Chapter 109 [Episode 56] Another Acceleration 2


[Magic Armor Update]


[Magic Engineering Update]


[Blue Wolf War Fortress kill count acquisition limit critical patch]


This time it was also another notice without detailed explanation again.

However, all three were closely related to Sang Hyuk.


“I knew it….It became an update earlier than in my previous life. Users will be able to use Magic Armor and Magic Engineering almost a year earlier than before. Well, it was the change I made….. but, it’s surely very fast.”

Sang Hyuk laughed and looked at the notice.


“Anyway, I was going to work with ragna blade a few times in Blue Wolf War Fortress soon…. It seems has been blocked.”

The last one, the third patch was a very miserable patch for Sang Hyuk personally. Sang Hyuk couldn’t even imagine seeing an emergency patch in EL.

This confirmed that Ragna Blade was unbelievably powerful, but anyway, Sang Hyuk lost the goose that laid golden eggs with this patch.


“Well, actually it was true that it was worrisome, so I rather be good…”

Sang Hyuk decided to think positive. Though he didn’t have a chance to use ragna blade again, Sang Hyuk would still have hesitated to use it as he thought it could be a bug exploit.

Sang Hyuk had used ragna blade to get a huge kill count and though he thought it was unlikely for him to receive punishment for exploiting a bug, it was true that the possibility still caught his mind.

So it was better to make a definite decision in this way.


“By the way, if magic armor comes out, the growth of users who are stagnant will explode at once.”

Users may not know yet, but Magic Armor has more power than expected.


“Before the other users come to the Deep Sea Dungeon, seems I have to hunt Hydras quickly.”

Of course, even if Magic Armor is released, there was no way for users to advance to the Deep Sea Dungeon, where the Hydras were.

At best, it was likely places Sang Hyuk had already been cleared, both Spirit Forest and Dark Moon Temple. Those who adapted to Magic Armor a little early could even tackle Drake Valley.

However, the Deep Sea Dungeon was not a dungeon that was easy to reach because one had Magic Armor.

Sang Hyuk knew that, but he thought he had have to hurry a little to hunt hydras just in case something happened.


“Should I start with Magic Armor? Let’s make it well from the beginning.”

Magic Armor was a production item that the user created and used. It was possible to collect certain materials together to make them regardless of the production technology and the basis was the aura system that users were still getting used to even when the basic conditions for creating Magic Armor have already been released.

To make it simple, the Aura System was the same as the Magic Armor’s schematic.

If the Aura System is an invisible intangible force, Magic Armor uses special materials to change the intangible force to tangible one.

As the intangible force became a tangible type of force, of course, the ability was strengthened. Simple comparison was difficult, but at least five times more powerful.


“The design is the aura of the Dark Drake, and then make the basic skeleton with the bones from Drake Valley and the drake tendons that we collected there, and then process the drake leather piled up and make a soft leather inner lining. Then the primary work will end, right? Then, once I get a good secondary outer armor material and finally the Hydra Blood for the power source, the Magic Armor of at least third grade or higher will be completed.”


There were a total of six materials needed to create Magic Armor.

The first is ‘aura’, which serves as a blueprint.

The second is the material that will serve as the skeleton.

The third is the material that will serve as the muscles.

The fourth is the material that will serve as an inner lining.

The fifth is the material that will serve as an outer shell.

The last one, number six is the materials that will serve as a power source.

Magic Armor was not an armor to wear normally. It was basically a special armor worn over an existing armor by summoning.

And because it is divided inner lining and outer shell, the outer appearance of the armor itself is not very large or thick.

It was just a basic configuration of Magic Armor, and the actual appearance could be customized as much as you like through ‘design modification’.

It would be ridiculous if it was in reality, but it was possible because it was a game. Even though EL was said to be the best reality game, but game was a game.

For your information, while it was possible to produce the design modification by yourself, but it was unexpectedly not easy to make a nice design.

Therefore, there were some users who made and edited these designs professionally. If you do not use the design modification, the system will finish it with the default design… The basic design was not only ugly but also not practical.  It was enough to make movement slightly uncomfortable, so it was a good idea to use design modification.


“I plan to use Hydra Blood, so if it’s not over third grade, that would be kind of strange.”

Magic Armor rating started from first level, and as the rating increased, it had more power.

Third rate Magic Armor was a level that could not be made easily even if the materials in the Continent of the Sun were used.

Around the time when the invasion of the Continent of the Sun ended, most of the top-level players in the guilds were barely making Magic Armor, which was mostly third grade.


“In the end I’ll have to catch the Hydra Blood quickly.”

Sang Hyuk simply looked at the notice and could think up to here, but other users were running around to find out what the Magic Armor and Magic Engineering updates were and what the emergency patch to the Blue Wolf Fortress was for.


“Let’s see… it will be impossible to explicitly manipulate information like before, but I have to sell all the high quality materials that I’ve been collecting after raising the price.”

Users were not stupid. They had already experienced enough in the Aura System update, so they knew that the information the NPCs provided was not necessarily true.

Thus, there was little benefit from information manipulation. Instead, Sang Hyuk intends to sell all of the material items needed to build Magic Armor, which he has accumulated through the Gold Mountain.

He thought he would sell at least 10 times his purchase price but first he need to lay down the bait.

Sang Hyuk, who had a rough plan, first moved to manage the Gold Mountain. Nowadays, while buying auction house items from the black market, he had to take more care of it because the competition was fierce.

Of course, the black market items and Gold Mountain’s items were qualitatively different. Gold Mountain is instructed to exactly what to buy through Sang Hyuk, who had an unreasonable advantage like reincarnation, but the Black Market just used a variety of methods to predict the market price and then to buy things that could potentially grow in price.

The difference between knowledge and prediction was big.

However, the financial strength of the black market was unexpectedly frightening, so he could not just ignore it.

In fact, the profit structure of Gold Mountain was simple.

First of all, Gold Mountain was the most profitable place in EL.


“Do you need gold? Then go to the Gold Mountain!”


“Do you want to buy good stuff? Then go to the Gold Mountain!”


This is the current dominating position of Gold Mountain. For EL users, Gold Mountain was the shop to get gold if you sell things and get things if you spend gold.

All the things that were not available at the auction house were in Gold Mountain. Because all the items purchased from the users and all the items bought from the auction house were sold at Gold Mountain, so all of them were considered to be sold at Gold Mountain.

This is why users often use Gold Mountain for convenience. Even if it was a bit expensive, they could not help but prefer Gold Mountain, which has the things you want.

Buys cheaply and sells expensively.

This very simple system was the way for Gold Mountain to make a profit. Because it was literally buys cheaply and sells expensively, Gold Mountain was able to make a big difference.

The second benefit from Gold Mountain was Dungeon Ticket Sales. Even though it is popular and seems profitable, Hurricane Hole, which sells ticket now, was uncertain income because it was going to be out of business for a while.

There was some profit made by selling maps, but it was not that big.

The important thing was that Sang Hyuk did not collect gold, but kept buying goods. Because those things were the goods with increasing price in the future, so Sang Hyuk would be able to get tremendous amount of gold if these goods were cleaned up.

Of course, Sang Hyuk probably would invest in something else again, but anyway Sang Hyuk’s gold pile was getting bigger.


Thanks to the sudden updates, there were new articles in all communities.

Starting from the people posting false information to the people who were bluffing, pretending to be more knowledgeable than they actually are, various people wrote to the community. In fact, finding information in the community was very difficult.

But sometimes, the correct information was coming up, so it couldn’t be ignored.

Sang Hyuk checked to the community not just to get the information, but also to find out how much users are aware of the updates.

Sang Hyuk, who already knew the correct information, filtered out the false information at once and quickly found the real information. After checking at various communities for about an hour, he could roughly see the current situation.


“General users seem to only know the surface level of using the Aura System…. Large-scale guild and top-level users have figured it out enough to start collecting some of the special materials. No one knows the accurate production method yet, right?”

After a few more days, Sang Hyuk finally got a sense of what the top-level users were doing to make their own Magic Armor. It seemed that it would not take so long because so many users were digging for the information at the same time.


“Because tomorrow is the broadcast…. And someone will find it anyway so I don’t think it’s bad to show it in the broadcast.”

It was the information that someone would find, even if it was left alone. And it was the information that is not worth the trouble to hide. So it was better to use it as much as possible.


“Tomorrow I have the means to attract the viewers to my channel.”

Reporters like sensational titles because they want people to at least click on the article. Of course, this could be abusive and there were scoundrels who sensationalize everything but the important thing was the ‘factor’ that could attract people’s attention.

In that sense, at this point, a title like ‘The Secret Method of Magic Armor Production’ was like a magic phrase that really could attract people like crazy.

Keeping the people gathered was another matter, but Sang Hyuk was convinced that those who came to his broadcast would not be able to leave easily.

And he believed that a lot of people would be interested in pay-per-view videos that he uploaded.


* * * *


[It was a jackpot! I now introduce to you The Secret Method of Magic armor Production from Live Channel One.]


[I am watching it too. What is really the limit of the One Guild? They are serious monsters.]


[It’s been quiet for a while, and it’s just another attention seeker.]


[Those in my friend’s guild said that they found out almost everything though.]


[Do you know how big is the difference between knowing almost everything and really knowing it?]


[Wow, but do you really want to reveal this? Doesn’t it supposed to be hidden and reserved exclusively?]


[Now the One Guild become the God Guild this way. The other top-level guilds please also learn from it.]


[Idiot. It was released because it deserve to be released. Anyway, it’s an information that will be known to everyone soon, he released it first because he is a player. Isn’t it obvious?]


[So do you have any information to release? It’s a good thing though, shut up and compliment it.]


[There are a lot of guys who are twisted anyway.]


[By the way, it turns out that making the Magic Armor is simpler than what I thought?]


[It’s only the method that is simple, but the crafting materials wouldn’t be simple I bet?]


[Ah….. If I knew it, I’d have to buy the necessary materials beforehand. No, should I buy them now?]


[It’s already too late. I just ran through the auction house and the listed materials are gone. All the damn shopkeepers must have pulled them from the catalogs.]


[Wow, This is not the time to watch the Secret Method of Magic Armor Production. Have you seen the paid videos that Gale posted? It was daebak (awesome). Finally the guild master of the One Guild appeared.]


[Woooooooow! Finally he appeared. I just heard the rumors, so I have to quickly go and see him.]


[What’s this? Is this really possible? Isn’t it a bug?]


[The One guild and bug controversy is repeated every time, but you know every time the conclusion was not a bug. Of course this is not a bug either, right. But it’s really heartless and looks like a bug. I’m just speechless.]


[Wow! Daebak (Awesome)! All of you watch the paid videos. Watch it twice! Watch it three times!]


[It proves perfectly why you are the guild master of One Guild.]


[Was Line Dark this weak?]


[Nope, Line Dark is not weak, but the guild master of One Guild is insanely strong.]


[He looks like the boss of the Monsters.]


[The best monster appeared!]


  • •••••
  • •••••


The number of viewers goes up like crazy.

And balancing to it, the number of paid video sales also goes up.

Live Channel One once again skyrocketed and overwhelmed other broadcasts.

The broadcast format was different.

Live Channel One used a different format than the other channels. The new format enthralled many viewers.



Chapter 109 [Episode 56] Another Acceleration 2 – End


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