Chapter 107 [Episode 55] Shadow Line of Heroes 2

After confirming the rewards, Sang Hyuk could smile again with a proud expression.

“Waow, This is the thing I did, it is great!”
It’s not that he was in the midst of self-congratulations, but even if he looked at it objectively, this whole thing was really perfect.
Sang Hyuk also surpassed his limit and played at 120%, and moreover he was very lucky.
These things combined into a miraculous result.

“Now that I have rested, let’s complete the shadow line of heroes and finish it.”
When you complete the Shadow Line of the Heroes, linked quest of the main quest ‘Shadow King’s Road’, you are finally finishing this quest for real.

* * * *

‘The forgotten hero’s grave’ was a place that Sang Hyuk knew. If it was the place he didn’t know, he would have spent time looking for this place, but fortunately, it was a familiar place to Sang Hyuk.
He knows this place because it was a workplace hunting ground, which was very famous in his previous life.
The monsters in the ‘Forgotten Name’ series which appearing here are all ghost type monsters.
There were various kinds of knights, warriors, wizards, priests, soldiers, and so on.  When you caught them, you were able to get a pretty expensive alchemy material called ‘Ghost Amendment’.
So, many workshop were fighting hard to prevail here.
Of course, this was going to happen a long time even after the users got here.

“If I put together the time I hunted ghosts here, it would be over four months…. I had no idea that this secret space was hidden here.”
Clank, Gigigigigeng.
When Sang Hyuk used the completed Star of Glory to operate the mechanism, the large sarcophagus, which was deep in the tomb slowly moved sideways.
Under the sarcophagus there was a stairway the end couldn’t be seen extending beyond this secret chamber. Sang Hyuk picked up the finished Star of Glory and went down.
There were no monsters or traps.
Just…. a very long path.
He walked for about 20 minutes and finally something appeared.
There was no lighting. It was very dark. If you are a regular user, you might have brought something like a portable glow stone, but Sang Hyuk was familiar with darkness.
His vision could penetrate through the darkness so he could see without taking out the glowing stone anyway.

“This is a real grave.”
Sang Hyuk could tell that this is the real ‘The Forgotten Hero’s Grave’.

“You asked me to summon all four Apostles of Glory, right?”
If it was according to the contents of the quest, he was told to find the real tomb and then summon all four Apostles of Glory so Sang Hyuk did not hesitate to summon all four Apostles using the completed Star of Glory.
Flop! Flop!
The summoned Apostles of Glory went to the strangely shaped pillars scattered to the North, South, East, West as if they looking for their place.
Right at that time.
The event has begun.

With the white light, Sang Hyuk was able to see the vivid reality-like movie at the other side, no he experienced it.
Numerous dimensions exist in this world.
Among them, Magye (Devil world) and the Underworld that existed at the bottom of the darkness was a barren land where living itself was painful. Is that so? Those who were born in Magye (Devil world) and the Underworld were forced to be strong to survive.
The weak found it hard to survive in the first place because of the harsh law ‘the weak are meat, the strong will eat’.
There were seven kings in the Magye (Devil world) and the Underworld.
Four in the Magye (Devil World) and three in the Underworld.
They were, in fact, the absolute rulers of the two worlds.
All these seven kings pursued different things, but there were only two things that the seven of them agreed on.
The two are to become rulers of a new land away from the tedious Magye (Devil World) and the Underworld and the other to become the true king by defeating the other six kings.
Just two like that.
In fact, both things were almost impossible. The seven kings of Magye (Devil World) and The Underworld were not ones who would simply disappear after one waited a long enough time because they had acquired the power of eternal life as kings of their world.
After all, the only way to defeat them was to annihilate them by force, but it was very difficult to destroy those who were above the Grand Master’s level and were on the transcendental level (level 250).
The seven kings, knowing that each was fatal to each other, did not prevent their men from fighting, but they hardly conflicted with each other.
Because of this, Magye (Devil World) and the Underworld were constantly in combat and war, but nothing changed.
But the sudden change of the world at once was due to the dimension portal.
to be precise, everything began when one of the seven kings, called ‘Nightmare King’, found a way to maximize the nightmares of other dimensions and to create a small pathway connecting dimension to dimension.
Originally, the Nightmare King, like other kings, investigated and then tried to used it to somehow cross over to another dimension and to try to make that dimension their territory.
But, there was a problem.
He made the passage…. But it was too small.
It was such a small passage that it was hard to send even a single lower grade Mazor (Demon).
In the end, Nightmare King made a decision after a long period of contemplation. He asked for help from one of the other kings, the Fallen King.
He believed that he could find the answer by combining the power of the Fallen King with his power.
And his thought was right.
When the two kings met, the answer came out.
The Fallen king corrupted thousands of people by using the passage created by Nightmare King. So that they could make a great power.
That was the source of evil, called the ‘Black Wings’.
Although Black Wing was a mild start, they became a gigantic organization in decades, and after a few more decades they took control of all of Treenark’s darkness.
In conclusion, they eventually widened the small passage made by the Nightmare King, and in the end became the dimensional portal.

When the portal was completed, Nightmare King led his  forces, which were so difficult to recruit, train and equip, over to the Planet of Treenark via the portal.
After that, it was what everyone knew.
Planet of Treenark was driven to the point of destruction, and heroes emerged, of such power that they could overturn the game board itself, and defeated the Nightmare King. These events were part of the “lore” of Eternal Life and were accepted by the players as true.
But the video told us another truth, not just the accepted facts.
And at some point, the video that flowed as if showing the history of Treenark changed, and Sang Hyuk penetrated into the body of a ‘hero’.

“I was a person who was born without the power of a hero. But there was no complaint. I did not start because I wanted to be called a hero. I worked hard with the so-called heroes to keep things which precious for myself.”

Sang Hyuk was able to feel the various emotions the hero felt while listening to the monologue of the ‘Forgotten Hero’.

“Having a little different ability from others, I naturally tried to save the world in my own way. I could feel something different from other heroes. The Nightmare King. He definitely fell. But when he fell, I could feel his vague emotion. He felt his defeat was unfair. And he was angry. When I felt his feelings, I could see that he was being used by someone. ”

Again in the eyes of Sang Hyuk, the Nightmare King collapsed once again and Sang Hyuk could feel all the things spoken of by the narrator. And the monologue continued.

“Then I instinctively felt that this was not the end. When all the heroes were cheering… I could see that this was just the beginning. So, I warned all the heroes there. But…. there were almost no heroes who opened his ears to my words. Because it was my words not anyone else’s, so they ignored my words even more. They did not think of me as a hero in the first place, so they cared nothing for my words.”

This time he felt unfair feelings and strange heat.

“So I did not even try to convince them. As they and I walked a different way anyway…. I was planning to prepare for the crisis in my own way. Oh, but the Golden Dragon Decan,  High Elf Stella and the last one the King of Fire Tochun, these  three people listened to my words.
So, I made an organization with them. Of course, apart from that organization, I started to make my own preparations.”

When he heard up to it, Sang Hyuk thought of an organization in his head. The organization with his own seat in it…. The identity of this organization was clear.

“Now the heroes will devour the ascension’s orb, which they have obtained in return for defeating the Mawang (Devil King), and leave for their own land. But I had no intention of going with them. I still have a lot to prepare on this land. They will land on this new land and once again devote themselves to their own heroic play….
One day you will realize how foolish it was. The war has not yet ended. The portal is still exist. This fight will not be over until the real Mawang (Devil King) is destroyed, not the fake Mawang (Devil King).”

As soon as the monologue was over, many heroes began to rise above the sky using the Ascension’s Orb.

“Are they the ancestors of the Sun people who are on the Continent of the Sun? And the real Mawang (Devil King) is the Fallen King and…. The Fallen King’s Black Wings will now have destroyed half of the Sun People by now.”
In fact, Sang Hyuk knew all the things that happened in Planet of Treenark and everything that will happen in the future.
Of course, there was more to know about the ‘Forgotten Hero’, a special organization, and the Guardians of the Four Cardinal Directions, than he knew.

“Now all the pieces are roughly aligned.”
But this time he experienced this video himself, and pieces of information scattered in his head were put together.
Now Sang Hyuk was able to fully understand the secret of Planet Treenark.

“We have been studying the portal for many years and have been able to figure out how to use the power of the portal. So we created portal to another dimension. The portal will connect our dimension to a completely different dimension from Magye (Devil World) and Golden Dragon Decan will summon a legion of Immortals to help us according to the arrangements we have prepared. I called them as Dimensional Travellers.

Well, you, the traveler who does not know this take my memories. If you found and solved all my hidden arrangements…. you deserve to take over my place!”

With the last words, the monologue was completely over.
And the moment he heard the last words, Sang Hyuk could see the secret of the birth of the dimensional travellers, the first puzzle piece.

You do not remember everyone, but you have inherited the will of the ‘Shadow King’ who was more of a True Hero than anyone else.
Quest ‘Shadow Line of the Heroes’ has been cleared.
All the arrangements left by the Shadow King have been solved. Congratulations. After all credentials have been completed, you have become a ‘true shadow line master’. You’ve received a special title, ‘Treenark’s Shadow King’.
The Falcon Shadow Line, the Shadow Line of the Desert, and the Shadow Line of Heroes combined into one and became ‘Shadow Hidden Line’.
The favor of NPCs belonging to all Shadow Line increases significantly.
Ring of Fate for Ilya rose 3 levels and became level 5. She swore an oath of absolute loyalty to you.
All secrets of Ilya are revealed and the power limiter is gone.
The hidden effect of the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King, ‘Shadow Duke’s authority’ changed to ‘Shadow King’s authority (S+)’.
While the magic circle of Ascension is activated, all the ghosts that wander through the tombs of the forgotten heroes begin to ascend to the continent of the sun.
They will be a milestone for the unfinished ‘Shadow King’s Road’.

Chapter 107 [Episode 55] Shadow Line of Heroes 2 – End


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