My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 68


A place like Cloud Imperial Lane was noisy at night. In the morning, it was so quiet, as if no one was there. Every room was asleep with young girls, and there were men dozing off by the pillars on the spot.

When Lin Suci woke up, the door opened and Wan’er slumped in.

“Ouch!” The back of Wan’er’s head hit Lin Suci’s instep directly. She massaged the corners of her mouth and slowly got up, “You guys got up too early.”

Lin Suci helped Wan’er up and pointed to the golden sunshine outside the window softly, “It’s indeed early. It’s not even lunch time yet.”

“Hahaha…” After Wan’er saw the vague figure of Yan Boshen changing his clothes through the thin embroidered vertical screen, she laughed awkwardly and stretched her waist as she patted her cheek to refresh herself.

“Little brother, can you ask him what he wants to eat? I’ll get it.”

“Bohen, Boshen, what do you want to eat?” Lin Suci turned his head.

“It’s up to you.”

The ‘up to you’ meant that he would follow whatever Lin Suci ordered. It was a sentence that Lin Suci loved to hear.

Lin Suci immediately shook his fingers and reported, “First, let’s have a plate of fried dried fish, then a plate of braised fish, a portion of sashimi, and then give Bohen a bowl of minced fish porridge.”

Wan’er really used herself as a maid and took the initiative to get them breakfast.

After noon, the building gradually became lively. Wan’er did not dare to keep squatting outside the door to guard, so she entered the room.

The room, that was messy previously, had completely changed. The frivolous things in it were missing. The two senior and junior sitting in the hall were neatly dressed. Their heads were next to each other, whispering things in a low voice.

Lin Suci first raised his head and glanced at Wan’er.

“Master said before to let me follow Wan’er to Fengjin Domain.” He said once on the previous night. After Lin Suci mentioned it, he did not hesitate to ask, “Bohen, shall we go there together?”

Anyway, now that the Great Devil Lord, Yan Ran was in power. The realm of cultivation was about to fall into chaos, so hiding in Fengjin Domain was also a good strategy.

“Yes.” Yan Boshen did not hesitate at all. Almost as soon as Lin Suci proposed, he nodded in agreement.

Lin Suci cheered and urged to do preparations, but Waner’s face was bitter, as if she was struck by lightning.

It was not suitable to stay there. Leaving Wan’er while she was packing her things for the time being, Yan Boshen followed Lin Suci back to the yard where Lin Suci had stayed for more than three years.

In the daytime, Lin Suci was going to lose his head. He was chased frantically last night, so he almost lost his direction of the Jin Family’s courtyard.

Yan Boshen, who was wrapped in a black cloak, followed his rambling pace, allowing him to turn around while being on Lin Suci’s tail. A faint arc at the corner of his mouth appeared. His eyes stared at the mumbling teenager in front of him. The gentleness that had been silent for three years gradually rose.

“It should be right here…” It took Lin Suci almost an hour. After walking on the main street, back and forth, he finally got a trace of the alley with a red line. He heaved a sigh of relief, pointed his finger out, and said to Yan Boshen proudly, “Thanks to my cleverness yesterday, I left a mark, otherwise I really won’t be able to find it.”

“Yes, very clever.” Yan Boshen’s attitude in that moment gradually recovered. He was no longer the stranger Lin Suci saw when they met last night. He was gentle, as always, and followed Lin Suci’s words to praise him.

It was easier to find once they entered the alley. The Jin Family’s yard was in dilapidated condition, and all the knockers of the stripped vermilion gate fell off. Lin Suci took great effort to push it open.

He had lived in the yard for more than half a year, and had been isolated for three years. Just as the door opened, the place was revealed in front of Yan Boshen.

Lin Suci was going to pack things when Yan Boshen pulled his sleeves.

“Tell me, how do you spend your days here?” Yan Boshen’s voice was slightly hoarse.

“How do I spend my days…” Lin Suci scratched his head and suddenly realized.

He pulled Yan Boshen and ran across the weedy courtyard. The wooden corridor had not been repaired for several years, and it had become a bit decayed. When he stepped on it and ran, he made a loud crunch.

The wooden pillars that lost their paint, the paper lanterns that were torn, the cobblestone roads, the delicate flowers that have not been well taken care of, were all in devastation. Lin Suci led Yan Boshen and strode past empty rooms that were full of dust. The tall grass blades with the height of half-a-human were grown in the middle of the wooden corridor. They were blocking Lin Suci, so he raised his hand and moved them aside.

“Master and I stayed here.” Moving forward, they arrived at the room where Lin Suci cleaned on the previous day. It still looked run-down, the cobwebs and dust in it were almost swept aside, so he took clean water and wiped the table.

The door that had lost the locking mechanism was blown by the wind and opened by itself with a creak.

Yan Boshen stepped in.

The room was small. With a couch and a screen, the floor lamp still maintained a simple appearance and had not been destroyed yet.

Under the torn paper window was the only desk that had been scrubbed clean. There were a lot of talisman papers on it. Pen, ink, and paper were stacked on one side. A space was freed up on the desk, and a hump of fur was thrown on top, soft and fluffy.

Lin Suci pointed to the table with a smile and said, “Look, this is my bed.”

“I couldn’t change back to my human body at that time. Originally, Master wanted to take me to sleep, but he always turned in his sleep, which almost crushed me to death, so I built a nest here.”

Lin Suci stretched out his hand and patted the soft fur. He said with emotion, “These are the six-antlered deer and red rabbits that Second Senior Brother caught when he went hunting at the time. He wanted to give me their skeleton too, but I refused, so he left me their fur. It’s very comfortable to sleep in them.”

While talking, Lin Suci recalled his lifestyle a few years ago, and he transformed into a kitten. He jumped onto the desk, and made himself into a ball in his nest with familiarity.

The kitten’s green eyes looked up comfortably, and he stretched his waist greatly. With a pleasant face, he exclaimed, “It’s so comfortable~”

Yan Boshen stared down at the kitten. He was in the nest, feeling relaxed. His four paws were facing outwards, turning out his paw cushions that were puffed and fleshy.

Yan Boshen stretched out his hand and squeezed, “Yes, very comfortable.”

Lin Suci was generous, because he let Yan Boshen squeeze him for a while. After that, he climbed into Yan Boshen’s arms again, and continued being brushed at his fur.

“I have only stayed here for about half a year,” Lin Suci lay in Yan Boshen’s arms. His claws were pulling his sleeves, while Yan Boshen walked aimlessly. His eyes carefully looked at the yard, thinking and remembering the place where the kitten lived when he was not by his side.

“Sister Wan’er, and Sister Qian Qian, will come to accompany me when they are free during the day. We were learning to write scripts at the time, and we have finished writing several books!” Lin Suci triumphantly directed Yan Boshen into the dilapidated room.

The room was full of dust.

“Look, right here!”

In the room, there were a few tables that were arranged in a mess. A lot of paper was piled on top. The ink in the ink slab had long condensed into a shell, stuck to the tip of the pen, and fixed at a certain moment three years ago.

Lin Suci jumped down and transformed into his human form again. He walked to the side of the case and took a look, and gestured to Yan Boshen, “This is my seat. I usually sit on it and commanded Sister Wan’er and Sister Qian Qian. Sometimes, Sister Shuang and Brother Ao will come too.”

“This is Sister Wan’er’s seat. Her handwriting is very beautiful. Usually, I dictate and she writes.” Lin Suci patted the table that was piled with paper next to him.

“Sister Qian Qian will come up with various ideas when she is preparing the ink. Anyway, I am surprised when it comes to Sister Qian Qian. She really dares to think about anything.” Lin Suci pointed to another table, “There, that’s Sister Shuang’s seat, the place where she drew. The paintings she drew are surely more beautiful than the er*tic paintings sold outside!”

The kitten held his head high and was extremely proud.

When Yan Boshen heard that, the smile at the corner of his mouth finally could not rise back.

His eyes gloomed, “…er*tic paintings?”

“Yes,” the carefree Lin Suci did not notice the gloomy gaze of Yan Boshen behind him. He turned inside to find a picture with slightly yellowed corners. He gave a glance and exclaimed, “Look, this painting by Sister Shuang is so vivid that made many people admire her for her dexterity when they see it. She can arrange five people clearly.”

Yan Boshen looked at the painting clearly. The muscles in the corners of his eyes could not help but twitched.

What is this?

Lin Suci also sighed while holding the painting, “It’s a pity that Sister Shuang rarely comes to paint in order to speed up her cultivation. In half a year, there are not even ten paintings made by her.”

It was hard to tell if Yan Boshen’s voice contained joy or anger, “It sounds like you are regretful?”

“No,” Lin Suci admired Ah Shuang’s painting ability, “you don’t know this. When a cultivator came to see Sister Shuang, he saw her painting and bought it with three thousand spiritual stones! Three thousand spirit stones!”

Lin Suci was envious, “If it wasn’t for that time when I couldn’t transform myself, I would definitely have to worship Sister Shuang as my Master.”

As he said, Lin Suci was not discouraged, “But it’s fine. I’ve talked to Sister Shuang before. When I come out, I will ask her to teach me painting.”

Yan Boshen glanced at the painting, glanced at the cat, and endured, “Learn painting… to paint this?”

An er*tic painting that has five naked people in different postures and full of lusty desire…?

After a three-year absence, his hands got itchy, so Yan Boshen stretched out his hand to pinch Lin Suci’s cheek and twisted it, “Hm?”

Lin Suci desperately saved his face, “Of course! This is money! A painting for three thousand spirit stones! You know, three thousand!”

Yan Boshen’s hand was shooed away by Lin Suci.

He reflected on himself. Even after more than three years, the kitten was still the one who had not grown up. Even if he saw that kind of thing, his thoughts were only about how to exchange those for money.

If Yan Boshen knew in advance that Qing Fou and the poverty of the sect would have such a big impact on Lin Suci, he would have smashed the kitten with a spirit stone and let him erase the idea about money.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Lin Suci massaged his flushed cheeks, but suddenly laughed, “Boshen, you haven’t pinched me for a long time.”

Back then, when he triggered Yan Boshen, he would be squeezed on the face, the claws, or the tail. When Yan Boshen got more agitated, he would be turned over and got a beating on his buttocks.

Only Yan Boshen could do that.

And he was the only who was allowed to do that.

Lin Suci’s face was pinched, and he smiled with joy. His pointed white teeth were clearly visible.

Yan Boshen did not know whether to blame himself for being too courteous, or, for thinking too much.

Just let it slide. He’s still that silly little cat.

That’s right.

The yard was not big. Lin Suci took Yan Boshen around in circles, chattering all about his life. Yan Boshen kept his ears up, listening intently to the past that he had never participated in.

Near the end of the tour, Lin Suci took Yan Boshen to his three-year isolating room.

There were three layers inside and outside the room. They were overlapping each other.

Lin Suci took Yan Boshen down the stairs and complained, “At the beginning, I felt that this place was too isolated from the outside. How can a place have so many doors? Mother…Ah pui, Senior Jin said that I must be completely separated from the outside world.”

The doors of the three layers were opened, revealing the cultivation room that occupied a small space inside.

“I’ve been squatting here for the past three years. I can’t feel time at all. I start to absorb the medicinal energy when I wake up. It was not completely absorbed until yesterday.”

The simple cultivation room had walls that were decorated with a few bright pearls. There was a low couch, and a bathtub of several meters wide. A few holes were dug in the wall, which contained numerous cat food and cat toys piled in it.

Yan Boshen walked all the way there, but he always stayed silent. It was until after looking at the cultivation room thoroughly when he murmured, “No wonder…”


Lin Suci raised his hand to get the teething rusk, but before he heard Yan Boshen’s words, he looked back blankly.

Yan Boshen did not tell him. He only imprinted that place firmly in his mind, and said lightly, “Let’s go.” Lin Suci took out a handful of food again and stuffed Yan Boshen with a teething rusk.

“Minced meat is added to it. The muntjacr deer that Second Senior Brother specially hunted has very tender meet. Is it delicious?”

Lin Suci also stuffed a piece of it in his mouth, and he ate with great appetite.

As long as he had something in his hands, he would stuff it a portion of it in Yan Boshen’s mouth out of habit. That little habit remained unchanged, but Yan Boshen had not experienced his intimacy for more than three years.

Yan Boshen was slightly startled, a little bit of sweetness in his mouth slowly spread along the tip of his tongue.

“It’s delicious.” His voice was hoarse.

The two left the cultivation room, and Yan Boshen stood on the stairs, looking back.

It was that layer of closed air barrier that isolated his perception.

He raised his hand and imprisoned that place.

Since he was leaving, Lin Suci had to pack those things first. He did not have many belongings. He had been a cat for more than three years. He needed clothes, but there were none. He needed money, but there were none. Maintaining his naked self, he was alone. After giving further thoughts, he finalized to pack some food and illustrative story books.

Lin Suci was also plausible, “If we don’t have any money, we don’t have to go begging along the street if we sell these.”

Who knew that those words caught Yan Boshen’s attention, “What begging?”

Lin Suci naturally explained the ten days of life he had spent begging along the street, word by word.

“I don’t have spiritual energy, so I can’t do anything. It’s hard to find work.” Lin Suci frowned slightly, “Boshen, do you think I’m too useless now?”

“How come,” Yan Boshen vetoed indifferently, “You are great. Believe in yourself.”

Lin Suci thought for a while, and calmly accepted Yan Boshen’s statement, “That’s right, who am I? Remember how I established the ninth level of foundation in a few months? Now, it’s going to be smoother sailing if I do it again!”

Lin Suci nodded with self-affirmation and raised his proud chin, “I will re-cultivate tomorrow. The goal is to establish the foundation successfully before I find Master.”

Yan Boshen’s face did not change its expression, “…Good.”

“Stay here and wait. I will return as soon as I leave.”

Lin Suci packed his things and was about to set off, but Yan Boshen raised his hand and placed a ban, directly wrapping the entire courtyard with a transparent barrier. He told Lin Suci after that, “Just stay within this area. Don’t run anywhere else.”

“Alright.” Lin Suci readily agreed.

He had no time to ask Yan Boshen what he was going to do as he watched him disappearing in front of him in the blink of an eye.

He seemed to be anxious. What was he hurrying for?

Lin Suci did not know much.

He wandered around the room, pulled out a few books they had compiled from the bookshelf, and added them to the baggage.

After waiting a short while, Yan Boshen returned.

He left in a hurry, and he came back in a hurry. Within a quarter of an hour, the black cloak fluttered in the wind, appearing at the door of the room.

“Ah, Boshen, you’re back.” Lin Suci took out his big bag and stuffed it into Yan Boshen’s arms, “Where did you just go…huh?”

Lin Suci lifted his nose.

“What?” Yan Boshen took the bag and put it in his mustard seed. Seeing that Lin Suci was still holding his nose up-high, he asked quietly.

Lin Suci was confused, “I seemed to smell the blood just now, but it’s gone.”

“Perhaps you smelled wrongly.” Yan Boshen directly ended the topic, “Let’s go.”

A black cloak was also thrown to Lin Suci. He shook it off and put it on. He learned to wear the hood from Yan Boshen, and hid himself tightly.

“Wait, I knew I forgot something. Sister Wan’er hasn’t come yet.”

Lin Suci opened the door before suddenly realizing the lack as he turned around to remind Yan Boshen.

“I’m here…”

As if answering Lin Suci’s words, a weak voice came from under the corner.

Lin Suci lowered his head in surprise, and saw a gray figure squatting in the corner of the gate.

No matter if they were Jin Family’s courtyard or in the Cloud Imperial Lane, Lin Suci’s impression of Wan’er was that she was always all dressed up. Every day, she looked like a seductive little fairy.

However, right now, squatting in the corner was a gray, simple and concise girl. There was no jewellery on her body. There was even a hairpin on her hair. Her beautiful face was even bleaker without any makeup.

Such Wan’er was really… simple. So much that it scared Lin Suci.

Wan’er squeezed out a flattering smile, “Humble servant dared not disturb the adults, so servant waited here.”

Lin Suci: “Sister Wan’er, have you taken the wrong medicine?”

How could she act like a mouse spotting a cat when she saw Yan Boshen?

Wan’er looked at Lin Suci with difficulty. She took a breath and stood up slowly, without talking to Lin Suci. She lowered her head and looked docilely, like a little maid.

Lin Suci was puzzled and summed up Wan’er’s various frightening expressions as her fear for Yan Boshen.

After all, when Yan Boshen first met with someone, the other person would be frightened that running away was a necessary choice.

Lin Suci patted Wan’er on the back quietly while Yan Boshen was not paying attention. He gave her a cheering look.

Wan’er glanced back at him, like a fool. Her eyes kind of lost focus, as if containing a thousand words, converging into a caring compassion.

Lin Suci could not figure out what she meant.

From the city, there was still a long way to go to meet Qian Qian at the Void Realm. Wan’er was a fusion cultivator, and Yan Boshen was a cultivator with unknown depths, nothing was needed. But, Lin Suci was just a small burden, so he could not lack anything.

Yan Boshen directly brought them to the nearest main city with the flying sword.

The group of three paid the entrance fee and began to purchase the necessary goods for Lin Suci.

Once Lin Suci returned to cultivate Qi, he did not even have the qualifications to fast, so he could only find ways to get more food, drinks, and stuff them all into Yan Boshen’s mustard seeds. He was worried that they would have to stay in the wild, so he even bought a bed with thick bedding for spare.

Yan Boshen had been following him all the time. Lin Suci was in charge of buying, while he handled the expenses by supplying spirit stones. The two of them cooperated very tacitly. Wan’er distanced herself a few steps away, pretending that she did not exist.

They guaranteed simple food, housing and transportation, as well as clothes.

The prosperity of the main city was visible to the naked eye. Lin Suci found a shop full of clothes. Now that he had just been able to absorb spiritual energy into his body, he still could not distinguish the cultivation level based on the energy flow outside the shop.

Lin Suci shamefully grasped Yan Boshen’s hand, “Boshen, you pick.”

The street was full of ready-to-wear shops, and outside the door, there was someone doing the promotion. Holding different fabrics in hand, the promoter desperately recommended their own materials to the passers-by.

Yan Boshen glanced and took Lin Suci into one of them.

As soon as he entered, he pointed to a white and blue shirt and motioned to the store owner to get it.

“High-level defensive formation, there’s also high-level Qi-gathering formation…” Wan’er who followed finally stopped being a mute person. Her eyes widened, “Hey, it’s not cheap!”

The store owner quoted the price, which made Lin Suci’s face distorted.

He took a breath, “This outfit costs three of me!”

At the beginning, he sacrificed himself and entered the city lord’s mansion, but he only got a thousand spirit stones. The outfit was actually three thousand spirit stones, which was more expensive than Lin Suci’s expectations.

Yan Boshen took the shirt and handed it directly to Lin Suci. Before Lin Suci could speak, Yan Boshen already paid the store owner.

The movement of paying spirit stones was as smooth as flowing water, and it was impossible to stop it.

Lin Suci watched as a large amount of spirit stones went to someone else’s hand. He swallowed his saliva, “Boshen, have you robbed the money farm in the past few years?”

He did not blink his eyes even after spending three thousand spirit stones, which was completely contrary to Cardinal Sect’s poverty-stricken lifestyle!

“Are you changing yourself, or should I change it for you?” Yan Boshen looked at him silently.

Lin Suci had always been very sensitive to danger. Although he did not know what the danger was, he still clamped the non-existent tail with great pains.

“I’ll change myself!”

Lin Suci went to the back, and as soon as he put on this white and blue shirt, he could notice that the spiritual energy in the air was gathering on him.

This really is good stuff.

When Lin Suci walked out, his eyes were frozen on Yan Boshen’s wrist.

Yan Boshen, who was dressed in black, had three to five sets of light yellow shirts and misty green shirts on his wrists, which did not match him at all.

Wan’er quietly leaned over and murmured, “It’s all for you… Be good, all these clothes cost around ten thousand spirit stones…”

Lin Suci was dumbfounded.

What’s going on? How come his owner became rich all of a sudden? Could it be true that it was like what he said, robbed the money farm?

Yan Boshen noticed Lin Suci’s gaze, came over and handed him the chosen clothes. He tidied up his messy hair, and whispered, “I have made a lot of money in the past few years, and I am waiting to raise you.”

Lin Suci’s heart felt warm instantly.

His gaze was soft and full of touchy feelings.

Look! Look at his owner! He earned so much money for him, and spent a lot of money for the kitten! Outspoken! Impressive!

Lin Suci wished to conjure his tail and rub it against Yan Boshen’s hand.

Even if he did not move, his penetrating gaze could not simply replace his inner excitement.

In three years, the owner of his family saved up so much money just for him! He was happy with just listening to the news!

Lin Suci clenched his fists and stuffed the clothes to Wan’er. Pulling Yan Boshen’s sleeves, he took him to look at other outfits and cloth materials in the store.

“Boshen,” Lin Suci pointed to a piece of dark-textured hazy fabric, and said to Yan Boshen, “I’ll get this and make a short for you, alright?”

Yan Boshen, dressed in black, nodded without hesitation, “Yes.”

Wan’er in the back choked on her saliva and coughed heartbreakingly.

Hazy-colored fabric? For this great man? Wan’er asked the Heavens speechlessly for a while.

However, there was another subtle sense of expectation in her.

The girl-in-gray peeked and suppressed her excitement and joy, trying her best to act serious.

Lin Suci’s taste was not bad. The batch of haze fabrics were only available for those with golden core formation, which coincided with Yan Boshen’s cultivation base.

Regarding what the shirt would look like, Lin Suci directly compared it with his body.

Waiting for the store to invite the embroiderer, and waiting for the clothes to be made, Yan Boshen asked suddenly, “Don’t you like me wearing black clothes?”

“No,” Lin Suci said sincerely, “It looks good on you, but it’s too…too strict. Boshen, you are already a little scared of people. If you wear black, it gives people an impression of a bad person, like a devil cultivator.”

Yan Boshen raised the corner of his mouth, “You don’t like it?”

Lin Suci rubbed his chin, “Well, it’s not that I don’t like it… It’s just… I want to see your gentle look.”

When his owner was gentle, he was like a cloud in the sky, bright but not dazzling. The warmth of the glimmering light wrapped him with comfort, without a trace.

Gentle look…

Yan Boshen raised his head and bent the corners of his lips while facing Lin Suci. In an instant, the warmth that had been in the dust for a long time, had returned.

The starlight was brilliant, like a sea of ​​light fragments, indulging and intoxicating.

Lin Suci looked at him, dumbfounded. After a long time, he clutched his slightly hot cheeks, and looked away with embarrassment.

After looking away, Lin Suci began to spurn himself. Wasn’t he just his owner? Why was he too shy to look at him? This is not in line with common sense!

It must be due to his owner, who had learned something weird to seduce people. It was certainly not because of his fragile mind.

To rebuild himself mentally, Lin Suci raised his head and inhaled. When he was about to speak, he was caught off guard with the two people who just entered the store.


He stepped forward two steps, but did not walk away. He grabbed Yan Boshen’s shoulders, hid himself, and quietly stared at the two people who had just arrived.

One of them was a girl with big breast, thin waist and small eyes. Showing her waist and shaking her buttocks, her hair bun and golden hairpin shook and jingled.

The other one was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy. The face that was originally handsome was squeezed into a ball, like a bitter gourd. With a long sword wrapped in a sword cloth on his back, he hunched over, feeling dejected as he dragged heavy steps and moved reluctantly step by step.

The glamorous and boundless girl banged the table as soon as she came, “Shopkeeper, get me a set of women’s clothing that he can wear, and I want it to be revealing!”

Lin Suci blinked. When he saw the aggrieved young man’s facial features, he was surprised, “Bai Qingkong?!”

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