My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 53


The winning rate of the cultivators from the city lord’s mansion was slightly lower by one or two. In the end, the opponents were dozens of disciples from various sects. Most of the players in the battle were casual cultivators, so it was really difficult to know differentiate between winners and losers.

The number of twenty-seven was reported over there. Lin Suci held his dark green sword and got driven away by Yan Boshen’s nags as he hurriedly went to the side of the martial arts stage to prepare.

That was the first time that he had cultivated with others in broad daylight. His heart was pounding and he was a little nervous.

The twenty-sixth group that was still in a match on the stage came to an end. The cultivators from the city lord’s mansion were panting in sweat and blood traces were on their bodies. It was obvious that they could not support their bodies anymore, but they still struggled to get up.

Unfortunately, that match had already made them admit defeat.

Lin Suci saw it clearly. Sitting on the upper seat not far away, Chi Haina shook his fan, and quietly hid the worries between his brows.

There were still two to three groups left, but the victories of the cultivators from the city lord’s mansion were less than half.

The situation was not good.

The match on the stage was a match to see if it was the true defeat of the cultivators from city lord’s mansion.

The remaining people continue fighting again, and after vying for the first place, they made room for the next group.

After more than two dozen matched, the sun has now slanted to the west, and there were too many traces of previous battles on the martial arts platform. Some of them had tough actions, which almost halved the martial arts stage.

In Lin Suci’s pouch were the talismans that had been painstakingly made those days. Offensive and defensive talismans were divided into half. When he leaped up to the martial arts platform, he held a sword in his hand and grabbed a large number of talismans.

The remaining thirty-six people came up.

Lin Suci stepped aside and stood on the edge of the martial arts platform. The floor mats on the ground had long been ruined, even stained with blood. Lin Suci looked down and poked his foot at a hole in the mat, “Tsk.”

Thirty-six people went through three rounds, leaving behind nine outstanding young disciples.


The first young man looked at Lin Suci for a while. Nobody was certain of his thoughts. Looking at the meek and innocent young man in front of him, he turned to look under the black shed for the cultivators from city lord’s mansion and stared at Bai Qingkong. Turning his head back, his vigilance was even stronger.

Before that, there was a young man who looked tattered, but his skills were not actually how he seemed to be. Now, the young man in front of him had beautiful features, like from a drawing. He seemed to be like a noble who should be resting in the garden, waiting for lunch. His body was full of frailty, as if he had no traces of combat effectiveness. However, he did not dare to go easy on him.

Lin Suci held the sword. Looking at the vigilant eyes of the young man opposite him, he thought of Bai Qingkong’s previous performance from just now, and sighed.

It seemed that there was no way to use his pure appearance to gain an advantage.

The huge martial arts platform stood two people. After Lin Suci was ready, the young man on the opposite side turned his hand to initiate the first attack with a magic weapon.

In the three rounds before the competition, Lin Suci watched and got a basic understanding of those winners. That young man was an earth cultivator. Between his hands, a layer of soil cones were lifted up from the martial arts stage, and rushing to him sharply!

Lin Suci had been catching rabbits for half a month, and fought with the earth-attributed animals for so long, which made his body have an instinctive action. Without thinking, he took out the compass and moved it, setting off a dense curtain of vines, twisting and waving it upwards.

At the same time, he drilled some spirit energy into his hand and squatted on the ground. A gap was cracked straight on the martial arts stage, and a cane that was thicker than his thigh crawled out of it, which firmly encircled the other cultivator’s legs.

Both of them were in the stage of foundation building. In fact, the opponent was far more experienced than Lin Suci and reacted extremely quickly in battles. His body was controlled naturally, and immediately threw out a magic weapon, which split the martial arts platform. He quickly formed an earth blade, and slashed horizontally towards the vines.

in Suci had too little actual combat experience, and it was his first time against someone other than his own senior brothers and sisters. It was obvious that he was unfamiliar and had weaknesses in his actions. The vines were cut off by someone, and only after being hit by the gust of wind, he bent down and dodged in a hurry.

On the huge martial arts platform, Lin Suci was chased all over the place.

After all, he had too little actual combat experience. The gap between defeating rabbits and defeating humans was too big, making Lin Suci at a loss. His first reaction was to dodge.

As a demon cultivator, Lin Suci dared not say anything else, because he was definitely better than others in his running skills. All the opponent’s tricks were behind him, and even the nearest one could not reach his heel.

The little kitten almost turned into lightning as he ran wildly around the martial arts platform.

The cultivator behind him chased for many laps. He ran, without even knowing why he was running. However, the young boy in front of him did not stop his steps, so he could not stop either. He could only chase after him, and constantly releasing his spells.

Lin Suci jumped up and down, avoiding the moves coming from behind. Taking advantage of the young man’s bad ability to outrun him, Lin Suci made a sharp U-turn. In front of Lin Suci now was the young man’s buttock.

He took the opportunity and attached a talisman onto the young man’s buttock.


The talisman suddenly burst.


The young man was caught off guard and burned his butt by the fire.

Thanks to the defensive equipment he wore, the power of the talisman was blocked by at least a half, giving him time to extinguish the fire talisman quickly.

However, Lin Suci hit with one blow, and he immediately fled away.

The young man almost tilted his nose with anger.

Different from Bai Qingkong, Lin Suci was obviously lacking combat strength, and his actions had the weaknesses seen by the enemy. He was the kind that was the easiest to deal with, but…

He was too good in running!

He ran faster than me!

He was too slippery to be in hand!

He was like a pill with no shell, impossible to grasp!

The young man was anxious, his rhythm was completely interrupted, and he directly sacrificed his magic weapon.

Noticing that the situation was not good, Lin Suci quickly threw eight talismans, and the talisman suddenly turned into a defensive magic circle.

The young man urged the magic weapon and quickly attacked Lin Suci. It was a pity that Lin Suci could not do anything else, and there was nothing to say about his life-saving defences. He ran while dodging, relying on the defensive magic circle to abruptly push the young man’s attacks away.

Vines grew on the platform, giant trees suddenly descended, and even the saw-tooth blades of grass became Lin Suci’s weapons to attack the young man.

The martial arts platform was completely transformed by Lin Suci into a mysterious palace. Every step of the young man was a wood-attributed trap, and he dared not touch the ground with his feet, so he used majestic soaring magic to float in the air.

After leaving contact with the ground, the young man temporarily lost his earth-attributed spells, and was waiting to urge other spells. Lin Suci did not give him any time to do that though.

Lin Suci threw out the talismans one by one, raising his hand and snapping his fingers. The talisman surrounding the young man who was still in the air quickly activated, and the cold, hell-like frost instantly climbed up the young man’s body along the air. After a while, that young man turned stiff from the cold.

Lin Suci did not give him a chance to react. While he was frozen and not thawed, he rushed over and pushed out the big chunk of ice from the platform.

Clank— Clack— thud.” It smashed to the ground.

Lin Suci clutched his beating little heart. He peaked from above the platform to look at the foot of the martial arts platform. The thawed ice made the young man crawled out of the pool of water with a gloomy face, gritting his teeth as he hit the ground angrily.

“Ah, I won.” Lin Suci muttered to himself in a low voice, and even the shy voice in it was only heard by the young man on the ground.

The young man stood up, wet, turned his head and left.

Almost everyone in the martial arts arena was a little confused and said nothing.

The huge gap between their strengths was visible to the naked eye, but the ending was unexpected. That person fought seriously, and did not sneak any tricks. He was just… shameless.

In the second round, a brawny man with thick limbs came up with a huge knife.

Lin Suci directly regarded that person as the “butcher” who he had just defeated not long ago. Without saying anything, he threw a flaming talisman and ran away.

The little boy ran all of a sudden, making the brawny man confused. Lin Suci had a magic circle of defence, so it was impossible to fight from faraway. If the brawny man did not catch up, he would never have a chance to fight him!

The brawny man could not help but drew his leg to catch up to him.

“What are you running for?! If you are a man, face me head-on!”

Lin Suci would be the dumb one if he did not run away.

He had to fight nine rounds, and those people had much more experience than him in actual combat. If he stupidly confronted them, within two rounds, he would be at the bottom of the martial arts platform.

Lin Suci was already familiar with own his tactic of setting up magic circles while running. While slipping away from the brawny man, he quietly tossed the talismans along the way.

The brawny knife-carrier could not catch up with Lin Suci no matter how he ran, so he yelled with anger while banging his chest.

Lin Suci slipped away from the brawny man and ran more than twenty laps. When he noticed the brawny man panted, he slowly stopped.

Turning his head to look at the brawny man who was chasing after him, he only heard the man’s heavy steps.

The brawny man bent over with huge gasps and spoke intermittently, “…You chicken… Run… run… Just run all you want!”

“I’m not running anymore.” Lin Suci stood still and smiled softly.

Before the brawny could react, he squeezed his fingers.

The talismans that were already activated suddenly rose.

The golden light condensed into a magic circle, and that man was tightly trapped in it.

The brawny man was taken aback for a moment, and immediately lifted his huge knife, slashing towards the golden light!

Lin Suci let him slash blindly. He slowly took out a pair of earplugs from his pouch, and took out a small cymbal.

The little cymbal tapped slightly, and the strong man who was tightly trapped by the golden light suddenly let out an earth-shattering screech.

Lin Suci, who had plugged his ears, clashed his cymbals calmly.

The sound of the little cymbal could not be heard from the outside, but in the magic circle, the brawny man seemed to be packed into a polyphonic empty box, because the volume of the cymbals’ sounds were up a hundred times more in all directions, going straight into his ears, echoing in his head.

The huge knife slashed at the golden light, but it had no effects. However, it made the cymbal sounds more intense, accelerating the rhythm of the heartbeat. The strong man could not bear to let out a stern cry as the huge knife fell from his hand. His hands clasped his head as he rolled on the ground, howling in pain.

Lin Suci slowly raised his hand, “The opponent is already powerless to fight. In this round, am I winning?”

The judges and the spectators, including the hundreds of cultivators around the martial arts platform, all looked at each other.

Compared to the first round, that round was even more daunting.

Lin Suci ran as soon as he came onto the platform, but he made traps while running and there were even more traps in his placed traps. There was almost no chance to give his opponent a shot, and the round ended beautifully.

However, in terms of strength, that kind of situation should not happen!

There was no choice but to let such an absurd thing happen, just like that.

The judge announced Lin Suci’s victory, and lifted the brawny man, who had passed out, down the martial arts platform.

Sitting at the table, a few representatives of various major sects saw the reality and their faces turned gloomy.

Only the city lord, Chi Haina, was smiling and waving his foldable fan, clearly in a good mood.

If Lin Suci’s victory in the first two rounds was still confusing, then the third and fourth rounds, Lin Suci’s tactics for successive victories were getting obvious.

He did not have any actual combat experience, his skills were not strong, his magic circle formations were average, and the way he confronted the enemy was simple and rude. He dodged then ran. He started by disrupting the rhythm of the enemy, and pulled the opponent into his own rhythm, making him continuous getting hit points from the opponents.

His style of battle could be considered to be very…shameless.

Lin Suci was still clueless that he had left a disgusting impression in everyone’s hearts that no one could swallow nor cough up. Panting hard, he prepared for his fifth round.

He had won four games in a row, and he needed one more to win.

The opponent in that round was a girl in a pink skirt.

In the previous matches, Lin Suci knew that she was an illusionist.

The girl laughed sweetly, and bowed as soon as she came up, “Senior, please be merciful.”

Lin Suci said without shame, “Junior is pretty like a flower, so senior will definitely be gentle.”

The girl smiled brighter.

The two presented fist-and-palm-salute to each other.

The girl watched Lin Suci’s four rounds and knew that she could not let him run first. As soon as he ran, she would not be able to stop him.

The girl who had made early preparations immediately threw a magic weapon to quickly expand the illusion space as soon as the gongs and drums sounded, directly pulling Lin Suci into an illusionary realm.

Blossom petals fluttered, fallen leaves created a colourful contrast as the butterflies flew by the lake. The girl in the pink skirt stood shyly, looking beautiful like a flower.

Lin Suci looked around to see everything around him was so realistic. He could not resist clapping his hands and praised, “You deserve to be an illusionist, junior is so amazing. May I know whom did junior learn it from?”

“Junior comes from Emerald Hour Sect. My mentor is the true Du Ying.” The girl smiled softly and politely introduced herself.

“Brother, this is your illusion, you can…” The girl spoke with a deep meaning, “Do whatever you want. Whatever you think of will come true.”

Lin Suci had seen her previous match.  Her opponent was drawn into the illusion and did whatever the opponent thought of. However, the opponent was taken advantage by the girl as her means of attack, easily breaking the opponent’s defence and won.

Thinking about it that way, illusionist are kind of awesome.

Lin Suci’s heart moved.

That was the fantasy world she created, and everything he thought of would be faithfully passed on to the girl. What should he think, what thoughts… are better?

The pink skirt girl’s mouth was hooked in a long arc, waiting for the change of the illusion, so that she could easily grasp her opponent.

So what if he could run, so what if he knew how to create magic circles? In her fantasy world, he still had nothing left.

The girl smiled even broadly, clearly in a joyous mood.

Let me break his winning streak.

The next moment, Lin Suci, who was standing under the blossom tree, closed his eyes.

The illusion changed in a flash.

The blossoms were gone. The running water disappeared, and was replaced by a majestic temple in the mountains, with carved white jade pillars, vermilion lacquer on the fence, and curtains hanging down. Scents of burning fragrance came pouring in.

The girl snorted coldly.

Behind the white jade pillars, a few people walked out slowly.

The girl’s eyes widened.

They were a few old men with white hair and beard, and a middle-aged cultivator with a serious face.

“Master! Senior and uncle?!”

The girl was dumbfounded.

Wasn’t this Lin Suci’s illusion?

She turned her head and hurriedly searched the Heart of the Illusion.

Not far away, on the steps below the white jade pillars, she saw Lin Suci.

The young man sat with his legs crossed without regarding his image, and snapped his fingers at the cultivators from a distance.

The next moment, a scene that almost suffocated the girl appeared.

The group of elderly cultivators suddenly raised the hem of their clothes. They had no pants, which showed their hairy thighs. Stepping left and right, they started to dance on the steps.

A cultivator with a big belly, another with a white beard, and an old cultivator with slouched back, had a look of attractiveness and glanced at the girl, winking.

“Come on~ My guest~ Stay happy~~~”

The vicissitudes of their voices and the usual serious voice intertwined. The shoulders of the middle-aged and the elderly that were slightly exposed, the thighs with the hairy legs, and their big and rough hands did not suit their current girly attitude. The elders, now dancing and approaching the girl gave her many hits in her heart.

The girl who was caught off guard spewed out a mouthful of blood. The illusionary realm collapsed suddenly.

Lin Suci squatted slowly on the ground, his fingers curled slightly and he frowned, “I caught it.”

Between him, the illusion worm was gripped and could not escape. It twisted and screamed for help from its owner.

The girl looked shocked, and slowly stretched out her trembling hand. Her face of humiliation and anger had an impact on her beautiful face. She vomited blood, “You! You! Shameless! Shameless!!!”

That hoarse complaint was full of grief and anger as it echoed in the martial arts arena.

Lin Suci said seriously, “If I’m really shameless, I might think of other ideas, and give you a more refreshing look. Junior, I really am not shameless enough.

How would the girl not know what he meant? That kind of self-humiliation, and the humiliation of fellow seniors’ hairy-thigh dance, made her hard to distinguish which was worse. Another mouthful of blood was vomited and the girl slammed herself to the ground, wailing bitterly.


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