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Chapter 108 [Episode 56] Another Acceleration 1



@ Another acceleration.


Sang Hyuk, who was the Shadow Duke, became the Shadow King.

Of course, the Shadow King’s Road was not over yet. At best, it was only becoming a Shadow King on the three continents of Planet of Treenark, called the Hagye (the Lower Boundary).

The real battle is going to take place in the heavenly world called the Continent of the Sun after passing through the middle layer called the Upper Skyway, and all the missions there must be completed to become the true Shadow King.

Sang Hyuk, who finished all the things he had to do, took the Completed Star of Glory and went out of the tomb. Strangely, all the ‘forgotten name’-beings which roamed around the grave were gone.


“Unintentionally, I have destroyed one of the good points of the workshops.”

It was not bad. It was a pleasant thing to get rid of one of their money sources because the workshops were mostly Sang Hyuk’s enemies.

Out of the tomb, Sang Hyuk summarized the new achievement.

There were two important things.

The integration of the three shadow lines and the ‘Shadow King of Treenark’, a special title given to the Shadow Line master.

Except these two, the rewards were not a big change because the existing ones were upgraded.


Title – ‘The Shadow King of Treenark’

Rating – Special

Explanation? The Shadow Line owner, a special title to the Shadow King, who has mastered the Shadow Line. This title is attributed to the Shadow King, so it would be lost when the King’s throne is lost.

Effect: [Prefix: Enhanced Sand Doll], [Suffix: Enhanced Illusion Effect]


[Sustainable Effect: Concealment Effect (Master), Darkness (MAX), all abilities in the dark +20%, Concealment State; sneak attack damage increase by 10%.]


“The king is surely a king.”

Sang Hyuk had no choice but to nod his head when he checked the title. The Sand Doll originally only mimics the appearance of Sang Hyuk, literally making sand dolls, however Enhanced Sand Dolls could mimic Sang Hyuk’s skills(but the power of skill is limited to 50%).

Up to now, Sand Dolls did not have physical strength, so he did not use it frequently.

And the enhanced illusion effect was the same as the seven disguises saved as before, but instead the penalty decreased, so all of the skills decreased by 10% instead of 30%.

And the Shadow Line Organization created by combining the three shadow line organizations was almost the same as the existing shadow line organization, but there were three things different.

The first was that the the area of activity changed to the Planet of Tereenark as a whole, and the second was that the loyalty of NPCs belonging to shadow line was almost at the absolute obedience level.

And the last, the third point was that the power of the organization had almost reached its limit.

Now Sang Hyuk can do more with the Shadow Line.


“The agent is Ilya as usual.”

Ilya has now become Sang Hyuk’s perfectly with the Ring of Fate level 5.

The Title “Ilya’s Man” has grown up to a legendary title and all of her secrets have been revealed. She was the younger sister of the High Elf Stella, and a disciple of Dark Elf Louarin, who walked a different path from Stella.

Louarin, who wanted to keep the world in a different way from Stella, created a channel that deals with the special power called Dark Moon. Louarin, however, had no choice but to ascend for another important task and urgently asked his pupil, Ilya, to leave the Dark Moon.

However, in the process Ilya could not take care all of the Dark Moon and most of the power and her memories were sealed.

When Sang Hyuk become the Shadow King, that girl grew her Ring of Fate with Sang Hyuk to level 5 and all the seals were released.

Now she has become the perfect descendant of Dark Moon and Sang Hyuk’s faithful subordinate. Even the skill to summon her, ‘Ah! My Ilya’ has also been changed to S+ rating and her summon duration increased to 12 hours. The cooling down time was still 24 hours, but he would be able to take full advantage by controlling the time well.

Especially because now the level limit is released, her level was up to level 75 which is suitable for a legendary NPC and the skills that she had were quite useful too, so he was able to utilize them in various way.

Moreover, she is a growing NPC, so if he take care of her well, he would become a person who needn’t envy any other pet again.

Now that he has got so much, there was no great inspiration as if he got a legendary title or item, but Ilya was a very satisfying reward in many ways.


“Fiuh, it’s over now.”

For the past month, Sang Hyuk has been tied to a single quest aside from all other work. Thanks to this, there were a lot of things pushed aside.

He had to manage the channel “One” that lost to the second place because of low program ratings and add to it, he also had to pay more attention to the Gold Mountain, Gladiator Hall, and Hall of Mortality.


“Before that, let’s take a break.”

There was a lot of work to do, but for Sang Hyuk, what he need the most right now surely is… rest.


* * * *


Sang Hyuk had been sleeping for two hours a day during the last month, so his body was in a depressed state. If he had not been able to hold on because he had been thoroughly managing his body, it had been hard enough to for him to have fallen down a few times.

Is it because of the accumulation of fatigue? Sang Hyuk slept for nearly 16 hours to fill the shortage of sleep.

Sang Hyuk, who slept so well, went out and jog lightly. Originally, he was supposed to jog for only about 30 minutes, but he felt better when he ran so he ran back home after more than an hour.

Sang Hyuk, who slept well and had his body loosened up, started to prioritized what to do with the tablet PC that he brought.


“First… Broadcasting. In the meantime, I have repeatedly played only the obvious content. Now is the time to blow it up once again.”

First thing was still managing the Live Channel One.

The Live Channel was a goose that lay the golden eggs, so he had to manage it. Since Sang Hyuk decided no to cash in anything in the game, the live channel, which is the only cash income source, became more important.


“And then the Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality…. I have to get the ranker title again. Ah, and now is the time for the offline competition to be held… should I apply for it?”

Sang Hyuk did not want to be a specialized pro gamer but he still wanted to win the offline competition. He was even more greedy because he had been forced to just look from the side in his previous life.

So, Sang Hyuk decided to keep his amateur status in current life and to act as a pro-gamer.


“And finally, I have to prepare for Hydra hunting, the most powerful raid boss in Heroic Lands”

Hydra was a monster belongs to dragon species but it is next after dragon considering its power.

It cannot use magic, but it used some special abilities and it was a monster with great physical abilities.

Sang Hyuk was planning a Hydra hunt for a variety of reasons. He could get some of the essential ingredients from Hydra that he needed to make a ‘Sky-grade ship’.

Especially, the ‘Hydra Blood’ that can be obtained from Hydras.

It was really a must item for Sang Hyuk.

And the hydra hunting meant the end of all of the activities at Heroic Lands, so it was great for Channel One’s special broadcast content.


“Hyuu, although I’ve tried to make things simple, but I’m overworked.”

In fact, there was actually more to do. These three were just the most urgent ones to be done.


“Let’s solve each one step by step in order of the priority.”

There is a law that says “Rushed work will end up worthless.”

Sang Hyuk started from finishing the most urgent broadcast contents of Channel One to solve things one by one slowly and calmly.

Sang Hyuk was going to broadcast properly in almost a month, so he was going to release two things immediately.

The first was to edit the video that he shot when he finished the Line Dark and to upload it as ‘paid video’ and the second was to broadcast ‘reinforcement how-to’ in real time.

Since there have been quite a few enhancement stones he has been consistently collecting at Gold Mountain, so it was not that hard to do the reinforcement how-to video.

The key was what item to upgrade…. Sang Hyuk’s legendary grade items would have been too shocking to release, so he intend to do a reinforcement video for the useful ‘Helm of Judgement’.

Currently Helm of Judgement has been strengthened to +5, but Sang Hyuk was planning to raise the reinforcement to at least +7 on this broadcast.

Anyway, the point of the reinforcement how-to was to raise his ratings, so he was going to keep on doing it as long the items did not break.

Helm of Judgement was a good thing to use for at least a year, so it was a good idea to maximize the reinforcement to the fullest in this opportunity.

Sang Hyuk, who prepared all the broadcast contents, signed up for the offline competition at Gladiator Hall happening in a month with a light mind.

Now that there are a significant number of users moving to Heroic Lands, the number of people enjoying Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality has increased to almost hundreds of thousands.

Is that so? Just as soon as he applied for battle, he entered a quick game.

Sang Hyuk lightly played 10 rounds, but all of the 10 rounds was called Yangmin Massacre (means killing good people. Yangmin means good people) that shattered the opponents to an embarrassing level. So Sang Hyuk passed through the placement test and immediately entered the 10 thousands rank (a term referring to the 10,000th place or higher rankers).

The true ranker was thousands rank(a term referring to the top 1,000 rankers), but you were  acknowledged once you reached above the 10,000th ranker.

Sang Hyuk ran in the Gladiator Hall followed by Hall of Mortality, In Hall of Mortality, he entered the thousands rank after the 10th placement test.

Sang Hyuk’s heartless clear time had no choice but to influence the placement test.

When Sang Hyuk, no, Lone King appeared in the rankings, the previous rankers literally declared an emergency. To be honest, they did not see Lone King for a while…. so now it seemed that the good times were over.

In Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality, the Lone King was a perfect predator.

Of course some of the users were loudly claiming that they would defeat the undefeated Lone King, but anyone who had ever fought with Lone King scoffed at their loud cries.

Sang Hyuk, who briefly announced his return to Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality, disconnected somewhat earlier today.

He was planning to have time for recharging again today.

Sang Hyuk has made sure of the preparation of the live channel for the future, and after a while he watched the other EL broadcasts.

The EL broadcasts now can be categorized into three categories, the most popular ones were the broadcasts covering Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality content and the second was various adventure content.

The interesting thing was the third, that unexpectedly the broadcasts that deal with reinforcement and various other production contents were popular.

A player, after cooking in a job at EL, his “Cooking+Eating Show” became hot broadcast content these days.

But one thing for sure was that he has a unique personality so most of the other broadcasts were not very popular.

In that sense, it was a good idea to take care of the core image of the live channel. Obviously Sang Hyuk’s broadcast had a solid core image.

Best of the best, number one, one man invincible…. Well, this was the image of Live Channel One.

Sang Hyuk, who had been watching the broadcasts all the time, stopped at the proper time and immediately lay down in bed.

Though he slept well enough yesterday, Sang Hyuk’s body was not recovering 100%. so it was very important to get enough sleep.


* * * *


Once again, Sang Hyuk, who slept well and having finished his workout, took a light breakfast and then connected to the game.

However, the moment he accessed the game, for the first time in a long time he received a notification.



Chapter 108 [Episode 56] Another Acceleration 1 – End


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