My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 77


It was bustling with noise and excitement on the way to the Void Realm. As a result of encountering such an incident, it was delayed for a day.

Lin Suci reached the next city and asked around, only to find out who the person, who died in front of them, was, that day.

That person was called Zuo Mei and seriously speaking, he was linked to the Lin family in many possible ways.

His adoptive mother was the married daughter of the Lin family. After his parents passed away, he already moved towards the Lin family to go over to study. Compared with the cultivation base or level, Zuo Mei valued the cultivation of the heart more. He was regarded as one of the cultivators who had no attempt to make progress. He preserved in the Golden Core Stage for several hundreds of years and never thought of going one step further.

For a duration of several hundreds of years, he lectured batch after batch of immature, young cultivators and later adopted Lin Zhixi. He wholeheartedly raised Lin Zhixi for numerous years.

Later, after Lin Zhixi left the category of children, he was moved to the courtyard to be held captive for more than ten years.

In those years, only Zuo Mei was likely to visit him once a year.

Zuo Mei was a good person, a righteous person.

Just that his fate was not very good.

Lin Suci also did not know who had engaged to kill him. How could such a person, who stood aloof from the worldly affairs, attracted someone of the Nascent Soul Stage or perhaps, a higher cultivation base to initiate such vicious attacks on him.

The crucial point was that if the explanation was not clear, it was Yan Boshen who would bear the consequence.

Nevertheless, Lin Suci was incapable of putting an equal sign between Yan Boshen and Yan Ran.

Perhaps it was because there was a girl involved from the Lin family. That incident was like a gust of wind and the news spread all over the place. Lin Suci and the others passed by the two main cities and there was a lot of discussion everywhere.

The Bihai Continent, or the largest influential family group in cultivation, Lin Family, or the sudden emergence of the great devil Yan Ran in recent years, they had contact for the first time. With a huge incident involving human life, everyone would certainly know the kind of consequences that could possibly happen.

Lin Suci and the rest stayed for the night at the guest house on their way. In the lobby where many people came and went, there was already someone seriously talking about it, even earnestly swearing that he directly witnessed the Great Devil Yan Ran holding a sword and killing Zuo Mei. He also killed all those who came to save Zuo Mei.

“What kind of person is that Great Devil Yan Ran! He indeed is a cold-blooded hoodlum!” The man was dressed in tattered clothes. He stepped on the table with one foot and another on the stool. His one hand was on his hips while one finger pointed towards the crowd. He posed with a peculiar posture and saliva was spitting wildly, “I saw him kill the gentleman Zuo Mei with three blows of swords! He cut off gentleman Zuo Mei’s ears. He confronted the Lin family who came to rescue, smiled wickedly and took gentleman Zuo Mei’s head, throwing it aside. The people who came to rescue were infuriated at the scene. With regard to that, people pulled out their swords. All I saw! Was the Great Devil swaying his sword! Killed the Lin Family’s young lady’s fiance! The Lin Family’s young lady was there too! How can she look on helplessly as her fiancé was killed by the Great Devil? The young lady pounced forward. Guess what did the devil do?”

Lin Suci sandwiched a mouthful of veggies between the chopsticks and remained deadlocked for a long time. While Yan Boshen who sat opposite him was calm as before, eating slowly. Wan’er glanced at Yan Boshen quietly and pretended to be calm. She said to Lin Suci, “Outsiders don’t know the matter, they are deliberately talking nonsense.”

Certainly, Lin Suci knew that was a crazily invented nonsense but how did that basin of dirty water spill over a solid and truthful Yan Boshen?

Outsiders did not know anything about the details of the incidents. They even created a disturbance with that statement, even added a lot of interesting details and threw a lot of sinister into it while spreading the mess to tens or hundreds. Until the end, no one cared what the truth was about. They all just knew that the most uproarious news was that the Great Devil Lord Yan Ran killed someone from the Lin family.

“That devil Yan Ran was not something good! When he saw that the Lin family’s young lady looks good, his devilish appearance became courageous and went as far as to insult the young lady of the Lin Family!”

“Pff—” Wan’er spouted a mouthful of tea.

Lin Suci could not continue to listen anymore, so he banged the table and was about to pull up his sleeves.

He just took a step to move forward but was held on the wrist by Yan Boshen.

“What are you going to do?”

Lin Suci was indignant, “That scoundrel’s mouth is filled with nonsense! He’s framing you!”

Yan Boshen was very calm and dragged Lin Suci to sit down with him. He placed a piece of chicken in his bowl, “Don’t worry about that matter. You haven’t eaten mouthfuls yet, come and fill your stomach first.”

Lin Suci was panting with rage for quite a while. Seeing that Yan Boshen hardly suffered from the influence, he grinded his teeth and returned to sit back.

“You just allow them to slander you like this? You obviously didn’t do that!”

“Are you delusional?”

Yan Boshen said abruptly.

Lin Suci stared blankly and was confused, “What… delusional?”

Yan Boshen looked towards him and stared at him tenderly. He was somehow soft, yet pitying, “I was framed by others. Those are not my doing.”

Lin Suci nodded immediately, “That’s just the way it is, you obviously…”

“Aside from this matter,” Yan Boshen slightly interrupted Lin Suci, “the rest are entirely true.”

Lin Suci’s words were pressed against his lips and he froze abruptly.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Yan Boshen gently patted Lin Suci’s stiff nape and said with a soft voice, “It’s just that everything in the past is entirely me.”

Yan Boshen paused, but yet said softly, “Maybe it’s been exaggerated, like that way.”

Lin Suci stiffened for a moment and let out a sigh, “But you were wronged in that matter, I can’t watch you being wronged!”

Lin Suci beckoned and winked towards Wan’er.

Wan’er, who had been choked hard by food, just got up and cleaned up in front of her. She was so seriously immersed in eating that she did not hear their conversation. She lowered her head and however raised her head since she caught sight of Lin Suci winking.

Lin Suci whispered to Wan’er in front of Yan Boshen.

Wan’er’s facial expression changed from time to time, she glanced at Yan Boshen and clenched her teeth, “Alright!”

She drank a mouthful of water from her cup and stood up.

The person that stood on the table and chair was being surrounded by spectators. He proudly proclaimed the scandal of Yan Ran. The words explained were incomparably realistic and also supplemented with details.

There were some people who made a heck of a noise when they listened.

“How can the devil let you watch his act? Fellow, you merely have the ability in practicing Qi energy, how do you have the life to live in his range?”

As soon as the words came out, that man became even more worked up, “This is precisely what I want to tell you! I’m only cultivating Qi energy, and he would surely crush me to death with a raise of his hand. But I didn’t die, how come?”

“How come?”

The people who watched passively followed suit and continuously made noise one after another.

The man took out a piece of talisman and said triumphantly, “That’s because I have an invisibility talisman with me! This invisibility talisman is not commonly seen outside. You all ought to know that the best master of talismans in Tianyou City, Jing Huilian, right? This is indeed a work of treasure!”

“Pff—” It was Lin Suci who choked with a mouthful of water this time.

Lin Suci coughed numerous times. He looked at Wan’er who had already pushed away the people to enter the crowd. He choked even harder when he wanted to speak.

Yan Boshen patted him on his back, “What’s with the hurry?”

It was Jing Huilian! His third senior brother!

Lin Suci patted the back of Yan Boshen’s hand in a hurry.

Yan Boshen obviously knew what Lin Suci was anxious about. He just said leisurely at the moment, “Huilian went to Tianyou City a year ago and served in the City Lord’s mansion, so he was unable to escape. Don’t worry.”

Lin Suci realized that he was foolish. He had lost contact for three years, but Yan Boshen had not cut off contact with others. He knew what the person’s circumstance was like.

Then that person…

Yan Boshen seemed to know what he was thinking and whispered, “Huilian has a great reputation, as long as it is related to talismans, there will always be someone who wants to get involved with him.”

As for whether the talisman and Huilian were related, they could only see whether those people were smart enough.

However, as soon as they heard the words, Jing Huilian, those people were shaken.

One after another, people reached out their hand, desiring to buy.

“One piece for each person, one hundred spiritual stones. The best talismans personally made by Master Jing Huilian. After crossing this village, there will be no such stores! Look at me, relying on this talisman, the Great Devil Yan Ran can still let me retreat without any notice. With this talisman, what can’t you do?!”

Lin Suci looked on and understood it now.

That guy deliberately used the most recent and widely-known event about Great Devil Yan Ran as a means of propaganda, just to sell talismans to deceive for money.

At that moment, Wan’er had already forced her way into the crowd.

There were clear-minded people around who could distinguish the man’s methods clearly. After they finished hearing the story, they stepped back immediately.

However, some people who had been dazzled, stepped forward one after another and sent out a large handful of spiritual stones.

Wan’er extended her hand and ran into that person while screeching loudly, “Ah!!!”

Everyone was distracted by the mess and they turned their attention to Wan’er one after another.

Wan’er was a beautiful female cultivator, otherwise she would be unlikely to cultivate just by relying on absorbing others’ spiritual energy for so many years.

She was a maid those days and she dressed herself up in cinders, but the more beautiful she was, the more pitiful she was in people’s eyes.

“Hey, you, why do you seize this opportunity to absorb my spiritual energy?!” Wan’er took two steps back in a painful expression and said clearly, “So this matter about selling the talismans is fake? Is your real motive to absorb someone else’s spiritual energy?”

The man who sold the talisman was dumbfounded and immediately retorted, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

“What nonsense am I talking about?! If it weren’t for you to act like this, why should I frame you for no reason?” Wan’er was frail and she shed tears as soon as she turned her head, “If it weren’t for me to have weak spiritual nerves by birth, I would not have find out that you absorbed my spiritual energy”

Stealing people’s spiritual energy was a kind of matter that may possibly be regarded to be a very contemptuous and disgusting method of genuine cultivation. For a moment, the people who gathered around that person to buy the talisman changed their facial appearance and were alert enough to step back.

The talisman seller was already dumbfounded. He completely did not know what was wrong. He even thought that Wan’er was a person of the same profession to cause trouble and said sternly, “Who knows what evil intent you are having? Maybe you appear to harm others on purpose. I didn’t do what you said, so don’t mess around with me. Get out of here!”

“But everyone saw it!  How can you refuse to admit it under everyone’s eyes!” Wan’er turned her head with tears in her eyes, “This senior, you were right next to me, so did you genuinely see it? Did he do it?”

That cultivator had no effort to pay attention to that kind of trivial matter. He noticed that Wan’er had a face of grief and indignation. In addition to that vile method of leaching on spiritual energy, he hesitated, “I didn’t see it very clearly, but he indeed bumped into you.”

With one down, Wan’er tried to find a second one, “How about you? Did you see it clearly?”

If there was no proven evidence, how could that female cultivator desperately pursue the truth? The man nodded immediately, “I saw it, he took the initiative to touch your hand!”

“Nonsense!” The talisman seller’s face changed. He did not expect to encounter such a thing, and said hoarsely, “I didn’t! She is a liar, someone sent her to frame me on purpose!”

Wan’er raised her head, “What good can I get for framing you?”

The talisman seller resented, “Who knows what people like you are thinking. I’m afraid you do things like this to harm whoever that’s not pleasing to you!”

“What’s the use of you saying that? Everyone has seen it, you secretly absorbed my spiritual energy. The evidence is conclusive!” Wan’er categorically cut the line.

The talisman seller watched the people around him look at him. Their eyes were slowly feeling with disgust. Some even drew out the sword secretly. He panicked and swore, “I didn’t do it! It’s not me! You… I’m afraid you’ve seen wrong. Maybe someone else absorbed your spiritual energy. Anyways, it’s not me!”

“Then ask anyone if they believe you!”

Wan’er was full of awe-inspiring righteousness.

The people around were chattering, “This lady didn’t lie. Everyone has seen it.”

“Yes, what good is it for her to lie? This girl is not a talisman seller either.”

“You must be the problem!”

The crowd gathered around, all accusing the man who sold the talismans.

Yan Boshen, who was far from the bustling circle, listened attentively. He probably understood what was going on, so he reached out and poked Lin Suci, “You.”

Lin Suci watched the excitement with relish. He grabbed Yan Boshen’s hand, and raised his little head triumphantly.

The talisman seller was in a panic. He shook his head repeatedly in denial, “It’s not me! I didn’t! You are framing! This is all framing!”

No one listened to his words, everyone’s emotions were mobilized by Wan’er’s weakness, and they accused the man.

Amidst the excitement, a voice exclaimed,”You’re right, this is framing.”

The crowd’s bustling noise stopped abruptly.

Dozens of eyes stared at the speaker.

Wan’er still had a weak face, and shook her head sighfully and ridiculously, “I was lying.”

The talisman seller had a body full of cold sweat, and took two breaths. He was furiouss “You!”

Moreover, those who have been played with trust, neither understand what Wan’er was scheming, but they were angry about it. Everyone’s hatred turned into Wan’er.

Among the crowd, only Wan’er calmly said, “Look, you are so willing to believe what you think is the truth.”

“If I wasn’t talking about stealing spiritual energy, would you still care so much?” Wan’er said slowly, “Is there no flaw in what I said? Do you really believe it all?”

Those people were agitated several times, when they heard Wan’er’s words, it was like a basin of cold water poured down on them.

“You may not believe what I said, but you still chose to assist me in the falsehood, to make the falsehood more real.” Wan’er clapped her hands and shook her head, sighing, “Stupid! Stupidity at its finest!”

After being criticized by Wan’er, those people finally reacted.

“You damn woman! How dare you play with me deliberately?”

The violent one almost made a move.

Wan’er was still calm and composed. She smiled and looked at the seller, “Look, I just told a lie in front of them, and they all believed it. They all saw it with their own eyes, but still got blinded by their own eyes. What if I don’t say this is a lie? If this spreads out, those who didn’t see it with their own eyes would believe it, right? That you are secretly an energy-leaching… devil cultivator?”

The man who sold the talismans was about to kneel down to Wan’er, “Ma’am, where has this little one offended you? Can you tell me?”

Wan’er smiled and said, “The way you are framed, isn’t it the same as the situation of the Great Devil you just made up?”

“If you want to sell your talisman, just sell it wisely. What kind of nonsense is ‘escaping from the Great Devil’… Have you ever met him? Why are you just making up nonsense here?”

The talisman seller thought for a while about the anxious mood he had just now out of nowhere, and shook his head, “I haven’t seen him.”

“I have never seen anyone who can compose such stories, yet everyone believed them all. I called all of you stupid, so why are you embarrassed to refute it?”

Wan’er smiled and shook her head, “Good grief, this is ridiculous. You all are just idiots who believe in lies and get deceived easily.”

Someone’s expression changed.

Even if he knew his biased trust, he believed that it was Wan’er’s fault, and immediately shouted, “since she spoke up for the devil, this lady must be the devil’s subordinate!”

“Ah ptui!” Wan’er spat imaginary saliva fiercely with her arms on her waist, “My biological brother Zhao Xiaolu was ruined by all these false rumors. Alas, his image was destroyed and the so-called ‘righteous’ people killed him!”

Someone was moved by that matter. After learning that, they hesitated again.

“… Zhao? Who knows about this?”

“I guess no one knows the truth…”

Fragile whispers sounded, and many people dodged Wan’er even more. Punches? No one did that.

Wan’er raised her chin proudly, “I’m just telling you. Shake up the water in your heads and see how stupid you are! People who believe and spread this kind of lie are simply stupid!”

“Not to mention, do you know who the Great Devil Lord is? If you tell the truth about him, he won’t come to you if anything happens. However, if you spread rumors and they reach him, what if it doesn’t match with the facts?” Wan’er had a sinister smile, “I’m waiting for the Great Devil Lord to personally remove you idiots from the world.”

Not long after, the overwhelming cultivators who were still planning to spread the scandals of the Great Devil Lord covered their faces and quietly retreated.

The seller of talismans slipped away faster. If he did not hurry, he would be beaten.

Wan’er clapped her hands after winning the first battle.

Lin Suci and Yan Boshen also left the inn with the crowd, waiting for Wan’er not far away.

As soon as Wan’er came out to meet them, she winked at Lin Suci and laughed.

“Who is Zhao Xiaolu? Is your brother really forced to death?”

“How do I know? I’m just spouting nonsense. See, they believed it again.”

Lin Suci and Wan’er looked at each other and laughed again.

Yan Boshen waited for the two of them to end their celebration. When walking side by side with Lin Suci, he whispered, “Actually, I don’t really care.”

Lin Suci was firm, “You don’t need to care. I care!”

“No one is allowed to pour dirty water on you! If they dare to do so, I will return the favor to them along with the basin!”


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