My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 78


The Void Realm was an island.

The last step to the Void Realm was to travel by boat and sail over to reach the island.

Cultivators could not directly pass the vast oceans just by depending on their cultivation bases. That place was connected to a gathering place for demon cultivators in Fengjin Domain. There was a layer of barrier established by the Demon Emperor, and non-Nascent-Soul-Stage cultivators could not step through it.

The cultivators in the Nascent Soul Stage could step through the barrier, but there were still terrifying existences within the barrier.

In that inland sea, if there was no permission from the Demon Emperor, cultivators of the Nascent Soul Stage or above, who bypassed the barrier without authorization, would directly summon the sea beast from the deep sea.

An ancient, silent, gatekeeping demon.

A demigod monster.

There were many choices, but if they really wanted to go to the island, the only way was by the boats released from the Void Realm.

When Lin Suci and the others arrived at the ferry, the group handed in the boat fare, which was a total of three hundred spirit stones. After Lin Suci got on the boat, he knew what it meant to be a countryman entering the city.

He grew up so much, yet he never did meet that many Golden Core cultivators. His Master Qing Fou was a Golden Core. His big senior was once a Golden Core at the time, while his second senior, Xu Wuwang was a Golden Core. Even Senior Jin Chi was a Golden Core. Other than that, the people he met were mostly in fusion or foundation establishing.

However, there was at least one Golden Core on every boat docked at the ferry!

Lin Suci suppressed his shocked expression, and sat down close to Yan Boshen. The boat had an awning and could only accommodate six people. A Golden Core cultivator was standing on the bow of the awning boat, and a fusion cultivator was rowing the boat.

On the boat, Lin Suci and Yan Boshen, along with Wan’er, occupied three positions. There was an empty seat was left, and it was soon occupied by a red gauze-faced female cultivator, sitting with Wan’er.

There was an outsider on the boat. Lin Suci blinked, lowered his head and grabbed Yan Boshen’s hand, writing strokes on the palm of his hand.

Yan Boshen looked down and watched Lin Suci wrote the words on his palm, connecting them into a sentence.

After he saw it clearly, he spoke telepathically, “The boats that were shaken out of the Void Realm were all in the records. There is an implemented rule that states a Golden Core cultivator has to sit on the boats with a fusion cultivator as company.”

Lin Suci wrote again: What is the rule for?

Yan Boshen transmitted his telepathy, “Each boat, aside from them, can only sit four people. There are a total of ten miles, so it’s enough time for the Golden Core cultivator to find out all the strength of the four people. This is also why they used boats with awnings to carry passengers.”

Lin Suci thought for a while, and probably understood a little.

They wanted to find out all the identities of the people who stepped foot on the island.

Lin Suci suddenly remembered something, and grabbed Yan Boshen’s to write another sentence.

His fingertips were warm, and they fell on Yan Boshen’s palm several times through the strokes. Yan Boshen’s palm was slightly red, and the sensitive itch on the palm made Yan Boshen’s patience waver.

However, Lin Suci was unsure about that. After he finished writing, his eyes gleamed as he gave piercing gazes to Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen closed his palms and wrapped Lin Suci’s hands in it.

“It’s fine. He can’t see my cultivation base.”

Yan Boshen broadened Lin Suci’s heart.

Lin Suci was relieved. As long as his family’s Yan Boshen was not discovered, nothing irreparable would happen.

The boat swayed, and Lin Suci lay on the ship’s side while looking out. It was the first time he saw the Inland Sea. The greenish-blue waves waved back and forth from the bottom of the ship.

Not far away, in the distance surrounded by clouds, a high mountain could be vaguely seen.

The unknown woman with the red gauze was sitting face to face with Lin Suci. She had been staring at him.

When Lin Suci looked in front of him and met her eyes, she shifted her gaze.

He glanced sideways at the woman.

The woman’s face was covered with red gauze, her exposed pupils seemed cold. When she looked at Lin Suci, there was no warmth.

But, when Lin Suci looked in front of him and met her eyes, she shifted her gaze away.

Lin Suci was at a loss: “…”

He quietly squeezed himself to the Yan Boshen’s seat.

Now, he was away from home. Him, a small waste cat, no matter what was going on, he would still squat down beside his owner to gain a peace of mind.

On their following journey, Wan’er brought up several topics, and the woman responded with a few words indifferently. The other party was too uncooperative, and Wan’er’s one-man show alone could not last long. When the ship drew ashore, all four of them got off the boat, and the only news that Wan’er got out was the woman’s name.

Lin Suci forgot that foreign name.

His current attention was all on the island.

There were people coming and going at the ferry, and many people had bamboo boards hanging in front of them, selling something to the island visitors.

The boat that had picked up Lin Suci and the others docked at the ferry. The Golden Core cultivator’s flying sword rose up and swayed over Lin Suci’s head.

When Lin Suci looked up, he realized that the Golden Core cultivators of several boats, who had arrived at the same time, were all flying in the same direction.

He raised his head and without paying attention, he stepped into the soft sand pit under his feet, and almost fell somersault on his foot.

Lin Suci staggered and finally stood firm, only to find that Yan Boshen was smiling at him from one side, standing by with folded arms.

Seeing Lin Suci’s feet firmly stuck to the ground, his eyes even seemed pity, “Oh, you didn’t fall.”

Lin Suci could not understand what was going on in his owner’s head, but he did not ask. He got back up vigilantly and took firm steps. No matter what he thought, he just had to make sure not to fall.

Wan’er had already taken advantage of that opportunity, bypassing the soft sand, had a few conversations with the locals, and came back with opened coconuts in her hands.

She stuffed two to Lin Suci and waited for him to hand one to Yan Boshen. She held one while sucking coconut juice with a reed tube.

“Little brother, sir, shall we go find Qian Qian first, or should we…”

Lin Suci also held the coconut and sucked, speaking ambiguously, “We’ll find Sister Qian Qian first.”

Yan Boshen could not bear to suck the coconut juice in front of people, so he just shoved the coconut into his mustard seeds.

The Void Realm was the only place that led to the Fengjin Domain, where there were many demon cultivators. Along the way, the feather tribe were seen flying in the sky, there are also half-beast demons with ears, tails, horns and fangs. Compared to the outside world, that place was very tolerant of demon cultivators.

Wan’er had been here several times, so she was familiar with it. Leading the way in front, she whispered the culture of the place.

Void Realm used to be the territory of the Demon Emperor. Later, the Demon Emperor disappeared for hundreds of years, and the place was combined by the brave demon cultivators and human cultivators. They opened up a transit point connecting the demon realm and the human realm.

In the end, most of them were demon cultivators, so the place was also biased towards demon cultivators. Even though the Demon Emperor reappeared not long ago, he did not say much when he saw that kind of Void Realm, which had long been regarded as a public realm. He acquiesced to that kind of behavior of his subordinates though.

The most different thing between the Void Realm and the human world was the rules.

Everyone who cultivated to the island would be registered. Whether if they were demon cultivators or ghost cultivators, regardless of how many assassins were sent to kill them, all killings must be stopped in front of the boundary marker.

For that reason, the Void Realm had become the first choice for many villains who committed terrible crimes. Many famous people were gathered on the island.

It was just that, in Void Realm, they must abandon all actions they did in the outside world. If there was a murder on the island, they would be directly chased by the demon cultivators on the island until they die.

“Although it is expressly forbidden to kill, but there is another way to have other people’s life.” Wan’er took Lin Suci and the others along the winding path for a long time. There were many people wearing local clothes. The cultivators passed by them, looked them, full of malicious intentions.

Wan’er got used to it. Her face was calm as usual, and she continued, “There is a rule in Void Realm, that is, sunset and moonrise, heaven and earth change their place.”

“During the period between sunrise and moonrise, Void Realm does not allow murder and will use the most severe methods to hunt down the perpetrators.”

“But once the moon rises, during the time before the sun comes out, this period is called ‘Poison’.”

“At night, all households will have their doors and windows closed tightly. Everyone must not harass those who have closed their households. People who come out at night gather in three places. The first is Peach Blossom and the other is Qianyue (Thousand Moon) Hall, there is another, the ring.”

Wan’er stopped in front of a painted earthy door and knocked on it.

While waiting for the door to open, Wan’er asked seriously, “Do you know why this period of time is called ‘Poison’?”

Lin Suci weakly spoke, “…I don’t know.”

He really did not know. Regarding the Void Realm, or even the Fengjin Domain, there were not much of them involved in the original works. After the protagonist Bai Qingkong arrived in the Bihai Continent, the plot needed to mention it in a sentence, but the information he got from that one sentence was too limited.

Like how he never heard of what Wan’er had said when they were walking just now.

“I’m coming!”

From being far away, to being near to the door, a girl’s delicate voice sounded.

After a while, the door was opened.

The one who opened the door was a girl in a pink skirt. She looked gentle and virtuous, was opening the door with a smile.

When she saw the three people standing in front of the door, the girl was stunned, “Wan’er?”

“Qian Qian, I’m back with someone.”

Wan’er and Qian Qian smiled. Wan’er introduced Lin Suci and Yan Boshen, “This is little brother, and this great man… is his senior brother.”

Qian Qian’s face changed, and she quickly smiled. She bowed and smiled softly, “Oh my, your humble servant arrived late, I apologise for making you wait for so long.”

Lin Suci could not help but cut in, “How about me?”

That was the first time his humanoid form met Qian Qian.

Qian Qian glanced at him and said with a smile, “Long time no see, little brother. Sorry for making you wait for a long time.”

She stepped away and said, “Quickly, go in and take a sit.”

Lin Suci and Yan Boshen crossed the threshold.

“I just heard your voice just now. What are you talking about?”

Qian Qian, who was walking behind them, closed the door. She followed Lin Suci and the others, arm in arm with Wan’er and whispered to her.

“Asking little brother if he knows what ‘Poison’ is.”

“Oh, why did you say this to the little brother when you came? It’s really scary.” Qian Qian groaned, but she twirled her long hair and said softly, “Hmm, Poison. It’s just like how many living people went in, only to find one survivor leaving at the end.”

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