My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 50


Lin Suci stayed at the inn for another two days. By the third day, his body gradually recovered and he could not sit still anymore. He hurriedly carried the rabbit-filled spirit pouch, and prepared to go to the city lord’s mansion to receive the rewards.

When he began his journey, Yan Boshen accompanied him.

At the gate of the city lord’s mansion, there was already someone waiting for their arrival, walking and looking around the stone lion.

The red lacquered gate with gold buckles met their eyes as the stone lions sat beside it. Lin Suci saw it from a huge distance away, and his heart was full of excitement and awe.

“Boshen, Boshen, when do you think we can live in this kind of house?” Lin Suci was all envious.

Yan Boshen: “Do you want it?”

Lin Suci groaned,”I really want to try staying in this kind of mansion. It gives me a sense of grand ritual.”

Yan Boshen did not understand what he meant about ‘sense of grand ritual’, but he knew that Lin Suci had that dream and thoughts.

Lin Suci really yearned for the existence of huge mansions. Anyway, since he arrived in that world, he could see numerous mansions that he had never seen before in his past life. If he could own a mansion of his own, he would get all excited just with that thought.

Lin Suci squinted, and his mind was filled with thoughts of how his lifestyle would be when he really did own it.

“If you want it, we can buy one.” Yan Boshen spoke.

Lin Suci lifted his pouch and proudly said, “I don’t need you to buy it! Now, I am also a person who can earn money to support my family. In the future, I will earn more money. I will buy a big mansion for our family to live in!”

“Good, then I’ll wait.”

The more Lin Suci thought about it, the more he exclaimed in awe. He hit Yan Boshen’s arm and said with a smile, “I will raise you in the future, Boshen. If you want anything, tell me everything.”

Yan Boshen heard him and answered meaningfully, “Don’t worry, I will tell you.”

The person at the gate of the city lord’s mansion saw Lin Suci and the other approaching closer, so he looked intently and greeted them.

“Are you the cultivator who accepted the reward order?”

“Yes, and I’m here to redeem the rewards.” Lin Suci shook his spirit pouch humbly.

“Oh oh, good! These two seniors, please enter. The city lord is already waiting!” The man beamed with joy, checked Lin Suci’s reward order, and bowed to welcome them in.

The city lord’s mansion was very large. Bypassing the hidden wall, two large courtyards could be seen from the left and right. The layout was particularly unique.

Lin Suci was still thinking about his future mansion. Observing the layout of the mansion, his pair of eyes was simply not enough to look at all the details, so he kept looking back and forth.

“This way please.”

The butler led them into a main hall. Someone inside opened the curtain and greeted them with a smile.

As soon as Lin Suci entered, he saw a person sitting in the main hall.

The person was a very feminine young man, with thin eyebrows and small eyes along with thin lips. He had an elegant aura.

Holding a tea cup in his hand, he did not raise his head, “Prepare the bounty, clean up a room for the guests.”

Lin Suci hurriedly said, “Thank you, City Lord, but just the bounty will do, nothing else.” Why did he want to clean up a room? Did he want them to stay as guests?

The city lord was still drinking tea when he heard the voice. He raised his eyes and saw the person who arrived. A trace of astonishment appeared on his slightly impatient face.

“So young…” He muttered to himself, his gaze first fell on Yan Boshen. After looking at Yan Boshen in the eye, he then retracted his gaze and looked at Lin Suci, hence, taking a closer look.

But after a few glances, the city lord’s face changed, and there were two more profound thoughts showing in his eyes.

Lin Suci clasped his fists and said, “City Lord, your request has been fulfilled by this humble servant.  I will just pay the money and you can deliver the goods, hand-in-hand. It’s enough with the cash.”

He handed over the reward order and the spirit pouch.

A beautiful maid beside the city lord received the spirit pouch, opened it, and nodded to the city lord.

“No hurry, please sit first.” The city lord’s attitude changed suddenly. He put down his teacup, got a fan and opened it with a chuckle, “This little cultivator is so young, yet you’ve already mastered foundation-building and was able to catch the Moonblind Rabbit independently, such an admirable lad. May I know where this little junior is from?

Lin Suci and Yan Boshen took their seats. Lin Suci took a look at Yan Boshen, and then slowly said, “The small sect in the mountains, we’re no outsiders.”

The city lord looked at him and smiled, “And, the small sect in the mountains can raise a natural spirit body like you. How can they still keep you by their side?”

Lin Suci slumped.

How could anyone see he was of natural spirit body at a glance?

“Listen to me, if a person like you is really raised by a small mountain sect, you can go back and tell your mentors that they can no longer keep you. Little brother, I feel that all you can do now is building a foundation if you stay in that sect. What if someone catch and lock you up due to physical reasons? It would be better to come to the city lord’s side now, and I will protect you, how about that?”

Lin Suci declined, “I don’t understand what City Lord is saying. All I ask for is the city lord to honour the reward to me.”

The city lord’s gleaming face slightly darkened, “You are a natural spirit body, if you are buried in that little sect, you only can come out for small experiences from this kind of training rewards. Wouldn’t it be a pity for your spirit body? If you stay by City Lord’s side, I will guarantee that your skills will skyrocket, far above your peers. Why are you hesitating about such a good offer?”

The city lord wanted to recruit him? Lin Suci turned to look at Yan Boshen. How could a mere natural spirit body make the city lord not see Yan Boshen beside him, but only him?

It was weird. If the two of them were side by side, whoever would surely want to recruit his talented owner with just a glance, right?

Yan Boshen shook his head at him without a trace.

Lin Suci pursed his lips and asked curiously, “Why does the city lord treat me differently?”

The city lord said expressionlessly, “Of course, it’s because of your natural spirit body. The talents you have, left and right, are far more than others. If I have to let you go for someone else, it’s better to just keep you by my side.”

“Ask him what happened.” Yan Boshen spoke to Lin Suci telepathically.

Lin Suci looked at a loss, “I don’t understand what City Lord is saying. I have a good master in my sect, so what do you mean by ‘let me go for someone else’? City lord, could it be that something happened? Why does it have to be me?”

The city lord’s gaze fell on Yan Boshen, he looked as if he was scheming something, “This fellow daoist, may I know who you are to this little brother?”

Yan Boshen raised his brows, and his lips moved, “His owner.”

Lin Suci: “…” There seemed to be nothing wrong with that though?

The city lord’s expression stiffened.

“In that case, let’s talk.” The city lord was also a straight-forward person, and directly raised his hand, “Take this little brother for a stroll.”

That was clearly his intention to keep Lin Suci away.

Lin Suci hesitated, looked sideways, and saw Yan Boshen nodded slightly at him, and got up casually, “Alright, then I’ll leave.”

The beautiful maid accompanied Lin Suci out and brought him for a walk in the courtyard.

“Lady, does your city lord keep a person when he sees a person? Is your city short on people?” Lin Suci started at the beautiful maid and asked with a smile.

The maid looked only in her twenties, and she was gentle. She chuckled softly when she heard the question, “Guest, it’s nothing. Our city lord was just noticing the guest’s young and promising achievements, so he was just cherishing talent.”

Cherish talent? Why was it hard for Lin Suci to believe it?

“Why do I feel that your city lord… is a little weird? Honestly speaking, it’s a little weird that you guys offer reward for catching rabbits.” Lin Suci said.

The beautiful maidservant’s eyes flashed, then hesitated, and said in a low voice, “Since the guest must have be staying here for some time, then I guess it’s fine for this humble servant to tell you.”

“This reward is indeed specially made by us. The Moonblind Rabbit has a characteristic that can only be captured by the people who build the foundation. If other people with cultivation bases participate in the action, the Moonblind Rabbit will disappear when the moon rises. You can catch the Moonblind Rabbit and even brought back the Moonblind Rabbit King that ordinary people can’t deal with. That means that although you have the ability to build foundations, you also have the battling power to have skyrocketing improvements. You have a rare combat talent.”

Lin Suci did not expect a rabbit to be so particular. No wonder the city lord would issue a reward for foundation building. As he caught the rabbit from beginning to end, Yan Boshen was only looking at him and did not help.

“Then this reward…what does it mean?”

The beautiful maid said, “This fellow guest is probably not someone from a sect nearby, but comes from a thousand miles away, right?”

Lin Suci nodded, there was nothing to hide.

“That’s right, it’s no wonder you don’t know.” The beautiful maid continued, “There are thirty-six sects around Tiansheng City today, and a martial arts election is going to be held.”

Lin Suci: “…martial arts election?” Wait, Tiansheng City, martial arts election…

“Yes, they wanted to force out the city lord from his place! Their heart is so shameful!” the beautiful maid said angrily, “but our city lord has been devoted to maintaining the safety of Tiansheng City for so many years. There are not many talented people. In order not to be taken advantage by those sects, the only way to find a foundation-building cultivator who is most suitable to fight for Tiansheng City is through reward-offering.”

Oh my, something really did happen.

In the first volume of the “Majestic Soaring Sword”, Bai Qingkong first came out of the cottage to test his sword. He show-casted his talent in Tiansheng City on the martial arts field, won the championship in one swoop. While he was invited with countless admiration of the people, he was also killed at the same time and fell into the abyss.

Of course, since he was the protagonist, he would surely have an advantage.


Lin Suci rubbed his chin. He never expected that was also a scene of the plot.

And according to that, it would not be long before Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi to arrive.

It was indeed very interesting for him to meet old friends in another city.

Lin Suci thought for a while, and was eager to try.

Now that he could take down the Moonblind Rabbit on his own, who knew who will win if he really did met with Bai Qingkong in the martial arts field?

“Master.” The beautiful maid suddenly bent her knees slightly behind Lin Suci.

Lin Suci looked back, Yan Boshen and the city lord stood side by side.

Yan Boshen waved at him.

Lin Suci ran over with quick sprints.

“Then, it’s decided. I’ll leave all the trouble to you.” The city lord of Tiansheng City arched his hands at Yan Boshen. His tone was more polite.

Yan Boshen clasped his fists on the other hand.

“Send the guests to stay in the backyard.”


Lin Suci did not ask anything when there were people around. When the beautiful maid arranged them in a small independent yard and everyone else was away, Lin Suci hurriedly asked Yan Boshen.

“Boshen, Boshen, what did you two talk about, what did you promise?” Lin Suci told him what he had heard from the maid.

Yan Boshen patted his head.

“It’s just… an exchange of benefits from both sides.”

As he said, he straightened up a bit, “You are now building foundation at the ninth base, and you need a lot of actual combat if you want to continue your journey. Now, it’s a great opportunity.”

“I see…” Lin Suci thought for a while and asked, “Then this city lord, what special rewards will this city lord give us? I literally help him with my life anyway!”

Yan Boshen heard the words and the corners of his eyes twitched. He was silent for a moment, sighing, “…special rewards, yes, there is.”

“What is it, what is it?!” Lin Suci’s eyes lit up, “Spirit stones or a magic weapon? Is it rare?”

Yan Boshen slowly took out a roll of a book from his sleeve.

His face looked like he had a headache, “…I said I was your owner, but he misunderstood.”

Lin Suci took a closer look, with a confused face, he read the title, “…’The Code of *Dual Cultivation’?” [*T/N: I explained this before, but you can search it up again if you want 😉 ]


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