Even when Sang Hyuk earned a billion stars a month through live channels, millions of dollars was still a huge number of money.

The more money there was, the better it was.

Though it was said that money could not buy happiness, at least Sang Hyuk thought that he seemed more likely to be happier than having no money.

Especially when there is a lot of money in reality, then he can invest that money into the game, so that was not that bad at all.


* * * *


“How are you all? Do you have some good kids?”

Kim Jongwoo, a PD (Production Director) of LGN (Live Game Net), bought coffee for his subordinates who were working hard to review the supporting documents and asked them with a slight expectation.

Kim Jongwoo had to succeed in this offline contest unconditionally. Originally invitational type invites the famous rankers only, ignoring the opinion of many people to open a small light competition and he was confident that he was able to raise the scale of the competition, but it was true that he was a little uneasy apart from his confidendent attitude.


The event, which will be held under the name of the first Eternal Life (EL) ‘The Best One’, required passing in one of two qualifiers to participate

Anyone who can apply for the non-starter tournament, which is exempted from the offline qualifying, had to rank at least the 1,000th place in Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality.

And there was virtually no requirement for the preliminary contest to qualify for the offline qualification. Anyone who plays EL can freely participate.

This way, the applicants for the offline qualification increased exponentially, and of course, the scale of the existing competition, which only invited the ranking players, had to change.

As the scale grew, more people and money were needed.

Therefore, if there is a single failure, Kim Jongwoo might have to consider leaving for various reasons.

Of course, he was confident of success. It was already assured with the participation of some of the most popular rankers and Raon Soft also promised close cooperation.

However, this was not enough.

He needed a “hook” to pull in the viewers. Because the rankers were expected due to Kim Jongwoo’s direct involvement, it was not enough if one of them became the winner.

It was best that an underdog suddenly pops out or an unexpected person would appear.

So Kim Jongwoo was once again thoroughly reviewing more than 200,000 entries, which is the same as 99% garbage.


“Fiuh, no one appear yet so far. Just in case someone did appear, I was reviewing everything received by email as well as mail…. But as expected, most were chaff.”

Kim Jongwoo’s college junior, who also his strong right hand named Shin Seung Gyun looked at Kim Jongwoo with his head shaking.

Now his team was working day and night to find the “hook”, but so far he had not find it yet.


“I should have picked 1,000 people to be qualified for the offline qualification already.  But I think I’ll take a closer look.”

Kim Jongwoo was a little nervous because he could not get a definite “hook” yet even though the offline preliminaries were starting in ten days, but he did not think the competition would be ruined even though he could not get that “hook”.

The “hook” was necessary to make the competition very exciting but not necessary to keep it from failing.


“Ah…. it would be good if only the Lone King would participate…But because I can’t contact him, there is nothing to do.”

Kim Jongwoo asked Gale through Lee Mirae PD to let him contact the Lone King. But the answer that came back was always ‘no answer’.

Now he completely gave up, but no matter how he search again for the “hook”, he could not help but come back to the name of the Lone King.

Jungwoo, who has not much to do right now, sat on an empty seat and brought a bunch of unreviewed applicant documents that his subordinates had printed out in advance.

His subordinates had been barely sleeping for a few days and worked hard, so he meant to help even just a little.

Jungwoo looked at the applicant documents one by one and classified them into three kinds.

The first is ‘failed’.

Most of the applicant documents belonged here. In fact, over 200,000 people applied for it, but most of them were below level 30.

Jungwoo was also a gamer of EL, so he knew how funny it was for the users below level 30 to send an application to participate in the competition. So most of the application documents had to go straight to the failed basket.

The second was ‘on hold’.

It was a place where a few applicant documents went. The documents, that he thought the level, experiences, self introduction, etc were awkward but perhaps would be useful, were thrown into this ‘on hold’ basket.

The last one was ‘Passed’.

It was literally a place to go for applicant documents qualifying for the offline qualification. Most of the documents, that appear rarely, belong to the rankers who are often mentioned in the Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality.

Kim Jongwoo, who was sorting the applicant documents one by one, suddenly glanced at the document.


“Level 57? What is this…. Is this real?”

The applicant documents really stated that the level was 57.


“The highest level which just released some time ago was level 58, right.”

The user, known as a Chinese user, said that he was concentrating solely on level-up as a one-soul user, saying there will not be a higher level user than himself.

Even in interviews, he said it would find it hard to find users above level 55.


“Is this real? Let’s see…. ID is Immortal…. There is no Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality war record. Is this user only focused on leveling-up too?”

First, the ID was an ID that Jungwoo had never heard of. If Kim Jongwoo knew a little more advanced information about EL, when he look at the name Immortal and his high level, he might have been able to think of the One Guild first.

Unfortunately, he still did not know the name Immortal. Although the paid video was released, the name Immortal did not appear in the video, and the name Immortal was still a secret name that only some top-level users know, because of the power of Line Dark that controlled the information.

Of course, the secret is spreading little by little, so you can hear the name Immortal a little bit. But at the moment at least he did not know the name of Immortal.

Jongwoo looked at the document more, but there was nothing special except for the level.

The unnecessary information like “Guild” and “Self-Introduction” were left empty.

It was an application without much enthusiasm, to the extent it would be totally normal if it was rejected. However, the high level troubled Jongwoo.


“Not a named user, no experience of Hall of Mortality nor Gladiator Hall, but the level is high? Hmmmm….. In this case, even if this person was not a ranker, it would be good to participate in the qualification, right? The limitations of high-level single soul users is clear, but at least you’ll be able to create some interest with just a high level.”

Jongwoo, who was worried for a moment, threw the papers toward the ‘passed’ basket.

It was the moment when the decision to let Sang Hyuk participate in the offline preliminaries was made.



Chapter 110 [Episode 57] Offline Competition 1 – End


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