Chapter 101 [Episode 51] There is no impossibility 2



There is no impossibility


Flame Eagle was a special combination magic, so it was pointless to think about the levels, but if you count the levels, there will be 5 levels. Egray was able to use the 5th level spell almost instantly, thanks to the legendary ‘Rainbow Memories’ he was wearing at his waist.

The belt was able to store up to seven magic spells of six or less levels, which allowed him to use the magic stored immediately without any conditions.

Egray retired ten years ago, but the habit of waking up each morning and storing the seven magic spells in his belt remained intact.

He served over 20 years and so the habit was natural even after retirement.

That habit gave Egray a chance to counterattack.

Egray was an NPC, but an NPC gained strength in the same way as a user. In another words, he also had an ancient knowledge.

Egray’s ancient knowledges, ‘The Rune of Burning Star’ and ‘The Endless Burning Seed’ were both powerful ancient knowledges, so his magic was different from ordinary flame magic.

Flame Eagle burned more intensely the moment Sang Hyuk was engulfed. The endless Burning Seed carried the characteristic of the ‘off-fire flame’.

As it is, it would keep on burning until it turned Sang Hyuk into ashes.


“It was a real danger. Who on earth sent this assassin?”

Egray had instantly felt the danger. It would have been a big problem if there was no ‘red dragon breath’ that he had built for a long time on the rough and harsh battlefield.


“No matter how I think, it is not the work of the church, would it be Shadow Line……”

It was not like he had cause to be vigilant.

Because Sang Hyuk was hit by an endless ‘Restriction of Flame’, Egray was able to think for a moment about the cause of the raid.

But that short moment was a chance for somebody.




As soon as the great sword penetrated through his body, Egray quickly used one of the magic spells stored in the Rainbow Memories, the Flame Transition, continued with Burning Cure. Hwarururuk!

At the moment the Flame Transition was used Egray’s body wrapped in flame and disappeared then after that he appeared again wrapped in flames about 10 meters away.

At this moment, Sang Hyuk could clearly see how great Egray was as a War Mage by looking at how he used those magics in succession.


“Shit, it’s not enough yet.”

Of course, it was Sang Hyuk who pierced Egray’s body with the greatsword. Sang Hyuk was still engulfed by the flame eagle which was still burning.

That Sang Hyuk was the virtual image created by the real Sang Hyuk as the prefix effect of the title of the Shadow Duke of the Desert, but Egray mistakenly assumed that the virtual image was the real Sang Hyuk, so Sang Hyuk was able not only to keep the concealment, but also to continue the battle.

Thanks to it, Sang Hyuk once again got a chance to strike. But compared to the first strike that used almost all the enhanced effect he can put on, now he can not put in a single enhanced effect at all.

Is that so?

Egray invoked a spell even though Egray was hit once again by a critical hit and was able to get out of Sang Hyuk’s attack range



But it did not meant that it did not work at all. Egray was out of the attack range, but he could not get too far.

Egray lost about 40% of his HP in the last strike. He was able to stop it from becoming a dangerous state, but Egray was not in his normal state anyway.*


Because his wound was treated as he used the burning cure spell quickly, no additional damage occured.

Egray finished the first aid and looked at Sang Hyuk silently.

At this moment Egray’s favorability to Sang Hyuk fell down to almost enemy level, but Sang Hyuk did not care at all.

Egray was an opponent, so Sang Hyuk had given up becoming friends anyway.

As Sang Hyuk encountered each of the four apostles, the first meeting will go either good or bad. For today, Sang Hyuk was going to push his possible choices firmly to one side and choose the side of the bad encounter. *

“I’m sorry to break your calm morning….I have so much to do, so this is the only way I can do it.”

Sang Hyuk pulled out his great sword and the ten millenia goldbone whip while making excuse to Egray, who was staring at him.


“Crazy guy. What are you talking about?”


“Ah, because this is not the time to chat freely, I will omit my reasons. Do you think I want to throw a monster like you down? Everyone has their own reasons.”

Sang Hyuk ended his words and put one last remaining enhanced combination card into his body.

Ppuuk, kkooooo!

The Black Flame Dragon that awakened from Sang Hyuk’s body!

Egray, a legendary NPC, had significant defense as he is high level.

Therefore, if he did not end it fast, then there was no hope.


“Let’s see it till the end while the black flame dragon lends its power.”

Sang Hyuk predicted that Egray’s vitality would be around 30% – 40%. It was not a lot of life in some ways, but considering that the opponent is a legendary NPC with level 85. it was not a low vitality at all.

So, Sang Hyuk had to push with all the power even if he got hurt.


“Arrogant fellow! This fellow, who is the only dimensional traveler that came into this land, is acting very foolishly!”

Egray obviously found out that Sang Hyuk is a dimensional traveller.

He even noticed that Sang Hyuk hasn’t reached level 60 yet. In his eyes, Sang Hyuk was a puppy. In front of the mountain king, the tiger, there was the toothless puppy who acts foolishly without fear……..

The tiger was still a tiger even if it was wounded, and the puppy with the wings was only a puppy after all.

When Egray got angry, a red aura rose from his body. Later, when users reached more than level 70 and if they got the Enhanced Ancient Knowledge, they could release that kind of aura.

Sang Hyuk laughed while looking at the angry Egray.

Actually, if we looked at the situation, there was almost nothing for Sang Hyuk.

Even if his vitality had reduced by 60% or more Egray still maintained the might of the legendary NPC with level 85.

And Sang Hyuk was no longer able to use the first strike as his greatest weapon.

All the indicators were plummeting toward ‘Quest failure’. however, Sang Hyuk did not lose his smile even though he knew all of it.


“Yeah, it will be fun like this. Since when did I enjoy fighting comfortably?”

Sang Hyuk mumbled alone like crazy person then lifted his both hands.


“Let’s enjoy it once.”

Sang Hyuk laughed again. Then he invoked what he had prepared.


Activate Advanced Card Magic Secret ‘Wheel of Fortune? Heavy Rain’


Zap! Zap! Light columns sprang up everywhere.

This is what Sang Hyuk did not really want to trigger. The reason was simple. It cost Sang Hyuk at least one million gold units to trigger this card.

If we change the one million gold to cash, it is about 50 to 60 million won. The more striking thing was that it only went that far because he had minimized the scope of the boundary and fixed the duration to 20 minutes.

Using that much money for one card was a huge over-consumption. Moreover, he cannot just use it, but he had to prepared lots of things to use it.

The ‘wheel of fortune’ which used lots of money with complicated trigger conditions.

But once it was activated, its power was reliable.

Do I have to pay for it? Anyway, Wheel of Fortune had a lot of effects, but Sang Hyuk prepared heavy rain.

Groaarrrr. Kwagwagwang! Ssrrssshhhh!

The light columns that soaring from the ground are woven together in the air and made a very strong boundary. The space that Sang Hyuk designated in advance to be about 100 meters radius, is trapped inside the boundary, but suddenly the heavy rain began to pour into that space.

Exactly, the boundary area absorbed the waters of the lake and spewed magical heavy rain inside the boundary. He was able to stop at one million gold because he didn’t use the ‘Artificial Mare’ because the lake already existed.(“mare” is latin for “sea”)

Without the lake, Sang Hyuk would have had to blow away at least 1.5 million gold to play this Wheel of Fortune.


But at this moment, the most amazing thing was not the activation cost. Surprisingly the heavy rain quickly turned off the ‘Restriction of Flame’, which seemed to be on fire forever.


“You might have noticed, but this rain is not just mere rain.”

Sang Hyuk was still laughing at Egray.

No matter how great he is as a wizard, Egray, could not exert his power in this boundary area, which reduces the power of all flame attributes by 70%.


“No matter how powerful my magic is, if I want to break this boundary area with the flame magic, I must use at least more than 8th level magic.”

Egray looked and noticed at how great this boundary area was. The limit of flame magic that Egray can use is up to the entrance of level 8. Of course it was impossible to break this boundary area.


“Shit! I got caught in the storm.”

In this case, then the flame magic was almost meaningless. Of course, it was not that Egray used flame magic only.

He knew how to use another magic as well. But that was up to level 4.

In this boundary area, Egray lost more than half of his power in a strike.

But he could not give up fighting. He was the best war mage, who also known as the ‘fire dokaebi of the battlefield’. There was no fear for such a person like him. (dokaebi=Korean mythological creature like a troll)


“Accelerating time haste! Power’s remembrance strength!”

He wore basic reinforcement spells on his body and held two short sticks with his two hands.

If there is no teeth, use the gum to fight. (Tl note: Fight with what you have – There’s more than one way to skin a cat.) Although the flame magic was forcibly sealed, he was still a legendary NPC with the power that couldn’t be ignored.


Egray was strong. However, he had to fight Sang Hyuk who woke up the Black Flame Dragon with his two hands (flame magic) tied, he couldn’t win this fight.

In the early stage, Sang Hyuk was pushed by the difference of the basic ability from the level difference, but Sang Hyuk skillfully shed most of Egray’s attack.

Sang Hyuk was not just attacked, but every time he took the advantage of the ‘unexpected nature’ of the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip to gap strike Egray.

Because the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip flew in irregular patterns and paths that were unexpected even to Sang Hyuk who was using it to attack, so even Egray, who has a lot of combat experience, could not prevent or avoid it.

Eventually, as time went by, Egray’s body was getting more and more wounds.

After 10 minutes of cumulative damages and when Sang Hyuk thought that it was the right time, he immediately used the lineage skill of Giant Blood named ‘Enlarge!(S)’.

Right after Enlarge has been used, Egray, who was getting weaker and weaker, was quickly pushed to the edge by Sang Hyuk.

Of course, Egray still fought. He released a powerful attack on Sang Hyuk’s body. But the problem was that Sang Hyuk endured them.

Sang Hyuk’s evasion ability is so high that he often forget about his defense. Strictly speaking, Sang Hyuk was better at enduring attack than evasion ability.

However, he usually avoid the attack so well so he didn’t notice that.

Chwarururuk! Odududuk!

Sang Hyuk wrapped and then jerked Egray’s arms with the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip. And Egray’s arms collapsed in an odd way and broke.



It didn’t matter even he maintained the effect of Enlarge for the remaining 2 minutes. Egray has already burned out, so now Sang Hyuk could just strike the head with the great sword.

But Sang Hyuk did not really want to blow his head off.


“I think it’s time to show up now.”

Sang Hyuk wanted something else.

And at that very moment, what he wanted finally showed up.





Chapter 101 [Episode 51] There is no impossibility 2 – End


Editor’s Notes: He was already wounded from the very first strike.


Editor’s Notes: I think the implication is that every time Sang Hyuk meets one of the apostles, he can choose a good path (talking) or a bad path (fighting).  He’s already committed to a bad path with Egray.


Editor: Userunfriendly.

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