My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 81


In their house, there was Xu Wuwang, who had an old experience of three years staying there. He had told them everything about the place one after another within a month.

The halo of the evening dusk was put away, and Lin Suci turned back into his cat body. He was stuffed into Yan Boshen’s cloth, covering his body.

Exiting the small courtyard, the doors of the houses on both sides of the narrow alley were shut tightly. The windows were closed, and there were occasional human voices, all low and soft.

Perhaps someone was carrying water through the alley, and the blue-slab floor was pattered with many water marks. When the sun and moon switched places, there was a flickering ray of light.

Yan Boshen walked out along the alley. Not far away, people were gradually seen appearing on the streets.

Similar to Yan Boshen’s attire, those people were all dressed in black cloaks with hoods covering their faces. In the dark night, it was difficult to distinguish their appearance.

In the direction of the three formations of witchcraft, red lanterns were picked along the road. Xu Wuwang once took Yan Boshen along the path, so with Lin Suci there, Yan Boshen would not really be mistaken as he walked along the nearest miasma of the peach blossoms.

According to what Xu Wuwang said, the formation of witchcraft was different.

Those who went there for the first time would only enter the same magic circle as those who went for the first time. In the first formation of ‘Poison’, it could only accommodate six people. In it, a life would be sacrificed every hour, and all the spiritual energy of the dead ones would be contained in the formation until the end of the month. When there was one person left in the formation, the rest of the spiritual energy obtained by the several dead people would all be absorbed by the survivor.

Lin Suci quietly stuck his head out along Yan Boshen’s cloak.

His cat body was black, and he had a pair of green round eyes. If he did not give a meow, no one would ever notice he was there, especially at night.

Lin Suci depended on his protective color, and looked around openly.

Lin Suci probably counted the people who went along the miasma of peach blossoms. There might be around dozen of them. They were looking at the people around them as they walked. Their aura was tense. Even if their hoods covered half of their faces, it was obvious that they were anxious.

Maybe… those were the new people he had to meet next.

After Lin Suci looked around for a while, Yan Boshen raised his hand and pressed his head back.

The sound of footsteps on the road converged even more as they passed through several forks.

In the quiet night, there were only light and inaudible footsteps overlapping, staggering back and forth. There were neither conversations or laughter, nor breathing sounds. The pace of their feet was always kept at a constant speed, walking quietly on the silent street in a chaotic and rhythmic manner.

The journey was so long that Lin Suci almost fell asleep in Yan Boshen’s arms. He tried hard to stay awake. However, his head kept getting crooked. Finally, he was so comfortable that he shut his eyes in Yan Boshen’s arms.

He was unsure how long time passed when he felt a hand gently pushing him.

He got sensitive and woke up immediately.

There was already a crimson peach forest in front of him. The flowers bloomed beautifully off-season, and swayed on the branches. Fallen petals were densely accumulated on the ground. At first glance, he could only see pink petals, and not the original soil of land.

Many people gathered around. The crowd in hoods, who were about to become human poison, raised their heads and looked at the sky.

Now, it had passed three quarters since five in the evening. Soon, the time between seven and nine would arrive.

Yan Boshen turned his back, and placed a restraint order. After that, he disappeared from others’ eyes.

After finishing up his defense, Yan Boshen took out a scroll from his sleeve, and stuffed it to Lin Suci, who was still in his arms.

That was a scroll of contract between an owner and a pet.

Lin Suci was a demon cultivator. Even if he could enter in his main form, he would be counted as a human head. Xu Wuwang and Yan Boshen had discussed before and they had a plan on how to let Lin Suci get through in his main form.

The conclusion was to use the owner-pet contract.

The biggest difference between a demon cultivator and a demon pet was not in cultivation bases, but in freedom.

All demon cultivators in the world were free, and there was no so-called master who would restrict their freedom. As for the demon pets, no matter how high its status was and how strong its cultivation base was, as long as the pet signed the owner-pet contract, then its identity would be set as a demon pet. The person would no longer be a demon cultivator, and would lose its independence. There would be no joy for a demon pet where a demon cultivator could enjoy.

In contrast, what the demon pet could enjoy was what its owner brought to the pet.

When the contract came into effect, everything about the demon pet’s self would be placed on its master, becoming a subsidiary.

That was why a demon pet that was following its owner was not counted as a human head.

At that time, in order for Lin Suci to smoothly follow Yan Boshen for the long run in the future, Xu Wuwang and Yan Boshen made an owner-pet contract scroll, in case of emergency uses, such as that time.

Lin Suci’s body was about the same size as the scroll. He tried hard to unfold the scroll to find that it was full of the contract’s content. He did not even read it and proceeded to raise his paw. After muttering some words, he accurately placed his paw print on the contract scroll.

The spiritual energy in his body condensed into a mass, leaving a group of burning fire marks at the position where his claws were pressed.

Yan Boshen took a look at him. It was perhaps he lowered his claws too sharply. Yan Boshen wanted to tell him that, but his words never exited his mouth, so they got swallowed back.

With a light wave of his hand, his name was engraved on the scroll.

There was a golden light on the contract.

After a while, a trace of gold flashed across Lin Suci’s forehead, which flickered a few times as the golden light disappeared, hiding in his skin.

The contract was established.

Yan Boshen retracted his restraint order.

At the same time, the moment finally arrived.

The peach blossom forest in front of them gradually got covered by visible fogs of miasma that was rising from the ground. The fog became denser, and in the blink of an eye, it swallowed everyone who was waiting there.

Lin Suci only felt that his eyes had just taken a blow, because the peach blossom forest he saw previously had completely changed its appearance.

The splendid peach blossom forest he saw before seemed to have been irrigated by poisonous gas. All the trees died on the ground. Some branches lived, but they bloomed with red, almost black, broken flowers.

A strong foul-smelling breath came.

Lin Suci sneezed fiercely, and more sneezes came one after another.

The kitten’s nose was rubbed too much by his paws, but he just could not stop the foul smell from blowing onto his face. He turned his head and shoved himself back into Yan Boshen’s clothes.

After a while, Yan Boshen patted his buttocks, “It’s done, come out.”

Lin Suci turned around, and when he crawled out again, he could not smell the stench.

Lin Suci cleverly climbed onto Yan Boshen’s shoulders, and condescendingly saw the whole environment in sight. He slowly made his comment, “Eerie ghostly place.”

That place was indeed eerie. Dead trees staggered, the white petals on the ground rotted and piled up into mud. With one dropped foot, made a pit, not to mention the appearance of a huge vulture, with two claws clasped on the red branches. Its huge scarlet eyes stared straight at Lin Suci. The beak-biting sounds made from its mouth were too much for his heart to handle.

Lin Suci knew very well that he did not meet some of the people who came.

Xu Wuwang said before that the place was not for them to fight each other or compare their martial forces. Instead, a deeper step was initiated. Through every hour, the strength of the six people was compared, and the spiritual energy of the weakest one was swallowed and stored in the formation, to be strengthened again. A total of twelve hours of the night was necessary to strengthen the spiritual energy five times, so the spiritual energy of five people was gathered for the last survivor. That amount of energy harvest was really worth ten years of cultivation outside.

Lin Suci vigilantly stared at the cawing vulture for a while. He curled up his tail as his claws tightly hooked onto Yan Boshen’s collar.

Yan Boshen was much more relaxed than him.

That peach blossom miasma was mainly poisonous.

Yan Boshen raised his foot and walked forward.

The dense branches of the slender and crooked dead tree swayed in the absence of wind, making the rotten petals fell into the air. The petals and the branches accelerated their wilt at the same time, and when they fell, only a puddle of foul sap was left.

Lin Suci was about to climb on top of Yan Boshen’s head with disgust.

Even if he could not smell the stench, that stinking scene gave him a healthy imagination, and the illusory sense of smell was about to send the suffocating stench to the tip of his nose.

“Go, go quickly.” Lin Suci hurriedly urged Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen’s feet floated vainly, leaving no footprints in the rotting piles of mud.

The wilted peach blossom forest did not look big, but after many twists and turns, there seemed to be no end. Aside from the dead trees and branches in one place, there were more rotting flowers and moulded mud.

Yan Boshen kept the pace of his feet. After walking around, he returned to the original point.

He paused and asked Lin Suci, “Did you see the problem?”

“It’s a formation.” Lin Suci, who was lying on his shoulders, could also see clearly.

At any rate, he learned the talisman formations with Huilian for so long, so it was not too difficult for him in that situation.

“Yes,” Yan Boshen stretched out his hand and patted Lin Suci’s fur, but his fur was cold all over. Yan Boshen took the kitten back to his arms to warm himself, and whispered, “You will break this formation.”

He will?

Lin Suci’s face twitched, and he stretched out his paws towards Yan Boshen, “Give me a flying pad.”

With his own abilities, he could not flutter in the air, so he could only rely on external magical tools to assist him.

Yan Boshen knew what the kitten was thinking. He took out a woven blanket the size of a hand. The kitten lay on his head, and hastily took out a bunch of talismans he had prepared earlier from his body.

Lin Suci’s claws were not easy to use than his hands. He worked hard for a long time before he gently tossed the selected talisman up and blew vigorously with his puffed cheeks.

The talisman was staggered to a nearby withered tree.

The dead tree suddenly burst.

A puddle of foul-smelling liquid came out of the tree trunk.

Lin Suci was caught off guard and was severely attacked by the odour. He was so dizzy that his head almost plunged into the blanket.

After a while, Lin Suci raised his kitten face weakly, “…Boshen, shall we change the formation of ‘Poison’ now?”

The name sounded nice, but how could it stink like that inside?!

It had a complete unbearable nauseous feeling!

Yan Boshen also felt distressed that the little kitten was smoked into a sick cat. He patted him on the back, “We’ll change next time.”

It was naturally impossible that time.

After entering the formation of ‘Poison’, it would only be broken at dawn. It could not be stopped naturally in the middle of its usage and the three formations would not teleport to each other.

Lin Suci closed his eyes in despair.

The smelly liquid oozed out by the dead tree seemed to be highly toxic. It flowed on the ground, and the rotten flowers and mud on the ground were greatly affected by it. Puffs of black smoke appeared at where the liquid landed. Immediately afterwards, a deep pit appeared on the ground.

Lin Suci’s cat face twitched. If he was not supported by external forces, he was afraid that he would be pierced by the liquid to death.

The little kitten lying on the blanket took out the second talisman.

He was more vigilant that time. As soon as he threw out the talisman, he instantly ducked. His front paws tightly covered his nose as he closed his eyes and held his breath.

After the bursting sound was heard, Lin Suci slowly opened his eyes.

At first glance, he was pricked up in disgust.

In that tree, what was exploded out was not foul-smelling liquid, but a tree full of worms.

The scene of hairy worms waving countless legs was almost the ugliest existence among all insects. They densely packed out of the trees, and quickly scattered all over the ground. Like a pitch-black carpet, they covered the entire ground in that area.

Lin Suci trembled uncontrollably. He arched his back and lifted his waist into the air. With only the tips of his paws on the blanket, his whole body’s fur stood on end, even his whiskers were no exception.

Yan Boshen, who was standing behind him in the air, said in a cold voice, “Those insects can’t be let off either.”

“Oh.” Lin Suci was expressionless.

He endured his body’s natural resistance, took out a few talismans, and threw it down.

He was at the first level of Qi cultivation. Compared to his chic ninth-level foundation establishment stage from before, he did not only lose a star and a half. The power of talisman just could not be maximized. In the past, only one talisman was enough to solve it all, but now Lin Suci was almost forced to jump right into the worms and fight them to death.

The ugly bugs left traces of corrosion everywhere they crawled. The worst hit was the ground under that tree, which cracked directly.

The third tree was up.

Lin Suci held the talisman and was unable to let go for a long time.

“Boshen…” Lin Suci finally could not help asking, “How does Second Senior Brother describe the peach blossom miasma at that time?”

Yan Boshen recalled and confirmed, “There are countless peach blossom flowers in the peach blossom miasma. The beautiful scenery is unbelievable. There are also leisure fish, wild cranes, some small insects, which make people want to linger there longer.

Those were the original words when Xu Wuwang first introduced the place to Lin Suci, not a single word was left out.

Lin Suci’s face was distorted. He tremblingly stretched out his paws, and his pinkish paw cushion pointed at the peach blossom forest that was like a place of eerie quicksand after being destroyed. He was heartbroken, “This is what makes people linger longer? What kind of linger?! Second Senior Brother is a liar! A big liar!!!”

Lin Suci stretched out his paw to cover his face, almost not wanting to look at the scene again.

It was clear that they were misled from the start. The name seemed nice, and with Xu Wuwang’s kind and conscientious introduction, they chose the nearest peach blossom miasma in the end.

Now they had done it. They chose an eerie place for their grave.

Lin Suci was also messed up in the wind.

However, even if he cursed ten thousand words, it would not help their situation.

Lin Suci surrendered to his fate and took out the third talisman. His eyes were sluggish, and he opened his arms to the catastrophe that was destined to be unavoidable.


The dull sound of a bell echoed before Lin Suci’s talisman was thrown.

He turned his head, “What was that?”


Above their heads, the vulture shook its wings, spread them, and flew up.

The branches shook, and the vulture had already fly straight in one direction.

Yan Boshen’s face sank, “It’s nine.”

Lin Suci was taken aback.


“So fast?”

He was a little surprised, because they did not seem to be in that place for long. Why had it pass two hours?

The next moment, his heart trembled again.

Two hours, didn’t that mean that someone… was staying there forever?

Lin Suci’s moving hands were stiffed.

“Hush…” Yan Boshen took Lin Suci from the blanket back into his arms, and stretched out his hand to massage his head, “Don’t be afraid.”

Lin Suci’s fur that was erected gradually softened to Yan Boshen’s delicate touch.

“I’m not afraid…” Lin Suci’s head rested on Yan Boshen’s chest.

He really was not afraid.

They chose that path themselves, and he also chose it. Whether it was life or death, it was all up to them.

In that case, he could only accept the consequence of their choice with frank.

He did not have that leisurely sentiment to regret.

Lin Suci quickly cheered himself up.

Soon, he was put on the blanket again.

That time, with the first bell ringing, Lin Suci felt extra tensions in his heart.

He was not in the Cardinal Sect after all, and those were not the exercises arranged for him by his senior brothers and sisters. If he acted slowly and performed worse than others, he would lose his life.

Lin Suci could not care more about those disgusting liquids and ugly worms anymore. He calmly threw the third talisman.

In that tree, what exploded out was a group of black-winged birds.

Their beaks were sharp and they had extremely sharp claws.

They were not so easy to deal with compared to the worms that fell on the ground before.

Lin Suci controlled the flying blanket. Whilst carefully fleeing the birds’ attacks, he recalled the measures needed to deal with feathery animals.

In the talisman he prepared, so many useful ones were missing.

A flock of birds swooped in. Amidst the sharp cries, there was the moisture of death.

Lin Suci quickly threw out the talisman.

One after another.

He was at the first level of Qi cultivation, so his defences and attacks were very poor. Even his escaping speed was far slower than before.

If he were replaced by the past him, Lin Suci would be able to stun those birds. But now, those flying creatures with flapping wings were many times faster than his knowledge.

The furs on Lin Suci’s back were almost taken away by those flying birds.

At that critical moment, Yan Boshen finally made a move.

A golden light struck, and the flock of birds surrounding Lin Suci seemed to be split by a knife, neatly cut in half, and fell to the ground.

Lin Suci was still panting and rummaging through the talismans in his hand. The whole cat was so tense that he was about to have cramps.

“… Boshen.”

Under Lin Suci’s thick downy fur, he was sweating. The wet fur was sticking to him, which directly made him seem like he lost weight.

“You start, I end.” Yan Boshen explained, “There is not much time, just achieve your purpose of cultivation will do.”

Lin Suci understood.

He was indeed not there to end enemies. It was not an easy task for a first-level Qi cultivator to stay alive in that formation of ‘Poison’ by relying solely on his own abilities.

The purpose of his coming in was to cultivate and devour spiritual energy.

After reorganizing his actual goals, Lin Suci started more decisively.

The pace of moving forward was getting slower, and there were unknown fears hidden in every tree.

However, Lin Suci had no time to sigh.

He must analyze what was crawling out of each tree while they were exploding, so he could do what he could do. After that, he would step away and leave the rest to Yan Boshen.


The second dull bell rang.

Afterwards, wings flapped and the vulture cawed in excitement.

Another person was…

Lin Suci licked his lips.

The tension was getting heavier.

After the second person’s spiritual energy was let in, Lin Suci clearly felt another level of improvement in the strength of the opponent when he exploded a tree.

A rotting monster crawled out of it.

Lin Suci knew at a glance that the demonic monster had at least a level seven in Qi cultivation.

For the people above the foundation establishment stage, it was just simple practice, but for people like Lin Suci who were not strong enough and were labelled as the weakest of the weak, it was suicide.

The rotten monster could not see Yan Boshen, and it rushed directly at Lin Suci.

The gap in the middle was too big. At that time, Lin Suci might not be able to fight it desperately. Furthermore, he felt that the monster on the opposite side was full of poisonous aura.

It would be terrific if he could stop it.

Lin Suci began to consolidate his best method of the year——running away.

While running, he took the opportunity to drop a talisman to trip the monster.

It was a pity that he was weak, so the talismans he prepared were not strong. When two vegetable baskets met each other, it was as if holding a circus, non-lethal at all.

Yan Boshen almost laughed at it.

“Boshen!!!” Lin Suci ran so much that he was almost unable to breathe. He drove the blanket desperately, almost mobilizing the spiritual energy of his whole body. His head was dizzy. Even if he maintained on the run, he could never escape from that rotten beast. However, his life-saving charm, his great support, his special and loving senior was… Just! There! Laughing!

Lin Suci was blinded by anger.

When the blanket flew to Yan Boshen’s side, his claws flew directly onto Yan Boshen’s face.

The rotting demonic beast behind him roared and rushed towards him.

Yan Boshen grabbed the struggling kitten with dancing claws with one hand, and raised his other hand. At that moment, a golden light flashed and the monster that was forcing Lin Suci to scream turned into a puddle of dense smelly liquid on the ground.

Lin Suci did not bear to hold Yan Boshen’s face with his paws. He only used his own nose to poke Yan Boshen’s nose, “You looked at me and laughed!”

Yan Boshen’s words still had a hint of laughter, “Alright, I won’t laugh anymore.”

Lin Suci attempted to threaten him, “If you laugh again, I will bite you.”

Yan Boshen was taken aback. The corners of his mouth suddenly widened, and his eyebrows curled, “Oh, and how are you going to bite me?”

Lin Suci raised a paw, and fiercely took a bite on his raised paw. He then let it go, “Like that!”

The expression on the kitten’s bite was indeed fierce, and a bit cute.

Yan Boshen cooperated very well and increased the laughter in his smile.

Who was Lin Suci? If he said it, he must do it.

The kitten’s mouth crooked. Soon, he opened his mouth wide and bit Yan Boshen’s earlobe.

He acted pretty fiercely. Once his mouth widened, he bit hard, but the moment the tip of his tooth fell, his strength was reduced. There was a soft touch.

It did not hurt at all.

It was just…

…too ticklish.

The ticklish Yan Boshen’s eyes looked slightly fierce though.

His fierceness was different from Lin Suci. Lin Suci triumphantly met his eyes, and instantly shrank into a ball. Alas, he jumped back onto the blanket.

“Ah, let’s stop playing, stop playing. Let’s hurry up… to the back!”

Yan Boshen stayed there blankly, and he was caught off guard by the speed at which the kitten was escaping at.

He slowly stretched out his hand and touched his earlobe. There was a hint of wetness on it. His eyes looked into the distance.


After the third ring of the bell, Lin Suci’s strength was completely insufficient. Yan Boshen waited till Lin Suci fled before he raised his hand and cut the opposite side into ashes.

In that wilted peach blossom forest, according to the circle they walked before, they almost reached the place where they started.

At that time, the sky gradually turned white.

The last dull bell rang.

Chickens clucked, dogs barked, people who got up early in the morning greeted each other not far away. The collision of pots and pans, and the murmur of wheelbarrows creaking along the street were intertwined.

The white fog of miasma slowly receded.

Lin Suci, who was squatting on Yan Boshen’s shoulders, received a piece of peach blossom flower petal that was slowly falling from a branch. It was pink, with some white highlights, and it carried the fragrance of peach blossoms.

The sun rose.

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