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You defeated the Magician of Glory Egray. Egray’s attack rate has increased by 100% and you have met one of the four clear conditions of the quest ‘Apostle of Glory’.

You have force Egray to create a Ring of Fate and made him obedient.

While perfectly finishing the hidden conditions, you have completed the S Rank Hidden Quest ‘Magician of Glory’.

Three similar S-grade hidden quests have been created.

An SS-grade hidden quest ‘Apostles of Glory’ combining the four hidden quests has been created.

Congratulations. As a result of this nonsense battle, you got an enormous amount of karma, cumulative karma has reached its limit and your level has risen.

You have gained incredible results, and you are given the legendary title ‘There is no impossibility!’.


He got what he wanted and even unexpected benefits.

A golden question mark displayed above Egray’s head. This meant that he could continue the quest through him.



Sang Hyuk nodded his head intensely and loosened the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip. Egray has been judged to be defeated, so Sang Hyuk received all the quest rewards.

When Sang Hyuk released his power, Egray’s body became cloudy.


“Huh? What is this?”

He was expecting Egray’s reactions, but he did not expect this.


You obtained the ‘Star (Egray) of Glory’ which copied Egray’s soul.


From Egray’s body that became cloudy, a red glow emerged then created a red gem which immediately went into Sang Hyuk’s virtual bag.


“Is it a quest item?”

Sang Hyuk decided to check it later and looked at Egray, who return to his original appearance.


“Shadow Duke…..”

Is the quest updated? Egray, who became conscious, recognized Sang Hyuk.


“Do you want to have a conversation now?”


“Huh, did you really have to do this violently?”

Egray was treating Sang Hyuk as the Shadow Duke. Even if the ring of fate was obtained by force, it established the relationship between the both of them.


“I could not help it. Because this was the fastest and the most certain way.”


“If there were any mistakes, we would have had no chance to talk.”


“Then it would have been my destiny.”

Sang Hyuk did not think hard about this matter. The important thing was to get it right, but even if he had failed, there was no reason to end his life or fall into the depths of despair.


“So, it is fate……. I see. So all of this was fated in the end. Okay. If this is God’s destiny, then I, no, we must conform.” *

He nodded at Egray and muttered. And at that very moment, the completion reward of the S-grade Hidden Quest ‘Magician of Glory’ appeared before his eyes.


Please select a reward for the S-grade Hidden Quest ‘Magician of Glory’. Please choose carefully because you can only choose one of the five rewards.


Five reward windows appeared in the air together with the message.

The first is the Breath of the Red Dragon, a legendary necklace worn by Egray.

The second is the Rainbow Memories, a legendary belt worn by Egray.

The third is ‘The Endless Burning Seed’ which is the hidden ancient knowledge that Egray learned.

The fourth is the unique title ‘The person who overcome the cowardice’.

The last was the unique consumption item ‘Red Dragon’s Blood’.

Sang Hyuk was really surprised when he saw the five rewards. At first glance, the rewards might seem surprising because they were so good, but there was another reason why he was surprised.


“Red Dragon’s Blood! Wow, this one appeared here.”

The fifth reward, Red Dragon’s Blood. It had these effects as a consumable item;


The Red Dragon’s Blood [Unique+++]


– A long time ago, there was a red dragon that had been consumed by fire after he longed for  the strongest flame. And the Red Dragon stopped rampaging after destroying half the Planet of Treenark. There were those who picked up the blood flowing from the Red Dragon’s body at that time and that blood had an amazing power.


[Basic Ability] For 30 minutes the probability of a critical hit is 100%, all attacks become critical hits and the critical damage is increased by 400%. Not only that, an aura is generated that increases attack and defense by 400% and reduces all damage by 50%. Lastly, self-recovery ability is also increased by 1,000%.


[Special Ability] None.


[Special Effects] When taken your body will burn in for 30 minutes, consumed to generate power. [30 minutes after taking it, you will unconditionally die. No power can escape this death. Also, this death burns karma, so 20% of the karma that you currently possess will disappear. And an extraordinarily powerful death flame destroys all of your items.]


[Number of uses] 8 times.


Red Dragon’s Blood. It was a crazy item in a word. This was in fact a fraud. Of course, the penalty was so fearsome that it required a lot of determination to actually use it.

But as always, the resolution could be made. If you have an intense desire then you could make any kind of resolution even if it costs money in the real world.

It meant that it could be used in any way you want.

But, it was much harder to get this than legendary items. Indeed, in Sang Hyuk’s previous life, this item was discovered when the third planet was opened beyond the second planet after the Planet Treenark.

The thing that will be unknown for at least four more years, appears now. Moreover, it was triple plus.

Red Dragon’s Blood, originally could be used twice if it was without plus, but with triple plus added, the number of uses increased by 6 times and it became 8 times.

Red Dragon’s Blood has a slightly different result depending on who takes it, but if that user was in the upper levels, the user is able to exert more power than Raid Boss for at least 30 minutes.

So, it was fraud. Although it was hard to drink it because Sang Hyuk will lose a lots of things, but once it was drank, he could be almost a demi-god.


“If other users have seen this reward option….. they would likely not choose the Red Dragon’s  Blood.”

It’s not that the Red Dragon’s Blood has any problems, but Red Dragon’s Blood, which has a huge penalty, was likely to be eliminated in the first place as there are other legendary items in the reward list.

Other users would be like that, but Sang Hyuk was different. He has not looked at any other rewards since the Red Dragon’s Blood appeared.


“This is the best for me for sure! Even if you give me two legendary items, I will definitely choose Red Dragon’s Blood!”

The reason why Sang Hyuk paid all his attention to the Red Dragon’s Blood was because he was confident to use it perfectly without others knowing.

It was not surprising that the top-level users drank Red Dragon’s Blood just to break the game. So Sang Hyuk did not intend to drink the Red Dragon’s Blood directly.


“This thing, I can’t even believe it…. Nope, no matter how I regressed, I really never thought to get this in this life.”

Red Dragon’s Blood was something that even Sang Hyuk did not even know how to get it. He just heard that there was something like that.


“Red Dragon’s Blood…… with only this, it can be completed. Well…… I’m sure I can finish it.”

Sang Hyuk kept nodding his head and he had a satisfied look.

He knew of a combination formula, but he gave it up because of the nonsense material called Red Dragon’s Blood.


“Breath of the Raging Dragon! If I have just this, there is nothing to be afraid.”

Although Red Dragon’s Blood can be used for 8 times and it meant that he can only make 8 of the ‘Breath of the Raging Dragon’, but it didn’t matter.

It was more important that he can use it for 8 times.

Sang Hyuk of course chose the Red Dragon’s Blood and it came straight into Sang Hyuk’s bag.


“I acknowledge you as a Servant of Glory. However, the thoughts of the other three, may be different. If you want to face them and get their recognition…. you will be the true successor of glory.”

To simplify Egray’s words, it meant that the remaining three apostles also have to be defeated. The method was not important. The important thing was to make all three players admit their defeat.


Quest, Shadow King’s Road [myth, hidden, main]


– If there is light, there is darkness. If you can walk through the darkness and climb up to the throne of shadow, it will become a legend and a myth. You, who are looking for a way in the darkest of the darkness……The blessing of darkness on the road ahead…..


[Linked Quest]


– The first linked quest ‘Shadow Line of the Hellfire Desert’ [Completed]


– The second linked quest ‘Shadow line of Heroes’ [Proceeding]


– The third linked quest ‘Apostles of Glory’ [Proceeding]


– ????

– ????

  • •••••
  • •••••


The interesting thing was that the newly created quests were all linked to the Quest of the Shadow King’s Road.

Shadow King’s Road puts SS grade hidden quests as linked quests proving that it is a quest with three absolute conditions of ‘myth, hidden, main’.

This was not like a quest that made his spirit awake.



“Nevertheless….. I will end up breaking through.”

Sang Hyuk smiled and glanced at this new legendary title.


Title – ‘There is no impossibility! (First, solo)’

Rating? Legend

Explanation? Is this the result? These results seem to require a reward that is beyond imagination for you, who is beyond imagination.

Effect – [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable Effect: <Infinity Challenge (SS+): The mystical power is created to reduce the difference when you fight against a stronger opponent than you. Everything that’s different from you opponent is improved so the difference is reduced by half. However, when you form a party, your ability boost is determined by adding up and averaging your peers’ abilities.>]



Sang Hyuk who confirmed the title effect, shouted unconsciously.

The title effect was so enormous that Sang Hyuk had this reaction. It was a title effect that could give a really amazing power to Sang Hyuk.

Though it was not a bad title for even general users, but if it provided legendary level enhancements for the general users, then it would provide more than the myth level enhancement, up to myth +++, to Sang Hyuk.

Even now, Sang Hyuk, who is at level 56, had to catch legendary NPCs, who are at level 85. So considering the difference in stats between the two, Sang Hyuk was able to get a huge buff because of the title.

Sang Hyuk rarely played with a party, so it will be even more effective and he can expect the title’s effect to really achieve the myth+++ grade.


“This is really super daebak.”(jackpot)

Sang Hyuk calmed down the excitement and read the title’s explanation again several times. Everytime he read, he felt bliss. This seemed like a title effect that did not appear in Sang Hyuk’s previous life.

It somehow made him feel that he has been acknowledged for all his efforts.

For Sang Hyuk, who has to do a lot of reckless challenges in the future, this title felt like an incredibly dependable support team. He thought it would be impossible to get a better title, ever.


* * * *


Because he has defeated Egray, there were three people left.

Of course, Sang Hyuk was planning to finish these three people with the short and bold strategy.

The problem was that the rest of them were not superlatives like Egray and it seemed that the legendary title, no, the fraud title ‘There is no impossibility’ that he got, could somehow solve it.

However, no matter how much the difference was reduced because of the title effect, he had to be thoroughly prepared because they were powerful enough to make him feel burdened.

Sang Hyuk decided the order from the priest -> warrior -> knight. He planned to put off the most complicated knight first and to attack the easiest among those three, the priest.

His second goal, Priest of Glory Pokin, similar to Egray, was half retired, but instead, unlike Egray, she was traveling around towns and treating those who were injured or those who were sick.

So, for now Sang Hyuk grasped her flow and began to secretly follow her.

He began again the preparatory steps. The beginning of preparation after all was collecting information.



Chapter 102 [Episode 53] Apostles of Glory 1 – End


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