My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 76


In Lin Zhixi’s uncle’s small courtyard, more than a dozen people were tied together by an invisible rope as they encircled the millstone. They were so shocked that they vomited blood. No one could break free.

In the pot of medicine sitting on the small stove, the medicinal liquid was boiled dry. The heat was directed at the lid of the pot, making a puffing sound.

The blue-slab yard that had just been washed clean was soiled again.

Wan’er just ran out quietly against the wall from behind, taking advantage of those people who have no power to act on their own, and continued to clean the blood stains.

There were still people there who were not completely exhausted and dared not scold Yan Boshen. Their chins were aimed at Lin Zhixi and their violent words were cursing for a quarter of an hour, talking non-stop.

Lin Zhixi and Bai Qingkong were making a fire to boil water in an open space outside the fence post. They worked hard and ignored the man’s yell.

“Shameless villain! Bloody villain with bloody hands! You committed countless murders, aren’t you afraid of karma?!” ​​The hot-tempered female cultivator finally calmed down. The injuries on her body were not fatal. Compared to her companions, she was even determined as she cursed directly at Yan Boshen.

However, Yan Boshen did not cast a look at his defeated opponents. He held Lin Suci’s hand and looked down at the hand whose palm was thinner than his.

His hands were shaking slightly.

So far, Lin Suci’s head had been dizzy.

Those people were all wounded and captured by Yan Boshen, so there was no danger. Yan Boshen took him back to the small courtyard again.

After returning, all of them had serious work to do. Lin Zhixi wanted to boil water for his uncle. Bai Qingkong went to help. Wan’er was cleaning. Only Lin Suci, who was grasped by Yan Boshen, stood in the shadow under the eaves of the bamboo house without saying a word or initiating any movement.

Lin Suci felt that the situation was extremely contradictory.

The person in front of him was his owner, who had been taking care of him tenderly from birth till present. In his memory, that man had no righteousness, but he was not a bad person either. He just could not believe that Yan Boshen was actually Yan Ran.

Yan Ran! After slaughtering the whole Mysterious Heart sect, he was almost like a destructive existence by nature. He had no humanity and was indiscriminately destroying the world. In the original works of Majestic Soaring Sword, he a big villain was described as a pessimist and extremely destructive.

In Lin Suci’s cognition, that person had been like that from the beginning. There was no explanation or profile about him in the book, so there was no specific image about that person.

He also imagined that the big devil that was born a pessimist might belong to the Demon Realm or was a big demon. He even thought about whether Yan Ran would be a cultivator who failed to ascend and had a completely chaotic mind. There were many speculations like that. The only thing he had not thought about was that the Great Devil who destroyed the world was once an ordinary cultivator.

Lin Suci had thought before, when he met Yan Ran, he would certainly stay thousands of miles away from him. He would at least want to run away as far as he could.

However, Yan Ran was his owner.

Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen was the person who shared the same bed as him on the first day he came to that world, the person who guided him on the path of cultivation. He was a person who cared and guided him in every possible way in his daily life.

He was the one and only Yan Boshen in the whole world.

He was the best for him, Yan Boshen.

Lin Suci’s face was almost wrinkled into folds.

“Are they really the members of the Lin family? This is not a joke. There are several ancestors of the Lin Family of Nascent Soul Stage. There was also one being a half-God. We really can’t afford to offend them…”

Wan’er put down her broom and worried when she finished cleaning.

Lin Zhixi, who had boiled the water, sat outside the fence and said nonchalantly, “No.”

“Among them, there is only one granddaughter of the Lin family.”

Wan’er was just a low-level cultivator, and a dual cultivator who was despised by everyone. She knew very few of capable people and understood even less about the Lin Family.

“Isn’t that worse than you? Your surname is Lin for your information.”

Lin Zhixi’s face stiffed, and said coldly, “A hundred of me can never be compared to her.”

Wan’er shut up sensibly.

Every family had their secrets, especially when thinking about Lin Zhixi’s situation, even Wan’er guessed a few possibilities

Lin Zhixi carried hot water and entered the room with Bai Qingkong to clean his uncle. Wan’er had no one to speak, and hummed close to Lin Suci. She glanced at the hands he held with Yan Boshen. The corners of her mouth twitched, “Two misters, please give an instruction at this time. What shall we do next?”

“There is a granddaughter here.”

Yan Boshen finally let go of Lin Suci’s hand.

“Not my business.”

Lin Suci’s palm got cold.

He calmed down and nodded, “Boshen was not the one who killed… You all know it too. This is just a misunderstanding.”

“Brother, it’s not a matter of misunderstandings. It’s just that they don’t want to believe that this is a misunderstanding. Isn’t it conclusive about how they act even without evidence?” Wan’er said sincerely, “What’s more, now your senior brother has already bit them up like that. Even if you no grudges, you will still get one no matter what.”

Lin Suci thought. If he was the Yan Ran in the original book, what would happen in such a situation?

Perhaps he would take advantage of the situation to confront the Lin family, and set off a huge wave in the cultivation world with the largest family in the cultivation continent.

He glanced at Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen obviously did not care much about the existence of the Lin family. His expression was indifferent.

Lin Suci gritted his teeth, “Let’s leave. This is an unwarranted disaster, and my senior shouldn’t be involved in the first place.”

Wan’er was shocked, “Good!”

Then she ran to the door and knocked.

“Are you ready? Let’s go.”

Bai Qingkong rolled his sleeves high and came out with a wet handkerchief in his hand. He glanced at the people who were still cursing in the grinding circle, and nodded clearly, “Alright.”

He went in again and whispered a few words with Lin Zhixi.

After a while, Lin Zhixi’s hoarse voice came, “I’m not leaving. If you want to leave, then leave.”

Bai Qingkong hesitated, “…it’s no doubt about how they treated you. If you can’t handle it…”

“Uncle is here, so I’m not going anywhere.”

Lin Zhixi was stubborn.

The conversation inside was much quieter.

After a while, Bai Qingkong walked out and looked at Lin Suci with apologetic expression, “Xingchen, neither he nor I are leaving.”

“I thought about it. He brought me here and has fulfilled his promise. Now, it’s time for me to fulfil my promise. Also…” Bai Qingkong whispered, “This matter is a misunderstanding, so someone must make it clear. Even if your senior… It shouldn’t be his karma, so he mustn’t admit it.”

Lin Suci’s heart moved, “You are right.”

He did not know what his senior had done in the past three years. But in front of him, during the days of reunion, Yan Boshen was pretty much the same in every respect except for the slightest strangeness at the beginning. He was gentle and peaceful, completely different from the horror of the legendary devil.

Even if Lin Suci knew that Yan Ran, who was set to be a destructive pessimist in the original work, was his Yan Boshen, he also felt that Yan Boshen was not that kind of person.

Especially after he knew that Yan Boshen was Yan Ran, he suddenly had an answer to what he did not understand at the beginning, the matter of slaughtering people.

Lin Suci hardly dared to think about how Yan Boshen felt when he came back and saw the devastated place.

His senior was still a good senior, but the outsiders were just too wicked! He was so helpless that he was forced to do that!

Lin Suci took a deep breath and said to Bai Qingkong earnestly, “Little Bai, you know the reason we came. The death of Mr. Zuo has nothing to do with my senior. Whether they believe it or not, this is the truth. Sorry to trouble you, but if someone asks, tell the truth.”

“No problem!” Bai Qingkong agreed very simply.

As for Lin Zhixi, Lin Suci did not worry anymore.

There was still Bai Qingkong.

Apart from anything else, the protagonist of the world was a good boy full of justice before he grew up as a rebellious brat.

Lin Suci thought for a while, and asked Yan Boshen for papers. He took a piece of charcoal from the small stove as a pen and wrote a message seriously. He folded it, and walked towards the group of people.

Yan Boshen watched him write down those things, but he was very indulgent, and shook his head with a smile.

Lin Suci squatted to the edge of the mill.

In a circle around the mill, more than a dozen people were sturdily tied.

When the female cultivator saw Lin Suci, her face was distorted, “You are a mortal, why are you entangled with the big devil! You’ve killed your life for nothing.”

Lin Suci stuffed the message into the male cultivator’s arms next to her, and said earnestly, “You are not bad guys. Well, just a little stupid and a little bit savage. At this point, I don’t want to make it difficult for you.”

“Firstly, we already said clearly that this matter has nothing to do with us. I don’t know how your brain broke. Anyway, this is a fact. I hope you will also make it clear when you go back to file a complaint.”

“And, secondly…” Lin Suci snarled at the bamboo house, “I think you care about that gentleman. Rather than blindly admitting that we are enemies, it is better to step back and take a good look at who is behind this matter. That gentleman must have been a good man. You should always find the real murderer and avenge him.”

When that was said, the female cultivator’s expression was slightly shaken.

Lin Suci raised his three fingers, “I’ll give you a clue, which was the third point. I heard you say at first that someone said that it was my senior who started the move. Well, this is getting easier. Who told you the news? Go back, and look for him. He definitely had something to do with the real murderer must be inextricably linked. Maybe, he is the murderer.”


As soon as Lin Suci spoke his words, he received a dozen unanimous rebuttals.

“I was helping all of you to analyse the situation for that gentleman’s sake. After all, you are too stupid. I don’t believe you have the brains to think of this idea.” Lin Suci was just a humanoid cat, but he was disparaging the big group of fusion and golden core cultivators in front of him.

“Here is where I end my speech. I shall bid my goodbyes. From now on, with high mountains and faraway roads, let’s hope we will never meet again.”

Lin Suci stood up, paused, and turned back, “Oh, I almost forgot. I wrote a letter. Hand it to the master behind the scenes. You will know at a glance what the person is doing, and what the matter is.”

After solving them, Lin Suci heaved a sigh of relief and returned to Yan Boshen.

As always, he had a smile, “It’s settled, let’s go!”

Yan Boshen looked at him and raised his hand to summon the flying sword.

Lin Zhixi did not show up, because he was in the house, but Bai Qingkong came out and beckoned, “I hope we can meet again next time.”

Lin Suci heard that, but only replied with a smile. He suddenly remembered something, and the corners of his mouth froze.

With that delay, Yan Boshen jumped up directly on his sword.

Wan’er hurriedly followed close behind him.


Lin Suci hesitated, and poked Yan Boshen’s arm, “Ah, Boshen, I have a question for you.”

Yan Boshen: “Speak.”

Lin Suci hesitated as he moved to Yan Boshen’s ear, and asked in a low voice, “You said that you hated Little Bai before, right?”

Yan Boshen looked at Lin Suci, and wanted to see what he said.

“I mean…” Lin Suci licked the corners of his lips, and said euphemistically, “If you hate him, then let’s not have contact with him, alright? Don’t give him the eye in the future, how about that?”

Yan Boshen was calm and relaxed, “What’s wrong with contact? If I beat him, he can still defeat me?”

That sentence caused Lin Suci to fall into contemplation.

In the original work, the villain Yan Ran and Bai Qingkong never faced each other directly, but Bai Qingkong suffered a lot in the hands of Yan Ran. It had been written in the book that the villain treated everyone equally because of his hatred for the world. The devil never looked at him because of his identity as a protagonist. He had never chased him to the end, so Bai Qingkong escaped from his hands several times.

Even though Bai Qingkong became a big brat after he grew up, he cautiously avoided the big villain.

Did that mean his senior would not suffer?

Lin Suci was immediately refreshed, “He can’t defeat you!”

After a pause, with a little friendship with Bai Qingkong, Lin Suci said, “Boshen, if there is anything that is not pleasing to you, just voice up. Don’t make a move, okay?”

After all, in the original work, Bai Qingkong was ravaged too badly and he escaped from death numerous times. Even if he would get the Golden Finger Secret Realm opportunity later, it would not be able to obliterate the shadow in his heart.

Yan Boshen’s mouth twitched, like smiling, but not, “Do you care about him?”

Lin Suci scratched his cheeks, “Well, so-so.”

In the beginning, Lin Suci just wanted to watch the protagonist’s plot, but now with so many contacts, he became a friend. He could not just watch Bai Qingkong be beaten.

Yan Boshen said slowly, “Alright.”

Lin Suci suddenly smiled, and was filled with brotherly love.

Little Bai, Little Bai, big brother has brought you a great benefit. You must thank me well in the future.

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