Chapter 47


The place was called Fushan City (Volt Mountain City), and the city owner was a golden core monk, who was a core cultivator. In the reward order, the one with killing rabbits came from the city owner’s mansion.

The requirement was to catch twelve in total, regardless of life or death, with a reward of one thousand spiritual stones.

Lin Suci attached the reward order to his waist, grabbed a lot of talismans in his hand, and checked it, telling himself that it would be easy this time.

He thought that he was already a person who had won a big victory in the hands of a killer, and he also had the power to fight against the fusion cultivator. Killing a rabbit was no doubt as easy as raising his hand.

Exiting the main city, three or five miles away from the moat, the vast plain stretched out into the horizon. Lin Suci stared blankly for a long time, and there were no sightings of rabbit fur in the windy plains.

There was a white light on the reward order, flashing and blinking, showing that the prey to be hunted, was right there.

“Boshen, Boshen…” Lin Suci turned his head, “There is nothing here, it seemed empty.”

From the time they arrived in the main city to the moment of receiving the reward order, Yan Boshen remained silent. Following Lin Suci, all matters were left for him to settle.

At that moment, the kitten could not find a hunting target, Yan Boshen only said coldly, “This is your trial.”

As long as everything was related to the mission, Yan Boshen did not plan to help him unless he was in a life-or-death danger.

The spoiled little cat was indeed very cute, but if Yan Boshen was not there sometimes, the little cat’s mouth could offend others, which caused him to be in trouble. If one actions was not good, he might have to collect Lin Suci’s body for him.

Now that he was allowed to come out and cultivate, it was better to let him do it himself.

Even though Yan Boshen felt a little uneasy, he still chose to watch.

After all, since he was there, no matter what kind of situation Lin Suci was in, he would not get into trouble.

Lin Suci’s ears drooped and he frowned, knowing that he could not get help from his owner.

Looking for rabbits… but where could he find them? Should he use carrots or cabbages as a tease? Moreover, it was still unknown whether the rabbits there would eat or not.

The reward order was shining brightly. Lin Suci held up the token while moving forward. He had walked a long way on the empty field, yet he did not encounter any rabbits.

So… the hardest part of his first task, was stuck in finding a rabbit?

Lin Suci did not believe that “bad luck”. Rolling up his sleeves, he lied down on the ground to search for holes.

Rabbits usually lived in underground burrows. If he could not see the burrows from standing straight, maybe he could see one or two rabbit holes by lying on his stomach on the ground.

Lin Suci stayed down for a long time, with sore hands and feet, he casually shook himself and turned into a little cat as he ran along the ground to check.

On the left of the area was the main road to the main city. Occasionally, there were ordinary people and cultivators passing by. Lin Suci made up his mind that if he could not find the rabbit’s burrow at that moment, he would go to the locals for help.

The kitten had only grown a little older than before. It was size that should be held with both hands. Lin Suci estimated that his body was probably about the size of a rabbit, so he used his own body to measure it. With all fours hopping numerous times, he kind of turned into a small black whirlwind on the empty space, quickly galloping from East to West while sticking out his tongue, searching for a rabbit hole.

Lin Suci was still not far away from Yan Boshen where he ran at the beginning. As he slightly searched through the space, there were no holes in the ground, so he could only run farther away, like a small black figure, he was almost covered by lush weeds.

He had not noticed that he was out of Yan Boshen’s sight. The pinky paws were careful wherever it stepped in the beginning, but now, it did not hesitate no matter where he went and the weeds on the ground were all crushed flatly, as if they were attacked by violent winds.

Lin Suci the little cat turned and searched in a carpet-like manner. Suddenly, his feet stepped emptiness and his head planted straight to the ground.


Lin Suci yelled for a while, and suddenly came to his senses. Did he find the rabbit’s burrow?!

The little cat fell to the bottom of the hole. Twisting his waist, he stepped on the base with his four feet firmly, his little head went dizzy. In the darkness, his pair of green eyes were the brightest.

No way, it seems so big in here.

Lin Suci raised his head, and noticed that the hole on the top of his head where he fell was originally covered by weeds. However, when he fell, he caught a pile of grass along with him, which exposed the hole’s original size.

That size was more than enough to let his cat form fit through. Even if he was in human form, five of him could still fall into it without having to touch the hole’s circumference.

It was not like a rabbit hole. Did he fall into the hole of some beast, instead?

Lin Suci raised his ears vigilantly, lowered his waist. With his strong night vision, he looked around the hole.

It was empty, dark, and looked nothing special. There was no excessive bloody smell, and no bad odour. Perhaps, it was not the hole of a beast.

Lin Suci let out a sigh, feeling that he better get back up first, otherwise it would be bad if Yan Boshen could not see him.

The cat’s claws hooked the wall of the hole, and climbed up.

Climbing and climbing, he suddenly felt that he could not climb anymore.

No matter how the little paws clung to the wall of the hole, it would be slightly slippery. Let alone climbing upwards, even if Lin Suci attached his four limbs and paws, with a squirt, he would slip off from the position where he climbed halfway.

Lin Suci, who fell at the bottom of the wall below the hole of a cave, was at a loss. He raised his paw and looked at it to find that there was an extra layer on the cushion of his paw… Something red and greasy…

There was a gust of chilly wind.

Lin Suci’s neck felt shivers.

His pupils shrank.

On his paw… it seemed to be… solidified blood.

Something’s not quite right!

Lin Suci turned around abruptly, and the kitten’s body was close to the cave wall in the next moment. With the front paws directly standing, he stood up with a shock.

Behind him, at some point, a bloody red light appeared.

No, it was not a light.

Lin Suci’s fur stood on end, and he recognized the faint red light in the darkness.

It was so near yet so far, it blinked over and over…


Lin Suci finally knew what was wrong. He took a breath of cold air, his back pressed against the wall of the cave, and he watched guardedly at the lights that were shining red.

Those were clearly eyes!

Rabbit’s eyes!

Its eyes were almost the size of Lin Suci’s fist…

Lin Suci panicked as he watched a group of huge rabbits slowly surrounding him.

The rabbits might be at the height of a human’s waist. They were extremely plump with big copper bell eyes, one-foot-long ears, and limbs thicker than Lin Suci’s waist…

Lin Suci’s kitten face was almost stiffened.

His current size was hardly enough to cram between the rabbit’s teeth!


Lin Suci just yelled, and suddenly remembered that that was his trial.

No matter what danger he was in, he should face it alone.

The heart that was just panicking, slowly calmed down. Lin Suci knew that his current size was unable to fight those creatures. Since the rabbits were still some distance away, he quickly transformed into a human, took out the talisman and the magic weapon, and waited for them to approach.

He had fallen into the rabbit’s hole, so catching them one by one would definitely not work. If he had to catch so many by himself…he was uncertain how powerful rabbits were.

Lin Suci temptingly threw out a blasting talisman.

With a bang, a dazzling light was emitted from the dark hole.

The rabbits stood still. One of the rabbits in the front seemed to move with their three-petaled mouth. Lin Suci swore that he noticed its expression was like a mockery.

The rabbits moved.

With the rabbit’s short legs, which was a circle larger than a tiger’s and a leopard’s leg, jumped. With only one jump, it landed directly in front of Lin Suci a few feet away. The rabbit’s mouth was opened, and a strong spiritual energy stroked straight towards Lin Suci!

Lin Suci dodged it in a hurry, and threw out the talismans in his hands, one by one.

More than a dozen rabbits chased up at the same time.

Lin Suci immediately turned out a light body talisman. He stuck it under his foot and jumped up with his toe, desperately.

With this jump, he finally jumped out of the dark hole.

As soon as he saw the sunlight and the grass, Lin Suci was relaxed. There was a gust of swift wind behind him. He rolled around hurriedly and quickly got up to take a look. Goodness, those dozens of huge fat rabbits just under the hole, were all following up behind him!

Lin Suci did not have time to rest, so he ran away!

“Boshen! Why were the rabbits different from the one I’ve eaten!! Ah!!!”

During the fight just now, Lin Suci clearly discovered that the strength of the rabbits was also at foundation-building. It was great to face just one, but having more than a dozen could not make him dare to stop running away desperately.

Not far away, Yan Boshen saw the rabbits, raised his hand to call for the royal sword and sat on the flying sword with his legs hanging down. He was in mid-air as he looked downwards at Lin Suci’s direction, who was rushing around, desperately fleeing from the rabbits’ mouth.

“Of course, it’s different.”

He did not say much, but simply explained, “You have to remember, I can’t settle them for you, so think of a way to solve it yourself.”

Lin Suci’s human form could not run away from the rabbits behind him, so he turned into a kitten again, and ran wildly with his tongue out on all fours.

Nice, he did not find a rabbit in the beginning just now, because all of them were in a hole. Now, they were all lured out by him.

Lin Suci made a swift turn and took the opportunity to look back.

He did not miss any of the dozen rabbits, all of them followed his tail, chasing after him.

“Ah ah ah ah, can’t you all come one by one!!!”

Lin Suci was almost at the verge of tears.

The vast plain was empty. Aside from the weeds, it was endless, and there was no place to hide. All he could do was to run for his life.

Lin Suci’s face was deformed by the wind. His four feet were moving so quick that there were afterimages. His flexible body rolled over and slammed brakes to find himself running backwards again. All his tricks were used, and it was just enough to protect the tail from the mouth of the running rabbit masters.

The rabbits behind him were calmer than the desperate Lin Suci. They were of earth roots. From time to time, a wall of soil would appear in the direction Lin Suci was heading.

Thanks to Lin Suci’s quick response, otherwise he would have run into those walls and turned dumb.

He stuck his tongue out, only to feel that his legs were not his own anymore.

Another hasty turn!

Lin Suci took the opportunity to throw a talisman again.

And that small figure continued to run.

Spirit energy struck from behind him, and Lin Suci bent his neck, calmly avoiding it.

A circle of scorching sun in the sky gradually slanted to the West. Orange light spread over the space, and Lin Suci almost ran over the piece of land for a hundred times.

The talismans he prepared was all gone as well.

Lin Suci stuck out his tongue. Relying on the continuous supply of spirit energy to support in his body, he could maintain his previous speed, and escape the rabbits’ mouths.

However, the giant rabbits that had been consuming energy for several hours were getting slower.

In the process of hunting, the rabbits who kept releasing spells were visibly tired. Their pace was slow, and their order became messier.

Lin Suci’s finally stopped from his wild run.

The rabbits that bumped into each other turned upside down, but some rabbits continued to catch up.

Good chance!

Lin Suci quickly transformed, and the talisman he had prepared early in his hand, was tossed into the air.

While the talisman was fusing, Lin Suci quickly uncovered a magical instrument that looked like a compass from his coat.

“Heh heh heh, rabbits! Now, it’s my home game! Accept your deaths!”

Lin Suci had been chased for several hours, which could be considered to be the most difficult time he had since birth. At that moment, the preparation work was over. With a grinning smile, he cracked the bones of his fingers, no longer running away, but headed to the rabbits in the opposite direction.

The originally empty grassland suddenly lit up streams of gold thread under the setting sun.

Golden threads entangled the rabbits’ legs, slowing them down.

Lin Suci knew that they were similar to his rank, so the magic circle he worked so hard on could not be used to the extreme, because even when the opponents were in large numbers, it would weaken a bit of its strength. He knew he must settle the fight quickly.

The rabbits running at the front opened their three-petaled mouth, and a series of earthen arrows were thrown from the ground to attack Lin Suci!

Lin Suci filled the compass with his spirit energy, and the compass started moving slowly.


In the next instant, a tough vine emerged from the compass, which turned into an impenetrable shadow, knocking down all the earth arrows that attacked. At the same time the vine seemed to have life as it rolled straight towards the rabbits!

Lin Suci clutched the compass tightly, and the spiritual energy in his body was madly conveyed to the compass. He stared at the vine, and controlled it with all his heart.

The rabbits’ body were extremely large, and its movements were a lot clumsy compared to the little rabbits. Furthermore, the formation of the magic circles Lin Suci created weakened the rabbits’ mobility to a certain extent, so the vines were much faster than the rabbits.

The spells of the rabbits were all of the earth element. Wood was biased against the earth element, so Lin Suci had a natural and artificial advantages. It took a quarter of an hour for the vine to firmly trap a plump rabbit.

Lin Suci’s spirit energy consumption was a bit severe.

He wiped the sweat on his face, and before he could take a break, the next rabbit had already arrived.

Lin Suci replayed the old tricks more than a dozen times. From the setting sun to the dark moon and shining stars, a dozen rabbits were tied up by vines on the empty field.

That was the last one.

Lin Suci panted heavily.

It was the first time that he had consumed so much spirit energy.

What kind of mutant rabbit was that, it was even more difficult to deal with than in the secret realm and the fusion cultivator.


Lin Suci staggered and lied flat on the ground, dirty. He pitifully raised his hand and shook it towards the owner who was sitting in the air.

“I finished it……”

Lin Suci was almost moved to tears.

That was his first time, battling alone.

It was a big victory!

Yan Boshen had been watching in mid-air for so long without a word, and finally jumped down and helped the pile of softness up and let him lean into his arms.

“You… are quite amazing.” Yan Boshen still praised.

He hugged the kitten and took out a water pouch from his mustard seed.

“Come on, drink some water to replenish your energy.”

Lin Suci did not want to move his fingertips, so he raised his chin and acted like a baby, “You feed me.”

The corner of Yan Boshen’s mouth was curved up, facing Lin Suci who looked like a lord, he handed the water pouch to Lin Suci’s mouth with a good temper, and slowly fed him.

Lin Suci drank the water and felt his body recovered slightly.

“Let’s go back…”

Yan Boshen put away the water pouch, stretched out his hand and gently pressed onto Lin Suci’s arm, “…no hurries.”

Lin Suci did not care about his movements. His arms and legs were sore that they were about to break anyway. It was cool to be served by his owner.

“Why shouldn’t we go back, are we spending the night outside?” Lin Suci turned his head and glanced at the dark night sky. With a pair of shiny red eyes, he pouted.

Yan Boshen said casually, “We still have another tough battle (硬仗yìng zhàng *T/N: Boshen is referring to a formidable task) to settle.”

Lin Suci accidentally bit his tongue and looked at Yan Boshen in horror, his arms stiffened.

“Boshen…” Lin Suci thought for a while, and decided to be a little more tactful, “In fact, it is not an elegant thing to sit on the ground. The wild battle (野战yě zhàn *T/N: which means having sexual interaction outdoors in a sarcastic way =.= Damn it, MC!) …is a bit difficult for the first time.”

Yan Boshen froze, and then said unfathomably, “…What did you just hear me say?”

“Didn’t you mean…” Lin Suci coughed, vaguely, “that there’s…a wild battle?”

Yan Boshen lost his temper, stretched out his hand and twisted the cat’s ears, “Tough battle! Silly cat!”

Lin Suci heaved a sigh of relief, clutching his beating little heart, and pretended to be calm, “That scared me to death… Fortunately, that’s great… Ahem, it all over?

Yan Boshen looked at the little boy in his arms and let go without hesitation.

Lin Suci, who was in his arms, did not notice, and just tumbled on the spot with a grunt.

Yan Boshen smiled, “Look behind you.”

After the owner had finished speaking, he jumped up the flying sword in mid-air and sat there, so he could have some free time.

When Lin Suci heard that, he turned his head and looked back in a daze.

In the next instant, Lin Suci’s smiling face solidified, his pupils shrank when he saw what was behind him. His whole body exploded with fright, his hands and feet fumbled in the air, trying to climb up. His throat was horrified as he screamed, ” What the hell is that?! Help!!!!! Boshen!!! Senior!!! Owner!!! Ah, my ancestors, this is worth a cat’s life!!!”

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