My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 60


Lin Suci’s short life experience taught him to learn to understand current affairs. When there was someone under the eaves, it was fine to follow their instructions.

Now, he was just an ordinary cat. Not to mention his power of self-defense, even his life was hanging by a single thread, and it depended on the master to feed one pill every three days for him to survive safely.

Both master and apprentice, with one being a magic cultivator, while the other being a useless cat, wanted to wander around the world to reshape Lin Suci’s cinnabar field. However, it was easier said than done.

Qing Fou had lived for hundreds of years, and he finally had something to fill on his stomach. He rolled the kitten into his front placket, exposing only Lin Suci’s cat head, then he raised his hand to pat him.

“Child, you are a demon, a beast, so you are not the same as mortals in cultivation. If we need to reshape your cinnabar field, we must go in search of a demon cultivator.”

Dressed in black, with a hood on his head, Qing Fou created an illusion to turn his red eyes into black ones, and  went all the way from the Cardinal Sect with a sword. Fleeing from their original territory, they departed to a distant realm. When they reached, Qing Fou dared to stop their journey on the road.

Lin Suci was now a waste cat. Apart from knowing that he was far away from his home, and also far away from the place where his owner might find him, he was unsure exactly where the bamboo-grown wild was located.

He listened to Qing Fou’s words and meowed weakly.

Since they left the Cardinal Sect for their journey, Lin Suci had already taken a total of three medicinal pills. According to Qing Fou, he would be able to sense spiritual energy after taking all fifteen medicinal pills that could change fate. After reshaping his cinnabar field, his new life would begin.

It was just that those medicinal pills made him hurt all over. Taking one every three days was able to cause him pain for three and a half days.

His two front paws rested on Qing Fou’s arms, while his eyelids drooped abruptly, looking like a pitiful little sick cat.

He did not know any demon cultivators or something. It was fortunate that Qing Fou was by his side, so he just let his master arrange everything for him. Presently, he only needed to wave his paw and meow.

The meow of the little kitten meant agreement. Qing Fou straightened Lin Suci’s fur on his back and happily decided, “Speaking of demon cultivators, your master has known quite a number. The best one we can find is now in the Bihai (碧海 bìhǎi: Blue Sea) Continent. Speaking of which, Wuwang was there too.”

“Wuwang, Xu Wuwang, little cat, do you remember? Your Second Senior Brother whom you never met before.” Qing Fou squeezed Lin Suci’s paw, and noticed that its softness was very good, so he continued squeezing it while covering his face.

Lin Suci completely let off his master’s small actions, and nodded with a stern cat face, “Meow~ Meow meow, meow meow meow.”

Yes~ I remember, Second Senior Brother.

The second senior of his sect had been out for cultivation since the beginning. Lin Suci had entered the sect for more than a year and they never met. He was wondering what the second senior’s temper would be.

However, if thinking about his other senior brothers and sisters in his sect, he could generally deduce that his second senior brother should also be easy to get along with.

Forced to go out and wander, Lin Suci’s eyes turned dark, and he could not tell which direction of destiny he was heading to. It was fortunate that at least there was Second Senior Brother who could hold them off the hook.

“Meow meow meow!” Lin Suci waved his paw, firmly expressing his yearning for the meeting with his second senior brother.

Why should they wander around aimlessly? With one of them being a magic cultivator, while the other being a useless cat, what if they went the wrong way and got slaughtered to be made into a cat meat hot pot? It was more reliable to head for Bihai Continent where his second senior brother was, as well as his master’s demon-cultivation friends. Maybe he would be able to reshape his cinnabar field from then on!

The master and the disciple talked between human and cat for a long time. Finally, they decided to go directly to the Bihai Continent!

There were fewer transportation ways to travel from one continent to the other. They could either rely on walking city to city, or travel through teleportation arrays.

There was also a teleportation array in the main city that was open to the Bihai Continent, but it was too expensive as it costed five thousand spiritual stones per person.

Qing Fou carried the kitten, gathered his confidence and asked the price. But, he was squeezed out again from the vicinity of the teleportation array.

Their sect was burned to the ground, and Qing Fou collected only those important things in his eyes. Not to mention Lin Suci, who came out in a hurry after getting scrapped off his cultivation base, had not collect anything when he left. Even the mustard seeds on him fell and were all left to Qing Fou for safekeeping after that.

Under the huge banyan tree on the edge of the city, Qing Fou put together the spirit stones taken from the mustard seeds of him and the kitten. He counted them to find that there were only 1,236 spirit stones.

They had a huge sum of spirit stones in Cardinal Sect before, but now…

One person and one kitten looked at each other.

Lin Suci first meowed.

He poked his paws to the east and towards the west. The kitten’s face was squeezed with a vivid expression, even his tail was used to act out what he wanted to say.

“Spirit beast…big sword…spirit stone…” Qing Fou touched his chin, “Little cat, do you want Master to hunt spirit beasts in exchange for the stones?”

Lin Suci, who was lying on the ground pretending to be a corpse for a long time and gestured for ages, heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that his master finally understood what he meant. He jumped up, patted his chest and nodded.

Both Senior Xiao Lan and him did that before, and they had numerous good meals with that many spirit stones.

“This method is really good. However, little cat, have you ever thought about how long it will take to hunt down low-level spirit beasts to collect thousands of spirit stones?” Qing Fou asked him while painting out his forefinger, “As a demon cultivator, Master will definitely leave a fluctuation in spiritual energy after hunting high-level spirit beasts. If anybody else notices this, it may cause chaos.”

That makes sense.

Lin Suci lay on the ground. Holding his round chin with two paws, he was lost in thought. Master was now a demonic cultivator, and he could neither accept rewards, nor hunt wildly. Then, what should they do to get spirit stones?

Qing Fou also had a headache. Cardinal Sect had always been poor. There were various ways to make money though, but unfortunately, it was in the hands of his apprentices. Both him as well as his youngest apprentice at his feet, were all raised by others in the sect, so they were just useless beings with no ability to make money.

The master and apprentice, who could not make money, stared at each other.

“Child, you are no longer a young cat, you have to learn to make money on your own.”

Qing Fou squatted down and patted Lin Suci’s back seriously, and said firmly, “As an apprentice, it’s time to support your master.”

Lin Suci’s cat face was stunned, “Meow?”

“Fangcheng district of Xiangfan city is a rich place. Most of the female cultivators there have a lot of money. If you can get some money from them, little by little, we can soon gather enough spirit stones for the travel expenses.”

Lin Suci’s fur stood on end. He could sense that something was wrong.

Qing Fou’s face remained kind, “Little cat, you are just a kitten now, you see, you know nothing, but this appearance of yours can still coax others. Why don’t you sell your body and accompany those rich female cultivators?”

Lin Suci’s answer was a stern meow, then he turned around and ran away!

After his master became a demon, he was indeed not his original master! He actually wanted his underage apprentice to sell himself to earn spirit stones!

I’m going to die young! That’s bullying!

Lin Suci stuck his tongue out and ran within two steps before being picked up by the nape of his neck by Qing Fou.

The plan to sell oneself for money eventually died in Lin Suci’s uncooperative resistance. However, he was not at an advantage either. Qing Fou tolerated the kitten’s behaviour, but their method was still selling bodies, just that the presenting way had changed.

Fangcheng District was very large. There were countless cultivators in the streets and alleys, and those who came to find a surviving way were in big crowds.

On the streets in late autumn, vendors were chanting and picking goods. Pedestrians were bustling with one another, among them, squeezed in a small black cat.

The kitten was just as big as a palm, thin and small, with smooth and shiny fur. However, the emerald-green eyes looked pitiful. In everyone’s eyes, the kitten was like an abused family pet who had not eaten for ten days.

The kitten shuttled among the crowd, with a piece of paper in its mouth, on it wrote: Please spare one spiritual stone.

Everyone knew at a glance that the black kitten was just an ordinary cat. After all, no matter how poor the cultivators were, no one was impoverished enough to beg along the street.

That cat was also obedient. When he saw busy people, he consciously walked around, watching the street while wandering around. When he found kind-faced female cultivators, he immediately leaped forward, and meowed with fluff while raising his head and looking at others with pitifulness.

Female cultivators usually liked soft little animals. When they saw a little kitten, they showed favour to it. At least they did not feel disgusted… Since the kitten was so well-behaved, most female cultivators would take action, smiling and stuffing a few spiritual stones into the cloth belt hanging around the kitten’s waist.

The little cat wandered on the street for a day. He brought three to five hundred spirit stones to Qing Fou, and then returned to the inn together.

In the room, Qing Fou took off the black hooded cloak that acted as his disguise outside. Pouring all the money earned by the little cat onto the table, he started counting. He asked the thirsty cat who was standing on the table, licking its fur, “Have you analyzed all the people you met today?”

Lin Suci raised his chin and meowed proudly.

There was paper and ink prepared for him on the table. Lin Suci smeared his paws with ink and wrote on the paper.

That was his daily homework. He had to analyse all those who were stopped by him on their cultivation base, strength, sect, personality and the environment they lived in.

Among the thousands of people coming and going on the street every day, the dozens of people selected were chosen by Lin Suci after much staring and observation since the moment Qing Fou pushed him out to stroll. He had mastered the basic ability to distinguish individuals.

Up till the present, at least Lin Suci could find gentle-tempered cultivators with generous temperament by judging their faces, cultivation base, speech and actions.

Lin Suci washed his paws, and held up a cup of milk to sip.

He never expected that he would be reduced to the point of begging along the streets.

“Not bad, little cat. Among my apprentices, you really are the most… ah, smart one.” After reading the content on the paper, Qing Fou smiled and praised, as if he did not hesitate, “Tomorrow, we will be able to save enough spirit stones to go to Bihai Continent. Are you happy?”

Lin Suci laid on the table, lazily, “Meow~”

He did not know what happiness was. All he knew was that he was going to end his life of begging along the streets.

After begging and collecting enough five thousand spirit stones, Qing Fou finally checked-out from the inn where they had lived for ten days. Wrapping himself in a black hooded cloak, he hid Lin Suci in his front placket, and arrived at the teleportation array.

A flash of white light appeared, Lin Suci’s paws clasped Qing Fou’s clothes tightly, and his brain was so dizzy it might explode. He felt nauseous with the numerous turns during the teleportation.

Lin Suci was unsure how long it took, but he finally felt that he had left the weightless coma, and regained consciousness in his body.

Qing Fou led him out of the teleportation array in Bihai Continent.

That place was very different from where they came from. Lin Suci stretched out his head and slumped on Qing Fou. With round eyes looking around, he saw everything seemed new and strange, as if he was a kitten completely unknown to the outside world, filled with curiosity and thirst for new knowledge.

“Kitten, let’s find a place to stay first, and then contact your Second Senior Brother.” Qing Fou habitually reported their itinerary to the little apprentice in his arms. Holding the kitten, he strode away from there.

That was a rather prosperous main city, with humid air and a sticky feeling when the wind blew.

Qing Fou chose a big inn. The kitten in his arms was so young that he did not sense his hunger. The master entered the inn, chose the dining room on the first floor, and found a table to sit at.

“Server, we’ll have a bowl of noodles, a set of fried fish, and a bowl of milk.”

Qing Fou took the kitten out of his arms and put him on the table. Lin Suci’s fluffy fur was in a mess, so the first thing he did after standing on the table was to pull his own fur with his paws, trying to tidy up.

When Qing Fou had just told their orders to the server next to him, he suddenly realized something was wrong. When he looked up, he found that everyone in the entire inn had their eyes focused on him.

No, they were focused on Lin Suci who was trying to comb his fur on the table.

Qing Fou frowned slightly, and reached out to hold Lin Suci’s claws.

“Meow?” Lin Suci looked up blankly.

“It’s really a cat…  How daring, can’t believe there are people who dared to hide cats privately.”

The eyes of the people in the inn flickered. After confirming Lin Suci’s identity as a kitten, the server first said, “Guest, are you not from here? I’m afraid you don’t know the rules of Bihai Continent. As long as there are cats, they must be handed over to the city lord. You are not allowed to hide them secretly.”

The second server persuaded, “You are a newcomer. Since you are clueless about this matter, no one will blame you if you head to the city lord’s mansion and hand the cat over now. Moreover, the city lord’s mansion will give you a thousand spirit stones as compensation.”

Qing Fou was slightly startled.

Lin Suci felt dizzy when he heard that.

A cat for a thousand spirit stones? The cats of the entire Bihai Continent had to be turned in? Was the city lord obsessed with cats?

“Stop wasting your energy with that talk! If I snatch this cat, the thousand spirit stones will be mine!”

In the inn, a few vulgar and impatient people banged the table. Showing their greedy expressions, they started stretching out a plundering hand towards Lin Suci!


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