My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 73


“Plum blossoms?”

Lin Suci was puzzled. He wrinkled his nose to sniff on his body, “There’s none, you smelled wrong, right? How can we find plum blossoms around this season?”

Yan Boshen’s gaze was serene and hidden in depth. He was condescending and looked at Lin Suci up and down.

He was holding Lin Suci on the ground and he could tell that the confusion on Lin Suci’s face was not faked. He was even a little scared and restless by him.

The fragrance of winter plum blossoms was not strong and it faintly surrounded the tip of his nose. Even if it was merely a little, it already made Yan Boshen feel restless.

“You squinted a moment ago. What did you dream of?”

Lin Suci recalled a second and frowned, “I didn’t dream. I just closed my eyes for a while and you called me right away.”

Yan Boshen was in silence.

He reached out his hand and touched Lin Suci’s forehead to release a stream of spiritual energy.

After wandering around, Yan Boshen’s expression became worse.

There was entirely nothing.

He could not see anything.


Lin Suci cautiously called out to him.

Yan Boshen turned over and lay down. He clutched Lin Suci’s hand with one hand, firmly holding it.

“It’s nothing, go to sleep.”

His voice was very steady and no further emotions could be sensed.

But, the more that happened, the more panicked Lin Suci’s mind became.

He was well-aware about his family’s great owner’s attitude. If it was not really a problem, he would not have asked such a strange question.

In that case, he must really have that scent of winter plum blossoms on his body.

With Yan Boshen’s actions, there was probably no doubt that the dream he had a moment ago had something fishy.

Lin Suci covered his head and thought hard about it.

However, just a moment ago, he closed his eyes. His brain flashed blankly and he could not think about anything. At that moment, he found no clues to any suspicions.

Lin Suci pursed his lips.

What happened to him actually?

That night, Lin Suci was restless in his sleep. He was half-asleep and half-awake for the whole night. He got up early in the morning and yawned continuously.

At the courtyard, Wan’er, who had already got up early, was taking Lin Zhixi’s instructions. Lin Zhixi was still tied up with a rope when he instructed her to prepare breakfast in the kitchen. Bai Qingkong’s eyes obviously had dark circles. He sat at the pavilion and let the wind breezes ran through his hair. When he caught sight of Lin Suci, he barely got energetic.

Yan Boshen’s mood was not very good that time. Several others had already sensed while having breakfast with him but they strived hard to avoid being in contact with him.

Last night, Wan’er was busy most of the night, disposing of all the dead bodies in the courtyard and arranging them in order. The bloodstained courtyard was completely washed clean, like how it was before.

However, it was not really similar.

Lin Zhixi, whose hands and feet were tied up with a rope, was unable to budge. He leaned against the wall and his lips were pale after being up without sleep for the night. His mouth unceasingly chattered about something.

“What are you talking about?” Wan’er cleaned up the dishes and glanced at him curiously when she passed by Lin Zhixi.

Lin Zhixi absolutely ignored her.

Bai Qingkong came over and inspected the rope on Lin Zhixi’s body.

“It’s nothing. He’s just precisely recalling the journey.”

Bai Qingkong turned around and smiled at Lin Suci who was seated not far away, “Changyi can be saved. He knows where the abandoned people of the Lin family are. He will bring me there and I might possibly be able to seek life-saving medicine.”

The Lin family members who are abandoned…

Lin Suci seemed deep in thought.

Lin Zhixi said coldly, “I can’t guarantee that he will help you. Anyway, we had an agreement. I’ll find you that person and you will have to sign a master-slave agreement for me, obediently be my slave to settle this debt, so I can take revenge to vent my anger.”

“Sure, sure, sure, not a problem.” Bai Qingkong was positive and rather outspoken.

Lin Zhixi mumbled something.

Lin Suci’s face twitched.

Others did not know but he still knew it very well. That time, Little Bai already had the capability to disregard every master-slave agreements. Even if he used his bottom tip of the heart’s blood to draw on any master-slave agreement, the moment the agreement was established, it would only take effect for any person but absolutely not Bai Qingkong.

Lin Suci glanced at Lin Zhixi with extreme empathy.

That kid obviously had a great future ahead of him. Soon, his bloodline in him would awaken and he would initiate the wilt of a million bones. Henceforth, he no longer could be trampled and captivated as an illegitimate child. Those who had him would possess an excellent future.

However, a single slight change caused his life to be rewritten as it was now.

He was also pitiful.

The kind-hearted kitten fished out a small dried fish and kindly handed it to Lin Zhixi, “Come on, eat something.”

Lin Zhixi struggled, “Then, let me go.”

Lin Suci beckoned, “Little Bai, come and feed some food to your future master.”

When learning that the guy in front of him, who had ruthlessly offended him before, would be his own slave soon, he was able to bully him back and avenge himself. Lin Zhixi’s face distorted with a smile. He was in a calming mood, so he allowed Bai Qingkong to feed him.

After feeding a few dried fish to Lin Zhixi, Bai Qingkong hesitated and walked slowly to Lin Suci, “Xingchen, can you ask your senior to first think of a way and suppress his cultivation base? Otherwise, it’s a problem to continuously tie him up like this. We still have to meet a Lin family member.”

Lin Suci acted as a qualified speaker and passed the words to Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen fished out a medicinal pill from inside his pouch and handed it to Bai Qingkong.

Bai Qingkong did not even bother to ask, so he pinched Lin Zhixi’s mouth and forcibly stuffed it in.

“Uh..!” Lin Zhixi’s eyes widened but he was unable to get rid of Bai Qingkong’s strength. He was forced to swallow the medicine. After choking, Lin Zhixi cursed, “You have no brains! What is that thing? You stuffed it in without my permission?! Is it poison? Are you trying to poison me to death?!”

“It doesn’t matter,” Bai Qingkong said earnestly, “Anyway, you are in my hands now. I can do anything.”

Lin Zhixi’s face was distorted, but he could not think of a comeback. He gritted his teeth before he uttered, “Just you wait!”

“Boshen, what did you give?” Lin Suci had the time to ask Yan Boshen. At the same moment, he saw Bai Qingkong decisively untie Lin Zhixi’s rope.

Yan Boshen said indifferently, “Hangover pills.”

“Huh?” Lin Suci twitched his mouth as he watched Lin Zhixi stand up and move his wrists, as if he caught sight of a fistfight scene not far away.

Yan Boshen was disdainful, “They are not worthy to waste my medicine.”

Lin Suci raised his hands to clap, “…agreed.”

Never mind him. Anyway, once Lin Zhixi discovered that the medicine had no effect, they would have parted ways long ago.

As long as he had no harm, it did not matter.

“Young master Lin.”

Wan’er might possibly be the most kind-hearted person among all the people present. She politely said, “We have killed the cultivators of your family entirely. As for those without cultivation bases, we have already erased their memories and sent them away.”

“…They are not the people from my family.” Lin Zhixi was silent for a while and said faithfully, “They are just jailers to watch me.”

“Ah?” Wan’er was greatly puzzled after hearing what he said.

The caretaker, those subordinates… Weren’t those people particularly loyal and devoted to him? Why did Lin Zhixi address them as jailers?

Lin Suci actually knew something.

Lin Zhixi was rescued by a righteous person. Nevertheless, there was a slight shadow in the eyes of Lin family members. That kind of illegitimate son was often disdainful for the Lin family. His mere existence was enough to make many people restless, not to mention welcoming him to the Lin family. They all wished he never existed.

However, the Lin family was indeed not merciless enough to ask for his life, but allowed a righteous person to raise him up instead. They waited for him to learn martial arts, to be a cultivator. After having a cultivation base, they assigned him with a lot of people to act as his caretaker and subordinates to protect the courtyard.

Those people obeyed his orders in daily life, but they were still imprisoning him.

He was never allowed to leave the courtyard for half a step or contact every Lin family member.

In the courtyard, they were unlikely to care about any matter that was going to happen.

If Lin Zhixi’s bloodline had not awakened, he would have to be imprisoned in that teeny-weeny courtyard for the rest of his life, never stepping out for life.

Lin Zhixi glanced at Wan’er, but did not respond. He was still extremely grateful to be released after consuming that unknown medicinal pill to obtain freedom. He stood there quietly and pretended that nothing happened between them during the past night.

Bai Qingkong decided to bring along Lin Zhixi to search for the abandoned Lin family member. Lin Suci watched the whole lively scene end and he was also unexpectedly involved in between Bai Qingkong and the Lin family.

“Where are you all going?” Bai Qingkong was a little reluctant to part ways, especially that senior behind Lin Suci. With his presence, Bai Qingkong was at least not afraid that someone would seek trouble for their small team.

Lin Suci said to him frankly, “Void Realm, I’m going to find my Master. If you finish what you’re doing, don’t ever go there.”

The protagonist would find trouble wherever he went. Lin Suci certainly did not want his proper peaceful life to fade.

Bai Qingkong was originally smiling and intended to simply accept Lin Suci’s invitation, “…” It seemed that he misheard?

“It just happened that the person I’m looking for is also on the way to the Void Realm from here. Let’s go together.” Lin Zhixi made a remark.

That decision was unexpected and no one understood it at all.

Lin Zhixi glanced gloomily at Bai Qingkong, “It’s not because I am fond of you all but I am worried. Without you all, this pretentious malicious person will start to make a move on me again!”

Bai Qingkong: “…I’m not that kind of person.”

“Last night…” Lin Zhixi only said two words and Bai Qingkong already rushed over as if his buttocks were burning to seal his mouth, “That was an accident, an accident!”

Lin Suci always felt that if there were those two people, there would be constant bustling noises and excitement on the way.

However, the one who was quicker than Lin Suci to give an agreement, was Yan Boshen.


Bai Qingkong suddenly became dumbfounded and glanced at Yan Boshen.

“You… agreed?”

Shouldn’t it be Lin Suci who agreed and went to pester Yan Boshen afterwards?

Yan Boshen’s gaze fell on Lin Suci before slowly turning to Lin Zhixi, “I also want to meet this Lin family member.”

That was completely the opposite of his previous uninterested attitude.

“Boshen, why are you interested in meeting the Lin family member?” Lin Suci smiled and said, “My surname is Lin, too. Isn’t it enough for you to look at me?”

Yan Boshen rubbed the top of the kitten’s head with his gaze softened, “I want to go… to confirm a few matters.”

Since Yan Boshen had opened his mouth and was the person who had the absolute right to speak, they continued to engage with their journey together for the time being.

With Yan Boshen, who had a limitless background of cultivation, Lin Zhixi’s menace would not be a big concern. He somehow hesitated before doing something and became well-behaved.

It would take ten days to get to the Void Realm from there. Lin Zhixi knew that it would take four days to reach the destination of the abandoned person of the Lin family.

Yan Boshen’s flying imperial sword only took Lin Suci alone. Wan’er lay on her magic tool herself while Bai Qingkong was only able to lift Lin Zhixi by stepping on the majestic soaring sword.

The majestic soaring sword was a spirit sword formed by an ancient immortal soldier with an extremely vast past and it was revived by Bai Qingkong. That was a self-awareness possessed sword. Every day, it would show some respect to Bai Qingkong, its Master. However, at that moment, the majestic soaring sword completely ignored Bai Qingkong’s image. It acted like the usual immortal soldier of the ancient days as it stayed far away in the back. Wan’er was in the middle while Yan Boshen and Lin Suci were at the very front, which was extremely far away from the majestic soaring sword.

No matter how Bai Qingkong accelerated, the majestic soaring sword was like an old bull pulling a broken car. It could not get faster.

Thanks to the blessing of that rare majestic soaring sword, they dragged onto the fifth day instead of the fourth.

In those five days, Lin Zhixi was tortured miserably by Bai Qingkong.

It was not that Bai Qingkong did anything to his body, but Bai Qingkong was afraid that Lin Zhixi, who was his only hope, would run away. He held him firmly, and stared at him at all times, even if Lin Zhixi had Mother Nature calling.

Lin Zhixi had not been stared at like that before. He could not excrete anything out at all, so he kept it to himself, which made both his body and heart feel uncomfortable. After five days, as if experiencing a hurricane, the storm was over.

Fortunately, the destination would not change any longer. After five days’ time, Lin Zhixi finally called a halt.

Three flying swords landed outside a bamboo forest.

Lin Zhixi was in a rush at the moment. He refused to go straight to the door, and insisted on tidying himself up.

Bai Qingkong’s clothes were a little smaller than his, so he could not wear them.

Lin Suci watched the two of them pushing and pulling for a long time, and became impatient. He knocked the thick furry bamboo wrap, “I have clothes in here that he can wear.”

Several people looked at Lin Suci.

“You see, I just bought some sets of clothes for Boshen,” Lin Suci said halfway through, and he noticed Lin Zhixi’s glittering eyes. He said slowly, “but I won’t give it to you.”

After the second half of the sentence was spoken, the alarming low pressure next to him gradually improved.

Lin Suci patted his chest without a trace.

Yan Boshen twitched the corner of his mouth, stretched out his hand and flicked Lin Suci’s forehead, “Bad kitty.”

Lin Suci hugged his arm and smiled.

They dragged the matter for a long time, and finally, Wan’er could not stay put anymore. She took out the needle and thread with her fierce face, and quickly moved the needle. She altered the clothes on him, and threw a cleansing enchantment. Soon, it was as clean and tidy as new.

Lin Zhixi stopped making a ruckus. He combed his hair again, confirming his whole body was neat, and stepped into the bamboo forest.

There were formations in the bamboo forest. Lin Suci was just getting started with his cultivation, so it was like a net of heaven and earth to him. However, Yan Boshen next to him was a person that even heaven and earth would avoid.

The journey was unimpeded.

In the small mountain yard, there were roosters crowing and dogs barking.

Lin Suci could see clearly that there was a smile on Lin Zhixi’s face. That was the most humane side he had ever seen in Lin Zhixi since he met him.

The person inside must be very important to Lin Zhixi.


A fence post surrounding the small courtyard resembled the courtyard of the square gate. Lin Zhixi stepped forward and pushed open the fence gate. An excited look appeared on his face.

“Uncle, I am Zhixi. I brought a few people over to meet you…”

Lin Suci suddenly stiffened as he watched Lin Zhixi push open the fence gate.

Halfway through the conversation, he stopped abruptly.

Yan Boshen frowned, and reached out to grasp Lin Suci’s hand, “Don’t go there.”

Lin Suci was taken aback.

Bai Qingkong followed behind Lin Zhixi, and took two steps forward, “Why aren’t you…”

His words were also suddenly cut off.

Lin Suci had a bad feeling.

Lin Zhixi’s back that was in front of him began to tremble. The more trembling he became, the stone that he stepped on made his legs weakened, and he fell directly onto the ground..

Bai Qingkong hastily helped him up, but he fell to the ground before holding him.

The moment when the two figures unblocked Lin Suci’s sight, Lin Suci saw a person lying on the empty ground in the small blue-slab courtyard behind the fence gate.

A… dead person.


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