My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 62


Lin Suci’s cat face looked confused, “Meow meow meow?” You’re asking me?

How would he know? The first person he really met after having his consciousness of his memories was Qing Fou, and he entered Cardinal Sect after that.

Thinking seriously about the person who abandoned him at the beginning, he could vaguely remember the person’s appearance and voice. The only impression was the dangling bamboo basket that had long been abandoned on the hilltop from before, and was buried by the wind and sand.

He could not remember anything.

Not to mention, Yunxiao Continent was between Bihai Continent and Chijiu Continent. There were thirty main cities and hundreds of subsidiary cities, which were more than a thousand miles away. No matter how hard he thought, it did not have anything to do with him anyways.

Lin Suci shook his head decisively, “Meow meow meow!” I don’t know.

Qing Fou was not disappointed either, but patted him, “I almost forgot. You can’t speak now.”

Lin Suci had only eaten more than half of the fifteen medicinal pills by then. It was still far from Qing Fou’s request.

Lin Suci felt helpless. He was just a waste cat and could not do anything at the moment.

Qing Fou rubbed his chin. After a while, he asked nonchalantly, “Son, father will take you to the city lord’s mansion in exchange for some spirit stones. What do you think?”

What do I think? Lin Suci thought for a moment, and realized that it seemed like a good way.

Bihai’s Lin Family’s lost cat surely had nothing to do with him. It would not be disadvantageous if he went to the city lord’s mansion to show himself. They could not lose anything, but had the chance to get a thousand spirit stones, which was a good deal with zero cost and pure profit.

Lin Suci immediately raised his front paws, “Meow!”

The original master and apprentice were now clapped off as father and son.

Qing Fou could not wait till the cultivators of the city lord’s mansion to arrive and block their door. He was now a magic cultivator, and he was of an identity that could not appear in broad daylight. If he fought someone, let alone his young son, even he would attract himself some trouble.

For the present, taking the initiative to approach the city lord’s door was nevertheless a good way to restrain the deadlock.


Qing Fou lowered his gaze and quickly kept all his demonic energy. For that moment, he depended on his cultivation base over a hundred years of re-cultivation to slightly release the pure spiritual energy.

However, that matter could not persist for too long. They had to settle it quickly.

Qing Fou bound himself again with the black color hooded cloak and wrapped Lin Suci in his arms. In the dusk sunlight, he distinguished the direction and walked slowly towards the city lord’s mansion.

That place was a large main city where the roads extended in all directions. At dusk, the traders on either side of the road had not closed their stalls. Instead, there were even more things to exhibit as they loudly bawled to sell them along the streets.

Lin Suci lay on Qing Fou’s shoulder and watched eagerly.

Suddenly, his paw hooked onto Qing Fou, “Meow meow meow!”

Unexpectedly, there were interactive feather wands for cats sold there! That was interesting, it was his plaything.

“Huh?” Qing Fou lowered his head to look. He followed along the direction of Lin Suci’s paws and then went silent.

“My child, you are still a kid, this kind of thing is not suitable for you to play.” As the parent, Qing Fou gazed at Lin Suci’s eyes in a serious way.

“Meow?” Lin Suci tilted his head. His paws shook Qing Fou, “Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow?”

Isn’t that just a feather cat wand?

Seeing that he truly desired that, Qing Fou hesitated for a while. He gritted his teeth and decided to become a bad parent who pampered his children. He walked over to bargain with the trader and spent three spirit stones to get the cat wand that Lin Suci wanted.

“Here, here, for you.” Qing Fou gave it to Lin Suci. He felt shameful and instantly shoved the cat and the wand directly back into his cloak and warned, “Play with it secretly, don’t come out.”

“Meow!” Lin Suci was not bored anymore with the wand, so he responded with joy.

Lin Suci tucked himself back in Qing Fou’s cloak and had a good time playing with the feather cat wand with his little paws. After a short moment, Qing Fou’s footsteps reached the city lord’s mansion.

Inside the cloak, Lin Suci swayed rhythmically following Qing Fou’s footstep while clasping and biting the cat’s and with his itching teeth, completely becoming the all-along naive little kitten, as if he did not have the dignity of being a cultivator before.

“Here it is.”

Lin Suci was having fun when the cloak was lifted open. He was still clasping the cat’s play wand and he was directly lifted up by the nape of the neck by Qing Fou, swaying left and right in front of a person.

Lin Suci suddenly met light, so he squinted and tenderly let out a meow.

“…This is your cat?” He heard a person’s confused voice.

Qing Fou calmly moved Lin Suci forward and the naive little kitten’s four limbs dangled followed, “Yes, it’s him.”

With expressionless eyes, Lin Suci focused on the face of a person in front of him.

That person was probably a stern cultivator. With a straight face, the person appeared to be possessed by a deep glabellar line between his eyebrows.

He and Lin Suci faced each other.

Lin Suci guessed that the person was the sponsor who would be paying the money. He obediently kicked his hind legs and greeted, “Meow~”

That person’s face looked even more unbearable.

In a huge outer courtyard, Lin Suci shook his head and saw many cats like him. Their colors were different. Even the breeds were different as they did not look the same. The only common thing they had was the incessant meowing.

The man bent to carefully examine Lin Suci’s outer appearance. He paused, and straightened up, “Your little one looks merely three months old, where did you pick it up?”

“I casually picked it up from the top of the mountain. Please take a look to see if it is worth the spirit stones?” Qing Fou had preached for a hundred years as an excellent cultivator in the mountains. At that moment, he suppressed his delight and pretended to be calm although he had the slight greediness of a merchant of kittens.

Perhaps the man had seen too often of people selling cats to seek spirit stones. Once he saw that the seller was a fusion cultivator, he did not take a second look but only raised his hand, “No matter what, we still have to let the city lord take a good look.”

Immediately afterwards, a maid came and tried to take Lin Suci away.

Lin Suci hurried leaped up towards Qing Fou’s shoulder. The maid could not grab him no matter how.

“That’s fine, you can follow them.” The cultivator was annoyed and waved his hand directly, “Bring them to the main yard.”


Sensing that he would not be separated from his master, Lin Suci immediately became well-behaved. He sat on Qing Fou’s shoulders and played with his play wand.

The maid servant did not squint as she led both father and son along the corridor into the main courtyard, showing some cultivators along the way. After a moment, a child appeared and welcomed both the master and disciple to enter.

Lin Suci held onto the play wand and carefully stretched out his head cautiously.

He was seated in a high position. When Qing Fou stepped his foot on the threshold, in a glance, he saw a young cultivator seated on the seat of honour.

The cultivator was only in his twenties or thirties. There were a lot of cat paintings piled on the table in front of him. He sighed in agony with his hand pressed against his forehead.

“My Lord, a three-month-old black kitten with jade-green eyes is here.”

That kind of report made Lin Suci’s eyes flung wide open. The person was not reporting the arrival of people, but cats instead. That place was truly a great cat den.

The cultivator raised his head and glimpsed right at Lin Suci who was lying on Qing Fou’s shoulder. The kitten held the cat wand tightly on its front paws, tilted its head and meowed at him.

The man remained silent for a moment and spoke, “…Is this a demon cultivator?”

Qing Fou and Lin Suci’s heart skipped a beat at the same time.

Unexpectedly, the cultivator saw through him at a glance! Lin Suci could not help being nervous and his claws trembled.

Qing Fou was still calm, “Why would the city lord say such a thing?”

The city lord looked contemptuous, “If it’s not some evil stained demon cultivator, what kind of kitten would clasp a *teasing object (a toy for adults, T/N: if you know, you know~)? In broad daylight too, not ashamed at all.”

Lin Suci, who was holding the cat play wand: “…”

Qing Fou: “…”

Lin Suci’s cat pupil was generally sluggish, he lowered his head and stared at his “cat’s play wand”.

That thing was on the streets and the trader was hawking it. It appeared to look like a cat wand and even its material was not related to that, that…that whatchamacallit!

Wait a minute, he remembered Qing Fou said that it was something he could not play?

The kitten turned his head around towards his new father. His new father was quite innocent, “I told you before, it’s not something for you to play with.”

After a pause, Qing Fou made a fist and palm salute in obseince, “I am to be blamed for this. Seeing that my kitten likes it, I bought one for him to play with. You probably also know that kittens are playful and fond of toys.”

That person was convinced and he looked at Lin Suci’s “cat’s play wand”. He regained his senses and said softly, “Come.”

He wanted to observe Lin Suci at a close range.

Lin Suci hesitated but instead his current father pushed him, “Go ahead.”

Lin Suci blinked his eyes and it was absolutely clear to see that Qing Fou had “prosperity” written on his left eye, while his right eye was filled with the word “windfall”. His forehead was clearly engraved with “a thousand spiritual stones”.

The kitten felt helpless and jumped off Qing Fou’s shoulders. He smoothly abandoned his cat wand and slipped away to the city lord.

The city lord raised his hand and directly picked up Lin Suci. He carried him in his palm and examined back and forth.

He paused and injected a breath of spiritual energy into Lin Suci’s body.

The sudden pain made Lin Suci meow loudly in pain.

The city lord looked unexpectedly distracted, “…an ordinary cat?”

Qing Fou calmly said, “Well, my family’s little kitten is just an ordinary cat who is gluttonous and loves to sleep. You didn’t say that only spiritual cats are allowed to receive the reward.”

The city lord was speechless and looked at Qing Fou. Perhaps he used to meet with the kind of people who carried an ordinary cat from the mortal world for the bounty.

He only heard the news that the cultivator used martial arts to defend his kitten, which greatly raised his hopes.

Unexpectedly, it was only an ordinary kitten.

The city lord was a little disappointed. With a pause, he held Lin Suci and checked him repeatedly. He even turned over to the belly to touch.

Lin Suci struggled and soon hid under the city lord’s hands, trying to resist the touch of the city lord by pledging with his life.

“My Lord, I’m just an outsider. May I know what kind of demand for a cat you need? If you have a classification of patterns, it will probably be easier to look for it.” Qing Fou thoughtlessly said.

The city lord was unable to see any hope in Lin Suci. He handed him back and clapped off the cat’s fur on his hands, “I’m finding a cat with an entirely white body. It has jade-green eyes, like your family’s kitten. Perhaps it’s about the size of a palm and a month old that was able to absorb spiritual energy and was unlikely to speak.”

Qing Fou took back Lin Suci, whose fur was standing on end. He smiled, “Whose cat is it? Hearing my Lord’s description, I’m certain that it’s a beauty. Does the cat have any characteristics which appear to be recognisable at a glance?”

The city lord replied, “Why are you asking so many questions?”

“My Lord, to some extent, is not aware that I am Yunxiao Continent’s specialist in giving away information. If there is a specific description, as long as the price is right, it will definitely be rewarding.” Qing Fou lied without blinking.

The city lord hesitated and clenched his fist, “This cat… has a natural spirit body. No matter how long time passes, the cat can never grow up. Furthermore, the cat… bears nothing.”

Lin Suci blinked his eyes, slowly shrank into Qing Fou’s arms and hid away.

“Oh, may I know which family lost this cat? According to the information from outside, it was referring to Bihai’s Lin Family. Indeed, is this true or not?” Qing Fou’s voice sounded extremely weak.

“That is true.”

“I take the liberty to ask, what is the relation between this cat and the Lin family?” Qing Fou asked.

The city lord was wary, “How does it concern you?”

“Of course, it’s my concern,” Qing Fou said with a smile, “Once, I, your humble servant, understand the connections, and the generosity of the reward, I will consider putting more effort to look for it.”

That reason undoubtedly touched the city lord’s heart. Merely a moment, the city lord tactfully said, “It’s the Lin family’s treasured one.”

Without waiting for the city lord to raise questions, Qing Fou blinked, “A thousand spirit stones…” He spoke with a dragged tone.

The city lord glanced at Lin Suci again. Lin Suci pretended to be ignorant and caught the exact timing to avoid his sight.

In the end, Qing Fou nevertheless held onto the thousand spirit stones  and carried his new son, leaving the city lord’s mansion with integrity.

Not long after they left, the city lord, Zhao Shishuang, placed his hands on the table. In front of him, there was a piece of spiritual stone shining abruptly bright.

There was a faded image of a man on top of the spirit stone.

Immediately, Zhao Shishuang knelt down to kowtow. He respectfully took the scroll with both hands to unfold. Inside the scroll, a faint image of him holding Lin Suci to examine him left and right and the kitten struggling effortlessly in his arms was within.

“Master, your lowly servant is incompetent. I apologise for not finding Young Master on your behalf…”

His voice sounded gloomy and low.

An entire human figure still lingered on top of the scroll, wreathing like a living image that appeared to be a young kitten.

In an instant, a rustling sound echoed with rings of great joy.

“No, you have already found him…”


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