My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 66


What was the Great Devil Lord Yan Ran doing in Bihai Continent?

Lin Suci got the news that he wanted. He quietly slipped back to the earlier desolated yard, diligently cleaned out a room and temporarily used it as a place to stay.

What was the matter with his master and senior? Did they follow Senior Jin and run away? Could they forget that there was still a child waiting to be fed in the basement of the cultivation room?!

Ashamed to be called Master! Ashamed to be called father! Ashamed to be called a Senior Brother!

As for that Senior Jin who forcibly grabbed the name of a mother, Lin Suci was very sensible and let it slip by.

He had been in isolation for three years. Senior Jin’s ancient prescription was used for his internal body and his energy had been recovering. Now that he had recovered, he looked like the time when he was first picked up by Qing Fou, naked.

Everything was repaired and he was capable of perceiving external spiritual power and absorbing spiritual energy. He would be able to concentrate with his energy and gather the energy to set foot in the path of cultivation again.

Lin Suci thought numerous times. Since he could not find Master, he might as well go back to his hometown, the Cardinal Sect.

The Mysterious Heart Sect was completely destroyed three years ago, so the Cardinal Sect had already escaped a catastrophe. In that way, there was no danger for him if he returned.

Moreover, his family, Yan Boshen and other senior brothers and sisters were still there.

Since Master and Second Senior Brother had gone with Senior Jin, with the extremely destructive trio together, Lin Suci did not have to worry about their safety at all. It could be said that there was nothing to be concerned about.

Furthermore, Yan Ran already came to the Bihai Continent.

That great devil was indeed a killer machine. Perhaps, It was still so hard to believe. He could watch a fire across the river for the first moment but the next instant, he would have burned the entire city.

The location where he was at was not a safe place.

Lin Suci cherished his life. He had no strength to protect himself, but he was much better compared to his previous state as a waste cat. He was not Bai Qingkong, who had the limelight of a protagonist, who had no chance of dying. If he struck against the great devil Yan Ran and accidentally injured and dispersed himself as scattered ashes, who was he regarded as?

Therefore, Lin Suci felt that he absolutely could not stay there any longer.

Lin Suci was the only one in the desolated yard. He took out all the stored food that Senior Jin provided to him earlier from the cultivation room, so as to avoid being hungry.

He was penniless. If he did not have the stored food, let alone to return to Cardinal Sect, he would have starved to death within two days after leaving the yard.

It was better to earn money.

Lin Suci ate a full meal and counted the remaining rations. The rations to return home were basically enough. However, he did not have the travel expenses to make it through to the city gate. He certainly did not know how to control the flying sword. He had less spiritual energy, so he could not form a magic circle. If he depended on feet to return, it would take several years.

He had to earn some money, and hire a cultivator who could take up the job to escort him back.  Or, he could strive with one breath and earn five thousand spiritual stones to send him back through the teleportation portal.

With a target, Lin Suci could hardly sit still.

He wasted most of the day. At that moment, it was already dusk. Before long, it would be dark.

Lin Suci thought and decided to take advantage of that period to scout out the situation in the city. It might be better to try finding a way to earn money the next day.

It was pitiful for him to stay there for more than three years and never go out. Those two steps were precisely the furthest place to go after waking up in the morning.

Lin Suci was afraid that he would be lost, so he pulled a thread and twisted over to tie it to the door. Once again, another thread was tied to the entrance of the alley. After checking the surrounding environment over and over again, he slowly moved towards the lights where the bustling crowd was.

However, the city at night was also not quiet. There were high-raised buildings with lights everywhere and the wide street market was bustling with noise and excitement as it was in the daytime.

Lin Suci walked and followed the crowd to the side to take a look.

He had no spiritual power in him, which limited him in many aspects. There were mostly crowded with cultivators, so it was definitely important to have a skill if he wanted to find a job.

Lin Suci hesitated. Among the many things he had learned so far that one did not require the support of a cultivation base was through writing stories, which he did together with Wan’er and Qian Qian.

Otherwise, he went to the old brothel to ask any young lady there if they require that service.

Lin Suci struggled to ask the location of the city’s brothels. He knew the direction and went.

When he went to help Shu Changyi and Bai Qingkong to fish previously, Lin Suci went into a brothel once. He just hurriedly glanced around that time and did not even pay attention to the overall structure. He was so annoyed with anger that he only focused on punching someone.

This time…

Lin Suci stood at the entrance of the alley where the red lanterns were hung and licked the corners of his lips.

“Hey, stand still.”

Lin Suci walked around the alley when he heard someone shout at him nearby.

Perhaps it was someone familiar? Lin Suci was anxious about missing any clues and seized the opportunity to look up.

He saw those three hooliganism men shrunken in black shadow at the corner. They were blackish and jaundice, shrivelled and thin. There was a feeling of discomfort of evil influence whiffed in their eyes.

Lin Suci slightly frowned.

That kind of person was certainly not someone he recognized from his home.

Lin Suci reckoned that it was not him they were calling for, so he raised his feet to pace away.

“I told you to stand still!! Why move! How dare you!” Those three men caught up to him. They raised their hands and clasped Lin Suci’s shoulders by force.

Lin Suci moved sideways to get out of the way, “You recognized the wrong person.”

“What wrong person? We’re not even familiar with you before.” Among them, one laughed out loud and blocked Lin Suci’s path.

When Lin Suci noticed that, he probably guessed their intention.

Perhaps they were looking for trouble. Or, an even possible theory, robbing?

If so, then he was not afraid. His hands were spreaded out with enthusiasm, “Pardon me, brothers. I don’t have a single spiritual stone. You all have robbed the wrong person.”

Without spiritual energy, he could not do what he wanted. It was better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

“Who said we were going to rob?” One of the guys stared at Lin Suci up and down, touched his chin and harbored a malicious smile.

“Kid, your looks are not bad.”

Lin Suci was slightly vigilant and retreated half a step behind: “…Many thanks for the compliment.”

“Hey, kid, for a mortal like you with this kind of look, how dare you enter this area. Don’t you know that this is my territory?” That man walked with pride and stepped towards him.

Lin Suci urged to leave, “It’s an accident. I’ve walked the wrong way, and I will leave right away!”

He turned around at once and left.

“Hey hey hey, young brother, where are you going?”

A snickering man spread his both hands behind him and blocked his escape route.

“Brat, why are you not being sensible? We complimented your good looks, but you are courteous enough to leave right now?”

Lin Suci felt something was not right.

Those people were deliberately looking for trouble.

Did he offend anyone?

Lin Suci looked around. The streets were hung with a layer of red lanterns that were shaded with orange and red. The people who came and went were all male cultivators and occasionally there were some female cultivators passing by in a hurry.

The singing and dancing under the low buildings in the streets and alleys continued. The laughter sounds that echoed were getting fuzzy.

By rushing to the front of those old brothels and mingling with the people inside, Lin Suci felt that he had the chance to escape.

Lin Suci was ready to increase the pace of his feet but still, on the surface, he showed a well-behaved and astonished expression, “Then, should I provide my thanks to you all?”

The three people surrounded him.

“You’ve grown well. Even if you are just a mortal, we might be able to exchange him for some money.”

One of them strode over.

Lin Suci’s facial expressions slightly changed.

Only at that moment did he understand what those people wanted to do.

Seeing that he had good looks, were they thinking of human trafficking?

Dream on!

Lin Suci’s heart unexpectedly calmed down instead. He carefully thought.

Fortunately, when he was begging for spirit stones along the street before, Qing Fou taught him a lot about how to distinguish someone else’s cultivation base without the need of spiritual energy.

Lin Suci rapidly seized up to look around and knew exactly what was going on.

Those three were thin and they did not go through cultivation before. They did not even have the accustomed talisman for cultivation and the smell of cinnabar in their body. The clothes that only covered their bodies were, nevertheless, very loose.

Based on their walking posture and habits when they approached and surrounded him, he knew that the trio were merely cultivating Qi energy.

Three Qi-training peeps. If he had not met with the cold lake accident previously, he could have dealt with a few more of them.

It was a pity that he had just fixed his diaphragm and absolutely had not progressed in cultivation yet. It was not easy to be aware of spiritual energy.

Lin Suci quickly conceived the method in his mind to escape.

The people that surrounded him had already stretched out their hands forward.

Lin Suci suddenly stooped forward and knocked.

Those men were caught off guard. Before they could defend themselves, Lin Suci knocked against them and made them stagger two steps backwards.

Lin Suci immediately fled.

“Quick, stop him! Such a good-looking product. We will lose right away if others found him!”

The chaotic footsteps of those three men behind him were catching up.

Lin Suci ran very fast. He dodged from left to right and even pulled the passers-by by the sleeves with a slight fling. Pulling them and turning them around to block the way of those who were chasing behind him.

On both sides of the red mansion’s vermilion gates, there were many street vendors carrying poles on the shoulders. As soon as a vendor saw Lin Suci rushing forward, he could not avoid him. Lin Suci quickly reacted by lowering his waist sideways to lean forward under the load of poles. His body was flexible, practically maintaining the emulsion of an animal’s body and with the transformation ability. He easily passed through a narrow place with his tall and slender body.

He passed through but those three people who chased after him could not do so.

The flow of people coming to and fro on the road had long been messed up by that trouble. Those men were blocked. Both sides were filled with several street vendors carrying the poles. Therefore, the road was completely blocked in a short instant.

The three of them stared blankly to watch Lin Suci as he fled with a speed of lightning. They were almost unable to catch the traces of his figure.

“Quick! Stop him!”

Those three Qi-training cultivators were unable to deal with anything else. In order to stop Lin Suci, they went so far as to overturn the few street vendors’ loading poles. At the same time, they threw out a rope. Like a wisp of light, the rope headed straight towards Lin Suci.

Lin Suci dodged. He was practically escaping from those men’s sights. He did not expect that there would be such a move. He had lost his spiritual energy and was well-behaved enough to allow the rope to loop directly on him, making him rapidly fall to the ground.

“How dare you run away? This stinky brat is looking for death!” The man who chased after him approached fiercely and raised his hand, intending to beat him.

Another man hurriedly stopped, “Don’t be violent. This is a mortal, so we can’t beat him. If this face is disfigured, he will be worthless.”

“Ah ptui, I will bear this for the time being for the sake of money!”

“Loop the rope securely. This kid is a cunning one. We must not let him slip away.”

“Hold on, I still have the previous remaining medicine here…”

Lin Suci stumbled onto the ground, still struggling hard.

His both hands were firmly locked by the rope and he could not break free.

I’m done for!

Lin Suci frowned.

Listening to the trio speak, it seemed like they wanted to sell him off.

How could his fate be so bad!

That man squatted down. Holding a small medicine bottle in his hand, he pinched Lin Suci’s chin and poured it into his mouth ruthlessly.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Lin Suci tried hard to resist but most of the medicinal liquid in the bottle entered inside his mouth, choking him and making his eyes teared.

Poison medicine? Ecstasy medicine? Charm medicine?

Lin Suci frantically searched for the answer in his head. He was constantly on alert to the changes in his body.

That man said to the person next to him, “Don’t worry, I had spent thirty spiritual stones to buy this goods from the black market. Basically, anyone with the level below a foundation-establishing cultivator was unable to resist this. If we use this on a mere mortal, he will pass out before long.”

Lin Suci heard that and secretly felt his body. After the medicine entered his mouth, he felt nothing at all, just seemed like he had drunk a glass of water. If it was what those people said, then Lin Suci would just follow suit, so he tactfully closed his eyes.

“Look, he really did lose consciousness.”

“Come, carry him away. Such a good item should definitely be sent to Cloud Imperial Lane. That place specialized in this sort of smooth-skinned and tender meat.”

Lin Suci closed his eyes and felt that he was being held on one’s shoulders.

After going forward about twenty feet, they turned to the left.

They stopped after fifteen steps.

“Old Chief Zhang, the delivery is here, quick and go to call that old woman to inspect it!”

Lin Suci secretly lifted his eyelids.

Within the sight of Lin Suci, who was being carried on top of one’s shoulder, there was a small building with red lanterns.

Two elderly men stood at the doorway, having a conversation with the three men and invited them in through the side door.

Lin Suci pretended to be unconscious and stayed quietly.

Lanterns were lit everywhere. There were goofy figures printed on the lattice windows. The sound of laughing and playing came from afar.

That person, who was carrying him, avoided the crowded and noisy places instead. He chose an alternative deviating path. Not long after he walked, an old lady led him to enter a pitch-dark room.

That man threw him on the ground.

“Granny, come have a look. He is a mortal but he appeared to be rare. See if he can satisfy the demand of the people above?”

“Granny, this kid has made us spend a lot of money in terms of spiritual stones. Look more into this and pay us more.”

At that moment, Lin Suci closed his eyes tightly while maintaining a gentle breath and listened with his ears upright.

The light seemed to be approaching towards his cheek and his eyelids appeared glowing with orange light. Lin Suci pretended to sleep soundly and did not move.

“His skin looks good, not bad.” After a while, an extremely parched old lady’s voice came.

“Head Xu, come with me, let’s settle the bill.”

“Then, this person…”

“Let’s get going. There’s nothing to worry about the standards of the people in Cloud Imperial Lane. Besides, even if this kid runs away, let’s catch him a second time. By then, we get to have twice the money. Hahahaha…”

Lin Suci heard the clicking of the door lock.

The room had returned to its darkness.

Lin Suci remained motionless in that rigid posture lying on the ground.

Not knowing how long the time had passed, when he was almost falling asleep, there was a light click sound from the outside.

Lin Suci, who was drowsy, immediately became spiritually conscious. His mind managed to be awake. He did not dare to fluctuate his breathing at all while maintaining the same appearance as before, being relaxed.

After a while, footsteps that sounded went farther away.

Lin Suci waited quietly for a moment and instantly opened his eyes.

A small room with only one cushioned couch and had a length that was almost triple the size of a lying-down Lin Suci was in sight. It was not much longer compared to his height.

The dark room was near to the elevation beams with two small palm-sized windows. Apart from that, it had a door not far away.

And, that door was locked from the outside.

It could be said that the place was stricter than a prison cell.

Lin Suci turned over and sat up.

The rope around his hands was the thing most frequently seen in the stage of Qi-training, which was also the most troublesome thing. When he first went outside while Qi-training, he knew that those things could be bought anywhere. When he returned to Cardinal Sect, Yan Boshen personally taught him how to play with it.

He was extremely skilled at it.

But at present…

Lin Suci struggled until his facial expression appeared quite bad.

He had no spiritual energy and it was quite difficult for him to struggle free.

However, it was not completely impossible.

Lin Suci stared fixedly at the rope that looped around his wrist and tried to remember what Yan Boshen taught him when he played with it.

That was the most basic thing. If he could concentrate and gather all energy, he could instantly be released in a split second.

Lin Suci inhaled a deep breath.

By now, he was forced to urge matters beyond his ability.

Lin Suci gently closed his eyes…

…and concentrated on gathering Qi energy.

A few years ago, he was already quite familiar with it.

He was very familiar with it, so much that he could feel the new existence of energy around him. At the same time, he could easily absorb the spiritual energy into the body by relying on his familiarity with the spiritual energy.

With a sound of snapping, the rope that was tightly clasped on his hand loosened.

Lin Suci closed his eyes and led the spiritual energy into his cinnabar field. After three times of consolidation, he opened his eyes.

Getting started over again was truly fast.

It felt pleasurable to be able to perceive the spiritual energy again.

Lin Suci pursed up his lips and smiled.

He lowered his head to see that the rope on his hand was not completely loose but got entangled to his sleeve and got stuck.

Lin Suci used a lot of strength on his wrist to force out one of his hands.

The rope was still on the sleeve of his right.

Lin Suci could not open it apart, so he kept a straight face.

That was not a kind of good primary rope.

He had to act accordingly with a plan to ditch the rope from the sleeve.

Lin Suci lifted his sleeves and bit the fabric of the sleeve with his pointed teeth to tear them.

With a loud spout, the tightly stitched sleeves were torn out open.

Followed by Lin Suci’s forceful tugging, the sleeve fabric that the rope clung to fell onto the ground.

At the same time, something else fell to the ground immediately after the rope fell.

Lin Suci was startled.

He reached out his hand and picked up the thing that fell beside the rope.

That was a folded piece of paper.

Lin Suci’s heart was pounding.

He unfolded the paper three times and it was full of dense content on a page. Looking at the handwriting, if not mistaken, it was his Master, Qing Fou’s handwriting.

That hasty note explained that they were hunted by a mysterious organization three years ago. In order to save their life, Jin Chi had no choice but to give up the business in that place. Bringing along Qing Fou and Xu Wuwang, they went to Fengjin Domain, where outsiders were unable to reach.

As for Lin Suci, Qing Fou reminded him not to come out midway through cultivation, in order to avoid breaking the cultivation progress. He had already been away but prepared a letter asking him to find them in Fengjin Domain. In order not to lose the letter, Lin Suci hid it in his sleeve and was proud of his intelligence.

Furthermore, the house had been abandoned. They were afraid that the worthless disciple would starve to death, so they left a person in the city and waited to guide him.

The person was also a companion in those previous days whom he played with, a young lady named Wan’er.

They were now in the place, called Cloud Imperial Lane.

Lin Suci’s mouth twitched after finished reading the content.

Wouldn’t his Master worry that his sleeve would never be torned? What if he was unable to discover the letter? He would be there to starve himself to death!

“What kind of master are you!” Lin Suci could not restrain himself from whispering. He rolled up  the letter with a headache and found himself a new way to survive.

Wan’er was in Cloud Imperial Lane. Did that mean that she was in the same place as him?

Originally Lin Suci had thought about escaping. At that present, it was better for him to meet Wan’er first and then think about how to get to Fengjin Domain to meet up with his Master.

Speaking of it, the fiction had stated that Fengjin Domain was the place of the demon cultivators. But from the beginning, it was not a place that the Great Devil would intrude, so it was probably considered as a peaceful and happy place.

What’s said should be done. Lin Suci looked at that small hole set up high above and packed up all the things around him. He affirmed that there were no mistakes and swayed his body to transform into a cat.

The palm-sized little kitten easily jumped up and climbed out from the palm-sized hole.

There was the sound of singing and dancing outside.

It might be difficult to find Wan’er there though.

Lin Suci hid in the grass and quietly moved forward.

Along the way in that fine place, he encountered couples groaning and humming… In addition to the moaning, there were also couples enjoying the night moon outside.

Lin Suci was fully concentrating on doing his cat role well and quietly sneaked into the building.

According to his understanding of Wan’er back then, that elder sister was not exactly a simple person, because she was able to lure a fusion cultivator from the beginning. Now that she had entered such a place, she would suffocate to death if she could not choose her customers freely.

Wan’er was probably a person with such a famous beauty.

Lin Suci stealthily set an objective.

Inside the building, the further he went in, the higher status of the young ladies. Lin Suci moved stealthily along the corners and went up in the midst of the groaning and moaning. He stopped in every front door and meowed in a very low-pitched sound.

He meowed at more than twenty rooms in a row.


Lin Suci leaned in front of a door and let out a soft call.

The laughter of the room he called at came to an end.

Lin Suci quietly hid away by climbing up to the casement of the window.

After a while, the door was opened. A young lady with half-dressed clothes pushed a male cultivator out and she sent the person away in a flirtatious way.

She then curled up her hair and asked softly, “Kitten? Is that you?”

Lin Suci hidden away at the casement window could see absolutely clear that it was Wan’er who had accompanied him to write stories together.

Lin Suci came out to reveal himself and raised his paw, “Big sister.”

“It really is you!” Wan’er was startled. She hurriedly picked him up into the room and locked the door.

Inside the room, the smell that Lin Suci previously sensed was there.

Lot of clothes were thrown at the area where the muslin curtains were hanging down.

Wan’er poured a cup of tea and drank a mouthful of it. Her neck and shoulders were entirely covered with red marks. The tube top was pulled to expose a soft, fragrant bosom and also an extremely messy skirt.

While taking advantage of Wan’er drinking tea, Lin Suci moved away behind a partition to cover himself while changing back into a human form.

When he appeared again, he truly stunned Wan’er, “…kitten?”


Lin Suci had long been familiar with how Senior Jin’s sisters address him. They would either call him kitten, or little brother.

“Really, I thought I couldn’t see you anymore! It’s been three years…” Wan’er exclaimed with emotion and sat down to face Lin Suci with a smile, “You’re good-looking in human form. No wonder your Master tried very hard and did proper research to heal you. Who wouldn’t want to show off such a good-looking son?”

“Sister is more beautiful.” Lin Suci glanced around and saw that the room was bedecked with the precious jewels. Everywhere was filled with the rare things, so he praised, “Sister is so awesome wherever you go.”

“What’s so awesome? I didn’t have the previous freedom in the first place and now it’s no longer possible to get who I want.” Wan’er banged the table, “If it weren’t for being assassinated in the first place, why bother to move out from home? I’m extremely not delighted with the trouble for the past three years!”

Lin Suci bowed his head, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault…”

“Hey, hey, that has nothing to do with you. I’m talking about the ones who were assassinating us.” Wan’er waved her hand nonchalantly, “You don’t know how dangerous it was at the time. Brother Wuwang almost got into trouble. For everyone’s sake, my Master and your Master had to leave, but they never intended to abandon you.”

“I know.” Lin Suci said, “Master had already explained it to me.”

As he was talking, there seemed to be some noise coming from outside. Lin Suci probably knew in his heart that the news about him slipping away had leaked.

“Speaking of this, when you left the basement, how did you find me here?” Wan’er poured a cup of tea for Lin Suci, and brought some pastries over. “You must be hungry, so eat some of these first.”

Lin Suci was not hungry. He only ate a piece of bergamot cake, drank warm tea, and explained in a few words how he came.

“You are so unlucky to meet those dirty guys…” Wan’er frowned with disdain, “but you don’t have to worry about it. You have me, what else can happen to you?”

“Sister Wan’er, you said that the mysterious organization that is assassinating Master…” Lin Suci was a little worried, “Could it be the Devil Lord?”

“Devil Lord, what Debil Lord?” Wan’er stared blankly.

It seemed that it was not Yan Ran. That was right, after all, the Devil Lord would never attack his Master because of the Mysterious Heart Sect.

“It’s nothing.” As long as it was not Yan Ran, Lin Suci felt relieved, “Sister, do you know, who are those people?”

Wan’er shook her head, “It’s been three years, and I tracked down some evidence. But I always felt something was wrong. After all, logically speaking, it shouldn’t be…”


Lin Suci looked up in shock.

“Shouldn’t be…” Wan’er just voiced, but the sound of chaos outside became louder in an instant. It seemed as if the people outside the room were collectively caught in the neck. There was no sound at all.

It was quiet.

“Not good…” Her facial expression changed slightly.

Lin Suci also noticed that the situation was off. There was a sound of footsteps. It gradually approached, almost reaching the door of their room.

Wan’er frowed, stood up, and directly tore off her clothes in half. She pushed Lin Suci onto the bed, and quickly untied his laces, leaving him with only a pair of underpants in an instant.

While the door was violently pushed open, Wan’er lifted the blanket and hid Lin Suci under her. At the same time, she shook the bed with a smile, “Oh, mister, don’t touch me there~”

Lin Suci probably was afraid that it was the people from Cloud Imperial Lane. In order to act, Lin Suci recalled the stories he wrote with Wan’er and Qian Qian. He strangled her neck and spoke.

“Big sister’s skin is so puffy. Little brother can never feel bored no matter how I touch you…”

The laughter of the young man and woman whilst the shaking of the bed were intertwined, which made people know at a glance how lively and fragrant it was under the blanket.

The footsteps that had stayed at the door turned around, and he was about to go out. Hearing the voices of two people, the person suddenly strode towards the bed.

With a swipe and pull, the blanket that was on their bodies was lifted fiercely!

In order not to touch the stiff little brother, Wan’er held the edge of the bed with her hands, which was unstable. When the blanket was lifted, she immediately followed the blanket and fell onto the bed.

“Oh, you hurt me…” Wan’er’s coquettish voice was halfway through, and suddenly disappeared, as if she had lost the function of language. Even the human breath was about to fade.

Did the surroundings turn quiet?

Not only that, there seemed to be something weird going on…

Lin Suci, who was embarrassingly closing his eyes with his hands on his chest, gulped, feeling that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, and slowly opened one eye.

In the dim candlelight, Lin Suci quietly opened his eyelids and met a pair of eyes.

With a lift of eyelids, a pair of starry peach blossom eyes was in sight.

“Boshen!” Lin Suci widened his eyes and blurted out in shock.


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