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My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 70


Lin Suci: “…”

He silently grabbed a small dried fish from his sleeve, and handed it to Yan Boshen as usual, “Eat fish.”

Yan Boshen pressed his fist onto his lips and smiled softly.

The little brat had that kind of habit.

Lin Suci did not care what Yan Boshen thought. He shoved the fish to Yan Boshen, and gnawed the dried fish by himself, pretending to admire the fish pond under the pavilion.

Wan’er wanted to laugh. Looking at Yan Boshen, she suppressed the urge, so her face seemed twisted.

The one, who lived there, could be considered half-bonded with the Lin family, a person that only Cui Yexue could rely on at the present.

Lin Suci remembered that in the plot of the original book, Bai Qingkong did not wear women’s clothing, so the development of the story should be different.

Just seeing that Cui Yexue was tossing Bai Qingkong with seductive women’s clothing, and continuously stuffing him with a bottle of “obedient” water, Lin Suci knew that the development of the matter must have deviated from the original.

That ignited Lin Suci’s curiosity even more

There were only a few fat-headed fish in the fish pond, and Lin Suci almost remembered the appearance of the fish. As time went by, he got more heartache.

He quietly glanced at Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen sat beside him, playing with Lin Suci’s sleeves, as if he did not care about everything except Lin Suci.

He was too calm, so calm that he did not perceive the outside world at all.

Lin Suci thought for a while, and whispered, “Boshen, aren’t you bored?”

Yan Boshen finally looked at the kitten.

The little guy’s eyes were yearning for the excitement, and the eagerness was forcibly suppressed.

“Want some fun?” Yan Boshen asked.

Lin Suci’s eyes lit up, “Yes!”

Hurry up! Promise! Go see Bai Qingkong fight against foreigners! Wonderful hand-to-hand combat! There’s also a passionate interpretation of the majestic soaring sword!

Under the black hood, there was a smile that Lin Suci was not familiar with.


Yan Boshen agreed with a very decisive voice.

Lin Suci quickly stood up with a look of excitement.

If there was a retrospective mirror, it would be great. In the future, relying on the majestic soaring sword and his women’s clothing to lure people into the fight, he could eat spiritual stones for a living.

The kitten rubbed his hands and kept urging, “Let’s go, let’s go.”

Yan Boshen complied with Lin Suci’s request, got up and left the pavilion with Lin Suci.

There were no servants around, so Lin Suci went all the way unimpeded, and walked along the path to the main courtyard.

Before he could find which was the big iron cage containing the little cabbage, Lin Suci saw Cui Yexue, who was twisting her waist as she walked in their direction.

She changed her clothes in a short period of time, which was even worse than what she had worn before.

The swaying young girl walked in the afterglow of the dusk, raising her eyebrows and curling her lips, all of which were breathtakingly charming.

“The stinky lady is here to harm my old lady’s eyes again.”

Wan’er whispered a word from behind.

It was Lin Suci’s turn to suppress his laughter.

“Mister~~~” Cui Yexue’s voice was pretentious, making Lin Suci get goose bumps.

“You are so boring, why don’t I stay with you for a while?” Cui Yexue’s eyes looked straight at Yan Boshen. She winked, and her glamorous body had seduction written all over her.

Yan Boshen turned his head and asked Lin Suci, “Would you like to have fun?”

Lin Suci was puzzled, but still obeyed his heart. Loudly, he replied, “Yes!”

Yan Boshen raised the corner of his mouth, stretched out his hand, pointed at Cui Yexue, and lightly nodded.

Cui Yexue, whose hip swayed left and right as she walked, was suddenly pushed a few feet away by a wave of air, falling severely on a nearby rockery. She was poked in the back by the protruding stones, and rolled down with a scream.

Lin Suci: “…” He blinked slowly, and heard many people running from a distance around him. He found that there was a difference between his excitement and Yan Boshen’s excitement.

When those people went to help Cui Yexue, Wan’er shivered and hid behind Lin Suci.

“…Little Brother, if this man of your family is not pleased with me, please give me a quick reminder, I’ll leave, so there’s no need for him to shoo me away himself.”

Wan’er said tremblingly.

Only during the conversation, the servants in the house surrounded them, and the steward saw the spiritual energy flowing in the palm of Yan Boshen’s hand. His nose was tilted due to anger, “How dare you use martial arts in the Lin’s house. Do you want to die?!”

Lin Suci did not like someone being so brutal in front of Yan Boshen. He immediately lifted his chin and went back, “Lin family, which Lin family? Now what kind of cat… Ahem, what little dog or tiny ant dare to call themselves as the Lin family!?”

He was full of confidence, and the manager on the other side immediately switched face. He swept across Lin Suci suspiciously, extremely guarded.

Cui Yexue’s expression changed suddenly. She vomited a mouthful of blood, wiped her mouth and cursed, “What are you talking about! A countryman, who has never seen the Lin family, is talking full of nonsense! Let me tell you, here stays the great-great-grandson of the Lin Family Patriarch! An eminent person!”

Great-great-grandson… If Lin Suci did not know from the original works that the Master whom Cui Yexue desperately seduced was just an outsider, he would have really believed her.

Yan Boshen was too impatient, so he stretched out his hand and knocked Cui Yexue away again.

The strong force directly smashed the rockery, and the girl, along with the rubble, rolled to the ground instamtly. That time, Cui Yexue did not get up so easily.

The people surrounding the scene were dumbfounded. So far, they never encountered anyone who dared to make trouble in their yard. Those people were speechless that they were unsure what to do, so they all went to see the caretaker.

The face of the person in-charge-of the general affair was volatile. With a certain kind of alertness, he raised his hand and called many people there, firmly blocking the way out.

“Sir is Miss Cui’s guest, so we should treat you well, but Sir, are you here to looking for trouble?” The man of general affairs looked at Cui Yexue, who was lifted up a short distance away. Her face was pale. With a flash in his eyes, he faced Yan Boshen, “Sir, are you dissatisfied with the Lin Family?”

Lin Suci raised his hand and clapped loudly, “Can’t believe the really big hat, was passed to you just like that, pretty good, but, I still stand what I said, are you worthy to act on behalf of the Lin family?”

Since his owner had given a start, that play really had to be performed. Anyways, the person was just a relative who was not of the Lin family, so Lin Suci felt that he could afford to offend him.

No matter how bad it was, Bai Qingkong was still there.

That was his life-saving magic weapon, giving him courage.

He was full of confidence. The face of the one in charge was getting more unstable. His gaze that shot Lin Suci was as piercing as a captain’s hook.

Lin Suci neither felt hurt, nor moved him emotionally.

The afterglow of the evening sun put away its last light. Rising of torches appeared, far and near, but they were groups of cultivators, formed in a neat line as they while questioning their purpose there.

A small atrium was quickly overcrowded.

Lin Suci was a little excited instead.

If he was alone, he would have slipped away long ago, but Yan Boshen was there, and he was his confidence, no matter how many people arrived, he would not be afraid.

They were not from the real Lin Family anyway.

“Who is making trouble here?”

Among the people who came, a middle-aged man walked out arrogantly, holding a torch and looking at Yan Boshen and Lin Suci. He snorted coldly, “Where are these countrymen from? Bear the consequences of disturbing the Master! Men, grab them and throw these lads into the dungeon.”

“Wait…” Cui Yexue eased her anger, wiped the bloodshot corners of her mouth, and said with a gloomy expression from a long distance away, “I’m afraid this person is a fusion cultivator, so go get more people here. It’s best to abolish his cultivation base.”


Lin Suci glanced sideways at Yan Boshen.

The cultivation base of his Senior Brother was something he had never known. Anyway, it was definitely more than just fusion.

Since they were coming to deliver his target, why should he stop?

Maybe he could take the advantage of that time to clean up the scammers. He might get some rewards from the real Lin Family as well.

Yan Boshen did not put the number of increasing people in his eyes. He only lowered his head and asked Lin Suci, “What fun do you want to watch?”

Lin Suci thought for a while, and said euphemistically, “Don’t you realize that Little Bai’s place is the biggest show?”

Yan Boshen replied casually, “Good, I’ll let you move your muscles and take there.”

A circle of people gathered around and Lin Suci took a step back. Blocked by Yan Boshen’s body, he looked at those people unscrupulously. While watching, he muttered.

“They took the Lin family banner anyhow, but why are most of the people recruited here in the Qi-cultivating state…”

Relying on Qing Fou, who had taught him to see others cultivation base with his eyesight, he was hard to distinguish higher-levels, but those low-level cultivators had nowhere to hide in his eyes.

Nearly half of the cultivators were only cultivating Qi, and some were establishing foundations. The highest cultivation level there was actually only three fusions.

Lin Suci became more confident, and quietly said to Yan Boshen, “Boshen, Boshen, don’t move first.”

As soon as those words came out, Yan Boshen knew that the kitten’s skin got itchy again.

However, it did not matter.

He lowered his hand.

The cultivators who came up moved their hands.

Lin Suci hid behind Yan Boshen. Yan Boshen did not do anything. It was almost moments before Wan’er’s noticed dark arrows struck from the opposite side. She realized that she was the only one with fighting strength and had to step forward, so she drew out her natal magic weapon, a whip that burned in flames.

Wan’er had already entered the fusion state as early as three years ago, and it was easy to deal with those people.

She was just very puzzled, why was a small servant like her required to step out for a great cultivator like Yan Boshen?

She never quite understood the mind of such a big man.

The flaming whip was swung by Wan’er and that drew a series of fire snakes, spreading in the dark night sky. The hustle and bustle tore the silence.

Lin Suci hid behind Yan Boshen, clapping and shouting as he hid, “Sister Wan’er is great! That’s right! Smoke his grandson!”

Wan’er was miserable.

She was just a charming dual cultivator, who replenished by absorbing others’ spiritual energy. When was it her turn to charge in a battle? Those two men were really shameless for hiding behind a woman!

However, she only dared to think about it in her heart. In her actions, she still had to work hard to protect Lin Suci, who had no spiritual energy. Now, she was in front, and the kitten was in the back.

The cultivation base of the cultivators who rushed up round after round was too low. They were completely helpless when facing Wan’er. Cui Yexue got anxious from behind, and limped over to help the caretaker up, urging him anxiously, “Why aren’t you going up there? Come on! Stop that b*tch!”

“Bleh!” The calm Wan’er was immediately irritated by how the woman cursed at her. The fire whip in her hand hissed, and she spoke, “How dare a stinky old lady like you scold you great aunt? Watch me closely, I’m going to skin your little b*tchiness!”

Wan’er seemed to be possessed by a fierce god. In an instant, she transformed from the appearance of dealing with errands into the fierceness of killing all quarters. Every time she went down, she drew a cultivator away bloodily.

She rushed towards Cui Yexue with a hideous face.

Cui Yexue was already smashed twice by Yan Boshen. Her cultivation base was not that good, and she had suffered internal injuries, so she was technically slid into Wan’er’s hands, almost with no resistance.

The caretaker’s cultivation base was not as good as the fusion. Under Wan’er’s strong rampage, she was slamming the whip everywhere, so he had to step back.

At that moment, the encircling circle of the atrium had been crushed to pieces by Wan’er alone.

Lin Suci was still there, clapping and waving a flag as he shouted, “Sister Wan’er is really amazing!”

Yan Boshen’s attention was all on him instead. His gaze was soft while watching the cheering little boy.

Wan’er grabbed Cui Yexue’s messy hair and shrugged her nose, “What should you do now?”

She did not know what was going on in that incident.

“Let go of me!” Cui Yexue tried grabbing Wan’er, and continued to say with pretence, “I am the apprentice of the Lin family. If you offend me, you are tantamount to offending the entire Lin family!”

“Come on, Brother Lin said that you don’t know the Lin family anymore. Why are you acting so stubborn for! Wan’er said, turning her eyes and thinking, “You don’t know yet, but my Brother Lin here, is the true Lin-surnamed person from the Lin family!”

Lin Suci pointed at himself innocently.

He saw Wan’er winking her eyes again.

Well, his surname was Lin, and it was not wrong to say that he was from the Lin family.

It was all truthful, just a little misleading.

“Lin?” Cui Yexue and the man-in-charge were stunned. They turned to look at Lin Suci.

In the nightlight, the faint gleam was illuminated by scattering torches. They were suddenly and darkly casted on Lin Suci’s body, shining on Lin Suci’s facial features, erratic and ethereal.

Lin Suci’s own surname was Lin, and he was full of confidence about that. He stood there and did not care about the attention he got, even straightening his back and raising his chin.

The caretaker’s face changed from time to time, and the recollection of Lin Suci’s previous words almost became evidence.

The assumption of that young man’s identity definitely sent a chill down his spine!

Cui Yexue was surprised. Her hair was still being pulled by Wan’er. Before she could think of a good or bad thing, Wan’er had already tugged so hard that she screamed in pain.

Lin Suci covered his ears and quietly stuck his tongue out.

It was the first time he saw women fighting. Wan’er, a gentle woman like her actually did grabbed hair and gave slaps. That really was… a first-class ancestral skill through the ages.


Lin Suci’s ears moved to the screams. He was timid, so he shuddered and shrugged his shoulders while taking two steps back.

“What’s the matter?!” Where did the man’s scream come from?

The man-in-charge immediately changed his face and exclaimed, “Oh no, Master is in trouble!”

Lin Suci’s eyes lit up!

Bai Qingkong made his move!

He did not care about his side. Pulling Yan Boshen’s shirt, he bid an eye to him, “Boshen, Boshen, Little Bai’s in danger, let’s go!”

Yan Boshen knew what his family’s cat was thinking at a glance. He took a deep breath and decided to satisfy him.

There was a mess in the atrium, and there were only a few people standing on the opposite side. That was all. When the man-in-charge heard the scream, he could not sit still at all, and immediately tried to take the remaining people away for rescue.

As for Cui Yexue, the caretaker did not bother to care for her.

“We’ll stop playing here?” Yan Boshen asked faintly.

Lin Suci hurriedly answered, “Yes, no playing, no playing!”

Cui Yexue had been rectified in advance, but she was not as fun as Little Bai!

Yan Boshen nodded. He raised his head to see that the people there were running in one direction. All that was left was Cui Yexue, who was being grasped by Wan’er.

He raised his hand.

The night air instantly solidified.

The sound of the wind reached the ear and stagnated.

In the next instant, Lin Suci’s eyes were lightly blindfolded.

A scream of horror and sound of crackling were mixed together, ringing in the surroundings.

Lin Suci saw nothing.

His eyelashes trembled, and they were flapped in Yan Boshen’s palm.


Yan Boshen waited for a while before slowly letting go.

Lin Suci took a look and got a cool, deep breath.

Those who were flung away by Wan’er, those who pretended to be dead, those who were still fighting, and those who were taken by the caretaker to escape, all turned into red flowers.

Among the overwhelming red, there was one panting.

Wan’er, who was standing among a bunch of bursting corpses, was covered in blood. Her hands still holding the posture of Cui Yexue’s hair, but she was dazed. She had no reactions at all, and she was the only one alive aside from Lin Suci and Yan Boshen.

Lin Suci patted his little heart. Thanks to Xu Wuwang, who previously trained him in previous years, his acceptance of bloody scenes was much better than before.

The smell of blood was pushed away by Yan Boshen with a wave of his hand.

Lin Suci shrugged his nose and did not smell too much blood.

“My holy mother…” Wan’er’s eyes were dull. Her neck stiffened as she turned around, finding brilliant blood around her, which made her dizzy. Her lips trembled, and she was incredibly shocked.

Lin Suci only felt disappointed, because he missed the bloody fireworks scene.

That simple and neat method was too…too much like a devil cultivator’s style.

Should he agree that Yan Boshen was really the biological apprentice of the old magic devil cultivator, Qing Fou?

Lin Suci did not think so much. He only dragged Yan Boshen, and whispered, “Boshen, you can’t be seen like this next time. Be careful of being assassinated by someone.”

There were corpses all over the place. If people saw that, they would think that it was some vicious monster.

Thinking of that, Lin Suci suddenly had a plan.

He ran to Wan’er and pulled out Cui Yexue’s hairpin.

Wan’er loosened her hand and Cui Yexue fell to the ground.

Lin Suci squatted on the ground, took the hairpin and stained it with blood. Finally, he found a blank spot among the bloody ground, and wrote a few words, one stroke at a time.

Fraudsters, deserved to be killed.

Yan Ran.

Lin Suci stood up, looked at the words he deliberately wrote, and nodded in satisfaction.

That kind of fierce murder scene like a devil cultivator’s, could not be connected to his owner. Such a fierce thing naturally had to be pushed to the pot of the violent ones.

Anyway, the big devil did not know him. Even if he was back, he could not find the instigator.

Lin Suci was very satisfied with his great intelligence.

Wan’er could hardly speak. For a while, her fear had been reduced a lot, “…Little brother, are you a bit too much?”

Lin Suci understood that borrowing Yan Ran’s name was rampant. In fact, it was also right, who dared to borrow the name of the great devil? It was still a bad idea.

Lin Suci threw the hairpin and clapped his hands calmly, “It’s fine.”

Anyway, as soon as others saw the name of the big devil, they would flinch. How would they dare to look for trouble?

Wan’er moved her lips, and finally said with emotion, “Little brother, you are the true cruel person at the end of the day.”

Lin Suci looked innocently, “Huh?”

Wan’er was bloody from head to toe. She raised her hand and herself, and was very disgusted. She carefully glanced at Yan Boshen who was slowly pacing towards them, and shrank her shoulders. She gulped and asked with difficulty, “Little brother, don’t you realize that this big man is a bit too… savage?”

Lin Suci calmly said, “I don’t.”

Even if he was, those people were not any better.

Fraud and deceiving, but also coveted his owner’s beauty. They even wanted to lock them up in cells and abolish their cultivation base!

Originally, Bai Qingkong came to send them all to the west. Yan Boshen was just one step ahead, so at least he done a good deed.

Wan’er could not speak anymore, and raised her fists to bow at Lin Suci, showing her admiration.

Lin Suci could not help it anymore. He stretched his neck and wanted to see the screaming place in the front yard.

Yan Boshen directly picked up his back collar and moved his body.


In the blink of an eye, Lin Suci had reached a door from the area of bloody red.

The candlelight in the room was shaking. The shadows behind the windows showed violence and several repeated actions. Struggling noises could be heard.

“Help!!! Ahh! Don’t!! No!!!”

Inside, a young man who yelled to the top of his lungs was almost crying. The struggling figure swayed from the window and dodged desperately, but was grabbed back by another figure and continued to repeat the action.

There was a continuous crashing sound inside, the creak of the bed shaking back and forth, and even the crispness of the collision between porcelains could be heard.

Lin Suci took a deep breath. Just as he was placing his hand on the door panel, he suddenly remembered.

That sound was not Little Bai’s!

“Help… Someone! Oh hoo… Who will help me!!”

The almost ravaged figure kept crying for help.

Lin Suci glanced at Yan Boshen blankly.

“Boshen…” Lin Suci was a little tangled, “What kind of person do you think Little Bai is?”

When Yan Boshen heard the name, a trace of impatience flashed in his eyes, “Annoying.”

The word was simple.

Lin Suci clicked his tongue.

Come on, asking him was equivalent to not asking.

However, there must be a mistake there. It was estimated that the so-called great-great-grandson of the Lin family was forcing people to have fun and was bullying them to death.

It seemed that he had no rush to find Bai Qingkong.

Lin Suci decided to save the person first.

Otherwise, the poor guy in there would face his life’s end.

With Lin Suci’s eyes, Yan Boshen immediately knew what the boy wanted to do.

He leaned on the red lacquered wooden pillars and touched Lin Suci’s chin, “Go if you want.”

Lin Suci took a deep breath, cracked his fingers, moved his muscles and bones, and stretched his hands toward Yan Boshen, “Lend me a magic weapon.”

He was a waste cat, so he needed a weapon that could shock people.

Yan Boshen directly took out a shining long sword from the mustard seeds and threw it to him.

Lin Suci took the long sword, and was immediately attracted by the smooth shape of the sword. Secondly, he was attracted by the introverted sword body, making him stared at the sword carefully.

“Ahh, no! No more! Please let me go!”

Lin Suci was so excited that he realized he had not rescued the abused person yet!

Lin Suci hurriedly held a long sword and kicked open the wooden door fiercely.

“Shameless kinky thief! Let go of him—— quickly?”

Lin Suci maintained his handsome posture after kicking the door open, and yelled aloud. His face of justice solidified as he saw the scene clearly. Slowly and gradually, his face turned into a shock, as if he seen a ghost. Even a face that could be called a handsome face would scare ghosts to death if distorted.

In front of him, there were two people.

A stripped young man was lying on his back on a low couch. His hands propped on the couch while his feet were tied and fixed as he was crying with tears on his face. He shook his head left and right, struggling desperately. His chest was lifted upwards in a hurry. The handsome man choked into sobs, tears on his face mixed with beads of sweat, rolling down on his naked chest.

The other violent person…

…was wearing a seductive dress. With a loose bun and thin beads of sweat on the elegant face, one foot was on the couch while the other stepped on the ground. One hand was placed on the waist of the handsome man, and the other hand, was holding a mighty stick, stuck between the man’s legs.

The two of them were disturbed by a loud click, and turned their heads to look at Lin Suci, stopping their passionate scene.

Lin Suci was silent for a moment, and with struggled to retract the raised sword. He quietly exited and closed the door, “…I’m sorry, for disturbing.”

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