My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 64


Lin Suci’s eyes were dull, “What are you talking about? Who are you talking about?”

“I said, did you and Big Senior do it…” Xu Wuwang repeated it kindly, detailing his content, and was down to the making expressions.

Lin Suci’s mind, a picture appeared according to Xu Wuwang’s words. A chill ran down his spine. He swiftly jumped off Xu Wuwang’s shoulder, and back onto Qing Fou’s shoulder.

“What did your Second Senior say?” Qing Fou thought the two had a harmonious relationship, so he asked.

The corner of Lin Suci’s mouth twitched, “Master. Is Second Senior a huge devil?”

Why would he ask a kitten like him about something like that! Not to mention the involvement of Yan Boshen too!

“Wuwang has a good temper, have you misunderstood something?” Qing Fou spoke for his second apprentice.

Lin Suci stopped talking.

Since his Second Senior was a good-tempered person in Master’s heart, Lin Suci felt that he should treat himself as a deaf person.

From the cottage in the mountain all the way to the South, it was nearly a thousand miles away. The flying sword should be there in only half a month, but it was different from Lin Suci’s imagination. Every time they reached a big mountain, Xu Wuwang would stop the sword and plunged into the mountains.

“Little Junior, I heard from Master that you had established the ninth foundation before the accident. Since you can climb to the ninth foundation in such a short time, I believe you are talented and intelligent.”

When he landed for the first time, Xu Wuwang smiled and praised Lin Suci.

Lin Suci naturally raised his head proudly, “In terms of aptitude, if I am not the number one in the world, at least I can be a number two.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Xu Wuwang cheered and applauded in that seemingly awkward moment. “In that case, can Little Junior give me some advice?”

“Wuwang…” Qing Fou seemed have something to say, very tactfully, “Your Junior is still young…”

“You’re so good at a young age. I bet you must be an incredible person in the future. It’s natural for us to take this opportunity to also be acquainted with each other. Right, Master?”

Xu Wuwang looked very honest.

Qing Fou hesitated, and once again handed Lin Suci to him. At the same time, he instructed, “Son, just watch your Second Senior cultivate obediently. Don’t disturb him, and stay away from him.”

Lin Suci felt his hair stood on end.

The place was southerly and moist. The soil under the feet was soft, and the towering trees were densely packed. During that period, there were many spirit beasts and monsters hidden, jumping and running around.

Xu Wuwang hugged Lin Suci slowly and walked to one place. He poked Lin Suci’s paws, “Little Junior, did you see the hyaenodonts(ancient predatory animals similar to hyenas) in front of you?”

A few feet away from their location, at a place that was hidden by huge trees, in the fragments of sunlight, the soil was stained with blood. There was a dead spirit beast that was the size of a cow. Its flesh was gnawed to pieces by half a dozen hyaenodonts and Lin Suci could hardly tell which ever was blood or flesh.

Lin Suci quickly looked away. He still could not look directly at that bloody scene.

Qing Fou, who was following behind, glanced at the scene and sighed for unknown reason.

“That kind of hyaenodont is just a low-grade beast, so it’s easy to deal with. Little Junior, you are a cultivator who used to establish the ninth foundation, so this must be easy for you to deal with, right?” Xu Wuwang said as he grabbed Lin Suci and threw him forward. He showed an evil smile, “Go.”

“Oh wahhh!!!” Lin Suci was thrown out of the air, and slammed into the direction of the bloody flesh. He twisted his waist, trying to change his direction.

It was a pity that Lin Suci, who had no cultivation base, was still a waste cat that could only talk.

“Master, ah, Second Senior Brother is murdering me!!!”

Lin Suci fell straight on the head of one of the hyena-like beasts. In order to save his life, Lin Suci took out his milk-drinking energy and slammed the beast’s head hard. It sprang up like bring burned by a fire. Lin Suci was bounced off and he took the chance to press his paws onto the huge tree trunk nearby, and crawled to the middle of the tree. He turned his head in shock, and his fur remained on end.

He clasped his claws tightly into the bark. His limbs hugged the tree trunk, and under his tail were the beasts. They were raising their head and exuding the faint smell of blood. Lin Suci was so nervous that he did not dare to move.

Qing Fou dangled, “…cough, Wuwang, I told you that your junior is still young.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just teasing him.”

Xu Wuwang stepped forward with a smile and shook his fingers, “It’s also good for him to know what kind of senior I am.”

Lin Suci hugged the tree trunk tightly while curling his tail up-high. He lowered his head and stared at the half a dozen hyaenodonts, for fear that they would give him a bite when they jumped up.

“Little Junior Brother, it looks like you can’t do anything. Forget it, your Senior Brother is here to rescue you.”

Xu Wuwang strolled in, rolled up his sleeves, and glanced at Lin Suci with a smile. He waved and acted very kindly.

Lin Suci did not know why, but he got even warier.

Numerous hyaenodonts stared at Lin Suci for a long time, and Lin Suci crawled up again, but since the predatory beasts could not catch him, they shifted their target to Xu Wuwang.

The hyaenodonts bared their bloody teeth, and growled in their throats. Soon, they gathered and surrounded Xu Wuwang.

When the first predator pounced on him, Xu Wuwang stretched out his empty hands.

He plunged a handful straight into the predator’s chest and stretched out his hand from the hyena’s back.

A warm and beating heart was held on his blood-red hand.

“Tsk, the low-grades are really boring. They don’t help at all.” Xu Wuwang murmured in a low voice.

After that, he seemed to have lost the fun of the game and crushed that heart.

In the next instant, the remaining few hyaenodonts exploded and died.

Lin Suci… Lin Suci was already closing his eyes and was about to faint.

What did he just see? His Second Senior Brother, grabbed the heart with his bare hands? And crushed it barehanded?!

Why couldn’t he kill in a normal way? Why was it  that kind of brutal bloody killing scene that involved body explosions?

The gore was even hinted with a sort of cruelty that despised life.

Lin Suci weakly signalled to Qing Fou for help.

Master, are you sure your second disciple, is really not surnamed Yan?

As soon as the ground alarm was lifted, Lin Suci went out without looking back and hid in Qing Fou’s hood.

“Master, is Second Senior Brother… a magic cultivator?”

“Wuwang is not magic cultivator.” Qing Fou smiled dryly, “It’s just that it may be a little scarier than the magic cultivator.”

“Your Second Senior is a devil cultivator. He cultivates by committing atrocities.”

Lin Suci shivered. Seeing Xu Wuwang through Qing Fou’s hood, his Second Senior was like a stroll in a leisurely garden, bypassing the bloody place. He inserted his hand into the tree trunk, as if he was absorbing something.

Committing atrocity…

Lin Suci could not remember anything in his dizzy head. It sounded familiar, but he could not recall. Just those words were full of evil and horror.

“This is not ‘a little scarier than the magic cultivator’ at all. Master, Second Senior is also just a little inferior to the Devil King!” Lin Suci shook his master.

His Second Senior was too frightening!!!

The alarm that he prepared in his heart was always for the Devil King, Yan Ran till now.

“Good boy, please bear it. Your Second Senior is…” Qing Fou said halfway, and swallowed it back. He patted Lin Suci’s cold fur, and sighed. .

It was a one-month trip, but it took them two months to walk. Almost at every mountain top, Xu Wuwang would stop to commit slaughter for cultivation.

In the beginning, Lin Suci refused to follow him. After all, Xu Wuwang’s method was too exposed with blood, which brought him great physical discomfort.

Later, Xu Wuwang dissected a fish in front of him, stuffed it in his mouth and asked if it was good.

Lin Suci could not stop chomping down his food while crying, “It’s so fragrant.”

Lin Suci opened his heart.

The difference between Xu Wuwang and other cultivators who used spirit beasts to cultivate was that others used weapons, simply and neatly, but he did it bare-handed, and the scene was brutal.

Lin Suci felt that he could not waste the lives contributed by spirit beasts in vain. He was used to being poor at the Cardinal Sect. He tentatively asked Xu Wuwang to pick up all the remaining corpses and skeletons of spirit beasts and sell them in the town for spirit stones.

Xu Wuwang was stunned for a moment, and suddenly realized, “I have been out for a few years, and I almost forgot how poor our sect is. Yes, we can’t waste these.”

In order to earn spirit stones, the spirit beast that Xu Wuwang targeted had shifted to those of higher levels, because one high-level spirit beast could be sold for a price of hundred middle-level spirit beasts.

“Master.” Lin Suci lay on Qing Fou’s shoulders. Watching Xu wuwang humming and cutting the animal horns, he asked with difficulty, “What is Second Senior’s cultivation base? Why did he defeat those high-level spirit beasts so easily?”

Just now, he was just watching Xu Wuwang playing with the rhino-horned beast, while doing his senior duties of explaining the rhino-horned beast to him. He showed him how to hunt it. It looked easy for him to catch it and he was dismembering the beast.

“Well, before he came out to cultivate, he had already formed the core.” Qing Fou swallowed, “I haven’t seen him in a few years, and it seems that he has grown a lot.”

“Master,” Lin Suci was worried, “is Second Senior really your apprentice. Could it be that some devil cultivator took him away?”

“Of course not!” Qing Fou urged, “How can devil cultivators be as cruel as Xu Wuwang!”

Lin Suci: “…” He’s got a point.

After two months of walking and stopping like that, Lin Suci also learned a little bit about his strange Second Senior Brother.

Naturally, he still remained respectful to him although he maintained several distances away from him.

Two months later, they finally arrived at Hanling City where Jin Chi was located.

After handing in ten spirit stones, the master and two disciples entered the main city, with Xu Wuwang in the lead.

Xu Wuwang took the master and junior and bypassed several winding alleys like the back of his hand.  Soon, he knocked on the door of a yard with blue roof tiles.

“Coming, coming. It’s the early morning, who is getting so impatient?”

After a long time, a lazy and hoarse woman’s voice came from inside.

Lin Suci smelled a strange smell and sneezed fiercely.

“Son, you have a cold?” Qing Fou initiated his old, fatherly heart and worriedly patted Lin Suci’s cat head.

Lin Suci rubbed his nose, “No, there’s a… choking smell.”

The smell was not actually too choking or weird. Lin Suci could not help it at all, and sneezed again.

Xu Wuwang glanced at him with a cool look. He did not speak, and remained smiling.

After a long time, the door was opened from the inside.

A woman in half-dressed clothes opened the door.

She was gorgeous. With affectionate eyebrows, her breasts were half exposed. She leaned on the door panel, showing her exquisite body of a mature woman.

She dipped her scented fingers into her loose long hair. Raising her curvy willow eyebrows, her eyes swept across Xu Wuwang, and she looked at Qing Fou with a black hood. Her lips slightly opened, and she smiled lazily, “Oh, are you here for fun?”

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