My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 63


After bidding farewell to the city lord, Qing Fou hugged his wretched little disciple and hurriedly moved away.

Once they returned to the guest house. Qing Fou threw Lin Suci to the top of the table and imposed three consecutive restrictions with a serious look, “Child, what more do you need to say now?”

Lin Suci was entirely confused. He was at a loss for being questioned. As innocent as he looked, he voiced, “Meow?” What is Master talking about?

“Did you not hear what the person said just a moment ago? The lost cat of Bihai’s Lin family appeared identical to you except for the fur’s color.” Qing Fou faced the cat, grabbed his paw up and let him stand. They looked into each other’s eyes, “Especially when the other cat can bear to cut through realms like nothing, same as you.”

Cut through realms like nothing, what is this nonsense? Lin Suci obviously did not know what Qing Fou was talking about and the cat looked confused.

Qing Fou glared at his little disciple for quite a while. He looked at Lin Suci, who still appeared to be confused, and sighed, “That’s fine, what’s the use to ask you? When I found you, you weren’t even a month old.”

“Maybe it’s your brother or sister. You have black fur and nobody wants you, but the other has white fur, so they kept searching all over the place.” Qing Fou deliberately teased Lin Suci, “Will you lose your cat authority when you are born ugly?”

Lin Suci replied with a paw stretched high up, trying to scratch his Master.

With a thousand spirit stones and the previous ones obtained along the street, both master and disciple’s current savings were barely enough to stay alive for a period of time. Qing Fou insisted on saving money, so they left the guest house early the next day and left the main city.

Lin Suci lay on Qing Fou’s shoulder and listened to him pertaining to his difficulties and hardships during his two hundred years as a magic cultivator. It was important to seek the demon cultivator because the cultivator was a close friend when the master was a magic cultivator.

It was just that it had been a hundred years since they lost contact, so Qing Fou’s search for him was like finding a needle in a haystack. It might be greatly impossible for him to locate his friend in an unfamiliar land.

The most important task of that moment was to find his second disciple.

Fortunately, Qing Fou had a method of connecting with his disciples. When the master and disciple were staying in a remote town in the mountains, Qing Fou lit a piece of incense for flame. The smoke curled upwards and formed spiritual paper cranes. Their wings shook as they excitedly fly through the tattered paper windows.

Lin Suci leaned on top of the window, watching them heading to the location and meowed a few times.

After interacting with the waste cat for so long, Qing Fou had also learned to distinguish his cat language. At that moment, he knew as soon as he heard the cat. The little kitten was asking him how long it would take to find his Second Senior Brother.

They were in a dilapidated intermountain cottage that was probably left behind by the rural village huntsman. Furthermore, the size was merely twenty feets. The clayed wall was hooked with a woven raincoat and a conical bamboo hat with animal skin.

Qing Fou created a few restriction spells inside the dilapidated room by sticking talismans, completely filling the wall shamelessly. On top of the broken table was piled up with magic instruments.

Nowadays, as a master with an old fatherly heart, he completely used his time seriously to be a true master to the little kitten.

Usually, at the Cardinal Sect, Lin Suci was teached mostly by Yan Boshen and the rest of his seniors. After more than a year of teaching, Lin Suci was finally taught by his master now that he was changed into a waste cat.

Qing Fou pulled Lin Suci’s tail and dragged him back in.  “Don’t look at that, there is still at least a month. You should consume the medicine pills first. Let us begin to engage with the talisman first.”

Lin Suci whimpered with a meow.

So far, he has consumed eleven medicinal pills but Qing Fou said that he must completely consume fifteen pills, so his body could bear spiritual energy.

There were still four more to go for a total period of twelve days.

He flicked his tail and jumped back on top of the table. The bottle of medicine on the table was tilted. He took one from inside and swallowed it. Shaking his fur, the cat meowed once with seriousness.

It was important to learn properly as a waste cat.

In an instant, twelve days and nights had passed. The dilapidated huntsman cottage was almost completely with a new look. Lin Suci’s paws were dipped with cinnabar and he laid on the sand, seriously learning to prepare talismans. Beside him, were a pile of talisman papers stacked higher than him.

His talisman writing was taught by Huilian. Huilian’s teaching was completely the same as his violent character, wishing he could do something vandal with each piece of talisman he laid with. He had the urge to blast the entire continent with just a raise of his hand.

What Qing Fou taught him were just the basics. It took three to five hours to explain and draw three to five strokes on a sheet of talisman. Qing Fou had lived for hundreds of years and he found that Lin Suci was far from being knowledgeable of talismans, so he cited them and explained thoroughly.

Aside from talismans, there were magic weapons. Those magic weapons belonged to Qing Fou and Lin Suci. If they were added altogether, there would be more than hundreds of all kinds. They piled together like a mountain and were sufficient to submerge Lin Suci.

For the consecutive twelve days, Lin Suci dipped his paws in the cinnabar, writing and drawing. His ears and eyes had not been put to rest at all. Qing Fou took him along to the forest to find some little spiritual beasts to teach and explain.

After the fifteenth medicinal pill was consumed, it was obvious that Qing Fou expressed his relief.

Lin Suci, who was crouched on top of the table, licked his mouth. He felt nothing at all.

Those fifteen medicinal pills were everything about the heaven and earth of his future, but after consuming them for more than a month, it was reasonable to say that it would have some ability and effect. However, Lin Suci strived hard to perceive himself and found that he was nevertheless still a young cat.

“Meow~” Lin Suci whimpered and faced towards Qing Fou with hints of bitterness and hostility.

On the other hand, Qing Fou turned and took out a medicinal pill that had been well-prepared from before. He placed it in his palm and faced Lin Suci to reveal the best, “Son, are you familiar with this one?”

Lin Suci approached to have a closer look and excitedly meowed in reply.

How could he not be familiar with that! At that time, it was the pill he exchanged with his Master the first time they encountered, the pill of Dragon’s Breath!

In the beginning, Lin Suci did not know either. At first, he treated that as a medicinal pill that would possibly let spiritual animals yield the ability to speak and even transform. Later at the Cardinal Sect for more than a year, he was somehow not aware that the pills he had were merely the failed product from Qing Fou’s refining pot.

Lin Suci’s green eyes was refueled and brightened up. His paws rested on the centre of Qing Fou’s palm and he shook his head with a series of meows.

“This is indeed a great tonic. If your body is still unable to absorb the spiritual energy, it will possibly get you killed if you consume it.” Qing Fou handed over the pill of Dragon’s Breath to Lin Suci and explained, “When your spiritual energy was absorbed at the time, it almost cost your life. What I gave you before as a master was to emphasize the allowance of spiritual energy to your root bones again. The fifteen pills are enough for you to digest the pill of Dragon’s Breath.”

Lin Suci impatiently waited to swallow the medicinal pill. His eyes pierced with light as he waited for his body to transform again!

Transformation time!

After being a waste cat for more than a month, Lin Suci discovered that he was capable of chasing after dog tail grass and could play it for a whole day, which made him completely terrified of being assimilated to the nature character of a cat. Was he going to be a domestic cat and die after more than ten years?

Fortunately, fortunately, he still could be saved!

Lin Suci sat upright and properly while happily waiting for his transformation.

Qing Fou also sat in front of him and observed the whole process.

His body should emit heat, followed by dizziness. Then, dizziness followed by sleepiness.

Lin Suci was reminiscing the memories, step-by-step. He desired to find a pleasantly cool place, like rushing into Yan Boshen’s cave and embracing the human to sleep for one night.

A strange smile was confined onto the cat’s face.

Qing Fou had a toothache for quite a while and he was unable to restrain himself to say, “Son, please keep your thoughts to yourself. Your facial expression is excessively lewd.”

Lin Suci stared angrily. Excessively lewd? How could a cat’s memories with his owner be excessively lewd!

Speaking of which, both he and his Master had been running around for more than a month, so he was unsure if Yan Boshen had returned.

Sigh, since he was born, he had never distanced himself from Yan Boshen for so long. In his mind, he was slightly unaccustomed.

He thought for a long time. Lin Suci also did not wait for his body to emit heat. His face crumpled with despair and could not help but say, “Why don’t I feel anything yet?”

Qing Fou was slightly stunned and said, “Eh?”

“Eh?” Lin Suci was also stunned.

He he he! ! Did he just speak?!

The little kitty roved around on top of the table and opened his mouth to say, “Master! Master! Am I speaking! Is it me who is speaking!!”

“It’s you, exactly you! Son! You are finally able to speak!” Qing Fou’s eyes brimmed with tears of excitement as his arms embraced his little cat son. He almost cried.

Lin Suci opened his mouth and screamed excitedly for quite a while, “Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, I am finally able to speak! I’m not a waste cat anymore! I don’t have to die of old age anymore!”

“Oh, my son! Father is so happy!” Qing Fou clasped Lin Suci’s front paws and repeatedly asked, “Can you try transforming now?”

Lin Suci closed his eyes and tried with his usual previous practice accordingly for quite a while. Disappointed, he opened his eyes, “Master, it’s not working.”

Both master and disciple looked at each other in dismay.

“Does this mean that your previous transformation was not genuinely from my pill of Dragon’s Breath?” Qing Fou caressed his chin, puzzled.

Lin Suci was also astonished, “Unexpectedly, it isn’t?”

Being able to speak was no doubt the pill’s efficacy. However, at that time Lin Suci was transformed after consuming the Dragon’s Breath pill. Why was it not capable now?

Qing Fou thought for quite a long time but did not think of the reason.

Lin Suci was a little disappointed. Compared to the period of being a waste cat that was unable to speak, the ability to speak was also a good progress.

Lin Suci, in turn, comforted Qing Fou, “Master, nevermind. Anyway, I will continue to cultivate and soon I will be able to transform again.”

“As this matter has reached this stage, I can only think like this.” Qing Fou sighed.

It was good for him to have the speaking ability. At least he did not need to waste a great deal of effort to communicate with him through guessing when he was teaching Lin Suci.

In the afternoon at the mountain stream, Qing Fou caught more than a dozen kinds of fish with a total of hundreds of them and stored them inside the mountain stream. Lin Suci lay on the edge of the stream with his paws inside and stirred around.

“Master, are these fishes for me to eat?”

“Why is your mind full of eating? These are entirely used to cleanse your developing muscles and bones.” Qing Fou rolled up his sleeves and moved the weird things in the basin. He sat there and swiftly killed the fish whilst removing their guts. Several hundred fishes were killed and squeezed till some of the weird colored liquid came into the basin. After stirring evenly, he added some spring water into it.

“Come, stand inside.”

Qing Fou placed the small basin down and asked Lin Suci to jump in.

That was his little bathtub.

Lin Suci raised his foot and stepped in. The black colored liquid daubed his whole body’s fur.

“Ahh, it hurts!” whimpered Lin Suci. He had soaked his whole body. Gritting in pain, he tried to jump out.

Qing Fou grabbed his paw and persuaded him patiently, “Son, this is the remedy Master obtained and learned from my close pal. It specialised to treat this kind of shattered body and soul. It just hurts a little, so please tolerate it.”

“Ahh, father.” Lin Suci put on a long face, “It hurts like being thrown into a deep-frying pan.”

Qing Fou fell silent for a while and said slowly, “Just imagine, if it was Boshen who is supervising you…”

Lin Suci gilded and retracted back into the basin. He grimaced in pain but still used his paw to apply the liquid substance onto his body.

“I’m well-behaved! I absolutely never let Boshen catch my faults!”

Lin Suci endured the pain by himself.

After being soaked in the bathtub for a whole day, his fur was all gone. At dusk, Lin Suci was feeling drowsy and suddenly recalled.

“Master, when did your good friend give you the remedy?”

From inside the huntsman cottage not far away, came Qing Fou’s relieved voice, “Ah, it seems to be two hundred years ago.”

Lin Suci: “…”

“Behave well and soak for three days. Don’t come out! It took a lot of Master’s effort to collect these fish’s blood.”

Lin Suci wanted to jump out, but he thought about it. Hundreds of fish are too wasteful.

At night, when the cold wind was bleak, Lin Suci was lying in the basin, numb with pain. His head rested on the side of the basin, snoring.

The fallen leaves were withered and yellow. There was a crisp clicking sound when stepping on them, but the sound gradually stopped near the small wooden basin on the side of the mountain stream.

Lin Suci was sleeping soundly.

Being half-conscious, he suddenly felt a strange feeling, as if he had a pair of eyes staring at him.

Lin Suci suddenly opened his eyes.

A pair of eyes greeted him.

The eyes that were caught from peeking had not changed their gaze at all, and looked at him calmly. The amber pupils had a nearly black gloom under the night and moon.

Sitting cross-legged on the opposite side of the small tub was a young man dressed in black, almost immersed in the night.

The young man’s outline was sharp and angular. He had the appearance of a matured man, not too protruding, and looked like a middle-aged man overall. Only the amber eyes had trembling heart palpitations when the eyes were facing each other.

Lin Suci blinked slowly.

He saw the person opposite blinking as well.

“…Meow?” Lin Suci could vaguely feel the power of the young man on the opposite side inadvertently. He could not tell the identity of the other party, so he did not dare to expose himself. Tilting his head, he pretended to meow.

The young man looked at him, motionless.

Lin Suci tilted his head and blinked his big eyes.

The young man still stared at him motionlessly.

The expression of pretending ignorance was almost unstretched.

The person’s eyes looked very peaceful, but they were like the sharpest blade, able to cut through his skin and pierce the chill of the weapon into his flesh and blood.

Lin Suci strongly supported his confidence as he watched the young man vigilantly and cautiously, wondering if he should meow again. The young man on the other side smiled.


Lin Suci blinked, suspecting that he saw something wrong.

The expression of the young man on the opposite side hardly changed, except for the smile in his eyes.

With such a slight change, the youth’s aura had become much softer.

“Little Junior.”

Lin Suci was dumbfounded and trembling, “…Eight, ah, no, Second… Second Senior Brother?”

The young man’s first response was to raise his hand and pat Lin Suci’s furry head.

“We met for the first time. You are what Master described to be, really interesting.”

Xu Wuwang played with Lin Suci’s paw cushions, which were very soft.

“Here you are, this is a meeting gift from your Senior Brother.” Xu Wuwang slowly took out a parcel from his arms and handed it to Lin Suci.

“Thank you, Second Senior…” Lin Suci stretched out his paw before realizing that he could not pick it up.

Obviously, Xu Wuwang found out about that and smiled. He took the initiative to help him untie his parcel, “Hey, these are the animal teeth hunted by your Senior Brother. This is the wolfbone flute. It’s fun to play, so I’m giving it all to you.”

Lin Suci blankly stared at Xu Wuwang as he watched his senior take out various bones from his small parcel, which was also mixed with a lot of bloody fragments. Even containing a beating warm heart in it…

Xu Wuwang’s hands were full of blood, but with a gentle smile on his face, he cordially asked Lin Suci, “Little junior, these are all meeting gifts given to you by your Senior Brother. Look, do you still like them?”

The blood-filled hands of Xu Wuwang held a bloody animal bone in his hand and stuffed it under Lin Suci’s eyelids.

Lin Suci looked straight ahead and the next moment, he rolled his eyes and passed out without a word.

Lin Suci had a dream. In the dream, there was a person with ambiguous facial features. The person chased after him and asked if he wanted to buy bones, or buy bones with a free heart. At first glance, it was all bloody red.

Lin Suci was so frightened that he cried, wailing and running wildly, snotting and tearing, hiding everywhere in the mountains. The person behind him was about to catch up, but another person appeared in front of him out of the blue. Lin Suci glanced intently. A young man wearing a silver shirt was holding a long sword, with cold eyes. When he raised his eyes to look at him, there seemed to be a wave of movement.

“Boshen, help!!!!” Lin Suci cried out and woke up with sobs.

The kitten that was just the size of a palm suddenly opened his eyes. His emerald green eyes were moist and shiny, and he shrank in the corner of the basin with a face of shock.

In the morning sun, two wooden piers were thrown on the small lawn. The two men in black were talking, with their backs facing Lin Suci. They heard the scream of the kitten and turned their heads at the same time.

The one on the left who was slightly worried was his Master, and the one on the right with an inexplicable smile was his Second Senior Brother whom he just met.

“Little Junior is awake,” Xu wuwang said slowly, “I only heard that you have a good relationship with Big Senior, but I really didn’t expect your relationship to be so good. You just call him by name once you are in danger.”

Lin Suci looked at the man, and his heart tightened. He was still covered in the basin. He recalled what Qing Fou had said, so he did not dare to get up. Sitting in the basin, he grieved and complained to Qing Fou: “Master, Second Senior Brother…scared me.”

He did not have a peaceful sleep at that time. No matter how many times he opened his eyes and closed them, bloody hands and bones were always all over the floor.

Qing Fou glanced at the two apprentices, “Cough, son, your Second Senior Brother is kind, don’t be afraid.”

Lin Suci simply could not accept such kindness. He raised his paw to cover his face. He was so frightened for the first time since his birth, and he did no’t want to look at Xu Wuwang again.

“Little Junior Brother, Little Junior Brother?” Xu Wuwang did not have the consciousness of scaring the kitten. He remained smiling and handed Lin Suci a block of creamy white cakes, “Don’t be angry, Senior will give you some delicious food. .”

Lin Suci smelled a fishy scent, but he barely raised his head.

Xu Wuwang immediately raised his hand and stuffed the cake into Lin Suci’s mouth.

The next moment, Lin Suci’s kitten face solidified, “…”

“Bleh, bleh, bleh!” Lin Suci was so triggered that he turned over and stuck out his tongue in the basin. Tears fell and wet the fluff on his cheeks.

The kitten rolled a few times in the basin. He could not help it and his paws clapped to call for Qing Fou, “Master! Master! Water! Spicy!”

His claws were placed on his tongue. His eyes were full of physiological tears, and he looked as if he was miserable from being tortured.

Qing Fou realized what had happened, and silently poured Lin Suci a sip of spring water.

Lin Suci wiped away his tears. Staring at Xu Wuwang, he said word by word, “Second Senior Brother, what is your grudge or hatred towards me?”

“No grudges, no hatred,” He looked refreshing, “just a meeting gift for you.”

Lin Suci: “…” It was the first time he had seen that kind of meeting gift.

“Oh, son, your Second Senior Brother has this temper. Just…bear with him.” Qing Fou hurriedly changed the topic. “Your Second Senior Brother said, he was helping to find my friend, Taoist Jin, after he received the news. Now, he has got the news from Taoist Jin, so he specially came here to take us there.”

Jin Chi was the demon cultivator Qing Fou was looking for.

Xu Wuwang squinted and said, “Little Junior, I saw your spiritual roots. Although it was damaged once, there were still some residues. If you take good care of yourself, you should be able to reshape your cinnabar field.”

Lin Suci stepped back vigilantly, thought for a while, squatted down, and hid himself.

Xu Wuwang laughed.

Lin Suci had to soak for three days. One day had passed, so there were two more to go. In the past two days, Xu Wuwang had been guarding him, silently staring at him, and occasionally showing a twitching smile.

That caused Lin Suci to be made mentally nervous. He always felt that if the person in front of him was not his Second Senior Brother, he would be regarded as a source of danger for mental problems and would completely stay away from him.

When he could leave the basin, Lin Suci would surely run away from Xu Wuwang first.

After the master and apprentices washed the slimy fur of Lin Suci, they packed up and went to the South to look for Jin Chi.

Qing Fou wanted to make the relationship between the two unfamiliar apprentices better. Thinking about it, the only thing that could bring them closer together was that they were from the same sect.

The relationship between Lin Suci and Yan Boshen was the best. Qing Fou kept instilling Xu Wuwang along the way about how the kitten was his Big Senior’s most loving one. His Big Senior treated Lin Suci like a rare baby, and the master told the disciple to take good care of him… Balabala…

On the other hand, the master told Lin Suci that his Second Senior was the junior who had the best relationship with his Big Senior for nearly a hundred years. If both the Second Senior and him got close, Yan Boshen would be happy about that… Balabala…

Lin Suci lay on Qing Fou’s shoulder, muttering softly, “As if.”

Having been with Yan Boshen for more than a year, he had never heard Yan Boshen mention that Second Junior Brother. Which of their relationships was truly the best?

Xu Wuwang accepted humbly and smiled, “Little Junior is not close to me, I’m so sad. Why doesn’t Master let me hold Little Junior to let us be more acquainted?”

“Here!” Qing Fou casually picked the kitten from his shoulder and handed it to Xu Wuwang.

Lin Suci was frightened to death.

Xu Wuwang took Lin Suci lightly and put him on his shoulder.

“Little Junior.”

Lin Suci clasped his vain shoulders tightly with his paws, and was slightly wary, “Huh?”

“I have a question and I’ve buried it in my heart for a long time. I don’t know if it’s inappropriate to talk about it.” Xu Wuwang had a gentle expression on his face.

Lin Suci hesitated, “Second Senior Brother, please share it?”

Xu Wuwang quietly glanced at Qing Fou not far away, and the corner of his mouth twitched. He said in a low voice, “I heard that you are Big Senior’s forbidden property and you have been doing things he told you to, like this and that, all day? Even in front of outsiders, do you do that in everyone’s faces?”


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