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My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 74



Lin Suci heard Lin Zhixi’s voice and hardly dared to look at his face.

Perhaps there was only one person in the world who cared about him and treated him well even though he was a concubine’s son who was abandoned at birth.

Now, that one person was lying in a pool of blood in front of him. His whole body lost its color due to the blood loss, and there was no sign of life.


Lin Zhixi, who fell on the ground, was trembling all over. He could not stand still, and his shaky voices overlapped with each other. He used his hands and feet to crawl towards the bluestone slab that was stained red.

Bai Qingkong followed him, trying hard to support him. At that time, he could not say much, and could only accompany Lin Zhixi forward.

Lin Suci held Yan Boshen’s hand. His palm felt cold, and he could not bear to look at it.

The man lying in a pool of blood was picked up by Lin Zhixi. A sharp cut tore through his chest. The coagulated blood shed bright-red blood as Lin Zhixi moved his body.


Lin Zhixi confirmed the lifelessness of the person in his arms several times. Grief took over and he could not make a sound while sobbing.

A gust of wind passed through the verdant bamboo forest, whimpering-like wail.

There was no trace of life in that small, abandoned courtyard.

Lin Zhixi’s cry and the bamboo forest’s sob became the only voices there.

After an unknown period of time, Lin Zhixi gradually calmed down.

The person who he was holding in his arms closed his eyes, and could no longer feel the sadness.

Lin Zhixi wanted to pick him up, but his legs were so weak that he quaked. He almost fell with the person in his arms.

Bai Qingkong steadily supported him.

Lin Zhixi’s eyes were looking straight, and the man who was a bit taller than Bai Qingkong was extremely weak at that moment. Relying on Bai Qingkong’s support, he barely stood firmly.

Lin Suci bit his lower lip. He was unable to stay put, so he stepped forward with Wan’er, and gave Lin Zhixi a hand.

There were only two bamboo houses in the small courtyard. They were facing each other. The door was open, and there was a small stove at the door. A clay pot was on the stove, and the strong smell of boiling medicine and the burning charcoal was crackling.

When Lin Zhixi crossed the threshold, he saw the pot of medicine and his eyes turned red, like dripping blood.

In the simple room, there was an Arhat bed by the window. There was also a gossip notebook on the bed. It was flipped open. On the pages of the book, the bamboo leaves that were blown by the wind were clipped within.

Bai Qingkong and Wan’er had more strength, so they helped Lin Zhixi carry the person, put the person gently on the bed, tidy up the appearance of the person, and looked at each other. They took two steps back.

Standing behind Bai Qingkong, Lin Suci saw the man whose remains had been tidied up.

Lin Zhixi called him “uncle”, but he did not look like an uncle at all.

He had the looks of thirty. His face with closed eyes had no hint of torture before death as he seemed to fall into a deep sleep in serenity. The soft facial features had no edges and corners. If one did not look at his blood-stained clothes, one would think he was like a teacher in a private school.

Lin Zhixi bent his knees and knelt before the man’s bed.

After a while, he curled up into a ball in pain and let out a cry, like a trapped beast.

The tall and handsome man was fragile and vulnerable at that moment. His shoulders shrugged and trembled.

Lin Suci tugged Yan Boshen’s sleeve and quietly backed out.

Wan’er, who was following them, also came out. Bai Qingkong’s sleeve was pressed by Lin Zhixi. He did not dare to alarm Lin Zhixi, so he stayed.

In the small courtyard filled with the fragrance of medicine, the blood was mottled.

Wan’er pursed her lips, walked to the corner to find a broom. She splashed water and cleaned the yard.

That was a plot that Lin Suci did not know. He was standing in the yard that had been freshly washed with water, but the tip of his nose still had the bloody scent from when he just arrived. He stared at his reflection in the water on the ground, feeling a little dazed.

“Let’s go.” It was Yan Boshen who broke the deadlock first.

He held Lin Suci’s hand and raised his hand to call for the flying sword.

“Go now?” Lin Suci hesitated, “but Lin Zhixi’s uncle…”

“It has nothing to do with us.”

Yan Boshen interrupted him lightly.

“Every day, every hour, every second, the dead are more than visible. Homicides, suicides or accidents, all resulted to the people around them to worry about them.”

Yan Boshen said something cold and ruthless.

However, it was also the most typical attitude in the realm of cultivation.

Lin Suci also knew that the uncle of the Lin family, who seemed indisputable in the world, would be pierced through the chest by such a sharp sword, and there must be an intricate story behind it.

“Can you see his cultivation base?”

Naturally, he was referring to Lin Zhixi’s uncle.

Lin Suci shook his head honestly when he heard the words, “I can’t see it.”

For him, it was possible to say that the uncle was just an ordinary mortal.

After all, from his body, he felt no powerful aura around him. Even his death did not cause harm to the surroundings.

“It’s Golden Core.”

Yan Boshen revealed the answer, “Anyone who can kill a golden core cultivator with a single sword must be above the Nascent Soul Stage.”

Foundation establishment was the first hurdle for entry, and fusion was a test of a cultivator’s path to cultivation. Strictly speaking, those with a cultivation base of fusion and below were low-level cultivators. Golden Core was regarded as a middle-level cultivator, while Nascent Soul Stage had already stepped into the high-level door.

No matter how strong the Golden Core cultivator was, it would be difficult to deal with a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator. The natural crushing strength would make the Golden Core cultivators breathless.

For so many years, the myth of counterattack could be created, but only by those few sword saints with glorious pasts.

Lin Suci’s expression changed slightly.

A Nascent Soul cultivator, to them, was no different from having a God crushing them with one hand.

“When we came, he ended his breath not long ago. His vitality had just dissipated, so his time of death was not long.” Yan Boshen explained, “The murderer did not go far.”

If they caught them off guard at that moment, then the people in their yard would all be stuffed dumplings.

Lin Suci finally understood the importance of the matter.

He immediately said, “Then we will leave now.”

He turned around and stepped across the threshold. When he first entered to call for Bai Qingkong and Lin Zhixi, a hurricane blew the bamboo forest out of the courtyard, and the bamboo forest was bent over by the hurricane. Many bamboos with thick stems snapped.

“…It’s too late.”

Yan Boshen whispered.

The ground below Lin Suci’s feet shook.

Outside the courtyard, the magic array that was casted on the whole bamboo forest was destroyed and scattered. Dozens of swords flew out of it, and the anxious cultivators fell into the courtyard that was still full of water stains.

“Sixth Brother!”

“Mr. Zuo!”

The cultivators who landed called their titles one after another. Seeing Yan Boshen, Lin Suci and Wan’er in the courtyard, their expressions changed drastically.

“How could an outsider break into this place? Could it be that what he said was true? Mr. Zuo was indeed killed?”

A woman in a blue dress frowned and murmured.

“Who cares! Now, they are appearing at Sixth Brother’s house. I don’t sense Sixth Brother presence at all now, so it must be related to them!”

An impatient man drew his sword with a chuckle, and pointed it at Yan Boshen. His eyes warned, “Where is Sixth Brother?”

Wan’er calculated the cultivation base of those people, and quietly covered her head while squatting at a corner.

Lin Suci moved to Yan Boshen’s side, and pointed behind him friendly, “If the Sixth Brother you are talking about is him… then he’s inside.”

More than a dozen people rushed in at once. There were also a few slow-moving people who sprinkled vigilantly in the yard, interrupting Lin Suci and the others.

As they rushed in, a sharp voice rang.

After a short, yet long silence, there were continuous crying and yelling.

The people inside were crying desperately.

When the people outside heard the crying style, there was nothing else they did not know. They all pulled out their swords. Their eyes were burning red.

Yan Boshen gently pushed Lin Suci behind him.

“Who are you guys? Did you do that to Mr. Zuo?” One of them stared at Lin Suci and asked sharply.

Lin Suci shook his hand and looked innocent, “It’s not us either. We were invited to find the gentleman inside. Who knows that when we first came, we saw that he was already…”

“Don’t worry,” an elder grabbed the man, “you forgot, Mr. Zuo was killed by the Big Devil, Yan Ran.”

Yan Ran?

Lin Suci took a breath.

Why was that Big Devil also there?

Before they got an explanation, there was a clear, loud and fierce slap inside.

“Beast! You wicked eye-sore! It’s all because of you that made Sixth brother give his life in vain! Why wasn’t it you who died! Why isn’t it you!!!”

Lin Suci’s heart jumped suddenly.

That slap, that vicious curse, was obviously directed at Lin Zhixi.

After a while, Lin Zhixi’s hoarse voice came from inside, “I also hope…I was the one who died.”

“Didn’t he love you the most? He’s gone now. How can you stay in this world in peace? Zhixi, you sneakily came here all these years, now, if you can, go back, go and accompany Mr. Zuo below. Take it as your gratitude for all the years he spent to take good care of you.”

A man’s voice sounded so persuasive.

He was persuading Lin Zhixi…to go with his uncle.

Lin Suci could not listen any further.

“Shut it! All of you are so sad as well. Why don’t all of you go with him too!”

The one who jumped out was Bai Qingkong, who stayed inside to accompany Lin Zhixi before.

Although the voice of the young man was clear and refreshing, at that moment, he was full of anger.

There was a jingling noise inside, and the next moment, Bai Qingkong’s body flew out and hit a milestone in the yard severely.

The boy turned pale in pain, and grabbed his waist while getting up.

A figure rushed out.

Lin Zhixi was even more devastated than Bai Qingkong. Before he came in, the clothes he had specially tidied up were stained with blood and his cut was torn. On his face, a clear five-fingerprint floated on his pale face, which had been swollen in a short period of time. There were vague blood stains on the corner of his mouth.

Lin Zhixi’s eyes, which were covered by his messy hair, were so dark that they seemed bottomless.

Followed by the cultivator who rushed in, they all walked out again.

At first glance, their eyes were red and swollen after crying. All their expressions were sad, and some even looked at Lin Zhixi and others with fragments of hatred.

“The sword was directly in the chest. It broke Sixth Brother’s heart and broke the Golden Core.”

A man came out and said hoarsely to the people outside.

Everyone on the outside knew what was going on inside, even if they were psychologically prepared, it was difficult to hold on to themselves, so they shed tears.

“Fine, Sixth Brother loved him the most during his lifetime. Don’t trouble him in front of Sixth Brother.”

A tired woman sighed, “Also, these few kids, ask them clearly about the incident and let them go if there is nothing wrong.”

“This is a mortal, who has not yet started, and he has the aura of a sub-demon on his body, but it is also pure. This kid is establishing a foundation, and that woman is a fusion, but of a low class. This matter must have nothing to do with them.”

The man with the sword swept over them, and finally, his eyes fell on Yan Boshen who was wearing a black hood, “As for this…I can’t see it.”

“Can’t see?” Someone changed his face, “He’s above the Golden Core?”

Yan Boshen allowed them to observe him. Clutching Lin Suci’s hand tightly, he whispered, “Are you cold?”

Lin Suci’s palm was cold. In other words, his whole body was cold at that moment.

There were reasons why the Big Devil was nearby, as well as some reasons of its own.

“It’s fine…” Lin Suci thought for a while and whispered, “How are we leaving?”

Yan Boshen did not care about the people around him at all. Lin Suci asked, and he replied, “Leave straight away.”

He was holding Lin Suci in one hand and the sword in the other.

Among those people, someone took out a magic weapon, “Who cares? We’ll use a goldfish to check on him first. Otherwise, he would really be Yan Ran.”

The small goldfish with the size of a palm was taken out swam to Yan Boshen’s opposite side, suddenly reddened, and its tail swayed frantically.

“Oh no! He is Yan Ran! He really is Yan Ran!”

The cultivator was indifferent. His eyes stared directly at Yan Boshen when the little goldfish turned red. His face changed as he exclaimed in fright.

“What?!” Everyone was shocked.

But when their eyes fell on the little goldfish, the suspicion in their eyes was dispelled, transforming into panic and guard. They started drawing their swords out one after another.

“This was made by Uncle Dun specially, a goldfish that can test for Yan Ran’s spiritual energy. The goldfish moved, so this hidden guy finally showed his tail. He is definitely Yan Ran!”

“Huh?” Lin Suci was a little dazed by that, “What are they talking about?”

Yan Boshen tightly held onto his hand.

“Wait, that person has no cultivation base, just a mortal!” a female cultivator yelled anxiously.

“Don’t hurt the innocent. Save him from the Big Devil Yan Ran!”

There were a dozen cultivators in the yard, and even Lin Zhixi raised his head, staring at Yan Boshen in astonishment.

Lin Suci’s dizzy head turned around as well, looking sideways at Yan Boshen.


Why did they call Yan Boshen the name that was so familiar, yet frightening to him?

“It was he who killed Mr. Zuo! It was him! Big Devil Yan Ran!”

The crying female cultivator gritted her teeth. Her body turned into a bow, and she struck straight towards Yan Boshen!

At the same time, a whip wrapped around Lin Suci’s waist, pulling him hard and outwards, letting him land onto the flying sword.

“Take the mortal away! Go back to the Lin’s for help!”


Lin Suci’s hand was suddenly shaken away. In just a short while, he moved away from Yan Boshen’s side. He was lying on the unfamiliar flying sword, and he stretched out his hand, shouting with a look of horror.

In the courtyard not far away, more than a dozen people turned into sword shadows, rushing to the position of where Yan Boshen was. The dazzling light reflected on the sword were completely submerging Yan Boshen’s figure.

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