My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 65


There seemed to be subtle awkwardness in the atmosphere..

Qing Fou’s face that was hidden under his hood did not lift at all. He said nothing. The coquettish woman covered her lips and chuckled, only looking up and down at the master and apprentice. Her gaze was enough to shave people’s bones like a knife.

Lin Suci felt something was wrong, and pretended to be dead.

Qing Fou quietly pinched Lin Suci’s tail, motioning for him to speak.

Seeing that Xu Wuwang was obviously going to be watching from the side-lines, Lin Suci had no choice. Even though he had little respect for his Master, he still spoke reluctantly.

“Big sister, we are looking for Senior Jin, Jin Chi.”

He addressed her cleverly. The woman covered her lips and smiled lightly. Her eyes also showed smiles, “Oh, such an obedient mouth. You said you’re looking for Jin Chi, but I am Jin Chi.”

“Huh?” Lin Suci was stunned, “Isn’t Senior Jin a man…”

Lin Suci’s mouth was covered by Qing Fou. The struggling kitten was stuffed into the hood, and Qing Fou coughed, “Uh, long time no see.”

Jin Chi glanced at him with a smile, and turned around, “Come in.”

It was a small quadrangle courtyard. There was movement in the left and right wing rooms, and the windows were quietly opened. Those who peeped out from the inside were a group of girls with dishevelled hair.

Lin Suci met the eyes of one of the girls.

The girl lay on the window and winked at him. In the next moment, her eyes turned red. The girl licked her lips, and her face looked full of appetite.

Lin Suci squatted back into his hood honestly.

The good friend of his Master when he was a devil magic cultivator was slightly weird as expected.

Perhaps since he met Second Senior Brother, his style of had changed.

The place was planted with weird flowers and plants. The scent that Lin Suci smelled was derived from those flowers and plants.

Some were planted outside the room too. When they entered a room, in the vases placed on both sides of the main hall, there was also the same kind of flowers, which was exactly the same as the scent outside.

Jin Chi entered the house and became lazy as she walked. She lay down on the chaise couch with one hand on her chin, very lazy.

“Old friend who hasn’t seen me for decades, I’m afraid you don’t just come by and visit me to talk about the old days, huh?”

Qing Fou took off his hood.

“There is indeed something that needs you.”

Lin Suci, who was sitting in the hood, was handed over directly with the clothes and cat.

“My little apprentice… had an accident.”

Jin Chi took a look at Lin Suci and sneered: “Yo, your cinnabar field is damaged. No wonder you find me here.”

“How troublesome it is to reshape the cinnabar field, this is just a cat that can be seen everywhere. If it is scrapped, it will be scrapped. You can send it to the city lord’s mansion for some rewards. Qing Fou, you can get another apprentice anyway.”

Jin Chi directly set Lin Suci off the chaise couch.

Lin Suci almost fell over, and after standing firm, the corners of his mouth twitched.

Sure enough, it was another strange person.

“My son…” Qing Fou hugged Lin Suci again, crying without tears, “What should I do, your father can’t save you anymore.”

Lin Suci was stunned, what method was that?

“Son? Wait, what do you mean by calling him ‘son’?” Jin Chi sat up straight, her eyes inquiring.

Qing Fou: “I always raised him as a son.”

Jin Chi glanced at Lin Suci again, her face was calm, “I didn’t seem to look carefully just now, son, come over and let mother take another look.”

Lin Suci: “…”

At that time, if he was still clueless on what was going on between Master and Senior Jin, he would be blind!

However, he was a cat-in-need after all. He did not dare resist, so he went over again obediently.

That time, Jin Chi finally took a closer look.

“Well, although it’s a bit tricky, that’s only to be told to outsiders. This is our own son, so we must cure him no matter how difficult it is.” Jin Chi changed her expression into a gentle and virtuous manner. She touched Lin Suci’s fur lovingly, “My son, don’t worry, mother will heal you.”

Lin Suci was small and weak, “…Thank you, Senior Jin.”

“This child,” Jin Chi’s loving gaze had a hint of threat. With a gentle smile, she gave a huge warning, “What did you call me?”

Lin Suci shouted with all his might, “Mother!”

Qing Fou: “…”

Once he recognized her as his mother, the matter would be much easier.

Jin Chi was a demon cultivator who had lived for nearly a thousand years in the Nascent Soul period, so she had seen and heard more than Qing Fou. After confirming the reason and physical condition of Lin Suci’s damage, she arranged for the master and two apprentices to stay. After that, she called for two disciples to research together and left.

Lin Suci always felt something was wrong.

At night, he lay on the window, his eyes stared blankly.

Outside the window, he could hear all kinds of kinky and chaotic groans and chuckles from all directions.

“Master…” Lin Suci raised his head tremblingly. Qing Fou, who was sitting on a low stool, was still preparing the spare talisman earnestly, as if he was not affected at all.

“Where are we? Is this really not a brothel? This new mother I met, what kind of demon cultivator is she?”

Qing Fou was swayed by the cat that just pounced on him. He stopped moving his pen, so he could only lift Lin Suci and put it aside, then turned to sit cross-legged opposite him, explaining.

“This is the home of your newly recognized mother. It’s not right to say that it’s a brothel. After all, the female cultivators here are all dual cultivators, so they can take advantage of each other. As for your mother…ah pui.” Qing Fou said smoothly. Without paying attention for a while, he kept spitting in contempt.

“That person, didn’t father tell you before? A good friend of mine. The original body is a snake, and came from the realm of Wind Cinder.”

Wind Cinder… That was a little familiar? Lin Suci thought for a long time, but could not recall it.

“Master, then is that person a man or a woman?” Lin Suci said, “didn’t you say that he was a man?”

Jin Chi had no masculinity at all, and did not look like she was in disguise at all.

“I told you that the original body is a snake.” Qing Fou got furious, “When Master taught you knowledge, did you nap and slacken?”

Lin Suci sat nicely, “Meow~”

Qing Fou had a headache, “You, why don’t you have such common sense! Listen up: The Wind Cinder domain is almost considered a domain of demon cultivators. Most of the snake demons there are hermaphrodite. Also, the fish demons are basically hermaphrodite. . Remember this, don’t be rash next time.”


Lin Suci could no’t help but lifted his cat’s paws and applauded, “It’s amazing!”

No wonder he did not see the flaws in gender at all, it turned out that there were no flaws at all.

“But Master, I still have a question…” Lin Suci raised his paw, “Why does he fight to be my mother when he knows you call me ‘son’?”

Qing Fou was speechless for a while and could not find a reason. After being silent for a while, he calmly said, “…You should go to bed now, kids go to bed early and get up early.”

Lin Suci: “…”

The “um um ah ah” sounds from nearby rooms were so loud and dense, how could he sleep?

He really could.

Lin Suci could only be a waste kitten now. There were female cultivators in his surroundings and any male cultivator who came could easily crush him to death. He knew the severity, and had been hiding in the room to play with himself, sleeping soundly with the dubbing of “um um ah ah” every day.

After three months, Jin Chi, the mother that Lin Suci was forced to call, and a few people finally came up with a medicinal prescription for him. There were many ingredients needed, and Xu Wuwang took the initiative to take the burden. It took more than three months to gather all the ingredients needed for the prescription with a dozen of Jin Chi’s disciples.

In a full half-year, Lin Suci and the female cultivators of the Jin family had become the relationship of big sisters and little brother. He mingled among them every day. Wan’er took the writing brush, Qian Qian prepared the ink, while Lin Suci was in-charge-of the speaking. They drafted numerous stories.

The female cultivators there had rich life experience. In just half a year, they summarized and passed down a lot of experience from their many years to Lin Suci. After they were classified by Lin Suci, with further editing, they made story books and sold them everywhere in exchange for money.

It could be said that even if Lin Suci was a young cat, he was also an experienced young cat.

“Suci, when you come out, we will sell all this to Mr. Jiao together. I have a bunch of good materials here.” When Wan’er sent Lin Suci into the basement cultivation room, she patted his fur, feeling reluctant.

Lin Suci lifted his paw and solemnly said, “Don’t worry, when I come out, I will personally help big sisters with these.”

Qian Qian also whimpered with tears.

“Leave when the delivery is over, don’t act reluctant. It’s not a big deal.” Xu Wuwang picked up a female cultivator with one hand, and dragged the two struggling girls out with a smile.

“With this amount of time, it would be better to accompany me to hunt animals in the Red Willow Forest, three hundred miles away.”

Outside the cultivation room, there were only ‘a family of three’.

Qing Fou patted him on the head, “My son, remember, the medicine hasn’t been absorbed fully yet, so don’t you dare come out.”

“If he dared, I’ll break this unfilial son’s leg!” Jin Chi smiled softly, “Son, you have four legs. Think about it.”

Lin Suci swallowed and backed away, “I promise, I will squat inside and never come out.”

“Then, go in.”

Jin Chi opened a secret door full of enchantments.

There were three thick secret doors in it, filled with weird auras.

“Son, Mother just wants to remind you once, gather your energy and conceal the spirit. Don’t forget who you are.”

Before the secret door closed, Lin Suci heard Jin Chi’s last command.

With a click, the heavy secret door closed. Lin Suci blankly walked to the second secret door and opened it according to Jin Chi’s words.

The second door closed behind him.

There was a secret door in a smaller circle.

After entering, there was no way out.

Lin Suci took a deep breath and pushed open the third secret door.

The fog filled with spiritual energy and medicine would be his companion for the next few years.

Three years passed in a flash.

The three secret doors that had been sealed in dust for three years were opened one by one from the inside.

Amidst the diffused mist walked out a naked figure. He took a deep breath and stretched out slowly.

On the ground outside the cultivation room, there was a set of smoky purple clothes. Lin Suci slowly slipped them onto his body. Holding his loose long hair in his palms, he curled it on top of his head to make a single bun.

“Master, I’m out.”

After three years, Lin Suci was almost desperate. He walked out quickly, with a smile on his face, and walked out along the nostalgic path with light footsteps.

However, when he climbed up the spiraling basement stairs, his smile froze.

The courtyard where he lived for half a year was overgrown with weeds. The dilapidated wing room was covered with spider webs, and the dust almost covered the outline of the courtyard.

What happened?

A trace of astonishment appeared on Lin Suci’s face.

It seemed to be quiet there, as if he was alone.

Lin Suci stood there in a daze, turned his head and rushed into the main hall.

It was also desolation there. Jin Chi’s favorite chaise couch had a broken leg and it was covered with cobweb and dust, tumbling on the ground.

He turned his head and rushed to the room where he used to live with the master.

The papers of the windows had big and small holes. There were no traces of people living in them.

What happened?

Lin Suci panicked.

“Master! Master! Father! Second Senior! Senior Jin! Wan’er! Qian Qian!”

Lin Suci ran along the courtyard, each room’s door was pushed open, but there was nothing.

He shouted hoarsely, and the cold sweat oozing from his body made him almost stiffen from the cold.

What happened? What happened?

Lin Suci bit his lower lip and slowly walked out of the main gate he had never stepped out of for the past three years.

The vermilion door had already peeled off its paint at that moment, a desolation.

Along the alley, there was a street market not more than ten feet away.

There were stalls and shops along the street. Pedestrians came and went. It was a normal street full of bustling scenes.

Lin Suci watched quietly while leaning against the wall for a long time, and found that it was not his illusion. He pinched his thigh, and slowly walked forward.

“Mister…” Standing in front of a shop, Lin Suci called a chubby-looking man, “Excuse me… Do you know what happened to the Jin family yard in front?”

“The Jin family?” The mister stretched his neck and looked over, “Oh, that house you are talking about? I remember that house is owned by that demon cultivator. In order to avoid disasters, they moved a few years ago.”

It turned out to be just moving away.

Lin Suci heaved a sigh, and his beating heart finally calmed down.

“What disaster?”

Lin Suci asked stealthily.

“Don’t you know?” The man was a little surprised, “The Devil Lord is here, the Demon Emperor is fighting for the top. This is a big thing everyone knows in the cultivation world!”

“The Devil Lord is here, the Demon Emperor is fighting for the top?” Lin Suci murmured and repeated.

His heart skipped a beat again.

The only person who could be considered the Demon Emperor must have been Li Xuan.

As for that devil…

“The devil is?” Lin Suci asked cautiously.

“Devil Lord, Yan Ran, massacred Mysterious Heart Sect three years ago, why don’t you know?”

Devil Lord, Yan Ran.

Lin Suci clutched his beating heart.

The realm of cultivation is going to be chaotic.

What about his Master, brothers and sisters?

And his family’s Yan Boshen…

Lin Suci suddenly heard the man whisper, “Speaking of which, Bihai Continent has spread news that the Devil Lord arrived in Bihai Continent a few days ago. That’s in our city!”


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