collar back from Yan Boshen’s hand, and coughed a few times, “What are you doing, Boshen? I haven’t finished talking to her, it’s impolite.”

Yan Boshen looked at him coldly. In the middle of the night, it might be due to the strong wind, but Lin Suci could see a trace of gloom in his eyes.

He pinched his tail sensibly.

The wind blew on the flying sword for a while, and Yan Boshen calmed down a bit, so he calmly changed the subject, “Why don’t you allow the female cultivator to follow me?”

Lin Suci was surprised, “You actually want her? Boshen, you’re out of your mind, right? That person’s mind is impure, and staying with you will surely be a curse.”

“Then what should I do if I want a slave?” Yan Boshen said in a flat tone, unable to hear anything.

Lin Suci scratched his ears and rubbed his cheeks, “This kind of slave cultivation is not so good…” He was slightly euphemistic, “but senior, if you want her, there should be numerous people coming to your doorstep everywhere.”

“Then if…” Yan Boshen paused again, and continued as if nothing happened, “if there is no one else, and it must only, be you?”

Lin Suci was silent for a long time.

Yan Boshen was deeply disturbed by that.

After a while, Lin Suci hesitantly answered, “That’s not good, I’m still young.”

“How about when you grow up?”

Yan Boshen kept asking.

Lin Suci thought for some time. His owner treated him so well. He had a natural spirit body, and many people were vying to obtain him as a high-quality slave material. If he went easy on others, why couldn’t he just go easy on his family’s owner instead.

Lin Suci immediately nodded and said freely, “Fine, when I stand up, I’ll be a slave for you.”

The tip of Yan Boshen’s mouth evoked stiffly, “Huh?”

Why do I feel something wrong?

Lin Suci grinned and said, “I don’t quite understand this. Later on, I’ll have to trouble Boshen to sit up here and move by yourself.”

Yan Bshen: “…”

The suffocating silence was surging.

Before long, Lin Suci was overturned with one hand, and fell directly sideways into Yan Boshen’s arms.


Lin Suci was still wondering.

Yan Boshen raised his hand and slapped it firmly onto Lin Suci’s rear end with a crisp and loud sound.

Yan Boshen suddenly realized the truth overnight.

This fellow kitten who deserved to be beaten cannot be spoiled.

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