My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 75



Lin Suci was grabbed by the collar from the back as he was pushed against the flying sword, lying flat on it. He was panicking. He desperately reached out to Yan Boshen, but was yelled at and hit by the person behind him.

“What are you screaming for?! The person below is Yan Ran! Yan Ran! The big devil Yan Ran! He has no humanity at all in his heart!”

The man’s roar almost pierced Lin Suci’s eardrums, “He killed a lot of people! And he just killed Mr. Zuo!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Lin Suci shouted back. His voice was louder than him, “That’s my senior! You have recognized the wrong person!! And that Mr. Zuo was not killed by my brother! Quickly let my senior go!!!”

“Your brain is broken, right? He is your senior? Could it be that Yan Ran killed someone and act as an imposter?” The man frowned.

“Nonsense!” Lin Suci glared, “He is my senior!”

“Since he is your senior, why don’t you know that he is Yan Ran?” The man quickly said, “Aren’t you just getting deceived? I think you are just at the stage of absorbing energy into your body, so it’s understandable to not differentiate between right or wrong.”

“No!” Lin Suci said, “I have been in a sect for four to five years!”

“Four to five years…” The man’s face finally changed, “Then why are you still yelling about us having the wrong person, isn’t he Yan Ran?!”

“I already said that all of you recognized the wrong person!” Lin Suci said angrily.

“Impossible!” The man said with determination, “Little goldfish can recognize anyone wrongly, but not Yan Ran himself!”

“That was an uncle of mine. His apprentice died tragically in Yan Ran’s hands. The uncle condensed the residual aura fluctuations on his apprentice’s body and made this little goldfish. As long as Yan Ran’s energy is around, the goldfish will move.”

“This little goldfish has been quiet for almost three years. No matter who put it with, it was still as quiet as before. It only moved once before, which was at Lin Zhixi’s house. Now, since he and Lin Zhixi are here, it really moved in front of him.”

Lin Suci’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

What does it mean?

If they did not lie, then his owner, Yan Boshen, was the evil devil… Yan Ran?

The flying sword tried to take Lin Suci away. The bamboo forest was destroyed and had lost its ability to give shelter, but there was another spiritual energy that affected it, so the sword was difficult to leave.

The man was sweating with anxiety, and the look in Lin Suci’s eyes was not very good.

Lin Suci heard what he said, and his brain was in a mess. He lay on the sword and anxiously stretched his neck out to look.

Not far away, in the courtyard where he had just been dragged away, the figure of Yan Boshen was covered by the light of the sword, magical weapons. The dozen people were not low-level cultivators, so the small courtyard was almost suffocated with their strong aura.

Lin Suci finally saw Yan Boshen’s figure.

The figure in black was covered in golden light as he drew out the sword with no hurry.

Lin Suci held his breath.

Dark matter soared to the sky along with the force of the drawn sword.

Lin Suci could see with his naked eye that the mountains were shaking. Wan’er, who was lying on the ground, clenched her shoulders and casted a protective spell on herself. Then, she held her head and pretended to be dead.

More than a dozen swords carried the power of biting cold, and they were all rushing towards Yan Boshen.

One sword.

Lin Suci’s ears hummed.

It was like a gentle knock between first-class kiln porcelain, clear and clean, with a lingering echo.

After a short, yet rapid hum, the scene in Lin Suci’s eyes flashed. When he refocused, the situation in the small courtyard had undergone tremendous changes in an instant.

The black hood fluttered in the wind along with the cloak. The long sword blade flowing with dark light pointed vertically at the ground, and Yan Boshen still stood there, without any movement.

However, more than half of the dozen cultivators who rushed up to him previously all lay on the ground.

The small courtyard that was washed with water was damp. Mixed with bright red blood stains, the water stained the neatly organized courtyard again.

In the yard, there were only a few people who could still stand.

Yan Boshen held his sword. His facial features were covered under his hood. Bai Qingkong and Lin Zhixi hid behind the mill, staring at each other without saying a word.

Those who attempted to attack Yan Boshen were barely standing.

Some of them had broken swords in their hands, and some of their natal magical weapons were broken. They retreated step by step with stern faces.

“No! This devil is really hard to deal with!” The owner of the flying sword cursed in a low voice, and he tried driving the flying sword away to find rescue soldiers. However, the sword was not under his command as it stubbornly stuck in the sky above the bamboo forest, hovering lowly.

Lin Suci noticed that Yan Boshen, who was standing on the spot, raised his head slightly and looked towards him.

Yan Boshen’s face was half-bright and half-dark under his hood. His eyes quietly looked at Lin Suci, and his lips moved slightly.

Lin Suci could see those words clearly.

After a while, the people, who could still stand, moved. They gritted their teeth, and risked themselves for losing their Golden Core by mobilizing the magic weapon of life. The sharp sword yielding powerful spiritual energy shot directly at Yan Boshen.

Lin Suci saw Yan Boshen’s sword once. It was just that the sight was too far down the memory lane. That moment, he clearly saw how the sword flowing with dark light turned into the brightest light in the world in Yan Boshen’s hands.

The violent wind blew, and the bamboo forest behind Lin Suci had already been in great devastation. With the strong wind, many green bamboos with thick shoots snapped.

Bamboo leaves swayed all over the sky and fluttered to the small courtyard as the wind rolled up.

Two more people flew and fell to the ground, slamming hard against the fence stake not far away.

The male cultivator spat out a mouthful of blood.

There were only two people standing.

One male and one female.

The two looked at each other with bitterness in their eyes.

“Big Devil Yan Ran! Even if you kill us this time, some people will know your crimes. Our Lin family will definitely want you to pay for it!”

The woman raised her chest proudly. Her furious face was burning with fire.

Yan Boshen did not answer the woman’s words at all. Raising his hand, a surge of sword energy gushed at her.

The woman raised her hand and threw the defensive talisman, retreating quickly under her feet, but she was always a step slower. The defensive talisman was directly pierced by the sword energy and hit her firmly.

There was only one person left.

The male cultivator held the sword in his hands tightly, and a layer of sweat formed on his forehead.

“Yan Ran! Are you trying to be an enemy of the Lin Family?!”

The male cultivator shouted at the top of his lungs.

Yan Boshen raised his eyelids and said, “All of you are the one who wants to be my enemy.”

The voice was still his voice, but his tone had changed a lot.

Lin Suci was startled when he heard his voice.

It was so gloomy, as if it was a glacial dry well without a trace of life, completely different from the gentleness when being in front of him.

“You killed the people in Lin Zhixi’s yard! You also killed Mr. Zuo! Isn’t this a sign of showing threat to the Lin family?!”

The man stepped back vigilantly, carefully helping the female cultivator up. He reluctantly moved to get together with the injured companions.

In that way, Bai Qingkong and Lin Zhixi who were not with them were exposed.

Bai Qingkong was fine, but Lin Zhixi was dumbfounded.

He had just experienced a great tragedy, and the successive incidents did not give him the slightest preparation as they smashed him one after another.

Bai Qingkong tried to reason with the cultivators, “I came with this one. When we came, Mr. Zuo was already dead.”

“You guys, still want to excuse him?!” Some of the people in the group cried, “Poor Mr. Zuo, who took care of Lin Zhixi so much when he was alive. Who knows this little beast brought a devil to take his life?!”

Lin Zhixi was scolded, but his mind remained blank. His dizzy head began to recall about Yan Boshen’s existence from the past night till the present.

When they came, they were together. He was the one leading the way by showing them the directions. Alas, before finally arriving at the bamboo forest, he and Bai Qingkong were in front.

Yan Boshen, had no such time.

“It’s neither me… nor him…” Lin Zhixi’s weak voice trembled as he slowly spoke.

However, no one listened to him.

“A sword passed through Mr Zuo’s heart and broke his Golden Core on the spot. With this kind of strength, besides Yan Ran of Nascent Soul Stage, who else would there be?”

“But he was not the only one at the Nascent Soul Stage…” Bai Qingkong also helped, “your accusations are too unreasonable.”

“There is indeed more than one cultivator at Nascent Soul Stage, but there will only be one person who kills innocent people indiscriminately and has no humanity and sense of guilt in his heart.”

“What’s more, he killed the other people in Lin Zhixi’s hous. The remaining spiritual energy can be evidence!”

“Yes, that’s right! What’s more, that person already said that Big Devil Yan Ran banquet had appeared, that Mr. Zuo is in trouble, letting us to provide aid quickly.”

Lin Suci heard those words clearly. He gritted his teeth but suffered from being too far away from the yard, so what he said could not be passed. He glared at the person behind him, “So you all are thought my senior killed him just by relying on a person’s speech? Have you lost your mind?!”

Up to now, Lin Suci had no real sense of the fact that Yan Boshen was Yan Ran, and quietly replaced their names. After they confronted Yan Boshen, he suddenly became irritable, “No matter what kind of person my senior is, it doesn’t mean that he killed Mr. Zuo! He had no reason to kill! And when we came, the person was already dead! Dead, dead, dead! How many times have we said this! Are your heads filled with paste? Why can’t all of you listen to anything else?”

The man yelled louder than Lin Suci, “You have to figure out who he is! He is Big Devil Yan Ran! What reason does he need to kill! He is a devil who kills innocent people indiscriminately wherever he goes!”

Lin Suci wanted to fight him.

He hated himself for not being able to make a move on the cultivator. He glared fiercely at the man, put his hand on the sword, and turned over to jump off it.

He would rather have a broken bone than be on the same sword with that person who vilified his owner.


No matter how fierce the man was, he still had a sense of responsibility for Lin Suci, who seemed like a young mortal.

One step faster than him was another person.

Lin Suci closed his eyes and hugged his head as he fell. He was suddenly hugged by a big palm, which slowed down the speed of his body.


Lin Suci opened his eyes.

Yan Boshen’s hood was blown off by the wind, showing his gentle face exactly as before.

“Bad brat, do whatever you want! I let you out just because I’m worried that you will be hurt. Look what you’ve done. You are finding harm for yourself.”

Lin Suci jumped onto a sword again.

After he stood firmly, he opened his mouth, but suddenly became nervous, not knowing what to say. He looked sideways and saw that more than a dozen people in the courtyard were laid still in a distance, unable to move at all.

“Boshen…” Lin Suci licked his dry lips. His heartbeat was as rapid as a sounding drum, and he barely calmed down, “This matter must be explained clearly. It was not you who did it.”

Yan Boshen looked at him, but he evoked a smile. His fingers lightly pressed against Lin Suci’s cheek, rubbing, “As long as you know the truth, that’s enough.”

“In this realm, other people are not my concern.”

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