My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 51


The lord of Tiansheng City was a weird person.

Lin Suci had lived there for ten days, and he finally understood.

The Moonblind Rabbits would rebirth overnight in the moonlit night every time the Rabbit King disappeared. Those days, Lin Suci repeatedly caught numerous rabbits and improved from abruptly losing half of his life from the beginning till the moment he could easily capture the Moonblind Rabbit King.

Every day when he returned his life with the rabbits, Lin Suci could see that the city lord named Chi Haina flicked his fan, leaving all the willing and unwilling cultivators in his backyard. He even threatened with all sorts of ways to lure them into the house, and they were almost all shameless kinds of tactics.

In order to stabilize his position as the city lord, Chi Haina took great pains. He constantly changed his method every day and gave them gifts. Lin Suci was unsure what gifts they got elsewhere, but the gift Chi Haina gave really made Yan Boshen and him amazed.

However, in just ten days, Yan Boshen had already received a thick stack of various dual cultivation books.

How could that kind of thing still be kept by him grandiosely? Lin Suci wanted to throw them away, but he was persuaded by Yan Boshen not to.

Those books were treasures in the hands of the city lord, so they would definitely be very valuable when sold.

Lin Suci thought about it, and became on cloud nine. Taking advantage of the sun outside, he opened up the books, one-by-one, and set them in the yard to sunbath.

The other cultivators who were also recruited by Chi Haina came to visit. They had smiles on their faces, but when they saw the piercing pictures in the yard, they immediately choked and stared at Yan Boshen and Lin Suci. They just waved their sleeves, turned around, and left.

It had been more than half a month. Among the cultivators recruited there, only Lin Suci and Yan Boshen did not recognize any of them. Aside from the duo, the others who were recruited back and forth almost all found their camps in a short period of time and embraced themselves with small group.

Lin Suci was still waiting for Bai Qingkong (little cabbage).

There was not much time left before the battle, why hadn’t he arrived yet?

Lin Suci was afraid he missed Bai Qingkong’s arrival. He was catching rabbits every day and night and always had to leave early and return later. When he came back, he still had to go to the cultivators’ yard for a walk.

As soon as he appeared, everyone around would point at him and talk behind him. When Lin Suci was followed by Yan Boshen, no one dared to say anything and just let Lin Suci pass through an uninhabited state, lurking everywhere.

For a few days, Lin Suci still could not sense Bai Qingkong’s presence.

Yan Boshen watched Lin Suci stretched his neck eagerly every day with cold eyes. His gaze had softened many degrees more, but Lin Suci had not noticed it. Lin Suci still acted innocently in front of him every day, like a little kitten. His eyes were dazzling as always, but when those actions fell into Yan Boshen’s sight, he felt it was very irritating instead.

Chi Haina sent his lackeys to gift a lot of magic weapons that were most suitable for the foundation building stage, including many spirit swords. However, they were just spiritless swords and they did not have masters, so Lin Suci just borrowed them and used at will.

Lin Suci got so many swords, and he no longer went to grab the rabbits. Now, he was grabbing Yan Boshen to practice swordsmanship with him.

When he was in the Cardinal Sect in the beginning, he followed Xiao Lan to learn some basics. However, when his skills were observed by Yan Boshen, Lin Suci was not even close to being his mentee.

“Don’t think about using swords, you don’t need it.” After Yan Boshen checked Lin Suci’s swordsmanship, he immediately threw the sword in his hand onto a chair. He raised his eyelids, and said lightly, “Just your two sways are not even compared to the swordsmen cultivators who practiced Qi. They are a hundred times stronger than you.”

Swordsmen cultivators were already the strongest in actual combat. The hardest to cultivate was the most powerful after all. Many low-level swordsmen cultivators could also kill people to advance their levels with their awe-inspiring sword skills.

Bai Qingkong, Shu Changyi, and others, were all swordsmen cultivators who had stirred up a storm in the realm of cultivation.


Lin Suci’s eyes flashed with doubt, “Boshen, are you also a swordsmen cultivator?”

“Naturally,” Yan Boshen nodded.

“I haven’t seen your sword before though.” That was why Lin Suci had always been confused about what Yan Boshen cultivated.

Yan Boshen smiled, “I have never drawn a sword in front of you…”

“No!” Lin Suci clapped his hands suddenly, “I remember you did it once! You drew a sword in front of me once!”

Lin Suci’s eyes were shining, “Do you remember the time when I was swept away by Li Wen, the time you came to rescue me!”

At that moment, Lin Suci was overwhelmed by other things. He noticed the huge dark sword behind Yan Boshen that swayed through the skies before, but he did not pay much attention to it. After Yan Boshen quickly put it away, he forgot about it.

When Yan Boshen was reminded about that incident, he remembered.

Lin Suci was very excited, “Boshen, you were very cool handsome at the time! That sword was also very awesome!”

The corner of Yan Boshen’s mouth rose, “If you like it, I will make one for you when the materials are ready.”

After a short pause, he added, “It’s just that if you want to go down the path of swordsmen cultivation, it might be difficult.”

At first, Lin Suci followed Hui Lian to learn using talismans, and later it was magic tools and swordsmanship. The learning was quite complicated and difficult to simplify.

Lin Suci naturally disagreed, “Not necessarily, after all, I am extremely talented.”

He valued his talent dearly, and slapped his chest, “Look here, a natural spirit body! I’m not afraid of anything!”

Yan Boshen could not help but laughed, “…Do you know what a natural spirit body does?

Lin Suci’s eyes lit up listening to those three words, “Of course! Natural spirit bodies are rare cultivators in the world, gifted and blessed with great talent, child of the Heavens… Ah, that doesn’t count. Well, in short, natural spirit bodies are the darling seedlings of the cultivation world!”

Yan Boshen went silent. After a moment, he raised his hands and applauded passionless, “…you think so beautifully.”

“Isn’t it so?” Lin Suci was surprised.

Yan Boshen paused for a while, and said leisurely, “Natural spirit bodies can absorb the spirit body from outside and turn it into its own, or it can strip the spirit body from its own body to nourish others. The natural spirit body can be plundered, the same goes for how everything else in the world can plunder the spiritual power of the natural spirit body.”

Lin Suci frowned and realized that things were not that simple, “It seems that… it’s rather powerful?”

“It is very powerful.” Yan Boshen explained, “It was so powerful that once a natural spirit body was discovered hundreds of years ago, it would be plundered by authorities of great forces and used as a slave.”

“A slave? Again?!” Lin Suci’s face turned green, “Why?!”

He had been approached several times to be recommended as a slave. Whenever the word was mentioned, Lin Suci was full of disgust.

“The dual cultivation method was carried out to use both parties’ spiritual energy to assist their cultivation at the same time, which causes the dual cultivators to get twice the cultivation result with half the effort.”

“And the higher the level of the natural spirit body, the more it can be of great help in dual cultivation. Therefore, those natural spirit bodies from hundreds of years ago… Do you understand now?”

Lin Suci shuddered, “… Are you kidding me?”

Yan Boshen patted his head, “So don’t take your natural spirit body seriously. It’s just a burden aside from aiding you in cultivation.”

Lin Suci: “Then since I’ve grew up so safely, it must have been difficult, right?”

Yan Boshen tone deepened, “That doesn’t really count. I am by your side after all.”

Lin Suci: “…”

With his sparkling eyes, he threw himself into Yan Boshen’s arms, “Boshen! Please! Be with me forever!”

The corner of Yan Boshen’s mouth rose again and it was clear that he enjoyed the hug very much, “Naturally.”

“Then are you still determined to learn swordsmanship?”

Lin Suci rolled up his sleeves, and his eyes burned blazingly, “Of course! I already have a natural spirit body! If I don’t strengthen myself, I would have to keep waiting to be a slave for someone else! Nonetheless, even if I can’t be a swordsmen cultivator, it’s good to have a skill to protect myself.”

Yan Boshen bent down and picked up the sword that he had thrown down, his gazes softened, “Good, then I… will truly teach you now, alright?”

Lin Suci held a lighter sword and stood with his chest up-high, expressing his pride, “Bring it on!”

Fifteen days later, on the day of the martial arts election in Tiansheng City, the whole citizens were celebrating with singing and dancing everywhere. There was a lot of laughter and cheer.

The door of the small independent courtyard that had been closed for fifteen days was finally opened.

A young man came out from the inside. With black marks under his eyes, he stared at the front with his dead fish eye. He had a slight hunchback and walked, as if he had nothing to lose in the world.

He was dragging a light sword and took heavy and steady steps.

The city lord’s mansion was full of awe-inspiring fighting spirit, but he was the only one who seemed like he had no weakness in life.

Yan Boshen stood contentedly behind him. Lin Suci looked up at the sky with dull eyes, and he was choked with tears of joys and excitement.

“…Ah, I actually survived… Being alive——is great.”

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