My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 67


Lifting the blanket, a black-clothed youth with an unbelievable look stood quietly on the side of the bed. He was indeed the person who had been away for a long time, Yan Boshen.

For more than three years, nearly four years, Lin Suci had remained in the state of a kitten. For three years, he was confined in the cultivation room alone. He neither met anyone, nor did he feel time ticking by.

With a sudden sight of Yan Boshen in front of him, Lin Suci felt as if there were no disappearances of time in the middle, like he had not seen him for only a day or two.

His eyes were covered with smiles, and the corners of his lips were lifting brightly, “Boshen!”

The black-clothed young man standing on the side of the bed stiffened for a long time, looking directly at the naked young man who was sitting on the bed and beckoning him with a smile.

After a while, his eyes went dark, and Wan’er, who was wrapped in the blanket, rolled directly to the floor after being thrown aside. He stretched out his hand, and directly pressed Lin Suci around his neck and pinned Lin Suci onto the bed!

“Wah!!!” Lin Suci was overwhelmed. His face buried in the soft and fluffy pillow, almost unable to breathe. His hands, feet and waist struggled desperately, and he tried to raise his little head. Finding a gap, he quickly tilted his head and quickly took a few breaths.

“Boshen, what are you doing?!” The hand holding the nape of the neck was cold and too strong to allow Lin Suci to resist at all. He struggled a little bit, and was immediately turned around by greater strength. He was pressed down even harder.

Lin Suci felt that his cheeks were about to flatten themselves.

“Bosh…” Lin Suci could not speak clearly. His tongue and jaw made a lot of effort, but he could not call out Yan Boshen’s name correctly. He was at a loss, “Watt’s wrung wit yo(What’s wrong with you)?”

When was his owner ever been so violent before? The situation did not seem right.

The person who was pressing him from behind said nothing, only the sound of unsteady breathing was heard from behind, rough and hastily.

Lin Suci thought for a while, and tentatively asked, “Bosh…Ah yo hart(Are you hurt)?” Was he injured? Did he hurt his head? Otherwise, why was he acting so weird?

It had been so long since he was away, so why didn’t he give his little junior a big hug? It was fine if he did not bring him savory little dried fish, but why did he press onto him as soon as he came? The murderous aura exuded from the back was as if he wanted to… kill him?

Lin Suci shivered.

Wait, he did not recognize the wrong person just now, right?

Lin Suci’s face was buried in the pillow, and his hypoxic head was a little confused, trying to remember the moment he raised his head just now.

The person holding the blanket in his hand was dressed in black. His passionate eyes were nowhere near alive. His familiar face was thinner, and the outline became prominent.

Compared to the time when Yan Boshen left with Fourth Senior Sister, there was indeed such a slight change, but no matter how Lin Suci looked at it, he felt that he was his owner no matter what.

No one ever had the scent of Yan Boshen.

Since he was undeniably his owner, Lin Suci became too lazy to struggle. Anyway, he knew that his owner would not hurt him.

Lin Suci’s body gradually relaxed. With someone pressing him against the bed with his neck clasped, in that posture, his limbs were loosely placed, as if lying on his own bed in a drowsy state.

Lin Suci’s face was buried in the pillow. His breathing slowed down slightly, and he tried turning sideways to breathe the air outside.

Lin Suci was unsure how long it took, but he felt a cold hand touching his back.

He trembled all over.

The cold feeling irritated him. His hair stood on end, and he got goose bumps.

That hand ran down the middle of his back, and the cold fingertips gently slid down.

Lin Suci tensed all over, and tried to tilt his head, “Boshen? Big Senior, what’s wrong with you… Wah!”

With cold hands down his back and almost reaching his buttocks, Lin Suci panicked and struggled, “Boshen! Boshen! Senior! It’s dangerous! Dangerous!”

He did not know what he was talking about. His head was dizzy, and he just knew he had to stop him quickly.

That time, he struggled very hard. Lin Suci was afraid that it would be too late, and the consequences would be disastrous.

The hand stopped moving.

There was another long silence. Soon, the hand that was pressed on the back of Lin Suci’s neck slowly released.

The pressure on Lin Suci’s neck lightened. He immediately turned over and sat up. Clutching his reddened back of the neck, his eyes filled with panic.

His eyes fell on Yan Boshen.

He was slightly startled.

Lin Suci was just too busy being happy when he got to meet Yan Boshen previously. There was no time to take a closer look.

At that moment, he finally saw Yan Boshen clearly.

The man standing in front of him pursed his lips. His eyebrows seemed to be filled with sorrow that could not be pushed away. Compared with the past, his temperament was much colder and chillier. With one glance at him, there was also a terror that could make people fall into hell.

The gloom that permeated him was like a condensed form, turning into substance and surrounding others.

Lin Suci blinked slowly.

Yan Boshen… changed.

In just three years, his owner, who seemed somewhat like a typical cold senior, had become a person who could make others suffocate with just his presence.

It was not until that time when Lin Suci realized that the three years he thought did not exist actually did existed. Although he had not changed, in the past three years, Yan Boshen changed too much instead.

“Boshen…” Lin Suci was released. Looking at his silent senior, he hesitated, but did not know what to say at that moment.

He ruffled with his messy hair, and sighed, holding his head in a mess.

“Are you blaming me for ruining the mood?”

Jerky, stiff, and perhaps a little rusty.

When he heard that voice, it was a little strange. After carefully distinguishing it, Lin Suci realized that, oh, it was still the voice of his owner.

Lin Suci stared at him innocently, “What did you say?”

But Yan Boshen shut up again. Only the naked eye could see that his face was getting gloomier, and the evil spirit between his brows was getting heavier.

“Uh…” At that time, there was a weak sound from the ground. Wan’er, who was wrapped in the blanket and fell to the ground, raised her hand tremblingly. She had an equally innocent expression on her delicate face, “This is a misunderstanding, an accident. It’s explainable.”

Wait a minute!

Lin Suci suddenly realized what was going on in that split second.

Why was Yan Boshen, who should be thousands of miles away, there? Why would he barge his way in? Why would he find him in bed with Wan’er, and got angry with him?

The sentence he just thought of gave him a better understanding!

Lin Suci suddenly realized, “So Boshen, you and Wan’er have a mis…”

The delicate and soft Wan’er moved as fast as lightning. She closed his mouth tightly, lowered her head in infinite humility, and quickly explained, “Brother Lin is just using me to avoid being assassinated by others.”

Meow meow meow?

Lin Suci was covered at the mouth, and blinked in confusion.

What happened?

Yan Boshen did not speak, but stared at Wan’er inexplicably.

Wan’er trembled all over, and immediately realized that her movements were a bit misleading. She released Lin Suci sooner, and stepped a few feet away from him.

Lin Suci was even more confused.

In the next moment, Yan Boshen bent down to pick up the smoke-purple clothes that had been thrown on the ground. He raised his hand and threw it onto Lin Suci.

Lin Suci realized that his upper body was stripped naked, only wearing a pair of thin trousers.

He quickly put on his clothes and tidied of himself. At a glance, Yan Boshen was sitting at the table, playing with the teacup that Lin Suci had just used in his hands. Wan’er was dressed as how an innocent woman should be. Standing on the side with her head down like a child, she did not dare to breathe heavily.

“Boshen, Boshen…” Lin Suci forgot about what previously happened. After a while, he left behind the past, and ran over with a smile, spreading his hands to give the owner, who he had reunited with after a long time, a hug.

Yan Boshen raised his hand and pressed it on Lin Suci’s forehead.

“Eh eh eh, Boshen? It’s been so long, why don’t you give me a hug?” Lin Suci grabbed Yan Boshen’s wrist with enthusiasm, “Come, let’s hug!”

Yan Boshen’s voice was very low, and it was so deep that it felt stranger to him, “No hugs now.”

If you don’t want to hug, then don’t. Hmph.

Lin Suci turned around and sat down, eyebrows frowned, “Boshen!”

He actually did not know what to say. Just shouting Yan Boshen’s name gave him a sense of satisfaction.

Yan Boshen looked at him firmly for a while, and put his hand on his cheek.

“Eh?” Lin Suci was at a loss again.

However, Yan Boshen did not say a word, only tracing his outline with his hands lightly.

Lin Suci found that Yan Boshen, who he had reunited with after a long time, was a little weird. Feeling the strangeness everywhere, if it were not for him to be too familiar with his owner, he would almost doubt whether that person was taken away.

For a moment, Yan Boshen withdrew his hand, his voice hoarse, “It’s hot.”

Hot? Lin Suci touched his forehead. It’s slightly hot.

That was probably due to the exercise of struggling in bed just now.

None of the three people in the room spoke. Lin Suci was inexplicably embarrassed for a while.

He did not know what to say. Glancing at Wan’er, a good idea suddenly popped up in his mind.

“Boshen, Boshen, do you know Sister Wan’er?”

It was certainly not wrong to start a topic with someone they knew in common!

Yan Boshen slowly raised his eyelids and stared at him.

Lin Suci could not help standing straight with sweat on his back.

Why, why was he looking at him like that?

At that time, Wan’er quickly launched a self-rescue action, “I’m just a little figure from a servant family. How can this great man know me…”

“I don’t know her.” Yan Boshen denied.

Lin Suci was taken aback, “Then, then why are you here?”

“Looking for relics.” Yan Boshen’s words made Lin Suci a little confused.

There was another silence.

Lin Suci shook his legs anxiously. He always felt that facing the Yan Boshen in front of him, made him feel a sense of tension that he could not let go of.


Finally, Yan Boshen spoke.

Just one short word made Lin Suci moved to tears.

As long as they could break the ice, anything was fine!

Lin Suci hurriedly answered, “I’m very unlucky! I was caught and someone gave me medicine as soon as I left the basement. They brought me here! Fortunately, I ran fast…”

Halfway through Lin Suci’s words, he consciously stopped.

He shivered and looked at Yan Boshen, whose anger flowed out in front of him.

Wan’er, who was beside him, squatted on the ground without saying a word.

Yan Boshen seemed to close his eyes. For a moment, his voice was hoarse, and he said in a low voice, “From when you left home, until now, tell me…everything.”

Lin Suci carefully glanced at Yan Boshen.

“Ah, it’s nothing, really…” After Lin Suci left Yan Boshen and Ruan Linggu, he went to the flower field and came back to find that the yard was burned. Master was in a dangerous situation. When they went all the way to Bihai Continent, they followed Second Senior Brother to find Jin Chi for reshaping his cinnabar field.

He summarized the whole journey and told Yan Boshen.

Although what he said was simple, but there were so many things that happened, so Lin Suci’s throat was dry. Yan Boshen gently pushed the teacup over to him.

Lin Suci was reluctant to reject the teacup, and he had a few mouthfuls of it.

After drinking, Lin Suci held the cup and curled his eyebrows, “This water tastes a little strange.”

Yan Boshen was calm and composed, “So there was no accident between you and Master.”

“Yes… Ah…” Lin Suci was cautious, “Actually, not really. My soul almost returned to its hometown at the time. Master became a demon in order to save me. Look, isn’t it terrible.”

“Yes, it’s terrible.” Yan Boshen moved the corners of his lips stiffly, looking at Lin Suci with his eyes faintly.

“But it’s okay!” Lin Suci said relaxedly, “I have been isolated for three years, and now my cinnabar field is repaired! I will be able to cultivate again in the future. I must be able to return to the peak of foundation establishment and aim for fusion!”

Yan Boshen did not say a word, and quietly looked at the energetic kitten.

“Bohen, Boshen, don’t you think it’s a coincidence? I just woke up and I met you straight away!” Lin Suci smiled, and his eyes were bent into a straight line.

Yan Boshen looked at him. His gaze softened, “Yes, it’s a coincidence.”

“Then, Boshen, how did you come here? Did Master ask you to come?”

Lin Suci was curious.

The Cardinal Sect was so far away from Bihai Continent, how did Yan Boshen find him? Moreover, it was such a coincidence that they also appeared in Cloud Imperial Lane, which made them reunite.

Yan Boshen lifted his gaze, but he did not answer the question, “Where is Master?”

You’re asking me? Lin Suci was at a loss, “He was chased down to be assassinated three years ago, so he followed my mother… Ah pui, he followed Senior Jin to the Fengjin(风烬fēng jìn: Wind embers) Domain. Oh, there’s also Second Senior.”

At that time, Yan Boshen shifted his gaze to Wan’er, who was squatting on the ground.

Wan’er stood up tremblingly. Her lips trembled for a long time, and she squeezed out a sentence, “I’m waiting for Brother Lin on the order of my Master.”

Lin Suci had just left the basement and did not know anything. Wan’er witnessed everything, so she explained all the things that happened since Lin Suci’s isolation three years ago.

In fact, it was strange to say that once Lin Suci was isolated in the basement, Xu Wuwang was immediately attacked after he went out. He thought it was the enemy he provoked, but those who did not leave their identity information, seemed to have found them at Jin Chi’s place.

Jin Chi was at the Nascent Soul Stage, while Qing Fou and Xu Wuwnag were golden cores. There were other high-ranked monks. How could they not stop those waves of people? In desperation, they could only retreat.

The female cultivators were not in the scope of being intercepted, as long as they were separated from Jin Chi and others, there would be no harm to them. Therefore, Jin Chi and Qing Fou discussed to leave Wan’er and Qian Qian, letting them welcome Lin Suci.

At first, Wan’er did not dare to go back to the yard, fearing that people would know that there was a cat that slipped through the net. After a few months, seeing all the limelight disappeared, Wan’er finally dared to go back and take a look.

However, Lin Suci did not leave the basement. There was no movement at all, and Wan’er did not squat to guard him. He would naturally come to her when he saw the letter after his isolation.

“…Master and senior have explained that if Brother Lin left the basement, humble servant will send him to the Void Realm. Qian Qian will take Brother Lin to Fengjin Domain in the Void Realm.”

Wan’er knew the whole story. Respects! Respects!

Yan Boshen heard the history, and he went into deep thought.

“Boshen, Boshen, since you have no news from Master, then how did you come here?” Lin Suci was curious.

Yan Boshen hesitated and said slowly, “I can feel you.”

“Huh?” Lin Suci was a little dazed.

What does it mean?

Yan Boshen did not know how to explain about that kind of thing either. He considered it, and slowly, “I once left a spiritual ring on your hand. As long as I can sense your spiritual energy, no matter where you are, I can know your location.”

Lin Suci touched his wrist and looked at him in surprise, “So powerful?”

Then he remembered, “If so, why didn’t you come to us earlier? Master was afraid that you would deal with us, so he brought me to Bihai Continent. You should know about this.”

“I don’t know.” Yan Boshen’s tone was very stiff. If one listened carefully, it even contained some resentment.

As if afraid to scare Lin Suci, he softened his tone, “…I didn’t know, at first.”

Lin Suci: “Didn’t you say you can sense my…”

“Spiritual energy.” Yan Boshen interrupted him, “I can sense the spiritual energy in your body.”

Lin Suci was stunned.

But his spiritual energy was completely sucked up by the magic circle in the cold lake and his cinnabar field was badly damaged. He became a waste cat on the spot, with no trace of spiritual energy left.

So, Yan Boshen lost the news about him?

“I thought…” Yan Boshen uttered two words with difficulty, and went speechless afterwards.

A faint pain surfaced on his stern face.

Lin Suci pursed his lips.

Did his owner lose all his contact, and thought he was…dead?

Just thinking about it, Lin Suci’s heart seemed to be pricked by a needle. It hurt and ripples were around that pricked spot.

He opened his mouth, only to find that he could not say anything. It was all in vain no matter what.

For more than three years, everything that Yan Boshen experienced while losing all information about Lin Suci that was provided by his spirit ring was something he dared not imagine.

Compared to Lin Suci, Yan Boshen stabilized his emotions faster.

“I sensed you, and came.”

A short sentence made Lin Suci’s nose tingled with soreness.

His owner really cared about him.

“Boshen…” Lin Suci’s eyes were almost filled with water. He sniffed, and opened his hands again, “Hugs.”

Without waiting for Yan Boshen’s refusal, Lin Suci turned back into a kitten and jumped directly into Yan Boshen’s arms.

His limbs clung to Yan Boshen and he hugged him with great force.

Yan Boshen seemed to hesitate for a while. The warm body temperature of the kitten on his body spread into his chest along his thin clothes, and penetrated his heart.

The heart, which was covered by ice and almost lost its power, melted.

He raised his hand, and put his arms around the kitten who was exactly the same as three years ago, pressing his chest tightly onto the kitten.

“…You’re back.”

Lin Suci could feel the uneasy emotions flowing within Yan Boshen’s body. He raised his kitten face and rubbed Yan Boshen’s chin, speaking softly, “I’m back.”

A person and a cat hugged inseparably.

Wan’er next to them had a complicated face. She opened her mouth several times, but she could not say a word. After thinking about it, she quietly walked out of the room with tip-toes.

Not long afterwards, Wan’er carried a brand new bath tub in, and then came in quietly carrying a brand new low stool after going out.

Lin Suci could not help peeking at her while in Yan Boshen’s arms.

The delicate and fragile girl changed all the furniture that might be needed in the room in a short period of time, without panting or sweating. She even had spare capacity to boil a few buckets of water and poured it into the bathtub.

She treated herself as a muted servant, and diligently cleaned the remaining traces on the ground, completely losing the ambiguity from before.

Before she wanted to leave, she struggled for a long time. However, she managed to fetch a small box out from her sleeve and placed it next to the low stool.

A person and a cat looked at her.

Unlike the curious Lin Suci, Yan Boshen’s gazes were so suppressing that her heart trembled.

“Mister…” Wan’er swallowed hard, trying to squeeze a smiley face, “It’s late. Brother Lin must be sleepy. Your humble servant will clean up for you two. Please bear with me for the time being. I’ve put everything on the bedside. They are all new. You can rest assured to use them.”

Lin Suci stretched his neck and glanced at a red lacquered box. He could not see anything.

Yan Boshen said nothing.

Wan’er felt her calf trembling, “Ah…sir, your humble servant will leave now?”

Yan Boshen nodded.

“Um…” Wan’er hesitated before leaving and said euphemistically, “The walls are not really soundproof. Mister can add another wall barrier.”

Yan Boshen’s eyes flashed, “Hmm.”

Wan’er seemed to have accomplished some task. She heaved a sigh of relief, looked at Lin Suci and hurried back down, locking the door behind her.

Yan Boshen raised his hand and imposed three restrictions.

“Sleepy?” With no outsiders, Yan Boshen revealed some of his gentleness when they were alone.

Lin Suci lay in his arms and was lethargic by Yan Boshen’s palms. He yawned, “Today, I cleaned the room, looked for work everywhere, and was chased too. I’m indeed sleepy.”

The obedient little kitten lying in his arms made Yan Boshen softened, “Then sleep.”

The bathtub was filled with hot water prepared by Wan’er. Yan Boshen did not want to waste her effort, so he soaked the kitten in it. He dried his fur with experience and brought him to the low stool.

Lin Suci was placed on Yan Boshen’s chest.

He was lying there, and he could hear Yan Boshen’s heart beating.

The room, where the candle was extinguished, only had the moonlight coming through the window. The volume of the bustling from outside was lowered by several restrictions, leaving only a distant layer of vagueness.

Yan Boshen’s hand ran through Lin Suci’s fur, gently brushed it.

Lin Suci lay down for a while, sleepiness surged.

It was just one short day, yet he had encountered too many things. The cat’s head was almost too full to hold those complicated matters.

However, in any case, it was good news after all…

…especially when he was able to return to Yan Boshen’s side in Bihai Continent, which was thousands of miles away.

For him, that was the biggest surprise.

Lin Suci stared, and smiled.

That’s great. I’m at peace.

Lin Suci thought to himself.

When he was almost falling asleep, Lin Suci heard Yan Boshen’s deep and soft voice, which caused a slight vibration in his chest.

“…Don’t run away anymore, I will be scared too.”

Lin Suci was full of spirits, and he did not bother to sleep. At that time, he knew that he must comfort his Boshen. He immediately opened his eyes, raised his paw and swore, “If I run again, you will break my cat legs!”

The faintly gaze of Yan Boshen’s smile reflected on his eyes. Yan Boshen’s hand gently patted on Lin Suci’s back, and he ran his fingers through the fur again.

His answer was as gentle as his eyes, “…Good.”

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