My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 69


After getting separated for more than three years, Lin Suci ran into the world’s male protagonist Bai Qingkong on the second day after leaving the isolated basement.

However, that male protagonist, who was supposed to be on a killing spree, was at a family’s clothing shop, and he happened to be forced into wear women’s clothing by a pretty and coquettish woman?

Bai Qingkong was astonished and stared at Lin Suci blankly for a long time. Then, he switched his gaze to Yan Boshen.  He glanced at Lin Suci again and his eyes eventually emerged with joy.

“Xingchen! You are actually not dead!”

The long-lost greeting caused Lin Suci’s mouth to twitch. His smiling face suddenly collapsed and reproached, “Dead, who died? Do you know how to talk? This brother here is alive and well.”

Bai Qingkong had a smile on his face and walked to Lin Suci’s front. He seemingly felt at a loss and wanted to pat Lin Suci but he did not dare to reach out his hands. He just laughed and happily said, “That’s great! That’s great!”

Lin Suci did not know what he was great at.

“Oh, an acquaintance?”

A voice interrupted Bai Qingkong’s attempt to recall their old times.

Lin Suci seized an opportunity to look away. The enchanting woman with semi-exposed clothing was curling her hair. She glanced at Yan Boshen with charming eyes.

However, Lin Suci, who was genuinely greeting Bai Qingkong, was nonexistence in the woman’s eyes.

Yan Boshen ignored the woman and he watched at Bai Qingkong. There seemed to be a little unpleasantness. Everyone except Lin Suci could notice it.

Bai Qingkong made eye contact with Yan Boshen and slightly flinched to straighten his back.

“This is my close friend, Ye Xingchen…” Bai Qingkong said as if he was about to laugh. He just held it back and his hand went over Yan Boshen’s shoulder and said vaguely, “This is Xingchen’s senior.”

“The close friend of Qingkong is also my close friend. As my close friend’s senior…” That young lady showed an eager expression on her face. She swayed her waist and approached Yan Boshen, “you are naturally my senior too. It’s fortunate that I would be able to meet you, Senior Brother.”

She only took two steps forwards. She lifted her foot sluggishly in the air but she was also unable to take another step after that.

That time, the young lady reacted extremely fast and lightly retreated to Bai Qingkong’s side.

The young lady’s face turned ugly and immediately gave Bai Qingkong the anger, “I asked you to change your clothes, why are you still here!”

Bai Qingkong received the scolding innocently, “…”

Lin Suci looked at Bai Qingkong’s slumped shoulders as he was drawn from the joy of reunion into a sort of hell-like despair.

The young lady looked at Yan Boshen as if missing his presence, but out of fear that something might happen, she did not dare to approach him, nor did she forcefully strike up a conversation. She only swung her slender supple waist and found several sets of cool comfortable women’s clothing for Bai Qingkong, urging him to get changed.

Lin Suci did not care about the Bai Qingkong either. He turned around, holding the rest of the fabrics that Yan Boshen had chosen in his hand and gave them to the shopkeeper to be made into complete attire.

Wan’er sneakily came over and pulled Lin Suci’s sleeve. She pointed at the young lady with the slender waist, who was looking at other fabrics, and casually whispered, “You must pay attention to that lady. She is not a good thing.”

Lin Suci was at a loss, “Huh?”

“That lady is an outsider disciple who was accepted by the Lin family back then.” Wan’er dragged Lin Suci and hid behind Yan Boshen. Seeing that the lady did not dare to voyeur Yan Boshen, she felt slightly relieved and hurriedly said, “Relying on the status of a disciple of the Lin family, she specialized in deceiving outsiders, framing people and asked for a great amount of spiritual stone or spiritual magic tools to be provided to her. She would even be signed under a master-slave agreement, seizing people to sell their life.”

“What?” Lin Suci did not expect that the petite-looking lady would have such an aspect.

“If she can resolve matters for others, then it’s all right, but she precisely only takes advantage and doesn’t handle anything!”

Wan’er had been there for many years and she knew well about some of those local rascals. When Cui Yexue was involved, she somehow would clench her teeth with anger, “That young lady is a straight-up swindler! Even if others knew that she committed fraud, they never did attempt to expose her, all because she is a disciple of the Lin family!”

“I recalled that I have a soul sister too. She came from a foreign continent and without any background knowledge. She supposedly has to ask a trustworthy person to find Zi Jiuling, but instead she met this woman. Numerous spiritual stones were spent, but that woman did not give a damn about her matters! Zi Jiuling was waiting for my sister to save her life, but the delay was made and she gave her life recklessly.”

“My sister went to find her. Do you know what that ruthless lady was doing? She refused to admit it and said, go confront her Master if she had the ability! My sister was an impoverished cultivator from a small region, how would she dare to confront the Lin family? All she can do was swallowing that urge!”

Lin Suci was stunned for a while and the more he listened, the more he was familiar with it. After reflecting on it several times, he approximately knew exactly what it was in his mind.

“What’s her name?”

“Cui Yexue.” Wan’er unhesitatingly said, “The ruthless lady’s name, even my old mother will remember till her death!”

Lin Suci patted Wan’er on the shoulder and said sincerely, “Don’t worry, she will get retribution.”

In the original novel, Cui Yexue, who framed Bai Qingkong, was finally trapped in a ten-thousand-worm cave. It seemed that Cui YeXue did not die a peaceful and clean death, and now, she was there to meet the Death Gods.

Since Cui Yexue had appeared, in that case, the plot there should have already reached the War of Sacrifices.

After Bai Qingkong experienced the War of Sacrifices, he was capable of getting rid of that pitiful and miserable little naivety. The majestic soaring sword also had its name locked in the expert list in the cultivation realm.

As for the War of Sacrifices…

Lin Suci lowered his head and tried recalling the plot during that period of time, which was very important to Bai Qingkong. Yan Boshen knocked his forehead with an index finger.

“What are you thinking about?”

Lin Suci raised his head and massaged his forehead, “Thinking of what she said.”

He looked innocent.

When Wan’er saw Yan Boshen, she consciously stepped back two feet away. She looked completely like she was not as aggressive as she was just a moment ago. She conscientiously bowed her head again and disguised herself as a little maid.

Yan Boshen looked at Lin Suci with thoughtful eyes. However, there was not much to say, but instead, he messed up Lin Suci’s hair bun.

“Ah…I can’t wear these clothes…”

Bai Qingkong’s miserable voice came through from a separated layer of curtain.

Cui Yexue immediately lifted the curtain and directly went in. Bai Qingkong, who was changing clothes inside, was alarmed and yelling in horror.

“Isn’t this good!? What are you yelling for!?” Cui Yexue harshly screamed at Bai Qingkong and directly dragged the person out.

Bai Qingkong, who was already sixteen or seventeen years old, and he had a much better figure compared to several years before when he was half the age of a big boy. He was thin and shrivelled then. Although he was still a little smaller than his peers, his exquisite appearance was more delicate and anyone could tell that he was a real man.

It was just that he was already a head taller than Cui Yexue, yet he was staggered by that woman. His attire, that was not even tidy, had his skirt flipped up, clearly revealing his skinny legs.

“We have to wear revealing clothes when seducing people, so what’s so much to cover!? You dressed as if you are a meek little girl. Do you think I’m finding a husband for you!?” Cui Yexue was extremely fierce and ruthlessly slapped Bai Qingkong’s hand that was covering his chest, away. She then pulled down the tube top he was wearing.

Bai Qingkong had completely no resistance under Cui Yexue’s attack. He felt helpless as he let the young lady do all the mess she wanted to his just-tidied outfit.

That female cultivator’s clothes were originally prepared for a designated person. The tube top was short to expose the waist. Even the skirt was light and thin, making the hip bones more revealing.

Bai Qingkong looked up to catch the sight of Lin Suci watching him with his eyes widened, seriously enjoying his miserable condition. His face emerged in humiliation and shame.

Lin Suci still remembered that Bai Qingkong had worn women’s clothing previously. But nevertheless, at that time, he was pretending to be a prostitute in the brothel. Even so, his attire that moment was not as revealing as what he wore now!

Could that possibly be the difference between Bihai Continent and their small region?

Bai Qingkong was covering here and there but eventually frightened by a verse by Cui Yexue, ‘Don’t you dare’. He honestly behaved by spreading out his hands to allow Cui Yexue dress up for him.

It seemed that he had an unknown medicine by Cui Yexue. Even his flat chest, was suddenly swelled and propped up in the tube top. The flesh under the collarbone was fruitful compared to Cui Yexue and Wan’er.

Bai Qingkong could not dodge. He could only grief and clutched his bulging chest as he watched Cui Yexue tore open one side of his skirt again.

Lin Suci looked at it with emotion, and quietly asked Wan’er, “Sister, are your other sisters in your building so courageous?”

Bai Qingkong was almost stripped out, but the remaining fabrics were hanging onto dear life, which could give hazy impression to others.

Lin Suci was unsure who Bai Qingkong would seduce…

Wait a minute!

Lin Suci was stunned by his thoughts, and quickly raised his brows as he glanced around.

Cui Yexue finished preparing Bai Qingkong’s clothes, and she took out Bai Qingkong’s money bag to pay the bill. They were about to go out when Lin Suci hurriedly stopped them.

“Little Bai, where are you going?”

Bai Qingkong did not have the face to meet any more people, especially Lin Suci and Yan Boshen, who witnessed the humiliating process. He covered his face and said stumblingly, “To…buy rouge and put on makeup.”

Lin Suci suddenly became enthusiastic, “Let’s go together. It just so happens that I also want to choose rouge for my sisters.”

While talking, he quietly gave Yan Boshen a wink.

He was obviously going to watch the fun.

Yan Boshen did not make it difficult for him, and whispered, “Are you not in a hurry to find Master?”

“Master won’t fly anywhere anyways.” Lin Suci said with a loud voice, then lowered his volume, and said mysteriously, “But if we don’t watch this play, it will be gone.”

Yan Boshen still indulged him. After waiting for the shopkeeper to bring out the garments, they put them in the mustard seeds, and followed Bai Qingkong to a nearby rouge shop.

Cui Yexue, who was swaying her hips, was always showing off her grace. Bai Qingkong, who had been dressing like a five-point girl look, had sluggish eyes. He followed Lin Suci closely in order to protect himself. He was not even afraid of Yan Boshen’s gaze anymore as he pretended not to notice it.

“Little Bai, what’s the matter with you? How come every time I ran into you, you are either in women’s clothing, or on the way to wear women’s clothing?” Lin Suci did not feel that his question was like a stabbing knife, and he urged with a smile, “I need answers.”

Bai Qingkong was aggrieved to death, “I don’t want this either, but there is a reason for it.”

Without waiting for him to explain the cause of the incident, they arrived at the rouge shop.

Cui Yexue grabbed Bai Qingkong and applied makeup on him. Lin Suci strolled around the shop, also interested.

“Boshen, Boshen, let’s buy rouge for Senior Sister too,” Lin Suci leaned in front of the cabinet and looked at the goods. He dragged Yan Boshen and said, “There are several older sisters who should have gifts too.”

Yan Boshen remained expressionless, “How about the money?”

Lin Suci shyly said, “I will borrow yours first. I can pay it back later.”

“Then we need a receipt for loan.” Yan Boshen said seriously, “I can spend money on you, outsiders, no.”

Lin Suci wanted to say that Fourth Senior Sister was not an outsider, but he also thought about a few older sisters from Senior Jin’s family, so he just let it slide. He asked, “How do I write the receipt?”

Yan Boshen grabbed a piece of smooth paper and an ink brush from the mustard seeds.

“Just write how much debt you owe, and how you repay it.” Yan Boshen hesitated while speaking. After all, he was ashamed to really induce him.

Lin Suci lay against the cabinet, writing word by word. Yan Boshen regretted again, and said quickly, “If you borrow one, pay back a hundred. If you can’t return the money, use another mortgage.”

Lin Suci held the ink brush in a daze, “I am so poor that I only have one life left.”

Where could he get other stuff for mortgage? He still had a little cultivation base at the beginning, but now he was just a waste cat.

Yan Boshen pressed his fist to his lips, and mumbled, “Write anything you have.”

Lin Suci thought about it, followed Yan Boshen’s description, and wrote seriously, ‘If I can’t pay the debt, I will pay with my life.

When Yan Boshen received the receipt, there was obvious slight disgust in his eyes.

“…Forget it.” He endured, and gulped.

“My lord,” Wan’er quietly rubbed her hands as she spoke telepathically after witnessing it with her own eyes, “Your humble servant knows a way to make this receipt be used at its best.”

Yan Boshen finally gave Wan’er the attention.

Completely different from the gentle and small thoughts he had when looking at Lin Suci, Yan Boshen’s gaze now was the pressure that made Wan’er’s heart tremble and her breathing accelerated.

Wan’er gulped, and calmed down for a long time, before tremblingly said to Yan Boshen, “Your humble servant heard that the contract scroll is an absolute constraint that can be formed by taking blood as an oath. If it is hand-written and assisted with spiritual energy, a permanent oath can be made.”

She did not dare to say directly, because she did not know what kind of person Lin Suci was to Yan Boshen. She only mentioned it carefully, which was very tactful.

Even so, the intention was also obvious.

Yan Boshen pursed his lips. As he lowered his eyes, the gaze that fell on the receipt was obscure.

Lin Suci had written the receipt and decided to choose rouge for Ruan Linggu and other sisters.

He did not quite understand anything about rouge, so he called Wan’er over.

When Wan’er accompanied him by lying on the cabinet to look at the boxes one by one, her gaze fell on Lin Suci, and she stopped talking a few times. After choosing a few rouges, she quietly glanced at the Yan Boshen behind her. She motioned Lin Suci by winking her eyes and asked in a low voice, “Brother, what’s the relationship between you and… that man?”

Him and Yan Boshen? Lin Suci patted his chest, “That’s not ordinarily good! My family’s Boshen treats me the best in the world!”

The corners of Yan Boshen’s mouth, who heard clearly from behind, hooked slightly.

Wan’er hesitated, “Then…do you know who he is?”

“Of course,” Lin Suci felt amused. “Don’t you know my relationship with him? I know anything.”

As soon as he came into that world, he was thrown to Yan Boshen by Qing Fou. It could be said that Yan Boshen knew everything in his plain and tasteless life.

Except his cultivation base.

But, it was not a big deal.

Wan’er noticed that Lin Suci’s gaze was as if describing a warrior, “You know it yet you can treat him with this attitude, then you are right, your relationship is really very good.”

“That’s not it!” Lin Suci was excited that his eyes brightened. He kept boasting to Wan’er about how great his relationship with Yan Boshen was.

With that, Lin Suci suddenly felt that he seemed to have overlooked something. Just thinking about it, Bai Qingkong called him.


The undistinguished problem in Lin Suci’s head disappeared, and he looked up.

Not far away, the timid girl with makeup applied and yellowish brows pasted on her brows. Wasn’t she just Bai Qingkong?

Lin Suci was amazed.

No matter how many times, Lin Suci would be shocked by Bai Qingkong’s woman disguise.

Compared with three years ago, the still childish Bai Qingkong, had grown a little mature, and after makeup, he had a more girlish flavor.

For people like Cui Yexue, her make-up would contain special scheming hooks. He looked like a white rabbit, but it had an alluring style.

Looking at it as a whole, Bai Qingkong had suddenly become a qualified and charming little fairy.

Lin Suci sincerely raised his hands and applauded, “Not bad, not bad, good-looking, good-looking.”

While talking, he was accustomed to use the retrospective mirror to record it. He reached his hand to his back to remember that he had no spiritual energy anymore.

“Which aspect is good-looking?” It was Yan Boshen who asked the question.

Lin Suci answered honestly, “Everything.”

Isn’t Bai QIngkong in front of you just an attractive little girl? Such a little girl, wherever she went, would be eye-catching.

In the final analysis, the protagonist’s almost charming and girlish facial features in his teenage years as mentioned in the original work showed the dazzling brilliance that it should have.

However, that attractive girl had a sad face, as if being forced into prostitution. Her face was full of sadness due to the force by life.

Cui Yexue sneered with her arms in her arms, “What’s wrong? Your unwillingness made it seem like I’m forcing you. Remember, you are the one begging me, so put your crying face away. If I’m upset, where will you go?”

Lin Suci could not help but stare at her.

She really was… sparing no effort to lower her vitality in Little Bai’s heart.

Lin Suci had never seen anyone rushing to their death like that.

Bai Qingkong gritted his teeth, “Forget it, I will give it up this time, as long as you can find a way to let me find the person.”

Lin Suci had deep thoughts.

“Xingchen, we have to leave first. I’ll see you next time if we are destined.” Female Qingkong reluctantly held Lin Suci’s hand with tears in his eyes.

Lin Suci thought for a while, “Where are you going?”

“To the Lin family, I have something to beg from the Lin’s.” Bai Qingkong’s answer matched Lin Suci’s guess.

Lin Suci shyly said, “Oh, then I’ll be with you in no hurry.”

“This…” Bai Qingkong’s gaze fell on Yan Boshen, hesitating, “This… Is your Senior… convenient?”

“Convenient, how inconvenient can it be!” Lin Suci made a final decision, and then asked Yan Boshen, “Is it fine to accompany Little Bai?”

Yan Boshen looked at him firmly, “You have already agreed, so why are you asking me now?”

Lin Suci smiled, “Fine? Fine?”

There was nothing left to object, as long as he stayed with him.


Yan Boshen’s answer was within Lin Suci’s expectation. He got an accurate answer and said to Bai Qingkong, “How about it? Let’s go.”

Bai Qingkong made his eyes shine after finding salvation. He immediately clung to Lin Suci’s hand. Tears filled his eyes, “Great! Xingchen, with you by my side, I won’t be afraid.”

A group of five people, divided into two teams, went from there to a main city three hundred miles away.

Cui Yexue walked alone with her gloomy face. Lin Suci pulled Bai Qingkong to his side, and the two little friends who had been separated for more than three years chattered endlessly, exchanging information over the past three years.

Lin Suci knew about some major events that happened to Bai Qingkong, but the details were not clear. Bai Qingkong went to the trial tower for the past three years, just a few months after coming out on the present year.

Bai Qingkong did not say that he subdued the Worm King in the tower. He received a lot of help, reshaped the bones, washed the spiritual roots, compressed the six-year cultivation base and completed it in three years. He entered the ninth stage of foundation establishment earlier. When he was entering fusion, he found that Shu Changyi was dying, and hurriedly tried to save him.

“…It is said that the Bihai’s Lin family has the ability to cure dead people. Since Changyi is not dead yet, I want to come to ask for the medicine to help.” Bai Qingkong said, “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have some connections to the Lin Family. I spent so much money just to have her come to help me.”

Lin Suci did not say anything about Cui Yexue either. In the original book, Bai Qingkong was able to trick Cui Yexue into the wormhole, and it was not a last-minute twist.

That world male protagonist, the more he grew up, the less foolish he was.

Lin Suci patted him on the shoulder with the mentality of watching the show, “Don’t worry, you will definitely find the Lin family.”

Lin Suci still wanted to continue talking with Bai Qingkong, but was pulled directly into someone’s arms by the collar.

“Enough said,” Yan Boshen’s voice was cold. “You keep talking all the way. Aren’t you tired?”

Lin Suci suddenly became obedient. Leaning against Yan Boshen’s arms, he said with a smile, “I was tired, but I’m not tired once I see Boshen. That’s weird. I still want to talk to you for another two hours.”

Yan Boshen’s cold face melted slightly.

Lin Suci hugged Yan Boshen and teased Yan Boshen with every sentence, “I’m not tired, are you tired? Do you want to talk?”

Yan Boshen was teased by those few words, and directly stretched out his hand to cover Lin Suci’s mouth.

Lin Suci laugh was muffled.

He really could not do anything with him, no matter where, no matter when.

Yan Boshen put away his sword, put on the black hood again, and pushed Lin Suci, who was dozing off in his arms.

Under their feet was the main city Cui Yexue referred to.

There was guarded by the Lin family. The city was heavily guarded, and people came and went, but there was slightly less relaxation compared to other towns.

“That Master is here. You have to remember that you must be obedient after entering. Do what he and please him. He will help you out.”

Cui Yexue said arrogantly.

The Master she spoke of sounded like a powerful one. At least Bai Qingkong was bluffed, so he nodded quickly.

“Little Brother, didn’t you tell him about that woman?” Wan’er felt that something was wrong and asked Lin Suci.

Lin Suci whispered, “It’s fine.”

It must be fine. Although Bai Qingkong was teased by Cui Yexue in that case, he also gained a lot in the end.

The protagonist’s halo was on. How could it tolerate the world’s protagonist when being bullied?

Lin Suci was purely watching the excitement. Together with Yan Boshen, he followed Cuiyexue, and arrived at an alley with Bai Qingkong.

The alley belonged to the same family. As soon as they entered, they were stopped by the servants underneath, who verified their identities before letting them in.

Cui Yexue walked to the back door and stuffed Bai Qingkong with a bottle of medicine.

“You have a smell that he doesn’t like. When you enter, drink this. It can cover the smell on your body, so that you won’t get kicked out without even saying a word.” Cui Yexue said.

Bai Qingkong took the bottle and thanked her very much, “Thank you, Miss Cui.”

“As for you…” Cui Yexue glanced at Yan Boshen, and she was reluctant to give up, “Why don’t you all come in together?”

Lin Suci smiled and said loudly, “Alright!”

Cui Yexue might be deceiving, but at least she had real conections. Several maids came and took away Bai Qingkong. Someone else was responsible for sending Lin Suci, Yan Boshen and Wan’er to a nearby pavilion to rest.

Lin Suci stepped into the pavilion and waited for the maid to leave several distances away. He stepped on his hind foot and asked Yan Boshen nonchalantly, “Boshen, Boshen, do you want to watch a more intense show?”

Yan Boshen was very indifferent, “No.”

Lin Suci kept trying to promote, “Goblin fights! That kind of bed scene is wonderful!”

Yan Boshen halted his pace, then turned around, with a cold expression on his face, “Have you seen it?”

Lin Suci: “Ah?”

“Have you seen that kind of thing before?” Yan Boshen asked.

The desire to survive won at that moment. Lin Suci said decisively, “I haven’t seen it!”

Lin Suci sighed, “Ah, stop asking. I’m just curious if you want to go to watch the show. It’s very interesting.”

Yan Boshen looked at him firmly, and suddenly smiled, “I won’t watch.”

“I only act.”

“Will you act with me in this wonderful and intense scene?”

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