My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 48


Lin Suci ran desperately. His face was distorted with fright, and his voice echoed around the three turns, expressing his horror vividly.

Behind him, was a giant beast approaching him, step by step, which could cause the mountain to shake. It looked the same as the rabbit that Lin Suci caught before, it has just several more times larger.

However, the rabbits that Lin Suci fought before were already huge creatures! Right now, he could not even see the chin of the giant rabbit beast even when he raised his head. Running wildly for his life, he was just so close to the rabbit’s feet before the giant beast finally took a step forward.

Lin Suci’s heart was pounding like crazy.

Unbelievable, that thing was not something he could outrun, because it could kill him in a single step. The smaller rabbits were just at foundation-building, could the big one…be at the fusion state?

Lin Suci even tumbled and crawled. Shaking his body, he could not see any talismans, instead, many magical artefacts were poured out.

Lin Suci had no choice. He only had a short time to learn the usage of the artefacts and did not spend much time with Ruan Linggu. Compared to the talismans which he was more capable of, the artefacts might not be the best choice for him.

However, right now, he could only rely on the magic weapons to save his life.

The compass Lin Suci’s hand turned madly, and large trees rose from the ground from the empty grass field. Lin Suci urged his sprit energy, and constantly created twisted vines, which curled around his waist and threw him dozens of feet away.

Upon landing, Lin Suci turned around and took out a hopter (*T/N: A gadget like in the Doraemon Series which allows one to fly).

He rubbed his hands and input energy frantically, and the next moment, the hopter flew into the sky, spinning and creating huge waves of violent wind.

Lin Suci did not have any delays. While taking advantage of the giant rabbit beast being nauseous by the wind and sand, he quickly threw out the red beads one by one from his arms with all his strength.

Patter, patter.

The red bead that was caught in the eye of the whirlwind exploded immediately, sparks of fire flowers shot in all directions.

The mad wind and the fiery fire cooperated, hand in hand, and went straight to the giant rabbit beast!

The huge rabbit’s short forelegs stood up, and the three-lobed mouth roared.

Lin Suci heard buzzing in his ears, and was directly provoked by that powerful energy to spit out a mouthful of blood.

However, he did not even have time to check his injuries. The giant rabbit was no better to face than the big rabbits that were tied up before. With its roar, a cloud was blown in their direction in the gloomy sky. Rain poured down, the raging fire Lin Suci ignited was completely put out.

Lin Suci was dumbfounded. Wasn’t it the earth element! How could it summon rain?

Feeling his soul crumbling apart, Lin Suci shouted, “Boshen! This rabbit played foul!!!”

Yan Boshen, who was watching from the side and hiding from the battlefield, smiled, “You still don’t allow it to have dual spiritual roots?”

Dual spiritual roots… Lin Suci wiped his face, he was miserable.

Without having any hits on the beast, it had already rushed to fight back. Lin Suci could not dodge even if he used a thousand skills. He was hit by the giant rabbit beast, flew several meters away, and landed with a pool of blood.

Lin Suci clutched his chest and touched the body part that was sunken, presuming that he was fractured. However, he did not have time to check himself. Not far away, the giant rabbit beast walked towards him step by step, shaking the ground.

The ground rumbled.

Lin Suci clung to a handful of weeds on the ground, gathered his spirit energy into it, and yelled, “Quick!”

The weeds that were no taller than a human’s waist grew madly at the same height as the giant rabbit beast, swaying in the wind, obscuring the giant beast’s sight.

Lin Suci touched his chest, he was completely exhausted.

But he dared not stop.

If he stopped at that moment, all his previous efforts would get flushed down the toilet.

From the mustard seeds, Lin Suci quickly grabbed a palm-sized bamboo spring, a red ribbon, and a small cymbal that he used before.

He took out two cotton cloths to plug his ears, and threw the red ribbon into the air, instantly turning it into a remnant glow.

Lin Suci threw the bamboo spring again.

The bamboo spring swayed in the air and could not settle down. Under Lin Suci’s command, it slowly fell to one place.

Lin Suci knocked the little cymbal in his hand.

At the same time, the bamboo spring made a clear and loud sound that it was deafening.

Sitting on the sword, Yan Boshen watched Lin Suci’s arrangement, lowered his head and chuckled, “…little sly cat.”

Lin Suci did not know what his owner thought of him though.

Instead, he was very nervous. The sounds of the little cymbal and the bamboo spring interfere, which immediately angered the giant beast.

As soon as the giant rabbit beast turned its head, the remnant clouds shone all over, emitting a dazzling golden light, directly facing its eyes. The irritated rabbit screamed!

When the giant rabbit beast did not discovering his location, he quickly shifted his direction under the cover of the weeds that were as high as the rabbit.

The bamboo spring and the remnant glow followed him.

Lin Suci launched another attack.

For several times, the giant beast was irritated by the loud noise, and its eyes were shot directly by the remnant glow. However, Lin Suci’s figure was not found, so it became completely frenzied.

The impact from the giant beast rabbit made Lin Suci run wild. In the counterattacks every time, it always succeeded, so the cat kept running away, never facing it head-on.

Under the dim light of the early sun, Lin Suci always fled the scene; in the middle of the day, the giant rabbit roared and trampled wildly; in the afterglow of the setting sun, one person and one rabbit were red-eyed and furiously fought each other.

With every step, Lin Suci felt like he was stepping on the tip of a knife. His strength faded, and with every breath, his chest pain was uncontrollable.

He gasped in a low breath.

In order to operate the magic weapons, he kept conveying the energy in his body for two days and nights without breaks. The handful of magical artefacts Ruan Linggu stuffed him were almost damaged now, only the puppet order was left.

That was the most powerful thing that Ruan Linggu gave him, mainly because he was afraid that he was not strong enough. Ruan Linggu specifically explained before, don’t use it rashly.

Lin Suci bent over and placed his hands on his knees. His face was covered in blood and sweat, his eyes were no longer seeing clearly. Not far away, the giant beast was also consumed badly, its body was almost shrunk in a circle, and its red eyes twinkled.

Not far away, Yan Boshen stood on the flying sword, looking at him with a little worry.

Lin Suci raised his hand and wiped his face.

A handful of blood.

He squeezed the puppet order with his hand and wiped his blood on it. The token of the black wood carving gradually emitted a gloomy light as Lin Suci continued to convey his energy.

The token consumed too much energy and Lin Suci became pale. Gritting his teeth, he increased his strength.

Not long after, the shadow of a giant rabbit beast that was no different from the opposite giant beast appeared in front of him.

The dark shadow was pitch-black, but only a pair of red eyes kept flashing.

The giant rabbit beast let out a long howl.

The shadow rabbit was no different from the opposite, and it uttered exactly the same long howling.

In the next instant, the giant rabbit beast and the shadow rabbit battled each other.

Lin Suci clung to the puppet order, and the spirit energy in his body was continuously being absorbed by the token forcefully, like an invisible and deep well, squeezing him dry as much as it could.

Two rabbits launched moves simultaneously as their eyes got redder. All the spells of the giant rabbit beast were constantly repeated by the shadow rabbit. The most frightening thing was that the giant rabbit beast was consumed its energy by Lin Suci for two days and two nights, and it was actually at a disadvantage against the rabbit puppet, which was forcibly taking in Lin Suci’s spirit energy.

The head-on fight was more exciting than Lin Suci’s smooth and unrelenting deals.

Similarly, their fight was also much faster.

Lin Suci was shaky, and his face remained pale.

“…Isn’t it over yet?” Lin Suci was desperate. He felt that he was about to be sucked into a human jerky.

After a few hours, the giant rabbit beast suddenly fell to the ground.

The shadow rabbit was like a winner. Stepping on the giant rabbit beast with its short legs, it roared with pride.

In the next instant, the shadow rabbit turned into a thick smoke and disappeared.

The puppet order in Lin Suci’s hands was so hot, it could burn.

His eyes were half-opened. Seeing the motionless beast, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

In the next instant, Lin Suci, who had been tenacious for three days and three nights, finally fell straight to the ground.

Yan Boshen was already prepared for his fall, so he steadily caught the person, and directly carried him horizontally.

The boy in his arms was covered in blood, and his clothes were already ragged. The skin that was exposed was almost full of scars. Even the dirty little face was full of blood traces.

Yan Boshen looked at the unconscious Lin Suci with complicated and confused eyes.

He never knew that he would not say a word during the battle. He settled it all alone.

At first, he thought that the little kitten would definitely ask him for help, but the strong-willed kitten really did not rely on him.

Yan Boshen was also afraid of disturbing his cultivation session, and forcibly endured his distress. He watched him silently on one side for three days and three nights, and watched the little kitten he was holding in his arms. Amidst the dangers, he fled in a rush and waited for an opportunity to counterattack.

He was really proud, but he was extremely distressed too.

Yan Boshen could not speak, the soreness in his chest deepened as he held the dirty little brat in his arms tightly. He gave a soft sigh.

Lin Suci could not sleep well in his dreams.

He was in pain all over. His bones were like getting disassembled and reorganized. Sounds of twisting and cracks rattled, his bones hurt as well as his flesh, but that was not all. Even the area of his diaphragm had a steady flow of acupuncture-tingling sensation, as if he was poked by a needle as thick as an arm.

There was a groan from his mouth. Shrouding in that kind of pain made him had a kind of panic like he was at a loss.

“Was it painful?”

Someone asked softly in his ear.

Lin Suci was speechless, just miserably groaning.

After a while, Lin Suci felt as if he was being held horizontally upwards. His body felt light, as if unobstructed by atmospheric air.

Lin Suci tried to open his eyes, but his eyelids were heavier than tonnes, unable to lift them at all.

His body was in contact with the water. It was like ice, which made his whole body numb, but he could not avoid it. He was held by someone and was completely immersed in water.

Lin Suci felt his body being massaged back and forth by a pair of big hands. The terrible pain was stimulated by the trace of spiritual energy sent into the body, which made him called out, “…It hurts.”

Lin Suci was finally able to open his eyes.

What came to his eyes was a landscape screen of mountains and rivers. He was covered by a few clothes. In the misty fog, he squinted faintly. A bed was in the distance and a wooden barrel was nearby, and under his eyelids, was the edge of the wooden barrel.

“… Boshen?”

Lin Suci muttered.

“Yes,” Yan Boshen’s voice came from behind him, “Your body was worn out, so I’m treating you.”

Lin Suci was at a loss to find that he was sitting naked in a wooden barrel, his collarbone submerged by the cold water. It didn’t seem right? Lin Suci slowly reacted to find that he was not sitting at the bottom of the wooden barrel, but on a…thigh?

Lin Suci, who was still messed up in his head, suddenly closed his eyes and frowned. With a hoarse voice, he moaned, “Ah… it hurts!”

Yan Boshen was massaging Lin Suci, but he was interrupted by his voice, so he was uncertain where to place his hands now.

“Tolerate it. You have to reset your bones.” Yan Boshen hesitated for a moment. He was cruel after all as he continued to move his hands.

“Ah… no… ugh…” Lin Suci was sweating from the pain, and groaned, “It hurts… Boshen, lightly…”

Yan Boshen was so cruel at first, but after massaging twice, he stopped again.

Lin Suci closed his eyes and leaned back softly.

Into Yan Boshen’s arms.

He exhaled slowly, his head was hurting too much that his voice had a nasal tone, “…please spare me, it hurts too much, I don’t want it.”

Behind him, Yan Boshen was speechless for a long time.

Lin Suci stared at him, still relieving the pain in his body, and suddenly realized…the position where he was sitting had faintly changed.

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