My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 61


A cat for a thousand spirit stones. If it was their own, it would still be costly. However, robbing from others was tantamount to picking up a thousand spiritual stones from a random place. After those wild cultivators heard about the issue about that order from the Bihai Continent, they used that kind of lowly method by snatching cats in exchange for money.

The cats in a dozen cities of the Bihai Continent would be extinct in more than a year. Up to that time, it was not even possible to find a cat after walking along a dozen cities.

Qing Fou took the cat and placed it on the table generously, which was similar to putting a pile of golden spirit stones in others’ eyes. Those cultivators had not picked up money in vain for a long time. Meeting Lin Suci was like looking at a cooked duck. They pounced on it quickly and decisively, for fear that the spirit stones in front of them would fly away.

Standing on the table, Lin Suci, who was still combing his fur, reacted extremely quickly. As a kitten without self-preservation, he knew exactly what he should do.

The kitten kicked his leg, quickly jumped onto Qing Fou’s shoulder and went into his black hood, hiding in behind Qing Fou’s neck where no one could spot him.

Then, he let out a triumphant meow.

The few people who failed to catch the cat rushed towards Qing Fou instead.

Among them, some people put some thoughts into it. With a raise of their hands, they waved out a magical tool. While a golden shuttle was spinning, sharp gold threads rushed out of it and quickly gushed towards Qing Fou.

Qing Fou was sighing.

Wearing a hood, he was wrapped in a black cloak. In order to hide his identity as a demon cultivator, his demon aura was completely reduced. The young man in black robes had no hint of a cultivator’s energy. Having a new-born cat by his side, that combination was almost in a state of danger, enough to be slaughtered in a go.

A total of four cultivators rushed to the opposite side. In the inn, onlookers watched, and more people secretly watched them.

“He’s in trouble…”

Qing Fou slightly turned sideways, and the golden thread that came on her face glowed. It brushed past him, and directly plunged to the ground. The thread was soon lightly stepped by Qing Fou’s foot.

At the same time, the sharp blades and the deliberately thrown shurikens were close at hand.

Qing Fou stepped on the twisted golden thread and kicked gently, the person’s golden-threaded magic tool was flung. It took a U-turn, and rushed straight towards the approaching blades and shurikens.

Metals collided with a clank, and the blade was completely entangled by the golden thread. It was not allowed to get close to the target, while the shurikens was cut directly, broken into two halves as it fell to the ground.

The changes all happened in only an instant. With a raise of the calm and restful Qing Fou’s hands, he had deprived others of their natal magic tool to his use. The golden thread twisted its body and was turned into a sharp, deadly weapon. Rolling up the oncoming blades, he reversed their directions and made them head towards the cultivator who was unleashing a saber.

Four people rushed up. Screams echoed one after another, they flew out again.

The tables and chairs in the hall were hit and directly crushed by the cultivators. The cultivators lied in the same place with the sawdust residue on the ground, clutching their chest and yelling.

Qing Fou threw away the golden thread that had lost its spiritual energy. The shuttle slapped to the ground with a loud clack.

The people in the inn were silent.

Their view towards Qing Fou had also changed.

The four cultivators on the ground were harshly vomiting blood. The cultivator, whose treasured magic tool had broken, lost his consciousness, unknown if he was dead or alive.

Qing Fou reached out his hand and touched the back of his neck at the collar position. He said, “Little cat, you’re hungry, right?”

Lin Suci hid himself very well throughout the fight. Later, he quietly peeked out the hood, showing a pair of green eyes, and watched the audience.

Not only that, just now, when Qing Fou dealt with those people, he calmly taught him on-site through telepathy.

Lin Suci hid in his master’s hood, sat firmly, raised both forelimbs, and clapped while meowing loudly.

A cultivator who was hiding behind the server’s counter in the inn, lowered his head, and quietly dragged the four cultivators away from the ground without leaving a word.

Qing Fou showed little of his capability, but he already stunned the other people in the inn who had ill intentions. He took out the kitten from the hood and put it back on the table.

He looked sideways.

The server, who was standing on one side, woke up like from a dream, forcefully bowed and squeezed out a smiling face, “One set of noodles, one set of fried fish, and one bowl of milk, coming right up!”

The silence in the inn was broken by the server’s loud voice. When that server ran back to the kitchen, Qing Fou poured a glass of water, and fed Lin Suci, bit by bit. The inn was slowly filled with muttering voices.

In any case, no one dared to disturb Qing Fou that time, even if there was a valuable cat on his table.

Lin Suci drank a glass of water, pushed the glass away with his paws, and sat on the table waiting for his fried fish. He was also miserable though. Huilian made several cans of dried fish for him, all of which were burned in the fire. In the month since he ran away from home, he had been eating dried fish outside, and they were not as delicious as how Huilian made them at all.

It was a pity that he was not a ninth-level cultivator in the foundation establishment. He could not fast. As a young cat, he would meow in hunger if he did not eat three to five meals a day. In order to survive, Lin Suci had to eat all kinds of strange-tasting dried fish with tears in his eyes.

To him, after turning into a waste cat, he could almost think of that as a sort of humiliation.

The kitchen prepared the food at a rather fast pace. Soon, a bowl of noodles with a sunny-side egg and small shiny green vegetables was placed in front of Qing Fou. On the other hand, Lin Suci had a dish of fried dried fish placed in front of him along with a bowl of milk. There was also minced meat at the side of his dish.

The server respectfully said, “This is for Sir Cat to reduce shock.”

‘Sir Cat’, Lin Suci held out a paw and grabbed the meat. Sniffing it, there was the smell of fresh seafood, so the cat nodded with satisfaction.

After finishing their meals, Qing Fou waited for his apprentice to wipe his paws and mouth. Glancing at the environment of the inn, he was very satisfied with the aesthetics and directly booked themselves a room.

The server busily led the master and apprentice to the backyard, then to the second floor. Along the way, the server also flatteringly introduced the various supporting facilities of the inn, and gave Lin Suci a plate of sashimi. After arriving at their room on the second floor, he proceeded to say, “Guest, little one shouldn’t have said this, but since you are now staying in our inn and are a valued guest, little one has to say something for guest’s sake.”

Qing Fou was still putting on his black hood in front of outsiders. Looking at the not very spacious room, he felt that he could pass it without many material requirements. After hesitating, he nodded, “Speak.”

He was a newcomer, and he brought a waste cat of an apprentice. He was really not familiar with the Bihai Continent. Therefore, if the server was willing to speak, it was also a good thing.

“With this Sir Cat of yours…I’m afraid Guest should still head to the city lord’s mansion.” The server said euphemistically, “Since last year, in fifteen cities, the fifteen city lords have ordered in unison to hunt down cats. No individual or sect is allowed to hide cats from the public eye.”

“Not only ordinary cats, even cats that have not yet been transformed or those who have already cultivated themselves as demon cultivators, as long as their main form is a cat, no matter young or old, they will all have to visit the city lord’s mansion. This Sir Cat…”

The server met Lin Suci who was lying on the couch.

The kitten with warm-black fur was adorable. With green eyes, and wagging his tail, he casually looked at the server.

The server felt awkward, “Your Sir Cat is still a kitten at first sight, he’s too suitable for the requirements of the city lord. If you don’t take the initiative to send him away, I’m afraid  the cultivators from the city lord’s mansion will arrive to invite you there.”

“Oh?” Qing Fou frowned slightly under his hood. He swept his glance at his little apprentice worriedly.

“Please forgive me for being blunt. You only need to send Sir Cat to someone to take a look. It’s not troublesome at all. If you don’t go, I’m afraid you will provoke a dozen city lords. By then, Bihai Continent will probably treat you… harshly.”

The server’s words were very euphemistic, but in the end, it was just one sentence:

The cat must be sent to the city lord’s mansion.

Qing Fou asked, “This order is weird, may I know what the cause of this is?”

The server shook his head, “For this type of matter, it’s a pity that little one doesn’t know its cause. But this year, there have been a lot of rumors, saying that there is probably a person with a huge background who had lost a cat.”

“A person with a huge background?” Qing Fou’s heart thumped, and he looked back at his little apprentice.

Lin Suci also pricked his ears and listened carefully. His paws were unconsciously placed below his round chin, showing a solemn cat face.

“Yes, if that person can ask the fifteen city lords of the entire Bihai Continent and the hundreds of legitimate cultivating sects to announce an order like this, then the person might be of a huge background.” The server looked respectful and out-going, but his tone was serious.

Qing Fou hesitated, “…Could it be that family?”

The server nodded, “Naturally. If the person is able to shake the whole Bihai Continent, the Continent of Immortality, Yunxiao Continent, and even the entire realm of cultivation, then that person is absolutely from a gigantic background.”

Qing Fou looked down, and gave some thought.

“If your Sir Cat is really a lost pet of that person, then you are in a terrible situation.”

Qing Fou grinned, “Oh, really.”

“It’s just that looking at Guest and your Sir Cat, it doesn’t look like he was picked up from being abandoned…” The server laughed, “This is the pet that Guest has kept all this time, right?”

“No.” Qing Fou said lightly, “He’s my son, biologically.”

Lin Suci raised his paw and cooperated, “Meow~”

The server exited the room with a stiff face.

The door was locked, and Qing Fou took off his black robe, raised a hand and created a barrier. He sat cross-legged on the low couch and grabbed Lin Suci’s forelimbs, “Child, do you know which sect your master talked about?”

How would Lin Suci know? Since he was born, after having memories, he was picked up by Qing Fou. All the common sense and guesses of the cultivation world that he got were all based on the description in the original book “Majestic Soaring Sword”.

He shook his head honestly.

“That sect… how do I explain this, there were five great seniors who successfully ascended, and they have been the most unattainable existence in the cultivation world for thousands of years.” Qing Fou squeezed Lin Suci’s paw cushions and briefly introduced, “The current sect master almost ascended a thousand years ago. Later, for some reason, he was forcibly suppressed at the boundary, which caused him to stay in the realm of cultivation. Even so, he is also the only one in the cultivation realm who has survived the mighty *Heavenly Tribulation Period (T/N: A stage when a cultivator was stroked by bolts of lightning by Heaven because of the progression towards immortality, which was against Heaven’s Will).”

Lin Suci listened carefully, and he quickly recalled the original plot in his head. The Bihai Continent, the super powerful family… The one…

Wait, the protagonist Bai Qingkong came to Bihai Continent in the later period. According to the plot, there was indeed a cultivating aristocratic family who was not connected to the outside world. Because of a miraculous chance, the family helped him before.

If he remembered correctly, that family was…

Qing Fou raised Lin Suci’s forelimbs. Facing the cat, he was very serious, “Son, tell your father, does Bihai’s Lin Family’s search for a cat have anything to do with you?”


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