My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 49


There were so two subtle types of awkwardness in the atmosphere.

Lin Suci’s tiredness and pain disappeared, and it was followed by a kind of honey sober.

There were no sounds in the silent night. In the quiet room, Yan Boshen was afraid of disturbing him, so he did not light up any candles. Instead, he relied on the moon to get light, but now there were no sounds of melting wax.

Lin Suci’s body stiffened. He did not look behind, and just stared straight at the landscape screen not far away. The drawings on the screen seemed to have great appeal to him, which prevented him from blinking.

The cold mist rose and rushed forward as it condensed into water droplets on Lin Suci’s cheeks. They were thin and dense, making his eyes uncomfortable.

His emerald eyes rolled around, desperately thinking, what should I do in this situation?

How could he voice up about that matter and calmly resolve that awkwardness as well as preserve Yan Boshen’s dignity?

Lin Suci’s eyes were wide-opened. For a while, he was unsure what to say, and how to come up with the perfect solution.

Compared to him, Yan Boshen, who Lin Suci sat on, was calmer. He obviously discovered that situation, but he was silent for a moment, then raised his hand, and continued to massage Lin Suci’s sore arm as if nothing happened.

This time, Lin Suci gritted his teeth. His head was sweating with pain, and he dared not speak anymore.

In the three consecutive days of battling with the rabbits, Lin Suci consumed more than just spirit energy, it was nothing more than the emptiness in his diaphragm. However, when he faced the giant rabbit, he was hurt too much. No bone in his whole body was in good condition.

Lin Suci was uncertain what Yan Boshen dripped into the water. It was alright at first, but later, Lin Suci only felt like a burning fire, stinging non-stop, and itching him madly.

Despite that, Lin Suci did not dare to move. Sitting in Yan Boshen’s arms, with Boshen’s little brother [T/N: Ahem, if you know, you know. :D] staring at him, Lin Suci was never more vigilant than the moment now. Even if the pain was overboard, he still sat like a clock, stable and still.

Yan Boshen first started from the shoulders and arms, then he slowly moved to massage Lin Suci’s wrists.

“Bend over there.” Yan Boshen patted Lin Suci’s arm gently, motioning him to lie on the edge of the barrel.

Lin Suci straightened his waist, stiffly stretched out his hand to hook the edge, and leaned forward little by little. He feared that something seemed wrong, which brought out the awkwardness that had just subsided again.

Yan Boshen could not be blamed for the rise of his little brother. He was a healthy adult after all and there were no flowers (girls) and grass (boys) around him. It was normal that he could not withstand being provoked.

Lin Suci leaned on the edge of the wooden barrel with his back straight and at a 45-degree angle. Wiping a handful of water drops on his face, he suddenly lowered his head to look at his little brother that was steady and motionless.

Nothing happened, that’s good, that’s good. If there was any movement, Lin Suci really could not know what to do.

However, did he really have to wait ten years more to grow up?

“Tsk…” Lin Suci voiced up without knowing while thinking about it.

In the next instant, he bit his finger and swallowed the second half of his voice.

Yan Boshen pretended not to notice the desire of his kitten, and reached out his hand to massage his backbone, bit by bit.

That time, Lin Suci clenched his fingers tightly, and made a crying face. He dared not shout a second time.

The injury from the battle was slightly serious. Fortunately, Yan Boshen was by his side, and he was treated in time. He reset all the bones in his body, and the fractured bones were recovered like before as there were no dents left.

Lin Suci was so numb with the pain, so he let go of his hand paws and turned around to look.

Yan Boshen, who was sitting behind him, lowered his gazes and looked serious.

Lin Suci thought for a while, and tentatively asked, “Boshen, has your little brother rested?”

Yan Boshen slowly raised his eyelids, his eyes seemed to have deep meaning, “Do you want to say hello?”

“Uh, I’ll pass.” Lin Suci was well-acquainted with that situation. If he greeted at that time, it might want to greet him kindly too.

Yan Boshen flicked Lin Suci’s forehead severely, and bluntly said, “Bad kitty.”

Lin Suci looked innocent: “…”

The cold water dripped with medicinal liquid was full of spirit energy. After letting Lin Suci absorb the energy more than an hour later, Yan Boshen got up and carried him out.

The barrel was not too big, so there were no extra gaps when two men soaked in it. Lin Suci did not regain consciousness when he was carried in. When he went out, he watched Yan Boshen grabbed him with his big hands around his waist, and carried him horizontally.

The splashes of water sounded, and Lin Suci left the water surface. Drops of water on his body dripped down in a hassle, making the sound of rain.

Lin Suci quickly grabbed Yan Boshen with one hand. No matter where he touched, he found that Yan Boshen was also naked. His hand was left in the air for a long time, and he could not find a place to place them.

Yan Boshen’s body moved, Lin Suci shook. He could not care much, and quickly grabbed Yan Boshen’s by the shoulder.

Wait, how about my little brother…

Lin Suci lowered his head and glanced to see that he had already covered Yan Boshen’s little brother, but his was still exposed instead, drooping in the cold.

Where’s my tail…

Lin Suci tried to cover it with his tail, but suddenly realized that his tail was missing.

“Boshen!” Lin Suci was in distress now. Holding Yan Boshen tightly with both hands, he frantically looked for it with his head down, “My tail is gone!”

He was a little anxious.


Yan Boshen replied faintly, holding him for two steps before slowly saying, “Animal form has been absorbed.”

Generally speaking, demon cultivators were able to retract and release their animal form freely, but Lin Suci could not do it. First, he was not taught by a demon cultivator, and second, his advancement was too fast, so his foundation was not stable. It caused him to have a half demon body due to the fact that he did not fully absorb the demon body when he transformed before his full moon.

This time, he was injured and consumed his spirit energy in the diaphragm, and when he slowly filled it up again, it naturally absorbed his half-demon body.

Lin Suci was a little startled. With his hands still holding Yan Boshen’s neck, Yan Boshen walked a few steps, bent over, and placed him on a low cushioned bench.

“Let go.”

Yan Boshen kept his bending posture and said softly.

Lin Suci, as if awakened from a dream, quickly release him.

As soon as he lied down on the bench, he accidentally met Yan Boshen’s… little brother.

It was so close at hand that he could see it clearly.

Lin Suci was caught off guard. Without any preparation, his uncontrollable expression was a little distorted.

After reacting, Lin Suci looked down at himself.

After a while, Lin Suci silently stretched out his hand to cover his little brother that was ashamed to see people. Raising his head, he looked at Yan Boshen blankly, “…I’m still a child.”

Yan Boshen saw his movements clearly, took a jacket to cover his body, and looked at the area covered by his hand meaningfully, “Well, it will grow.”

Lin Suci’s face flicked between red and white.

“Of course it will grow!” he yelled, “I’m a demon cultivator! Do you know what big beasts are! It means that it’s bigger than ordinary mortals! It’s definitely a treasure that could satisfy others!”

After speaking, he glanced enviously at the place where Yan Boshen already covered.

When would his grow to that point?

Yan Boshen chuckled silently.

“Boshen…” Lin Suci thought for a while, and decided to ask without shame, “When did yours grow up? How old are you now?”

Yan Boshen raised his eyebrows, “When I was older than you. As for me now… I’m just bigger than you.”

Lin Suci: “…”

Yan Boshen raised his hand and threw a cloth over. Lin Suci grabbed and put it on quickly. Sitting on the bench with his legs crossed and shaking, his gaze unconsciously fluttered to the part over again.

After thinking about it, he lifted his chin triumphantly, “But it doesn’t matter, you don’t use it anyway, wait for me to grow up…”

Yan Boshen had been waiting for that opportunity. Moving so fast, he instantly pushed Lin Suci, who was sitting, to his lap.

The cloth was flung up, and the two round circles underneath appeared.

Putting on his guard, Lin Suci struggled, “Hey hey hey! I’m not a kid anymore, don’t hit me…”

Yan Boshen raised his hand, and was about to drop, but when he heard his words, he paused.

“Alright, I won’t.”

Lin Suci exhaled. He knew that his owner was still sane.

Lin Suci smiled and was trying to get up, “Boshen, Boshen, you really are great… Huh?! What are you doing?!”

Yan Boshen pinched a piece of meat with two fingers and twisted it lightly.

“Teaching the disobedient bad kitty.”

Lin Suci was still unsure what he did wrong, and struggling desperately, “Pinching buttocks are too shameful, right?! And here I thought that Boshen was pure-hearted and desire-less cultivator. How could you play this kind of… this kind of shameful thing!”

Yan Boshen was calm and relaxed, “If you continue moving, I’ll show you the opposite of pure-heart and desire-less.”

Lin Suci froze.

The next moment, he lied down on his stomach in despair, “Fine, pinch it all you want. I can guarantee that my buttocks are much better than dough!”

Yan Boshen was amused.

He was just thinking of a way to have more kinship with Suci, but he could not speak it bluntly. Borrowing that kind of top-tier opportunity, he shamelessly took advantage of the kitten.

Yan Boshen touched his nose, and coughed dryly. He finally understood how shameless he was.

“Alright, I’m just teasing you.”

He let go.

Lin Suci quickly got up, and watched Yan Boshen seriously. Seeing that Yan Boshen had no next move, he increased his guts, “You pinched me. It’s unfair, so let me pinch you back!”

Yan Boshen was amused by the courageous Lin Suci. He deliberately lowered his voice, “Are you sure?”

Lin Suci was as daring as a thief, his eyes sparkled, “I’m sure!”

“Good,” Yan Boshen arranged his cloth, and sat still and tidy, “come on.”

Lin Suci reacted to what Yan Boshen said, took a breath, rubbed his hands and feet and snuggled back. Shaking his head, he desperately said, “Not sure! Not sure!” If he really dared to pinch, he would have to do one package services!

Yan Boshen lifted the blanket and threw it on Lin Suci, “Alright, go to sleep.”

Lin Suci was still hesitating while holding the blanket, “…Are you sure, you aren’t sleeping with me?”

Yan Boshen looked at him firmly, “If you don’t sleep now, then I can…”

Lin Suci quickly got into the blanket when he heard the words. Rolling left and right, he made himself into a cicada’s pupa, and exposed a little forehead. He urged anxiously, “I’m sleeping! I’m sleeping!”

Yan Boshen sat on the side of the bench, looked at the “pupa” on the bed, pressed his fist to his lips, and hid his smile.

The skies turned dark.

After a while, there was a splash of water in the quiet room.

Lin Suci kept listening, hearing the splashes stop, he also heard Yan Boshen’s… slight sounds.

Hidden under the blanket, he blushed secretly.

He quietly pinched himself with his hand, and gave a tsk.

For a lifetime of pure heart and less desire, how come he was greedy now at just over one year old?

I have to think of a way to grow up quickly!

Lin Suci rolled around on the bench, suddenly thinking of the reward order.

He wondered if the reward given by the City Lord’s Mansion, could be replaced with a golden gun [*T/N: a reproductive organ that won’t go down 😉 ] instead.

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