My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 80


There were five people at the table, but he was the most idle and unattended one.

Lin Suci quietly brought the wine jar over to him and poured himself a little cup.

He had never drunk much in the past. He knew it in his heart, so he only drank, sip by sip.

The wine was fermented by Qian Qian herself. The taste was sweet, and its texture was quite soft. The aroma of the wine as it entered the throat gave an endless aftertaste.

After drinking a small half-cup, Lin Suci did not even feel like he was drinking alcohol. All he did was enjoying the sweet tea with relish.

Lin Suci served himself with a bowl of clams on the table. Eating and drinking, he also served a few mouthfuls to Yan Boshen from time to time.

The others were softly chatting about other seniors of the same sect. Lin Suci was holding the wine cup and listening attentively.

Third Senior Brother actually returned to serve temporarily in the City Lord’s Mansion of Tianyou City. As a well-known talisman master, he was treated very well, and no one found out that he had a senior-junior relationship with the Great Devil Yan Ran, so he was alive and well. He just recently sent a letter to Xu Wuwang, talking about how he was planning to see Master.

Ruan Linggu’s former enemy was already in the grass-filled graveyard three years ago with the help of Yan Boshen. After avenging herself, Ruan Linggu returned to the Cardinal Sect, and rebuilt the house, little by little. She replanted flowers and trees, and was busy being a leisure person.

As for Xiao Lan and Zhongli Haiming, the two went to mine together. With Xiao Lan being the protector, and Zhongli Haiming doing the business, they were by far the richest people in the whole sect.

Lin Suci listened. Recalling his senior brothers and sisters, he could not resist the nostalgic feeling. After each of them parted ways, it turned out that more than three years had passed.

He raised his wine cup and sipped.

As he spoke, Xu Wuwang began to talk about his situation outside those years. It had been several years since he left his Master’s sect to cultivate. He had experienced too much. Even if he summarized his side of the story, it would make a book as well.

In the end, he mentioned the time when they left in a hurry three years ago.

At that time, Lin Suci had just entered the cultivation room in the basement. Jin Chi and Qing Fou were still working together to make a living, to save some money. When Lin Suci came out, they thought of dressing Lin Suci into a rich young master, and bring him home like that, so Yan Boshen might be able to calm down.

Qing Fou was looking forward to that moment.

But when they were trying to make a living, a group of people attempted to assassinate them.

Lin Suci only that something happened to Wan’er which made her went on a hasty run. Xu Wuwang obviously knew more.

At that time, there were three golden cores, seven fusions, and twenty-six foundation establishers in Jin Chi’s small family courtyard. Seriously speaking, it was not a group that would allow themselves to be bullied. However, they all were still chased down, forcing them to flee in a rush.

Jin Chi, a demon cultivator who had been there for many years, had all her power cut off, and the girls under her were more or less injured. As for Qing Fou, once he went out, he would encounter an attack. He was almost injured during every expedition he had.

Xu Wuwang himself had been in Bihai Continent for many years, and it was the first time he had encountered such a powerful enemy. As long as he appeared, no matter where, there were always enemies who came to kill him.

Xu Wuwang had survived countless danger for many years, so his escape experience was also very rich as he kept finding himself every possible way to survive.

That was the case. However, the successive attacks came one after another, and they did not give the people in the small courtyard any chance to breathe at all.

In that situation, even Jin Chi could not find a better way to get rid of them. After the few people discussed about it, they knew that the wave of forces was difficult to resist, so they would rather retreat from that area for the time being and make observations.

At that time, the basement’s cultivation room where Lin Suci was located was well-protected, and no one outside knew that there was that place. The three doors could not be opened from the inside, and they could not be broken by external force either. Because of that, to ensure Lin Suci’s safety, Qing Fou agreed to Jin Chi’s request and left Lin Suci a letter. After that, they moved.

The people, who chased after them all the way to the Void Realm, had disappeared after they arrived at the island.

Qing Fou and Jin Chi settled down in Fengjin Domain. After ensuring the safety there for a year, they finally sent out Wan’er to test.

Wan’er had been wandering outside for a long time, and had never provoked anyone who would chase her like the previous people did, so she put her heart down and went back to the city, waiting for Lin Suci’s exit.

It was also the first time that Lin Suci heard about the details of their evacuation at the time. He had many doubts, but he only clenched his wine cup and stared at Xu Wuwang.

Yan Boshen also had some thoughts written on his face. Rubbing the small wine glass with his fingers, he looked down and hesitated.

At that time, Lin Suci was just a waste cat, it did not matter whether he existed or not, because no one would come at him. It was impossible for Qing Fou, after all, he had been in hiding for a hundred years and never had enemies. Moreover, he took Lin Suci to escape secretly, and he dared not use his real identity, let alone the possibility of causing trouble.

Jin Chi? The golden core demon cultivator was not a young person who loved to look for trouble. Even if there was, Jin Chi would not provoke an organization that could completely severe his foundation in the Bihai Continent.

So, who was the one who attacked them at the time? What was the reason and what was their purpose?

Lin Suci was also puzzled. He glanced at the wine cup in his hand, raised his head and drank it all.

Alcohol relieves a thousand sorrows,’ He wondered if drowning himself in wine could relief his doubts.

The sky became darker, and there was a gust of wind blowing outside. The broken leaves were stained with blood. Falling from far to near, they landed on the fence of the yard.

“Have you checked their identities?” Yan Boshen’s voice was cold.

Xu Wuwang added another cup of wine and shook his head with a smile, “I have been on the island for most of the past three years. The time I went out is too short. As for inquiring about their identities… So far, there is only one certain information.”

Both Yan Boshen and Lin Suci raised their heads to look at him.

Xu Wuwang turned the wine cup, and said, “I don’t know if it is misleading, but according my analysis on the information obtained, it might have something to do with the Lin family.”

The Lin family again?

Lin Suci frowned, “Didn’t the Lin family always call themselves elegant and never allow family members to do these bullying things?”

“Silly boy, why are you listening to them?” Xu Wuwang almost choked on his drink, and swayed with a smile, “The Lin family members are not allowed to go out because of the suppression of their senior. They can’t have too much involvement with other people. However, that is only aimed at the people of the Lin family who have a name and surname. As for the Lin family’s in-laws, foreign lines, and disciples, as long as these people don’t make trouble at the inside of the Lin family, the Lin family is still the Lin family who isolated themselves from the world.”

“Are you saying that someone violated the Yin and Yang?” Lin Suci figured out one point, but his doubts still came right after that, “This is weird though. What does it have to do with us?”

“Oh, I don’t know about this,” Xu Wuwang said simply, “I got nothing more than this piece of news. I want to investigate more closely, but I can’t do it alone.”

“Little boy,” Xu Wuwang said to Lin Suci with a smile, “It might be related to you too. Look, your surname is Lin.”

Lin Suci clearly knew that his Lin was another kind of Lin, so he did not care about Xu Wuwang’s words at all. He only seriously thought about the plot connecting to the Lin family.

If it had not been for Bai Qingkong’s time to get there, the Lin family would not have showed themselves. Moreover, Bai Qingkong obtained a promise by coincidence, and after many years, he got to exchange it with Lin family’s help.

But among those plots, the appearance of the Lin family was too rare, and there were only a few descriptions about it. Even if Lin Suci exploded his head due to overthinking, he still could not figure out the connection.

In his anger, another cup of wine was slurped down his throat.

Unlike Xu Wuwang who has been desperately living in ‘Poison’ all year round, Wan’er had been there for several years, and she knew a bit about the Lin Family. When she and Qian Qian heard that, they immediately raised their hands, “Me, me, me! I know a little!”

Several people looked at them.

Wan’er had just drunk a lot of wine, so her face was red, and her eyes were dyed with drunk. She had experienced that kind of situation for ages, and she was clearly used to being seductive. No matter how people looked at her, they would think that she was a beauty waiting to be comforted.

However, the people present in front of her clearly had no humanity.

The way they looked at her was no different from looking at an old woman in her seventies or eighties.

Wan’er twirled her hair out of habit and said slowly, “I know some of those. What Brother Xu said is not false. The Lin family doesn’t really do anything. If they really did act absurdly outside, those people were usually just outsiders who had connections with the Lin family. Isn’t that the case for Cui Yexue? But, because of the name of the Lin family, no one dares to provoke those people.”

“Outside, those people didn’t dare to directly name themselves as a Lin family member. They would at most just make a sarcastic hint about their relationship with the Lin family. If so, everyone knows how to deal with that kind of people. Those people didn’t dare to stay near Xiai City, because they were afraid of actually encountering the real Lin family member. All of them are always living at a place in other cities that are thousands of miles away from Xiai City. The main city’s owners are the direct disciples of the Lin family, so they dared not stay any longer there. The more remote the city they are situated, the more they gathered, for example, our fellow city.”

Wan’er raised a forefinger, “Speaking of which, when I was in Cloud Imperial Lane, I also met a man who sarcastically said that he was related to the Lin family. I coaxed him for a long time and asked him what his relationship with them really was. His mouth was shut tight, so it took me quite a long time, but I finally found out that he knew a disciple of the Lin family, and that disciple was highly valued by a young man of the Lin family.”

Lin Family here, Lin family there… Lin Suci was all dizzy just by listening, “Then, about what Second Senior Brother said, are the ones that have been troubling our family connected with them?”

Wan’er shook her head, “I don’t know about this. I can only say that if it is related to the Lin family, four out of fifth of them are just outsiders who had connections with a Lin family member.”

“I don’t agree with this.” Xu Wuwang retorted, “Where did the outsiders’ power come from to be able to force us into this situation at the beginning?”

“This…” Wan’er also hesitated.

“Anyway, there must be a real Lin family member involved in the events of the past. Now as long as we know their purpose, we will know who planned all this.”

Xu Wuwang drank all of the wine in his cup at once. He looked up at the clouded sky. Under the thick dark clouds, the moonlight was vaguely seen.

“That’s all for now, it’s no use thinking about it any further. Soon, we can always find out what’s going on.” Xu Wuwang threw his cup and greatly stretched his back.

“Big Senior, Junior Brother, I’ll go have a rest now.”

Wan’er and Qian Qian also started to clean up the table, chair and dinner plates. The three bottles of wine that were taken out were not left with a single drop.

Lin Suci stood up, “Then we’ll go have a rest, too.”

As soon as he stood up, he suddenly felt dizzy. His pupils shook slightly.

He hurriedly supported himself by pressing his hands against the stone table.

Yan Boshen got up to support Lin Suci, frowning, “Uncomfortable?”

Lin Suci softly said, “…ugh, I’m fine.”

He was just… tired. His head felt heavier, and his body seemed softer.

Was he drunk?

Lin Suci secretly thought. Lowering his head, he glanced at his wine cup.

The wine in the three clay bottles was divided. One was for Qian Qian and Wan’er, and the other was for Yan Boshen and Xu Wuwang. Lin Suci drank the remaining bottle all by himself.

Oh my, I drunk too high?

Lin Suci later realized that he had been drinking cup after cup. It was really not sweet tea. No matter how mellow it was, wine was wine. It was never like drinking water, and drinking too much alcohol would always make people feel a little drunk.

Lin Suci tremblingly raised his foot and took a step tentatively.

Fortunately, although he was a little weak, he could stand on his own.

He immediately put on a serious look, “I’m fine, I’m fine. I just got up too suddenly. It’s alleviated now.”

Yan Boshen stared at him and did not say anything.

Lin Suci thought for a while, and slightly pushed Yan Boshen, “Boshen, go wash up. I’ll head back to change clothes first.”

“Huh?” Yan Boshen raised his brows, seemingly puzzled.

Lin Suci said solemnly, “I smell a little bit of alcohol on my body. Once I get changed, the smell will be gone.”

Yan Boshen: “…”

He was silent for a moment, then he let go of his hand.

Lin Suci immediately strode forward.

The small courtyard was only as big as a palm. The right wing, where he and Yan Boshen stayed, was only twenty to thirty steps away. Lin Suci stepped hard, trying to imitate the mightiness of an army force.

However, in Yan Boshen’s eyes, the serious drunk kitten in front of him was raising his feet and walking slanted. The further he walked, the more slanted his body went. He was light and fluttering like a piece of paper, which could be easily swayed by the wind.

Yan Boshen watched Lin Suci walking. His feet swayed, his body swayed, and he almost fell.

With a flick of his finger, he shot an air mass to support Lin Suci’s body.

“Eh?” Lin Suci frowned, and was slightly shocked, “Why is the ground starting to shake? The ground is moving?”

The flat and straight bluestone courtyard road lay quietly at his feet. There was only silence.

“Never mind.”

Lin Suci muttered and decided not to care about the road.

Next, Yan Boshen admired Lin Suci’s difficulty in climbing the two-stepped short stairs, the thing he was used to do just by lifting his feet. Now, it was at Lin Suci’s feet, but, as if climbing a ladder, Lin Suci simply could not put his feet on the steps. That made him so anxious that he almost landed on all fours.

No, he’s too stupid.

Yan Boshen could not stand it anymore. He silently retracted his gaze and looked back.

Behind him, Wan’er and Qian Qian, who had cleaned up the table and chairs, were pinching their arms and smirking. They trembled all over as they watched Lin Suci’s walking.

As soon as he turned his head, the two gleeful girls were so frightened that they immediately retracted their gazes, and looked around in a panic. They bowed their heads to continue cleaning up.

Yan Boshen raised his foot forward.

Lin Suci was still fighting desperately against the steps.

“Boshen!” Lin Suci immediately complained when he saw Yan Boshen approaching, “This step has been cultivated into a spirit! It won’t let me go up.”

Yan Boshen: “…”

He stretched his arms around Lin Suci’s waist, and said in a kind voice, “Try going up again.”

Lin Suci lifted his foot in accordance with his words.

His toes caught the steps.

Yan Boshen quietly threw a cloud of spiritual energy on Lin Suci’s toes, and assisted him to lift it up.

Finally, Lin Suci took a step forward after wrestling with two steps for no more than a quarter of an hour.

Lin Suci’s sullen face hesitated, “Boshen, don’t you realize that this step is bullying the weak and afraid of the strong?”

Yan Boshen: “…Huh?”

What on earth is this little thing talking about?

Lin Suci plausibly said, “I was alone just now, and it was bullying me. When you came, it wouldn’t dare to create trouble. This fully shows that this stair sprit judges a book by its cover!”

The corners of Yan Boshen’s mouth slightly rose.

The drunken kitten had no logic at all, except for the sturdiness in his body, which is infinitely magnified.

Lin Suci was helped to cross two steps, but fortunately he could not remember too much about the incident. After he walked over, he immediately forgotten the argument he had with those steps.

The wing room was cleaned up since they stayed together. The room was simple. There was only one couch and one table, nothing else. It could be said to be extremely basic.

Fortunately, they did not care about anything else. As long as they could sleep in a bed, life would be fine.

The aroma of wine on Lin Suci’s body was a little sweeter, and a bit more intense than Yan Boshen. Yan Boshen helped him walk up a few steps, knowing how much that kitten drank secretly when he was not looking.

So be it.

Yan Boshen threw the drunken cat onto the bed, and after thinking about it, he took out a large lotus leaf from the mustard seed and filled it with clear water.

He bent down and shook Lin Suci, “Wash up before going to bed.”

Lin Suci had closed his eyes and fell asleep on the pillow.

Yan Boshen was already familiar with bathing kittens. Even after a few years of absence, when he started his hands, his body knew what to do, and there was no unfamiliarity.

Looking at Lin Suci lying on the bed, compared to three years ago, he had grown a little older. After the second transformation, Lin Suci’s body had become less tender and had entered half the length of an adult.

Yan Boshen patiently took his clothes off.

Lin Suci, who had drank wine, was already covered with pink under his clothes.

Yan Boshen’s hand paused.

Lin Suci flipped over.

He lay on his side and curled up his legs. His thin waist had no trace of fat. The flat heaves was gently moving upwards and downwards due to breathing.

Yan Boshen stood by the bed and looked at Lin Suci quietly for a moment. After confirming that he was asleep, he slowly stretched out his hand again.

The clothes fell to the ground, and Lin Suci’s head tilted in his arms. Leaning on his shoulders and arms, Lin Suci was sleeping unconsciously.

The width of the lotus leaf was just enough to fit a person. Yan Boshen put one arm around him and gently tucked him into the leaf.

Lin Suci’s body slid down.

Yan Boshen quickly picked him up. He hesitated, raised his hand and threw a red line, which fell through the roof beam.

The two red threads were soft, and Yan Boshen tied a softer muslin cloth over them. He passed the cloth below Lin Suci. Once the two red threads were knotted, Lin Suci looked like he was sitting on a simple swing.

In that way, he was not afraid of him slipping down so easily.

Yan Boshen rolled up his sleeves and scrubbed Lin Suci, who was asleep.

Yan Boshen washed him up with his heart. His hadns were swift as he quickly washed the little drunk cat. After that, he took a robe and wrapped the whole person in the blanket.

Lin Suci muttered something and turned over.

The robes were scattered, and the pinky kitten buttocks was in sight.

After being reshaped, Lin Suci had never done any rough work. His skin was delicate and tender. His skin that had been hidden under the clothes all year round was even more elastic and smooth.

Yan Boshen stood there, looked blankly for a while, and suddenly stretched out his hand.

The butt was poked into a pit. Yan Boshen loosened his hand, and the flesh bounced back as it returned to its smoothness.

Yan Boshen felt that the scene was unpredictable. Looking at his fingertips, he lowered his head, and stretched out his hand again.

Poke, loosen, poking again, loosening again.

He seemed to be addicted to that kind of childish behaviour as he repeated an action over and over again, never getting tired of it. The area of Lin Suci’s butt was all poked red, spreading to the surroundings. It looked so pitiful.

“Uh…” Lin Suci was asleep for a while, but he faintly felt that his buttock was under a strange threat. He clamped his butt, struggled to open his eyes and yelled, “Boshen, Boshen, oh no! Some bugs bit my butt!”

When Lin Suci tried to cover his butt, he bumped into a hand instead.

The faint smile on Yan Boshen’s face had not faded, “…”

Lin Suci slowly turned his head. His gaze fell on the other hand that was intersecting with his palm. He moved up to meet Yan Boshen’s complicated gaze.

“I’m… helping you catch bugs.”

Yan Boshen had a rare guilty conscience.

Lin Suci was still drunk in the clouds and mist. After hearing that, he said to Yan Boshen seriously, “Thank you, Boshen, for your hard work.”

Yan Boshen felt it indifferently, “It’s not hard.”

After catching the bug, there was no more harassment, so Lin Suci tilted his head and planned to continue sleeping.

Yan Boshen took back his temptations. Soon, he lay down beside Lin Suci after washing up.

Lin Suci slept on his side with his back facing him. From Yan Boshen’s eyes on the slender neck, he could see the angular clavicle undulating slightly along with his breathing.

Yan Boshen’s eyes narrowed.

He could not… continue.

He lay flatly. Closing his eyes, he tried to concentrate sleeping.

After a long time, Lin Suci turned over, and placed one hand on Yan Boshen’s abdomen, with one leg directly on his thigh. When adjusting his movements, he still rubbed his leg against Yan Boshen’s thigh.

Yan Boshen flung open his eyes. His pupils were clear as if he was never sleepy.

He looked sideways.

The kid with his head tilted on his shoulder had alcohol, so he was half-drunk, half-sleepy. He was much more of a sleepy head than usual.

So be it.

Yan Boshen did not care about Lin Suci’s dishonesty, and closed his eyes.

After a while, the body holding him started to move, rubbing slightly, adjusting his posture back and forth.

Yan Boshen’s body slightly stiffened.

The person holding him was unconscious. His breath was felt on his neck. It was warm, a little hot, and a little irritable.

Yan Boshen waited quietly with his eyes opened. Sure enough, there was a third wave.

He was unsure what the sleepy boy was dreaming of, so he almost crawled on top of him, wriggling here and there.

Yan Boshen quickly hugged Lin Suci’s waist and let out a sigh of relief. In the darkness, his eyes lighted and dimmed.

Lin Suci fell asleep until dusk.

He had several dreams. At first, he dreamed of being chased and killed, and then he dreamed of climbing a mountain. After continuously climbing the same mountain, he dreamt of Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen asked him to cultivate with talismans. One after another, all the prepared talismans were pasted on him, making him unable to move, as if being imprisoned. He could not move. There was a bug staying on his buttocks, so Yan Boshen helped him catch the bug, Lin Suci could only ask Yan Boshen if he was done with the catching.

Yan Boshen did not seem to ignore him, but seemed like he was paying attention to him all the time. Lin Suci only remembered that he was talking a lot. Yan Boshen was silent as he only answered with a nasal hum and a muffled voice in his throat.

That sleep made Lin Suci felt tired to death.

He opened his eyes and stumbled out of the bed, only to find out when he opened the door that it was about to be dusk.

In the yard, only Yan Boshen was sitting on a stone chair with his back facing him. He was in a daze.

People really should not drink.

Lin Suci’s legs were a little sore, weak like boiled noodles. He recalled the moment when everyone stopped him, which was really for his benefit.

Drinking hurt, even his butt hurt.

Lin Suci looked at the setting sun in the sky, feeling sorrowful.

“Woke up?”

Yan Boshen noticed Lin Suci coming out, and turned his eyes to the side. Before Lin Suci could answer, he said without further hesitation, “Pack your things and prepare to enter ‘Poison’.”

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