My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 71



Lin Suci closed the door behind his back. Panic showed on his face, and he waved to Yan Boshen, “Go, go. Let’s go!”

Yan Boshen had guessed something. With a smile at the corner of his mouth, he slowly stood up straight, “Are you not keeping watch?”

Lin Suci’s face flushed excessively with fright.

What’s there to look at! He thought he was going to save people, but he did not expect that he encountered something… what?

Little Bai, Little Bai, I underestimated you.

Lin Suci had a chill at the thought of the horrifying scene that he had just seen.

During the usual days, he was always a pitiful little lad. Why did he suddenly turn over and become the overlord?

Lin Suci grabbed Yan Boshen and quickly attempted to leave.

Behind him, there was a symphony of jingle sounds for a long time. The door was violently flunged open, and it was broken in half, hanging on dear life from the door frame.

“Xingchen, don’t leave. Listen to me and I’ll explain that this is a misunderstanding!!!”

In order to restore his image, Bai Qingkong rushed out desperately. His flushed face was full of anxiety, and he rushed and collapsed in front of Lin Suci.

“Don’t come here!!!” Lin Suci arched his waist and jumped away a few steps as soon as he saw the mighty stick that was still in his hands.

Behind the broken door, the stunned, crying handsome man stumbled and supported himself with the wall. His whole body was traces of being beaten. The fierce battles they had almost made him could not walk. He stretched out his hand towards Lin Suci from far away, and choked, “Life-saver! Please save my life!”

Lin Suci frantically shook his head and backed away again, “No, no, you never see me, I’ll leave right away!”

“Xingchen!!!” Bai Qingkong collapsed and shouted, “Listen to me!!!”

Lin Suci shook his hand quickly, “Don’t explain to me, play with what’s yours, and I’m just a passer-by. Don’t mind me!”

“Life-saver! Don’t leave me, life-saver! Save me! I’m going to die!”

The brutally ravaged man also cried.

Lin Suci regretted it. Why did he have to watch the excitement? What was wrong with him just staying there and waiting honestly!

“Xingchen! Xingchen, you should save me!” Bai Qingkong sat on the ground, ignoring the ragged women’s clothing. He threw the mighty stick away and it was bounced to the doorway, where the handsome man was.

“I attacked the young man of the Lin family! Am I going to be chased to death! What should I do, Xingchen, what should I do!”

Bai Qingkong acted like he could not see the brutality he did between the legs of the man in the room just now, as if he was the one being attacked.

It was true that the visual perception of Bai Qingkong’s delicate face, like a little white flower, was a natural advantage. He put himself in such an anxious and helpless manner. His painful appearance really made people feel that he was a victim.

The real victim that was quietly smashed by the mighty stick gritted his teeth. With the stick landing right beside him, he seemed like the perpetrator.

“You are dead! How dare you put your hands on me! My Lin family will never let you go!”

The handsome man’s voice was hoarse just now. Even if he said threatening words, he was still a little weak.

Lin Suci looked at the two people whose identities were the opposite, and could not help but whispered, “Well, Little Bai, don’t be afraid. This one that you attacked is… ahem ahem…”

He just spoke a few words, and Yan Boshen slapped him on his back. His eyes full of disapproval.

Lin Suci consciously changed the words, “Your target is not from the Lin family!”

The handsome man who was still baring his teeth became stiff.

“What?!” On the contrary, Bai Qingkong suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, patted his chest and collapsed to the ground, “Great, I was scared to death just now.”

“Nonsense…” The handsome man was like being stomped on his tail, pointing angrily at Lin Suci and cursing, “What person are you to speak like that! I am a man of the Lin family! You slander me, so I shall take your life!”

Lin Suci gave a friendly reminder, “Doesn’t your butt hurt?”

The handsome man who pointed and yelled at Lin Suci suddenly stiffened.

In the situation before him, the young man who had been carrying the sword for saving and the young man in black robes behind him, were obviously on Bai Qingkong’s side.

He shouted for so long, yet no one came to rescue him. He felt that the people in that yard were mostly likely…

The man knew his stance. He seen the situation in front of him clearly, found out his own stance, and dared not yell. Especially…

When he glanced at Lin Suci deeply, he had a hint of worry in his eyes.

Lin Suci pointed his hand to the room and said in a calm voice, “These two sirs, anyway, please you dress up. Even if you both are not ashamed, my eyes hurt when I look at you.”

Bai Qingkong slumped, as if he had lost a big person, and rushed into the room with his face covered. He was unsure why he was messing around before. After a while, he wore a brocade robe and came out awkwardly.

The handsome man sat on the spot. Spinning the ring in his hand, there came falling out a suit of clothes. He quickly put it on, and wrapped himself tightly from head to toe, fear of exposing a little skin.

Lin Suci saw the handsome man keep turning his ring, but there was nothing. He looked anxious and suffocated.

“Don’t think so much. Here, you are the only one alive.”

Lin Suci kindly reminded, “Besides us, there is another living person. Of course, the person’s our companion.”

The handsome man had a distorted expression, “…you, who the hell are you! What’s the matter for setting such a vicious trap!?”

The man in the clothes looked much more handsome. His body also had a more romantic and suave taste, as if he never had a pitiful appearance of just being aggrieved before.

“That’s what I want to ask!” Bai Qingkong was a little smaller than a man, and his sleeves were as long as his fingertips. He rolled it up, showing marks around his wrist.

“It is said that the great-great-great-grandson of the Lin family is a kind-hearted person. Miss Cui asked me to help here. She told me that she can save people if I was dressing up as a woman and make the people happy…” Bai Qingkong’s cheeks were twitched, “I just came in, yet this guy just pounced on me. He kept kissing and touching me without a word. He even tried to give me alcohol several times! I already said that I was a man, but he insisted anyway!”

Lin Suci clapped his hands, “Hero, hero!”

However, Lin Suci was also curious. How did that kind of advantage in favor of the other party turn out to be Bai Qingkong’s advantage at the end?

“Bah! Aren’t you embarrassed?” The handsome man jumped in anger, “I touched you and kissed you, but you never avoided me! Didn’t I treat you as a gadget offered by Cui Yexue! I didn’t set any traps for you, but I didn’t expect you to give me medicine!”

Bai Qingkong yelled louder than he shouted, “Who was the beast who took prepared the medicine! If I hadn’t been wary of changing our wine glasses, I still wouldn’t know what the situation is now!”

The handsome man had nothing to say, his face flushed from suffocation.

Lin Suci understood it.

Cui Ye Xuesai gave to Bai Qingkong the “obedient medicine”. That man wanted to use that on Bai Qingkong, but he did not expect that Bai Qingkong would spike his wine.

That was really… self-inflicting.

Lin Suci showed no sympathy at all. Looking at the man’s face that switched between red and white, he even wanted to laugh a little.

The man wanted to say something, but he hesitated for a long time without uttering a word. He watched Yan Boshen vigilantly and quickly swept around, staring down not knowing what he was thinking.

“If you want to run, I advise you to be honest…” Seeing that the man was not sitting still, Lin Suci kindly gave advice.

The man did not take Lin Suci’s words seriously at all. He took a chance and jumped.

In the dark night, his figure quickly skipped the wall tiles and disappeared into the small courtyard.

Bai Qingkong was dumbfounded, “Are we not stopping him?!!!”

Lin Suci said, “No need.”


However, after a few breaths, the upgraded version of the man’s familiar voice echoed from the outside.

Lin Suci picked his ears calmly, and said calmly, “Sister Wan’er is still waiting outside.”

Sure enough, not long after, Wan’er grabbed the man’s collar in her hand, and brought back a strong man who was taller one foot than her, like catching a prey.

“What’s the matter with you guys, this person almost ran away.”

Wan’er threw the person back, patted her blood-stained hands, and frowned, “Why do I feel that our behavior is a bit too domineering…”

They went to someone’s house, killed the people in that someone’s house, and caught back their Master who wanted to run away.

Wan’er quietly glanced at Yan Boshen, vaguely with an illusion of ambiguity.

She was lying on the small pond, washing her hands that was full of blood.

The man was caught back with a pale face. His lips shut tightly and he said nothing.

Taking a closer look, he was already full of despair with self-rejection.

He was also miserable.

“Xingchen, what should we do with him…” Bai Qingkong frowned, very distressed, “You said he’s not from the Lin family…”

“Nonsense, I’m definitely from the Lin family!”

Bai Qingkong’s whisper to Lin Suci was unexpectedly heard by the man. The handsome man got furious, “My name is Lin Zhixi! An upright person of the Lin Family!”

Lin Suci was stunned when he heard that, “Wait, shouldn’t you be the person behind Cui Yexue, claiming to be Lin Fei?”

“Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense!” Lin Zhixi’s face was distorted, “I belong to the Lin family, and I’m not the same as those liars who borrowed their last name!”

Lin Suci’s heart skipped a beat.

Lin Zhixi was a very familiar name.

Seriously speaking, that person was indeed from the Lin family, but he was just a wicked species that the Lin family did not recognize. At birth, he was already abandoned in the streets and picked up by good Samaritans to raise him.

Even if all of Lin’s family knew that he was surnamed Lin, no one would admit it, because he was… a son born of concubine.

It was just that his life experience was too hard. If it were not for the original story, Bai Qingkong had mentioned that when he walked into the plot, Lin Suci would never know it. The beautiful Lin family would have that kind of matter too..

The plot was quietly changing.

Lin Suci remembered clearly. When Bai Qingkong walked to the plot there, he followed Cui Yexue to Lin Fei’s place, and found out that the other party was not the Lin family. By chance, he met the real descendant of the Lin family. Relying on the descendant, he entered the Lin family also killed all these people who lied to him.

Why were they not at Lin Fei’s house, but at Lin Zhixi’s house?!

Lin Suci made a blunt decision, “Little Bai, I’ll leave it to you!”

“Wait?” Bai Qingkong was dumbfounded, “Then is he…”

“…Yes.” Lin Suci nodded, “You… be careful and watch him closely.”

In fact, it did not matter if he did not watch him.

No one would stand up for Lin Zhixi.

Yan Boshen watched for a long time with his arms folded, raised his hand and flicked Lin Suci’s forehead, “Have you finished having fun?”

After such blunt remarks, Lin Suci pretended to be shy and covered his face, “Yes, I’m finished.”

Yan Boshen raised his hand.

The entire house was suddenly surrounded by a golden light. In the next instant, the streamers of light disappeared after a turn.

“Let’s settle here for the time-being tonight.”

Lin Zhixi was the only person in the yard now. All the others lay in the front atrium.

Bai Qingkong was a ruthless person. He confirmed that Lin Zhixi was from the Lin family. Recalling what he had done, with further ado, he took a rope to tie Lin Zhixi and sent him back to the room again. He also stayed there as a guard.

Lin Suci and Yan Boshen randomly found a clean-up cross-yard to stay for the night.

Only Wan’er was the only one who could not get used to the blood stains everywhere. Recognizing her fate, she cleaned them up under the moonlight.

Lin Suci was still biting his fingers.

Yan Boshen took off his cloak and handed the kitten his dried fish.

“What are you thinking about?”

Lin Suci was holding a dim light as he tried pinching the flame with his fingers.

“I’m thinking that I seem to be too overwhelmed with having fun.”

“Different from what you dreamt?”

Cold beads of sweat formed on Lin Suci’s back.

After a while, he realized that he had an afterthought. His owner had long known that something was wrong with him.

After more than three years, he had forgotten that.

“Yes, a little.” Lin Suci sat cross-legged on the couch and seriously shook his fingers at Yan Boshen. “I thought he was Lin Fei, but I did not expect that he was actually from the Lin family. Hey, Boshen, I think we have to slip away quickly.”

“Afraid of the Lin family?”

Yan Boshen sat beside him, squeezed his fingers along the back of his neck, and laughed in a low voice, “I’m here, don’t be afraid.”

Being massaged that way, Lin Suci’s body relaxed. Leaning against Yan Boshen’s arms, he whispered, “I’m not afraid of the Lin family. The Lin family won’t stand up for him… No one in the Lin family cares about him anyway.”

“I’m afraid that… his bloodline awakens.”

Yan Boshen’s fingers were slightly stagnant, “…bloodline?”

Lin Suci felt so sleepy that he was about to close his eyelids.

“Yes, bloodline… Lin Zhixi has other bloodlines in his body. The day of his awakening… will make all bones wither.”

Lin Suci’s breath was getting weaker.

His eyes closed quietly.

The tip of the nose seemed to have the scent of plum blossoms.

Lin Suci’s eyes suddenly opened.

He was still sitting cross-legged on the couch. His head bopped bit by bit, but Yan Boshen was not by his side.

Went out?

Lin Suci got out of bed, stepped into his shoes and slowly opened the door.

The icy moon was shrouded in a blush, and in the silent night, there was almost a dead silence between the heavens and the earth.

Lin Suci’s heart suddenly skipped a bit.

He saw a plum blossom outside the yard.

In the moonlight, the branches of the chilly white plum blossoms shook lightly. Petals fell occasionally.

Lin Suci sniffed the fragrance of plum blossoms, and could not help walking towards the plum blossom forest.

Getting closer, he found that there was another person there.

In the bustling plum blossoms, there was a person with his back facing him.

The man was dressed in white, his black hair was scattered in a single up-do. A wooden hairpin was stuck into the bun.

The man with his back to him seemed to hear the footsteps behind him and turned his face slowly.

Lin Suci’s eye pupils shrank.

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