Chapter 46


After returning to the Cardinal Sect, Lin Suci realized why Yan Boshen left for so long.

He actually went to Mao Lin (cogon grass forest) Mountain far away to find him the materials needed for forging the sword.

That night, when he received the news that Lin Suci’s spirit ring had risen, he shrank into an inch, broke the barrier, and arrived in just half an hour.

On his latest expedition, he had some gains. The fine iron used to make blades were basically enough, and there was also a piece of fused sprit stone.

It was just that he still lacked the things he needed.

After teaching the spoiled kitten he had raised a lesson, Yan Boshen immediately threw Lin Suci into the cold lake once they returned home. Later, he went to discuss something with Qing Fou.

Lin Suci stayed steadily at the ninth level of the foundation building. He could not move even if he wanted to.

Many people cultivated and wanted to break through realms. They would not even think about it for another eight or ten years, yet he rushed up overnight. It was just less than half a year, but he could not wait to rush to the fusion state, which was rather unrealistic. Lin Suci himself knew that in the current direction he was heading, he had to continue stabilizing himself in many terms.

Before that, when Yan Boshen was absent, he stayed steady for a month or two. When the person he waited for came back, he became more calm, cultivated steadily, and became completely honest with himself.

The cold lake was almost turning into Lin Suci’s second nest. He spent soaking in the cold lake and inhaled spiritual energy every day. After a long time without going back to the cave, he almost forgotten what it was like to sleep in his bed.

After he cultivated for two weeks and stabilized his body again, the kitten ran back with his swinging tail. The cave was deserted, and the icy bed that he had missed for a long time was empty.

Without a word, Lin Suci took off his clothes and rushed forward to his bed, twisting and turning in it twice. The spirit energy in his body was full, which made him feel light and at the steady physique stage. When he encountered his ice bed, it seemed to have received some external stimulation, which caused Lin Suci’s spiritual energy to leak out as if he had inhaled the energy of other spirits remaining on the ice bed.

While his owner was away, Lin Suci lied on the bed and took a comfortable nap.

When Yan Boshen returned, he saw an additional kitten on the originally vacant ice bed.

Lin Suci’s shirt was dirty due to the cold lake. He took it off once he came back, yet he did not dress neatly before going to bed. He only changed into a white-cottoned linen shirt as he lied flat towards the ice bed, sleeping soundly. He made a big “X” as he attached one side of his cheek to the bed and snored.

Yan Boshen came in for a long time, but his little cub did not react at all, seemingly to dream happily.

After a while, Yan Boshen’s gaze fell from the drooping slender tail… to the buttocks.

He looked down, multiple thoughts ran through his mind.

Previously, as soon as he came back, he instantly threw the little cub over to cultivate. Today, it was the first time he saw him after that night. It did not matter even if he could not meet Lin Suci. When he glanced at Lin Suci and then at his hips, Yan Boshen could not help but recall the feeling when he slapped his rear end.

Now, looking at his buttocks, he thought that it did not seem very good if his name and actions spread.

Yan Boshen raised his palm and looked at it for a long time. His eyes were serious. After hesitating for a long time, he finally put down his hand, took out his outer clothing, softly got onto the ice bed, and turned the “X-shaped” Lin Suci over. He lied down at the remaining area beside him and held him back in his arms.

Lin Suci slept very soundly. Yan Boshen’s presence and scent made him feel too safe, and his actions did not make him awake and vigilant as well. In addition to having Yan Boshen sleeping with him side-by-side, he had to be turned around because of his sleeping position almost every night, so he was long accustomed to the posture changes in his dreams. Being moved by Yan Boshen, Lin Suci only gnawed his teeth as he rubbed his head against Yan Boshen’s neck. His arms and legs would consciously wrap around Yan Boshen’s waist and legs, which made his whole person seem like a pendant on Yan Boshen’s body, holding him firmly.

There was a familiar and safe atmosphere around him, so Lin Suci slept very sweetly. When he woke up, he even found it hard to tell what year it was.

It took a while for Lin Suci to open his eyes. Blinking his eyes several times, Lin Suci’s drousy brain took some time and effort to refresh itself. When Lin Suci felt breaths of air hitting his earlobe, so he sluggishly looked sideways.

On his side, Yan Boshen, who had been away for so long, was hugging him. His eyes were closed, and his long eyelashes hung on his lower eyelids. They were thick and slightly curled, fanning themselves rhythmically to his breathing.

He was still asleep.

Lin Suci later realized that he and Yan Boshen have not slept together for a month or two. No wonder… he always felt that something was wrong.

Lin Suci moved, but not entirely. His arms and waist were held firmly in Yan Boshen’s arms. He had great strength and his arms were as unmovable as fine iron. It was absolutely impossible for Lin Suci to escape his hug.

“Bo…” Lin Suci had not finished calling Yan Boshen’s full name, but his eyes fell on the eye sockets of Yan Boshen. The words behind quietly drowned back into his stomach.

Lin Suci shrank in Yan Boshen’s arms and did not move.

His owner, seemed very tired.

It was also quite normal. After all, Yan Boshen went out for a month or two before, because of Lin Suci’s affairs. He even had to hurry back that day because of his sudden actions. During the recent days, he also had to discuss magical artefacts with master and seniors. He spent the whole day worrying and busying, he would surely be exhausted.

Lin Suci, who was so touched, quietly wanted to pat Yan Boshen’s back, but he did not dare to wake him, so he just patted the air.

Lin Suci fixedly his gaze on Yan Boshen. When his owner fell asleep, his serious composure and aura reduced, only the stunning face was the most prominent right now.

His senior, his owner, the person that treated him the best…

Lin Suci stared blankly at Yan Boshen’s ears and day-dreamed for a while. A few moments later, he thought it might be better to go back to sleep.

Lin Suci mobilized the spiritual energy in his diaphragm and loosened the acupoints on his body. While holding his breath, he fell into the dreams of unity.

Sleeping while cultivating, time passed swiftly. When Lin Suci opened his eyes again, he heard a hoarse voice echoing in his ears.


Lin Suci turned his head and Yan Boshen, who was sleeping beside him, was already awake. Although the peach blossom eyes did not contain a trace of sleepiness, the shimmering light inside was unexpectedly affectionate because he was close to him.

In the next instant, Lin Suci only blinked once and all that, disappeared.

The arm that had been confined to him was loosened, Yan Boshen sat up, his single-layer white coat was slightly wrinkled. Lin Suci saw at a glance to see something suspicious on the side of his collar… water stains?

Lin Suci unconsciously touched the corner of his mouth.

It’s dry.

Yan Boshen, who just stood up, wore a silver-gray shirt. Noticing Lin Suci’s movement, he smiled, “Stop touching it, I’ve already wipe it for you.”

Lin Suci sat there cross-legged, but he acted very natural, “It’s normal for me to have a little drool.”

“Yeah.” Yan Boshen seemed to have two servings of smiles.

Lin Suci followed suit and got up.

One of them was wearing silver-grey clothes, while the other was wrapped in smoky purple clothes. The tone of the colours were the opposite, but standing side by side made it seem very harmonious.

In the sect, there were only a few of them present. Huilian was not there, so everyone could not gather around to eat together. A few people were sitting in the main room, looking at Qing Fou in unison.

Qing Fou said that there was something to discuss, and called all apprentices, but he was silent with his hands behind his back. If he had no beard, he would still want to put on a distressed look of caressing his beard.

“Master, just say whatever makes you unhappy…” Lin Suci stared at everyone’s warning eyes in the sect, and spoke calmly, “Let your apprentices share your worries with you.”

Qing Fou glared at him with no anger, and paused, but it was nothing after all, “It’s not a big deal. As a master, I recently remembered that you should go out to cultivate now, Xiao Ci (Little Suci).”

“Go out to cultivate?” Lin Suci bit a dried fish, and asked in curiosity, “Where?”

“Go to the place with a lot of demon cultivators. It’s best to have large demon cultivators, they could teach you some useful experience and survival rules.”

Lin Suci only understood partially, “Then when should I go?”

“The sooner the better. You are now stuck at the ninth level of foundation-building. If you stay in the sect for a long time, you may not be able to have breakthroughs.”

“Alright,” Lin Suci nodded, “Then I’ll go back to prepare, and I’ll set off with Big Senior.”

Qing Fou said quickly, “Wait, I’m talking about you, not you and Boshen.”

“Big Senior isn’t going?” Lin Suci was a little dazed, and pointed at himself, “Master meant to let me go alone?”

He had grown up so much, yet he never gone out alone. Besides, that kind of experience was supposed to be encountered alone.

Lin Suci suddenly felt empty in his heart, and turned to look at Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen seemed to have known Qing Fou’s plan a long time ago. Facing Lin Suci’s help-seeking gaze, he lowered his eyes slightly, and whispered, “Do you want me to accompany you?”

“I want, I want!” Lin Suci’s eyes lit up, and he nodded frantically, “Senior, senior, I don’t know anything if I go out for the first time. If you are there, I will feel more at ease!”

“Xiao Ci…” Qing Fou disagreed. “It is an experience for you to go out and cultivate. If Boshen is there, you will rely on him for everything, and it will be of no benefit to you.”

Lin Suci clasped his cheeks: It seems…so.

Did he rely too much on Yan Boshen?

That’s right, after all, he had been taking care by his owner since he first entered the realm of cultivation. Psychologically, he was naturally the person he was closer with than anyone else.

However, what the master said was something he should reconsider. He was now in a dangerous situation, and he was not afraid at all, just because the situation was having Yan Boshen beside him. In fact, that kind of thought was not good for him.

“Then, it’s fine if Big Senior doesn’t accompany me,” Lin Suci gritted his teeth and stomped, “I’ll go by myself!”

When he kind of promised to be free and easy, Yan Boshen’s complexion darkened.

“Master,” Yan Boshen said politely, “Since it is his first time going out, as your apprentice, I think I should lead him. In the future, I’ll make sure he becomes independent.”

“Yes, Master, the junior brother is still young. He grew so big, and he had been by our side, so he has never seen the outside world.” Xiao Lan also aided.

Lin Suci thought for a while, although he could be independent, but with Yan Boshen with him, it would definitely be better.

He blinked. Holding his both hands to his heart, he made an innocent look, “Master~~~”

Qing Fou had a bitter cold expression and was decisively defeated, “Fine, Boshen will accompany you, just for a while.”

“Boshen…” Qing Fou said solemnly, “Don’t resolve any non-fatal danger for him. Let him grow up through his experience.”

“Yes, Master.” Yan Boshen nodded.

The itinerary there was certain. Lin Suci and Yan Boshen packed up a little and set off early the next morning.

Lin Suci did not know anything. Following Yan Boshen, the first place the royal sword landed was already a remote main city that Lin Suci had never been to.

After handing in the three spirit stones for entering the city, Yan Boshen arrived at their destination with Lin Suci, who was looking around curiously.

That was a plaza with a wide view on all sides and a huge announcement board among the constantly flowing people.

“Go and take a look.”

Yan Boshen gently pushed Lin Suci’s back by his waist.

Lin Suci stumbled two steps, squeezed through the crowd and managed to reach the front of the announcement board.

The words above were in twists and turns, so Lin Suci stared blankly. After scribbling over each word with his finger, it took a while before he understood it.

As soon as he understood the meaning, Lin Suci was surprised, “Senior, senior, this is a reward order!”

All above were rewards. There were reward offers for killing, for finding someone, for materials, for hunting… Almost everything.

“Look at it and choose one.” Yan Boshen said calmly.

Was that set up for him to reveal the list? Lin Suci was all excited. Rubbing his hands in front of the announcement board, he looked at each one by one. Comparing his realm strength, his eyes widened and his excitement was finally knocked away by reality.

After a while, Lin Suci squeezed out of the crowd with a stiff face.

Yan Boshen: “What did you reveal?”

The corner of Lin Suci’s eyes twitched, he slowly raised the token he had exchanged for, “…outside the city, kill rabbits.” That was the only reward order that he could receive because it matched the foundation-building rank he had.

Lin Suci, who had the ninth level, was originally ambitious and full of hopes.

Until that moment, he finally knew, that his strength was only worthy to kill rabbits.

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