Chapter 110 [Episode 57] Offline Competition 1



@Offline Competition


Thanks to Sang Hyuk’s broadcast, most of the secrets about making Magic Armor were released.

As a result, the price of the material items necessary for Magic Armor production have started to go up like crazy.

Among them, the ‘power source’ which can be the core, was going to become priceless.

There were three major types of items that can act as a power source, but the ‘blood’ power source which was the best even though it was almost unobtainable, as expected simply wasn’t available at any price.

The item that the users wanted was the Devil Heart Stone, the power source that made by jewels that hold mana. Devil Heart Stone has various grade and the price varies according to the grades but anyway this was basically a production item, so it was worth watching.

And lastly, those who have a lot of surplus gold have obtained the ‘item’ series power source. However, the item series power source have some restrictions.

First, the grade must be above unique level and must be above +6.

The unique item that has been strengthened above +6 are now the main weapons for those who classified as the top users, so it could not easily obtained. But for those with lots of gold, this could be more comfortable.

In the EL world, the hot wind of the Magic Armor was blowing.

Everyone started running to make the Magic Armor first. Of course, the large-scale guilds are in the front line. They were all ready to produce the Magic Armor after they got information about the last secrets that Gale did not reveal, the ‘Mana Amplification Magic Circle’ and ‘Magic Engineering Furnace’.

Some of the foremost leading Guilds seemed to figure out those two secrets within a few days.

When all the materials were ready, you had to create Magic Armor yourself… And you needed two tools to make the Magic Armor.

From the conclusion, the Mana Amplification Magic Circle and Magic Engineering Furnace were available in a special black market called ‘Underground Devil Tower’ in the city Tune in the Heroic Lands.

Of course, you couldn’t just purchase it, you had to clear some linked quest and get the favorability of a certain NPC to colleague level. Both were quite expensive, and because they were consumable items, you had to purchase them everytime you make the Magic Armor.

One NPC associated with Mana Amplification Magic Circle and one NPC associated with Magic Engineering Furnace. You had to do work for them to raise your favorability with these two.

This kind of information naturally led to multiple quests if you keep looking for the information about Magic Armor, so it was clear that even those who tracked the information properly would take at least a few days to start working on raising their favorability with these NPCs.

Anyway, the system window for Magic Armor production opened by using these two tools and then the Magic Armor would be completed just by putting in the materials, so it was not difficult at all.

The large-scale guilds mobilized all the guilds members for the first Magic Armor Production….. The reason they did that was because they knew they could get a lot of special rewards when they made it first on EL.

But they knew only that.

They never dreamed that they couldn’t follow the existence who monopolized almost all of EL’s firsts no matter how they tried.

The materials were collected before the update by the man who knew beforehand about the production method before the update. The man who even finished the favorability work (with the NPCs) right at the day of the update.

As long as Sang Hyuk exists, nobody could ever see the ‘first’.


The Magic Armor ‘Lion King’s Fury’ level 2.5 has completed.

The first Magic Armor Production has been succeeded.

You will be given the unique title ‘Pioneer’ that best suits you, who succeeded in making Magic Armor before anyone else.

Being the first of its kind makes the Lion King’s Fury even more special.


Sang Hyuk made the Magic Armor to end the broadcast. Of course it was to preempt the reward.

Of course, this Magic Armor he made right now is a simplified prototype made for various purposes.

Sang Hyuk knew that in case of production items, when made for the first time, it had at least more than double plus because of its unconditional ‘Uniqueness’. Therefore, he wanted to make the first properly with ‘Hydra Blood’, but he could not help it due to time constraints.

So, he made the prototype the Magic Armor earlier than anyone else using the materials (from Gold Mountain).

It was made hastily, but the result was satisfactory. If you see it, you are expecting a second level Magic Armor but the result is 2.5.

At this level, he would be able to get a great price when he sold it later.


“Oh, so the pioneer title is obtained here.”

But more importantly, it was a pioneer title. Sang Hyuk knew this title.


“Those guys who took this in my previous life…. were probably Rising Guild. Thanks to this title, Rising was able to win even more after the Magic Armor patch.”

The Pioneer title was not a combat title.

But, the effect of the title was stronger than any combat title.


Title – ‘Pioneer’

Rating? Unique

Explanation? It is a very special to be able to get ahead of everyone. You have to be a pioneer to lead everyone from the front.

Effect – [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable Effect: Pioneer’s Path (S): You can have a very high probability of a Plus Effect in the Magic Armor Production. Moreover, Magic Armor can be produced even without Mana Amplification Magic Circle and Magic Engineering Furnace.]


The explanation was simple, but the power of this title was more than he imagined.

In previous life, Rising Guild used this title to keep creating great quality Magic Armors, which has became a powerful force of the Rising Guild.

The plus effect did not seem to be a big effect in some ways, but if you go beyond one plus, double or triple plus, it made a difference that could not be ignored.

Added to it, it was a bonus to not have to buy Mana Amplification Magic Circle and Magic Engineering Furnace. Considering that the magic circle was 20,000 gold and the furnace was 30,000 gold, it was money that could not be ignored.


“This will be used to attack Hydras and then sold through the auction.”

Sang Hyuk was planning to dispose of the Lion King’s Fury through an auction when he made the Magic Armor that he really wanted. Lion King’s Fury would bring a huge amount of money through an auction.

First, the materials used into Lion King’s Fury was never available to ordinary users. Especially Drake Blood, which was used as the power source, was not as good as Hydra Blood, but it was a pretty good blood.

He could have sold only the Drake Blood in auction for more price than the wyvern blood he sold before.

It was processed again to make it more special. It was so easy to predict how explosive the reaction would be at this level.


“If it was Lion King’s Fury…. At least more than a million dollars.”

The auction was hard to predict because the price changed by a lot due to various conditions and situations, but goods such as Lion King’s Fury would to go over than one million dollars unconditionally.

The minimum was $1 million, and if there was the competition for it, the price could go up to few million dollars.

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