My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 79


At first, witchcraft was only used for insects but it was unsure when masters of witchcraft started practicing bewitching people and establishing the evil existence of humans.

The rest of the continents, even the Bihai Continent would not allow that kind of shuddering  matter to exist.

The laws of the Void Realm were indeed difficult for ordinary people to understand and implement.

Qian Qian led them into the house, offered tea and went to get lunch with Wan’er.

It was a cramped small courtyard and compared with the previous Jin Chi’s courtyard, it was smaller by three times.

There were only two wing rooms on the left and right. The main hall was connected to the left and right overhanging eaves. On the blue-slab floor under the roof tile corners, a wooden bucket with half accumulated rain was also placed in it.

A lot of moss grew in the corner of the courtyard and a simple shed was built on the wooden strips on the left. Wan’er and Qian Qian rolled up their sleeves and squatted there to prepare ingredients.

Lin Suci looked at those and felt that it was completely different from the original way of life in his memory.

“Sister Qian Qian liked being a beauty. She never possibly went to the kitchen to engage with these rough works.” Lin Suci stood aside and looked for a moment, then turned around to Yan Boshen and told him.

Yan Boshen had already taken off the black color cloak and was wearing a hazel shirt made for him by Lin Suci. A strip of silk ribbon was tied around his waist, making him look gentle and full of a scholar’s aura.

Since he came to the island, he had remained a little quiet until Lin Suci asked. He then slowly replied, “Because of the spiritual energy absorption.”

“The spiritual energy on the island is limited.” Yan Boshen explained, “During the daytime, any outsider cultivators were entirely incapable of absorbing the spiritual energy from the island. The only way to maintain oneself is to eat the food that grows on the island.”

Lin Suci’s main focus was completely off the track, “Are the food on this island disastrous?”

He was deeply worried.

No wonder he was so vigilant. After all, he had read some unusual books. Inside, the book stated many kinds of methods, such as putting poison into food or how there would be something naturally present in the local food that was not beneficial to the human body.

“Unlikely.” Yan Boshen shook his head, “The influence from the Demon Emperor’s island is the reason why we cannot absorb spiritual energy in the daytime. There are no harms caused to the cultivators.”

That’s good. Lin Suci nodded thoughtfully.

If he could absorb spiritual energy just by eating the local food, then it was a great way.

Lin Suci was aroused with interest and rolled up his sleeves to go towards the corner, “Big sisters, need a helping hand? I’ll come and make a fire for you all!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yan Boshen raised his hand and snapped his fingertips.

In the next instant, the firewood in front of Wan’er and Qian Qian was suddenly ignited. The two young ladies almost screamed from being completely unprepared.

After seeing that it was Yan Boshen who committed the act, the two young ladies looked at each other and turned around. They pretended nothing had happened by lowering their heads and continued to wash the vegetables.

Lin Suci, who just raised his foot: “…”

Well, his work was snatched.

At that moment, he very missed the peak state of his foundation-establishing years.

Let alone lighting a fire, he even had the ability to set a mountain on fire.

However, at present, without flint and steel, he could not even make a fire.

The contrast was too obvious. Lin Suci hesitated for a moment, then turned to ask Yan Boshen, “If there is no spiritual energy during the day, is it impossible to draw energy into the body?”

It was only that day that he hurriedly drew the energy into his body in order to escape Cloud Imperial Lane. So far, he had not carried out the cultivation practice for a second time.

As soon as he said that, Yan Boshen knew what he was thinking and wanting to do.

“There will be spiritual energy at night, so you can wait till then.”

“Good!” Lin Suci rubbed his hands and nodded solemnly, “I also want to return to the path of cultivation and be an indomitable good demon cultivator!”


Nevertheless, there was a faint laugh from Qian Qian in the simple kitchen. Qian Qian sat In front of the stove, fanning with a cattail-leaf fan. She smiled and teased, “Although there is spiritual energy at night, it is only slightly better than during the day, but no further more.”

“Oh?” Lin Suci was stunned.

Qian Qian explained, “Didn’t I say that before? At night, there will be three places to cultivate witchcraft. Most of the spiritual energy is absorbed by those three formations, so they won’t flow out.”

“Like this…” Lin Suci was speechless. He paused and suddenly remembered, “Sister Qian Qian, didn’t you explain that only one will leave out of the six people that went in? What will happen to the one that… makes it out alive?”

Qian Qian shook the fan and slowly said, “Oh, those people will go in again and wait for the second time of ‘Poison’.”

“The second time?” Lin Suci was astonished, “Are they in a hurry to die?”

“That’s exactly not the way,” Qian Qian mysteriously smiled, “I have lived here for three years and I have seen the bewitched survivors repeatedly going in. Only two left the formation and they all left afterwards. Who knows what has happened?”

Lin Suci raised some doubt and confusion on one point, “Since they all are bewitched, isn’t it unfair to the newcomers if they entered again? This is unilateral slaughter, right?”

“Naturally not.” Qian Qian continued, “The person who has gone in on the second attempt will only encounter those who have gone in for the second time. Those who have gone in for the third time will only encounter those who have gone in for the third time.”

Lin Suci clearly understood, “Understood.”

“What is the matter with this ‘Poison’? Why do they have to go repeatedly?”

Qian Qian’s fanning motion stopped.

The vigorous flame under the stove made her cheeks flushed with red.

“It’s probably because… once you succeed, you can have ten years worth of spiritual energy.”

“Young brother, when you see a bewitched person, you will know why.” Qian Qian’s voice lowered a little, “That is a kind of mad progress for cultivators, an irresistible desire.”

Lin Suci did not quite understand.

“But it’s coming soon. You will soon see a bewitched person with your own eyes.” Qian Qian said with a smile, “When I cook rice later, I have to add a portion for another person.”

Lin Suci only thought that Qian Qian’s friend was coming, so he did not ask much.

He had understood ‘Poison’, but he still had more to find out.

The whole thing sounded weird and still made him confused on what was going on.

But Yan Boshen, who was seated at the stone table in the small courtyard, was flipping through the book that Qian Qian and the others had compiled, looking with keen interest. He let down his cold composure. The young man’s gentle silhouette and elegant figure made everyone else completely clueless that he was Great Devil Yan Ran.

He did not seem to care about ‘Poison’. When he turned the pages, he raised his head along the way, “If your spiritual energy at night is not enough, I can take down the three formations for you.”

Lin Suci immediately shook his round head, “No, no, no! Low-key! We have to be low-key!”

The owner of his family was now of an identity that everyone hated. Even if he did not cause trouble, trouble would still find him. In that case, he had to try acting as low-key as possible.

Moreover, if he took down the three formations…

When they first arrived, if they smashed others’ jobs and cut off others’ food, they might be hunted down by the whole island.

Lin Suci liked lively atmospheres and excitement, but that kind of excitement was really too much. Now, he had no cultivation base and no confidence, so he just could not stand it.

The most urgent thing at the moment was that he still had to get back to his original cultivation base.

Qian Qian’s craftsmanship had been honed for three years, and her meals looked decent. Lin Suci was a kitten who preferred meat, but he was also attracted by the fragrance of vegetables, which made him eat a lot of vegetarian dishes.

What they said was not wrong. The spiritual energy contained in those vegetables was much richer than that in the air. Even if he could absorb it just now, he could still find the difference.

During the meal, Yan Boshen and Lin Suci sat at the small stone table, while Qian Qian and Wan’er shared some dishes and sat in the simple kitchen.

Wan’er had that behavior before, and Lin Suci knew too well that those two big sisters had a tremble from the bottom of their hearts when Yan Boshen was around.

The island was close to the sea. In addition to the vegetables grown on the island, there was mostly seafood.

In front of Lin Suci, there was a dish specially made by Qian Qian, which was filled with shells, oysters, crab legs and shrimps.

In front of Yan Boshen, a plate of steamed sea fish was placed. He was carefully picking the bones.

Not to mention Cardinal Sect, even their mainland did not have much seafood to eat. Lin Suci rarely opened his belly to seafood, so he ate deliciously as he held the crab legs and sucked its flesh.

“Yo, you are eating now? Why didn’t you wait for me?”

Lin Suci was still chewing on the crab legs. Just after biting a mouthful of crab meat, he heard a voice from afar. The next moment, a figure fell from the sky, his clothes fluttered and landed directly by Lin Suci’s side.

Lin Suci held up the half-bitten crab leg as his eyes widened.

The person in front of him was dressed in a black outfit with a smile on his seemingly ordinary face. He carried a bloody beast on his back, and the suffocation scent of blood came to his nose.

“Second…Second Senior Brother!” Lin Suci stared blankly and was taken aback.

Wasn’t the one in front of him just Xu Wuwang who had been gone for a long time?

Xu Wuwang glanced at Lin Suci, and said, “Oh, so our junior looks like this, no wonder…”

Lin Suci wondered what his second senior was wondering, but only halfway through his words, his eyes turned to Yan Boshen.

Only then did he restrain his laughter, and lowered his head with respect, “Big Senior.”

“Yes.” Yan Boshen seemed to be unwavered by Xu Wuwang’s sudden appearance as he replied. He raised his head and looked at him, “Clean up and come out again.”

Xu Wuwang was covered in blood, not to mention the beast on his back was bloody. Its fangs spread out on his shoulder.

“Yes, Big Senior.” Xu Wuwang was rather attentive when listening to Yan Boshen. He threw the big-headed beast to the kitchen. After entering the left wing room and washing up, he came out as another gentle and kind-looking young man.

Wan’er had already set the cutlery and dishes at the stone table for Xu Wuwang. It was the first time the seniors and juniors gathered for a meal.

Lin Suci was almost done with his meal. Yan Boshen passed the deboned fish to him, so Lin Suci slowly ate again. His tummy slightly blurted.

Wan’er had prepared some tea, and all she had to do was wait for them to finish their meal before handing them their tea.

Xu Wuwang was the last to eat, yet he ate really fast. He might be really hungry, because he was like a tornade, swiping up all the food on the table. When Lin suci put down his chopsticks, he also set his chopsticks down.

Both senior and junior leaned to the back, and patted their full tummy, giving a burp in unison.

After having their meals and resting for a while, Xu Wuwang sat corrected. He said to Yan Boshen, “Big Senior, I just heard about your rumors. Are you really up against the Bihai’s Lin family?”

Yan Boshen put down his tea, “I can’t talk about it.”

Wan’er came over and dutifully took care of explaining what had happened at the beginning. Once she delivered the key points, she left them.

That was an innocent disaster.

After Xu Wuwang understood the situation, he did not say much, “Lin family is not easy to deal with. In our sect, we only have Master, Big Senior and I who are in the Nascent Soul Stage. Third Junior Brother and Fourth Junior Sister are just golden cores. With our cultivation bases, we have no chance of winning against the Lin family, who has a senior in the tribulation Stage.”

“As long as the Lin family doesn’t cause trouble.”

Lin Suci’s focus has shifted. He looked at Xu Wuwang in amazement, “Second Senior Brother, we haven’t seen you for three years, and you are already at the Nascent Soul Stage?”

“Yes, is Second Senior Brother awesome?” Xu Wuwang said with a smile.

Lin Suci nodded sincerely and admiringly, “Awesome!”

Thinking about it that way, Lin Suci felt that his Master and seniors of his sect seemed to be very good.

Xu Wuwang: “How about you? I haven’t seen you for three years, and you can already absorb spiritual energy into your body. Not bad, you are pretty awesome too.”

Xu Wuwang was waiting to see Lin Suci getting flustered by his sudden compliment.

However, who knew that Lin Suci patted his chest and said extremely proudly, “Second Senior Brother is too humble. I am just a little awesome, but I can’t be compared to you.”

He said that he was incomparable, yet he had the pride as if he conquered heaven and earth. Xu Wuwang’s original intention was to deliberately make a sarcastic joke with Lin Suci, but he got such an answer, which made his cheeks twitch.

He was in the Nascent Soul Stage, but Lin Suci… was not even in the Qi-cultivating stage. There was such a big gap between them, so how could he be so complacent?

Only Yan Boshen alone knew how shameless Lin suci could get. He looked helplessly at his little cat, ignoring his second junior brother who was caught speechless.

Lin Suci received the caring eyes from his Big Senior, and immediately turned his face straight, “Of course, Second Senior Brother is the real amazing one. I hope that Second Senior Brother can maintain a positive attitude and continue to work hard.”

Xu Wuwang: “…”

In the distance, Wan’er and Qian Qian pinched each other’s thighs as they desperately grinned.

Yan Boshen casted a glance at Lin Suci.

Lin Suci hesitated.

I’ve praised Second Senior Brother so much, isn’t that enough?

How about a little more praises?

Lin Suci thought for a while, “Second Senior Brother is the bravest, most masculine, and most talented person I have ever seen. Congratulations to Second Senior Brother for entering the Nascent Soul Stage. I look forward to your early breakthrough and resistance against arrogance on the road of cultivation. I hope you stop being impatient and go farther in the future.”

It’s enough to exaggerate so much, right?!

Lin Suci confidently turned to look at Yan Boshen.

He faced a pair of dark eyes.

There was not a trace of happiness in it, but it was a bit gloomy, as if he was resisting from tearing Lin Suci to pieces.


Yan Boshen looked away with a great headache, and did not want to watch that stupid cat anymore.

The corners of Xu Wuwang’s mouth twitched, “…I thank you. By the way, do you know how powerful I am now? Huh? Let’s not take Big Senior as a reference. Little junior, I hope you speak with conscience!”

Xu Wuwang spoke till the end, and he gritted his teeth.

Lin Suci was at a loss, “When did our Cardinal Sect have conscience while speaking?”

Xu Wuwang: “…”

Yan Boshen: “…”

Xu Wuwang was so furious that he did not want to communicate with Lin Suci, so he turned his chair back and turned his back to his junior.

Qian Qian came over, and tried to control her laughter as she spoke, “Young one, Brother Xu can break through to the Nascent Soul stage with only more than two hundred years of cultivation. This is not something ordinary people can do. In this world, there are only a few successful cultivators who can achieve that within three hundred years. .”

“But Big Senior…” Lin Suci wanted to compare him to Yan Boshen, and was interrupted by Qian Qian’s sudden gloomy face, “That man is different! He isn’t the same at all, alright?! Get rid of that great adult and think about it again. Is there anybody else?”

Excluding Yan Boshen, there was still Bai Qingkong! Including some people later on, like Shu Changyi, Buqi, Na Erdie…

However, Lin Suci knew that the protagonists at that time were still in their young days, so he naturally could not take them as a comparison, so he shut his mouth obediently.

“No one!” After a brief pause, Qian Qian said quietly, “This is what I just told you, why everyone entered the formation of ‘Poison’ repeatedly.”

Lin Suci was at a loss, “Huh?”

Why was it related to ‘Poison’ again?

Xu Wuwang turned his back, after hearing Qian Qian’s words, “Are you telling him about ‘Poison’?”

“Since he came, he must know.” Qian Qian explained.

Xu Wuwang finally turned over the chair again and sat down.

“It’s not normal for my cultivation base to improve so quickly,” he said slowly, “After I arrived here with Master three years ago, I discovered this formation of ‘Poison’. How interesting, taking people to refine witchcraft.”

After learning about the formation of ‘Poison’ three years ago, Xu Wuwang went to the Fengjin Domain with Qing Fou, and stayed for a few months. After everything settled down, he returned to the Void Realm and entered the formation of ‘Poison’.

He had a Golden Core level cultivation base. In the beginning, it went smoothly, so he went in many times over and over again. The benefits he got were much more and faster than cultivating outside. The more times he went in, the more difficult it became. But he persisted. After all, the further the formation of ‘Poison’ took him, the higher the benefits it gave, so much to the point that he could not give up on his desire to conquer.

Xu Wuwang stayed in the formation of ‘Poison’ for three years. He used bewitched humans to sharpen himself repeatedly, and his cultivation base was greatly improved in the formation. Finally, he successfully entered the Nascent Soul Stage three months ago.

One formation for ten years, the years he worked inside, would be a total of decades of cultivation.

Lin Suci was stunned, “…that’s so amazing.”

“How can it not!” Xu Wuwang was still very proud of that.

“What about the others, are they in the Nascent Soul Stage too?”

Xu Wuang’s smile froze, and slowly glanced at Lin Suci. Innocence was clearly written in his eyes.

“I have been in there for three years, and I am still alive, do you know what this means?”

Lin Suci humbly asked, “…what does it mean?”

“It means that anyone who can reach my level in three years has become my sharpening stone.”

Xu Wuwang’s eyes were strangely cold with every spoken word.

Lin Suci had a familiar feeling. His Second Senior Brother, who would not mind blood all over his body, really could not be covered by his laughing attitude alone. In his bones, Xu Wuwang was a bloodthirsty madman.

After saying those words with a blank face, Xu Wuwang smiled again, “Big Senior, do you want to take our little junior out for a round? His cultivation base will increase quickly.”

Yan Boshen stretched out his hand, “Give me your hand.”

Xu Wuwang consciously reached his hand over to him.

Yan Boshen let his spiritual energy go into Xu Wuwang’s body. After taking a stroll around for a while, he reabsorbed his energy back. He went into deep thought.

“Do you want to go?” He was asking Lin Suci.

Lin Suci scratched his head and was somehow troubled, “I want to, but isn’t my current cultivation base just a food supply for others?” With his current cultivation base, it would not be enough for others anyway. It would be a waste of time as well.

“What are you afraid of? There is Big Senior with you. Even if it’s really impossible, you have Second senior Brother too.” Xu Wuwang said with a smile beside him.

Lin Suci raised an objection, “Didn’t Sister Qian Qian say that there is only one living person for every formation?”

“Yes, a person.”

Xu Wuwang strengthened his accent, “A living ‘person’!”

Lin Suci’s expressionless face was shown, “Meow?”

“Smart!” Xu Wuwang said to Yan Boshen, “Our junior brother is still very smart. He has some senses.”

The corner of Yan Boshen’s mouth rose. He looked at Lin Suci gently.

Lin Suci immediately understood what they meant, and was twice as excited. He clapped and said with joy, “Good, good, that’s good! We can go play a few rounds!”

He never intended to reach the Nascent Soul Stage anyway. He would just play those few rounds as a method to increase his cultivation base. Then, he could leave.

“But before that, there is one more thing.” Xu Wuwang’s face got serious.

Lin Suci was stunned, “What?”

“You… still have to cultivate to the first level of Qi!”

Lin Suci raised his chin, “Isn’t it just the first level of Qi cultivation? I will show you how I achieved it tonight.”

The kitten was gearing up. He was clearly ambitious to cultivate Qi overnight.

Xu Wuwang was extremely bored, so he moved a small bench and sat at the door. He helped Qian Qian divide some money, while helping Lin Suci keep track of time.

Lin Suci did not gather spiritual energy until it was dark.

As Yan Boshen said, the spiritual energy on the island was too difficult to be absorbed.

The kitten struggled, while Yan Boshen was leisurely and content. Holding a tea cup in one hand, he was flipping through the information about Void Realm. He occasionally looked up at Lin Suci.

Wan’er and Qian Qian both went to sleep. Xu Wuwang also got up, changed his clothes quickly, and put his long sword at his back. He smiled when passing by Lin Suci, “Slowly condense those energy groups. Your senior will head to the formation first”

That night, Lin Suci sat cross-legged as he concentrated, trying to pull a little spiritual energy out of the thin air. After persisting for a whole night,  he only had little benefit.

Yan Boshen was not in a hurry. He took Lin Suci to the beach to fish for shrimps every day. He was keen to fatten up the kitten. As for his cultivation base, he had no worries at all.

Xu Wuwang would enter the formation of ‘Poison’ once every few days. The changes in him could be seen during the day. Only when at night, his red eyes, which have been almost stained with blood, revealed a trace of origin about the evil being of human poison.

Lin Suci only went out with Yan Boshen during the day, went to bed in the afternoon, and cultivated in the evening. After a month of repeated exercises, he barely condensed spiritual energy in the mountains and seas, slowly stepping towards the first level of Qi cultivation.

Lin Suci was almost moved to tears.

When he first achieved his first level of Qi cultivation, it was as easy as eating and drinking water. No further effort was needed and he could enjoy the easy harvest. But that time, after the incident, he finally took a serious taste of what it meant to have a breakthrough in cultivating Qi using a normal person’s way.

The small courtyard was set up with a table of wine for Lin Suci to celebrate his return to the road of cultivation.

That night, Xu Wuwang and Yan Boshen were drinking a glass of wine. Lin Suci was unsure what they were discussing. From time to time, Xu Wuwang was just laughing, smiling and drank a glass of wine blankly. Wan’er and Qian Qian were holding a melon seed pan while complaining about the men they met, summing up their experience. They also recommended high-quality male cultivators to each other.

Lin Suci ate at the table to find that no one was bothering him. He bit his chopsticks and hesitated. Soon, he stretched out a sinful hand toward a clay pot containing wine on the table.


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