My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 59


The hustle and bustle of Cordyceps came to the ears. Their sounds were soft, but rather noisy.

The green grass and leaves after autumn withered. Unlike the softness they had during spring and summer, they were sharp like blades, stabbing on the body. Even with a thick layer of fluff, it still felt itchy and painful.

Lin Suci felt he was lying in a pool of sharp blades. When the wind blew, his body was in pain as if he was cut to pieces.

A gentle palm gently lifted him up.

The cold and piercing touch was replaced by a warm chest.

“Boy, why aren’t you waking up yet? Stop making your master uncomfortable.”

The person held him like carrying a baby as he walked and shook lightly. WIth a small voice, he kept talking nonstop.

When Lin Suci heard that sentence, it took a long time for him to hear clearly. It took ages to pass the message, word by word, to him.

After he finally understood the sentence, a long time had passed. The person holding him had walked back and forth several times. The thoughts exiting his mouth were still in pieces, but the content had changed.

“Child, in my life as a master, I thought it would end this way, but I never knew that I would encounter you, this disaster. It seems that your Master has to walk the journey again.”

What is Master talking about…

It took a long time for Lin Suci to barely open his eyes.

The person holding him and talking was no doubt his master, Qing Fou.

However, the master with black hair and red eyes, added some demonic aura around him for no reason, which was extraordinarily unfamiliar.

It was unknown how many words Qing Fou had said while carrying the little kitten in his arms. He did not stop one bit, but he occasionally looked down at his unconscious little apprentice.

While talking, he also lowered his head and glanced at the kitten who was still asleep. Finally, he met with Lin Suci’s round pupils of a beast.

His jade-green eyes were in a daze. He still looked drowsy, but it was obvious that he was awake.

“Suci!” Qing Fou excitedly raised the kitten in his arms and played with his fur wildly, “You finally woke up. You almost scared your master to death!!!”

Lin Suci raised his paw weakly, and the joy of escaping from death enveloped him. At that moment, even though he saw Qing Fou’s unfamiliar face, he was still on cloud nine.



He was ready to greet his master with tears in his eyes for a reunion after death. However, what came from his open mouth was a kitten’s cry, as if craving for milk.

Lin Suci was in a daze again. The shock in his eyes was obvious.

What on earth is happening? Was his language capability losing its function?

Lin Suci: “Meow meow meow meow meow!” Master, what’s wrong with me?

He was still meowing? Lin Suci’s eyes were wide open in shock..

Could it be that he was just listening to meows, but his language was actually changed naturally in Qing Fou’s ears?

Lin Suci raised his eyes full of anticipation, but he met with Qing Fou’s more daunting face.

“Suci, what nonsense are you talking about? Speak well.”

Lin Suci was already in tears.

“Meow! Meow meow! Meow meow meow meow!”

Master! Your apprentice! I can’t speak anymore!

The young cat’s meows were delicate and tender. That was Lin Suci’s voice a few months ago. Long ago, he filled himself with the ghostly energy in the cave, just to make his voice a little more mature than before.

But now, was he back before the state of foundation establishment?

No way, that’s not right!

Lin Suci’s little paws pressed tightly against his pounding little heart. Staring at Qing Fou with anticipation, he made a test on the situation, “Meow meow! Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow? Meow meow meow meow meow meow?”

Ah, Master! Is it because my body is too weak? Is this why I can’t speak?

However, Qing Fou still remained his blank, confused expression. He was supposed to be the evil spirit because he was entangled with demonic energy before, but even though he had a vicious aura, he stared stupidly, “Suci, have you choked on too much water and hurt your throat?”

Right! It’s possible!

Lin Suci tried to roll over. His kitten physique was lying in Qing Fou’s arms, rolling into a soft ball of fur. No matter how hard his short limbs tried to push, he could not support himself.

The kitten’s body was too weak. It had lost Lin Suci’s usual strength.

He was simply too weak.

Lin Suci barely managed to support half of his body. His tiny paws patted on Qing Fou’s arm as he gave gestures to Qing Fou.

“Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow?”

Master, can you help to check on me?

Qing Fou could not understand cat language, but at least he could understand the gestures.

He sat cross-legged on the ground, clutching the kitten’s paw, and tentatively asked, “You want me to check how your body is now?”


Lin Suci’s eyes glittered as he nodded vigorously.

“I guess I was so panicked that I forgot about this…” Qing Fou whispered. Pressing onto Lin Suci’s paw cushion, he transferred a breath of spiritual energy to the kitten.

Lin Suci’s eyes were piercing with light as he cooperated with Qing Fou. The wave of sub-spiritual energy was transferred along his paws, but it felt like a shocking violent ocean gushing into him, completely exceeding the level of acceptance his cat body could take in. The pain was so overbearing that he started barking out small fangs, and struggled with a shrill cry.

“Little Suci!”

Qing Fou was also taken aback by the sudden change in front of him. He quickly took away his spiritual energy and checked the little cat, from head to paw.

“What happened?”

Lin Suci fell to the floor in that short while. He just woke up, so his body was still weak. With that sudden stimulation, his little cat body curled up into a ball, shivering unconsciously.

Lin Suci was unsure what was going on. At the moment when his body was in contact with spiritual energy, there was a sharp pain that could tear him apart along the body parts where the  energy headed in his body.

With a solemn expression, Qing Fou held Lin Suci’s paw again.

“Meow meow…”

It hurts…

Lin Suci’s cat face was cramped with pain, and the bulging pupils of the little animal were already in tears, blinking pitifully.

Qing Fou was very cautious this time, almost tentatively testing the cat while paying attention to Lin Suci’s physical condition.

However, with only a slight injection of energy, the kitten in his arms was already trembling.

“It’s not working…”

He frowned and let go of Lin Suci’s paw.

After being silent for a long time, Qing Fou cleared his throat, “Suci.”

Lin Suci raised his head and nauseously blinked.

Qing Fou’s words were at the tip of his lips. He hesitated for a moment, but he could not say it.

He figured for a long time, and finally stood up holding Lin Suci.

Lin Suci turned to look around.

That was the courtyard of their sect, which had long been burnt to a pile of charcoal, dark and dirty. There were ruins everywhere, and there was no trace of other people.

That place was slightly different from when Lin Suci came to check it before. There were more than a dozen white-clothed corpses on the ground.

Lin Suci tried to squeeze his head out from Qing Fou’s arms. The squeezed kitten’s face swayed back and forth. After seeing it clearly, he made a sound of annoyance.

When he was unconscious, Mysterious Heart Sect came over to give away their heads.

How long was this? He was unsure if Yan Boshen received the paper cranes he released, or found that they faced problems. Did he come back…

Lin Suci was still thinking about it, but Qing Fou had already carried him to the ruins. His master stopped in front of his room and raised his hand.

White mist rose up at the empty space where the beams and pillars were burnt into charcoal. After a while, the white mist dissipated, and an undamaged cabinet appeared on the spot.

Qing Fou stuffed the kitten into the empty grid, and opened the drawers, turning over every one of them without looking up.

Lin Suci stood tremblingly on the cabinet. A small box was placed next to him, and a ceramic bottle was inside. It was just right in front of his eyes. When he moved, the bottle would have fallen and shattered.


What is Master doing, what did he want to say just now?

Lin Suci tried to stretch out his claws and carefully grabbed Qing Fou’s bun.

Qing Fou felt that, but he did not look up, “Be obedient, your master is just looking for a life-saving medicine for you, so don’t mess around.”

Life-saving medicine? Didn’t he already come back alive?

Lin Suci licked his paws with stealth, and the cat’s face was full of confusion.

Or was there anything left in his body that was about to kill him? After all, in his current state, he was so weak that he did not seem like a ninth-level cultivator. He was no better than an ordinary mortal at the moment…

Lin Suci’s tongue was stuck out to lick his paw.

Wait, I think I know the problem.

The kitten stiffened for a moment, lowered his head, and looked anxiously at the Qing Fou, who was bending over under the cabinet. He was vaguely aware that his prediction was correct.

“Meow wuu~”

Lin Suci’s cry was bitter and pitiful, like the last warning of a young animal before crying, making one’s hair stand on end.

“Hey hey, what’s wrong? Master is going to find it, so don’t wail anymore.”

Keeping a calm look, Qing Fou looked up, patted Lin Suci’s fur on the back, and continued searching.

“Where is it…”

He murmured, but fortunately, he found the small bottle of medicine under the bottommost drawer.

Qing Fou heaved a breath and felt slightly relaxed.

He carried Lin Suci down from the cabinet, carefully opened the medicine bottle like handling a long-lost treasure, and fed him a medicinal pill.

“Little cat, your master spent many years of hard work to create this pill. There’s only this bottle in the whole world, yet the number of pills in it is only fifteen. If they were sold, they would cost tens of thousands of spiritual stones. They are extremely precious, understood?”

With black hair and red pupils, Qing Fou, who had a whole body of demonic energy, carried Lin Suci while explaining about the pills. The theory of money exchange made Lin Suci clearly understand that his master would always be his master.

Lin Suci unceremoniously swallowed a pill costing tens of thousands of spiritual stones.

Qing Fou patted his little head, “Child, your problem is a bit serious. That energy-swallowing magic circle was too domineering. You are young and low in the cultivation base. It not only absorbs your spiritual energy completely, but it has also severely damaged the space under your diaphragm.”

Lin Suci swallowed the pill laboriously. Qing Fou grabbed the kitten by the waist, picked up the kitten, and stared.

“Little cat, you’re a waste cat now, don’t you know?” Qing Fou’s pretending composure had a guilty conscience that could not be concealed.

Lin Suci patted Qing Fou’s face with a paw and meowed a few times.

I didn’t know just now, but now, I finally understood.

With a rare good temper, Qing Fou took Lin Suci’s paws back. He held the kitten and waved his other hand. The cabinet filled with the miraculous medicine was put into the mustard seeds. In that short moment, the area immediately returned to the desolation of ruins.

“My little cat, you have broken your cinnabar field (dantian) now, and you have completely changed back to an ordinary cat. On the other hand, your master’s cultivation base was reversed. It seems that I am back to being a magic cultivator.” Qing Fou grasped Lin Suci’s two forelimbs, and his eyes were flickering, “We, master and apprentice, both committed Boshen’s taboo.”

Lin Suci’s eyes lit up when he heard about Yan Boshen. His paw patted Qing Fou’s shoulder, “Meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!”

Then, let’s just wait for Boshen to come back!

Even if Qing Fou did not understand the kitten, just by looking at Lin Suci’s excited cat face was able to let him guess his intention.

He held the little kitten with a bitter face, “Don’t even think about it. As a master, I won’t let Boshen see us both in this state.”

“Master remembers those days when I was an awesome magic cultivator. For the sake of my master’s last words, I abolished my own cultivation base. Your Big Senior almost killed me with a knife back then!”

“Boshen also loves you so much. He literally raised you as his own kitten. If he knew that your cultivation base was abolished, he might not cut you off. However, it is very likely that the former hatred and the old hatred would be enough for him to chop me to pieces.”

Qing Fou stuffed Lin Suci into the placket of his clothes, and said loudly, “Your master will definitely not find a dead end.”

“Little cat, you must never let Boshen discover us until you are cured by your master! For the sake of our life… let’s wander around the world, child!”

“Meow? Meow meow meow meow meow wuu?!!!”

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