My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 54


The most memorable ones in the thirty matches of martial fighting in the whole segment was the contrasting strength of Bai Qingkong, and Lin Suci’s unbelievably shameless act. They both came from the city lord’s mansion. Almost in a short moment, they had already attracted hatred from other thirty-six sects.

The martial arts stage was cleaned again. Lin Suci and Yan Boshen stood under the black shed, facing each other with their heads down. Yan Boshen spoke something and Lin Suci nodded with everything he said, looking very obedient.

A total of thirty winners had assembled on the martial arts stage. There were only twelve people from the city lord’s mansion. Everyone stood together with the first cultivator as the center, while Lin Suci and Bai Qingkong stood at the end.

The mixed battle was not as simple as fighting one-to-one. With a great number of people on the opposite side, they had already occupied a certain advantage. As for the cultivators from the city lord’s mansion, the ten people were already strong in terms of fighting power and strength.  They had one simple yet rough Bai Qingkong as well as one shameless Lin Suci, a combination which was enough to make people worry.

Bai Qingkong and Lin Suci’s weaknesses were obvious and everyone could clearly see them. In combat fighting, their fighting styles could still be tricky. However, in the mixed battle, it was obvious that the opponents rushed toward death one by one.

Even though Bai Qingkong and Lin Suci had a way in combat, when they had to deal with a group of people, they were definitely at a disadvantage.

“Xingchen…” In front, the ten people gathered together for a while to discuss the tactics.  Bai Qingkong drew closer to Lin Suci, and softly spoke to him, “Let’s cooperate later.”

“Cooperate?” Lin Suci stretched out his hand into his sleeve and tried to get something for a long time. In Bai Qingkong’s curious sight, Lin Suci got out two dried fish. After handing him one, he licked one by himself.  With vague expressions, he asked, “How do we cooperate?”

Bai Qingkong was overwhelmed and took the dried fish. He could not learn the way Lin Suci shoved the whole fish in his mouth and spat out its complete bones. He only held it in his hand, and bit one part at a time.

He glanced around, especially when his eyes fell on the upper position of the seated representatives of various sects. He hesitated and softly said, “I saw it, you are a talisman cultivator and a magic weapon cultivator, which are both auxiliary. I am a swordsman cultivator, so we can cooperate with each other well.”

What Bai Qingkong said was right. Whether he was a talisman cultivator or a magic weapon cultivator, he would generally act as a lethality auxiliary aid for swordsman cultivators. After all, swordsman cultivators were the main to combat power, basically surrounded by other miscellaneous cultivators.

Bai Qingkong had just obtained the majestic soaring sword and he was at a stage of learning to control it.

Even if he did not have a sword cultivation ability that needed assistance, that sword with self-consciousness alone was enough.

Lin Suci groaned.

He had nothing more to say. He had just started learning sword skills, so he was naturally weaker in that aspect. If he cooperated with Bai Qingkong, one assisting and the other for the main attack, it would probably also be a good idea.

“Deal!” Lin Suci and Bai Qingkong clapped it off together.

Under the shed not far away, Yan Boshen looked at the martial arts platform. Among the crowd, he stared closely at his little cat. Looking at him and Bai Qingkong patting each other’s shoulders, he noticed that the two of them squatted on the ground and whispered for a long time.

He was not happy.

Yan Boshen looked down as the slanted sun lit over him. A spot of light casted under his eyes, making it difficult for people to see his expression.

Lin Suci did not realize his owner’s mood. He continued discussing with Bai Qingkong, gave a high five and announced their cooperation.

The judge had already stood in the middle of the martial arts stage. With a nagging tone, the judge spoke every single word about the rules of the battle. Not far away, the pharmacists stood in a row to prepare for saving lives during the fight.

Thirty people stood around and bowed to each other.

The drums of war banged.

Lin Suci stared at the dark green sword in his hand and glanced at Bai Qingkong, whose back was straightened on his side. His heart beated to the rhythm of the drums.

After the first three beats of the drum, both sides started off with the confrontation move.

Merely in an instant, the two groups of people who were very distinct had already fought together with various techniques, intertwining with numerous undulating battle cries.

Lin Suci and Bai Qingkong were pounced on by three people there.

The three of them were all wary of the duo, one was a talisman cultivator, a swordsman cultivator while the other was a magic circle cultivator. Their group was a very standard combat combination.

It was clear that the trio were well-trained. When they came up unambiguously, a talisman turned into a fire dragon to block Lin Suci’s path and a meander water dragon blocked all the sword-swaying possibilities from Bai Qingkong. Obviously, it was a tactic that had been specifically targeted against the two of them. At the same time, the swordsman cultivator jumped up, carrying the sound of winds, and unleashing an ultimate killer move there!

Lin Suci and Bai Qingkong looked at each other in an instant.

The next moment, Bai Qingkong hugged the sword in his arm, turned around and started running!

On the other hand, a brand-new sword that had never seen the light was slowly pulled out. When the sword shone in front, it firmly put the ultimate attack on pause.

Under the dark green sword, Lin Suci’s face appeared smiling.

The three of them were dumbfounded by the sudden conversion of the two. The talisman cultivator and magic circle cultivator were still hesitating, but that swordsman cultivator did not stand still. Being stopped at his first attack, he immediately swung the second sword.

The sword skill the cultivator had was very sharp. Every movement was firm and unwavering.

As a sword cultivator who held a sword for more than twenty years, his strength was much greater than Lin Suci. He was also a cultivator who had been immersed in swordsmanship all year round. His moves were as smooth as floating clouds and flowing water. There was little to no hesitation when he knew he had a change of opponents.

Lin Suci grasped the majestic soaring sword while clutching the hilt of the sword tightly with all his strength. While adjusting to the most combative moment, he integrated what he had learned in the past few months into his moves.

Warding off and attacking, Lin Suci  retreated step-by-step with his body and continued leaping over lightly to dodge the sword of the swordsman cultivator. His wrist flicked to prevent the fierce moves from hitting him, which made his arms slightly numb.

“That’s amazing.” Lin Suci held on to the dark green sword after avoiding the swordsman cultivator’s attack.  A smile appeared on his face. In his green eyes, a cluster of flames gradually lit up, “It’s a pity that I have seen someone a hundred times stronger than you.”

If Yan Boshen’s skill-feeding or Xiao Lan as a sword-training partner, perhaps in Lin Suci’s eyes, he would be afraid of the young swordsman cultivator, because his sword-swaying style was undeniably powerful and sharp.

But, with the presence of dread under a sword blade, it would be a defeat.

He did not have that. What he had was fearless warfare under the coachmanship of Yan Boshen and Xiao Lan.

Once one had seen the clouds from the summit of the mountain, one could not compliment the peaks from the ground the same again.

Lin Suci grasped the hilt with the sword upright and took a deep breath.

At the same time, the swordsman cultivator struck the next attack without any halts!

The collision between the blades produced sparks. The swordsman cultivator’s strength was so much stronger than Lin Suci’s. Under his continuous attack, Lin Suci retreated. With dodges from left to right, he was far away from the crowd and reached the edge of the martial arts stage, as if he was about to fall.

Along with the sounds of wind, another fierce sword attack struck directly at Lin Suci’s vital pulse!

Lin Suci raised his brows, the corners of his mouth raised, showing a surprisingly baffled and rather unruffled smile. His face that appeared elegant like a nobleman, emerged a cunning smirk that should not exist in the battlefield.

The swordsman cultivator did not look into it that much, all he saw in front of his eyes was the verge defeat of a scoundrel. His eyes continued to scorch with fiery light.

That swordsman cultivator was determined to win.

In an instant, Lin Suci’s eyes brightened up and he abruptly put away his sword. Under the chilly power of the opponent’s sword, he showed a faithful smile, speedily bent over and gushed away from the edge.

While the sword struck, the opponent was dumbfounded when he found that Lin Suci had disappeared. As soon as his sword power staved off, the hilt of a sword flew across the horizon!

The tattered Bai Qingkong appeared like a hallucination as he flashed to the front of the swordsman cultivator, holding his tattered and slightly damaged majestic soaring sword.

However, the startled swordsman cultivator had decreased his sword power by the time Bai Qingkong appeared. So, Bai Qingkong firmly seized that opportunity and wielded the strength of the majestic soaring sword!

After Lin Suci stepped aside, he bent his back and avoided the flying sword hilt in the midst of chaos. He took out the talisman from his pouch and threw it towards the swordsman cultivator with a flick of his fingertips!

The swordsman cultivator was already letting down his guard when he faced the strong demeanor of Bai Qingkong’s sword, so his back was immediately hit by the talisman that had formed into a fire dragon. While he wailed in pain, his back was also severely slashed by Bai Qingkong’s sword. He fell with his head directly out of the martial arts stage.

After landing on the ground, the cultivator finally saw that the clothes of the talisman cultivator and magic circle cultivator, who had chased Bai Qingkong earlier, were all ruined by the sword’s energy.

Lin Suci and Bai Qingkong assembled smoothly.

When their bodies criss-crossed, they firmly high five each other.

Next, two of them carried out their old tricks. Gradually, Lin Suci relied on Bai Qingkong’s undead spirit and again sent three cultivators down to reunite with others.

The two consecutive victories had already made the remaining people on the martial arts stage notice their differences.

Now, there were less than twenty people on the platform.

Among the “survivors”, only six to seven people were from the city lord’s mansion, including Lin Suci and Bai Qingkong.

In the beginning, Lin Suci started using swords, which made it practically impossible for people to understand his position. At first he was seen to be a talisman cultivator, then he turned out to be a magic weapon cultivator. At that moment, he was a swordsman cultivator. However, he was hard to be dealt with because nobody was sure how to fight against him due to his various foundation-building aspects.

That time, there were five people on the opposite side and they were surrounding Lin Suci and Bai Qingkong.

Among them were three swordsman cultivators.

“Little cabbage…” Lin Suci resolutely hid behind Bai Qingkong and said, “I’ll leave it to you!”

Lin Suci could face a swordsman cultivator for practice purposes, but three of those would definitely cut him to slices. Lin Suci was self-aware of that situation.

Without any guilty conscience, he pushed the seemingly pitiful Bai Qingkong out.

The world protagonist, the young majestic soaring swordsman, the first name in the original book, let’s go!

At the same time when Bai Qingkong was pushed out, the majestic soaring sword was already ready to move.

Lin Suci held the dark green sword in his right hand, and the talisman in his left, and went straight for the magic circle cultivators!

Seriously speaking, his sword skills were not that great. He threw the talisman at the magic circle cultivators which interrupted the progress of their array-formation. At that moment, Lin Suci’s sword was a dangerous existence to the defenseless cultivators.

The magic circle cultivators were forced to back away, while a talisman cultivator immediately replaced them, but the duration to switch places had created more opportunities for Lin Suci.

Lin Suci took advantage when the cultivators were not ready, and instantly forced the sword at them. However, the talisman from the talisman cultivator was thrown out and turned into a fire dragon, pouncing towards Lin Suci.

With a fierce slash, Lin Suci cut off the fire dragon and threw out some talismans in his hand at the same time. The six talismans became a net and its spiritual energy was extremely powerful, much stronger than the one from the talisman cultivator. He immediately trapped the talisman cultivator in the golden silk net made of talismans.

The magic circle cultivators lost the protection of both the swordsman and talisman cultivators. There was no time to set up a formation, so at the beginning of their formation, they were forcibly interrupted by Lin Suci’s sword.

Before the talisman cultivator had yet to break free from Lin Suci’s talismans, the magic circle cultivators had already been swept off the platform by Lin Suci’s sword.

Lin Suci put away his sword.

The talisman in his hand alternated with magic weapons, and the talisman was consumed vigorously. By virtue of the talisman that was stronger than others along with its strong spiritual aura, he forcibly grinded the person until the energy was out of reach.

Finally, Lin Suci kicked that talisman cultivator out of the platform.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Bai Qingkong was surrounded by three swordsman cultivators, left and right. His shabby clothes almost turned into cloth strips, hanging onto his ribs, looking very pitiful.

The three swords cultivators were surprised. They were the best among their peers, so they teamed up to deal with the half-year-old boy, which was a bullying situation. However, in the midst of that extremely unfair treatment, the boy actually could stop three of them! Not only that, even the sword that looked like copper and rotten iron became more difficult to deal with.

“I’m coming!” After settling the aiding talisman and magic circle cultivators, Lin Suci did not need a sword anymore. Taking a talisman and throwing it out, Lin Suci’s hands had an additional octagonal fan.

Bai Qingkong was affixed to his back by a floating talisman. He was already exhausted, but he instantly drew energy from the talisman. His slightly weak sword style, and became majestically swift and fierce again.

It was Lin Suci’s assist for the first time. Sorting out the talisman that had more benefits, he proceeded to toss them towards Bai Qingkong. After decompressing defenses and strengthening his partner’s body, Lin Suci waved the fan in no hurry.

That fan seemed light, but with a shake of his hand, a wind dragon rolled up from the fan, roaring and rushing towards the swordsman cultivators.

He turned his hand again, changed another fan, and shook it. The soft fluttering wind had hints of fragrance as well as the smell of rouge.

The three swordsman cultivators had no aid anymore, and they were all in Bai Qingkong’s attack range. Unable to resist, they abruptly relied on their bodies to resist two successive wind blows.

One light wind and one strong wind approached, the three cultivators gritted their teeth. However, the winds only looked powerful superficially. Like huge thunder and little rain, there was no impact on them.

It was just that in the segments between breathing, the three of them were caught cutting off some slack.

Bai Qingkong noticed the timing, and had his majestic soaring sword in a fierce pursuit.

Lin Suci turned the octagonal fan in his hand, and watched Bai Qingkong’s momentum under the siege of the three people again. With a pinch of his fingers on the handle, the octagonal fan directly became large and was lifted into the air, spinning naturally.

A hurricane hit violently.

The three cultivators were still seriously fighting against Bai Qingkong. The hurricane that struck from behind was like violent wind and huge waves. It did not give the trio a chance to resist. They were directly caught in the eye of the wind and thrown into the sky.

Bai Qingkong, completely unaffected by the hurricane, pursued the victory and swept all three of them down the platform.

Lin Suci put away the fan.

The two high-fived again.

“Xingchen, you are amazing!” Bai Qingkong was panting, his face flushed with sweat.

Lin Suci smiled and looked at the stunned cultivators who were just sent off the platform, “You are still the best one.”

The duo cooperated three times, and a total of ten people were sent away…

…directly cutting off the opposite by half.

Only four people remained on the stage.

Two people from the city lord mansion, and two people from the opposite sect.

Their opponents were a swordsman cultivator, and a body cultivator, abruptly relying on their own strength to get to that moment.

However, opposite the opponents were a guy who relied on a majestic soaring sword to open his golden fingers, and a guy who relied on cheekiness to behave like a hooligan.

Bai Qingkong and Lin Suci looked at each other, understanding what they wanted through each other’s eyes.

After that, they both raised their heads. Facing the two cultivators, whose scalp were numb, they simultaneously showed a shy smile.

The two cultivators on the opposite side acted first and rushed towards Lin Suci together.

They could see that the young swordsman cultivator was tenacious and tough. Although he was difficult to deal with, he still had the strength for battle. The premise was that he could not let someone else assist him.

Lin Suci had no rush. Taking out dozens of talismans from his cloth, he also got out his bamboo bird whistle.

With earplugs plugging his ears, Lin Suci jumped up, and the talisman in his hand formed a magic circle. Taking advantage of the moment when two people rushed towards him at the same time, he blew the bamboo bird whistle in his hand.

The crisp sound of birds was harsh and loud.

There was obvious pain on the faces of the two cultivators, but they kept walking and quickly moved towards Lin Suci.

Lin Suci had been well-prepared. The moment the two cultivators rushed over, his body turned into a cloud and disappeared.

Both the sword and the fist punch landed on an empty spot.

A sword struck behind them.

Bai Qingkong quickly fought with the two people.

The bamboo bird whistle in Lin Suci’s hand kept creating sounds. Its tune continued to rise, and it was sharp and piercing to the point of absolute torture.

The body cultivator could not stand it anymore, and gave up on Bai Qingkong. He turned his head and rushed towards Lin Suci with a loud cry.

Lin Suci did not panic and ran away instead.

The body cultivator quickly caught up.

There were only four people left on the empty martial arts stage, finally giving Lin Suci room to show his talents. As a demon cultivator, his physical abilities could be used at that moment, and he ran, leaving an afterimage, making that body cultivator unable to catch up.

However, in that way, he did not have the effort to play the bamboo bird whistle anymore.

The swordsman and body cultivator heaved a sigh of relief at the same time.

Lin Suci put away the bamboo bird whistle as he ran, and quickly took out the compass he had played before.

He injected a lot of spiritual aura, and the compass turned quickly.

The body cultivator was chasing him, but the platform suddenly split with a crack. Vines stretched out from it, firmly entangling the legs of the cultivator.

Lin Suci’s compass turned.

Fog appeared out of nowhere.

The body cultivator was caught off guard and was severely hit by a sword.

Lin Suci pierced out his sword, and his expression changed slightly.

Body cultivators were indeed body cultivators. That sword did not hurt the opponent at all.

Lin Suci could not get a single hit on the other cultivator. Quickly retracting his sword, he continued to turn the compass.

Before the fog had cleared, the body cultivator rushed in one direction and stepped out with one foot. However, he stepped on what looked like a muddy swap, and fell deeply into it.

He reacted swifty, and jumped up, but there was another swamp under his feet.

The body cultivator closed his eyes, and rushed towards Lin Suci while following the sound of his breathing.

The compass in Lin Suci’s hand had already turned thrice.

The soft vines gently swallowed all the attacks that body cultivator launched against him.

After several attacks, he was not able to hit him. He became extremely impatient, and slammed onto the ground, forming a crack on it. The crack reached Lin Suci’s feet.

The martial arts platform vibrated violently.

Lin Suci shook, and almost fell. Finally, after staggering a few steps, he stood firm.

The body cultivator took that opportunity and came straight to the place where the breathing stopped.

Lin Suci noticed that the body cultivator was rushing towards him. As if getting caught off guard, he let out an “Ah.”

The body cultivator rejoiced with joy, and gave out his heavy punch!


The talisman that he hit drifted down slowly, and Lin Suci flashed behind the cultivator, taking advantage of his leaning body while punching the talisman, Lin Suci gently pushed him from behind.

The body cultivator who had already been led to the edge of the martial arts stage fell down.

Lin Suci sighed and turned his head.

Under Bai Qingkong’s sword, the swordsman cultivator was also too weak to resist, and finally lowered his head.

Two people remained on the martial arts stage.

Lin Suci and Bai Qingkong looked at each other.

“What do we do now?” Bai Qingkong scratched his head, “We are both invited by the city lord, do we still have to divide our ranking?”

Lin Suci understood him and was also confused, “We have to, right?”

In the original book, Bai Qingkong won first place, right?

“Then what shall we do?” Bai Qingkong and Lin Suci looked at each other.

Lin Suci asked, “Want to fight?”

“No, no!?” Bai Qingkong shook his hands quickly, “I don’t want to fight you.”

It was unsure if friendship made him say so, or because he had seen Lin Suci’s unrestrained fight style, which made Bai Qingkong objected to confront him.

Lin Suci thought for a while, “Should we… play rock-paper-scissors?”

Bai Qingkong: “…I think it’s fine.”

Before the last afterglow of the setting sun faded, the shadows of the two young men were pulled on the martial arts stage. Lin Suci and Bai Qingkong were in the eyes of hundreds of people, seriously playing rock-paper-scissors.


Scissors from Lin Suci, rocks from Bai Qingkong.

“Ah, I won.” Bai Qingkong said sillily.

Lin Suci sighed.

“Then, you will be first place.”

Destiny cannot be violated.

The twenty-eight people below the stage who had lost, whether they were from the city lord’s mansion or from the opposite sect, all had their faces stunned and simply could not believe it.

Did they just let those two little brats defeat them?

At that moment, regardless of the sect, the twenty-eight people had a feeling of grief and indignation.


Chi Haina shook his fan and swaggered down. His eyes were full of smiles.

“I’m sorry, the first and second are all taken care of by the city lord.”

“I’m afraid what you mentioned before,” Chihaina slowly said to the gloomy representatives of the various sects, “is not appropriate.”

The representatives of those sects turned their eyes from Bai Qingkong to Lin Suci again, gritted their teeth and laughed.

“City lord is so powerful. Where did you recruit these juniors? They are really special.”

“No matter where they came from, they are now the guests of Tiansheng City’s city lord’s mansion.” Chi Haina shook his fan, and spoke with great energy.

He pointed at Bai Qingkong and Lin Suci with his fan, “This city lord is not a stingy person. Since both of you won first and second for this city lord, I shall show my gratitude.”

Nearly a thousand people in the martial arts arena heard with their own ears the clear voice of the lord of Tiansheng City, Chi Haina.

“Ye Xingchen, Bai Qingkong, as the city lord, I hereby present both of you, the passage order to the Trial Tower of Yunxiao County.”


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