Chapter 112 [Episode 58] Immortal, appear! 1



@ Immortal, appear!


A straight road without trees or rocks.

The topography was only a few broken walls.

This environment, often referred to as ‘the highway’ by the users, was the place where you can play the hottest confrontations on the Way of Proof.

So, this environment was also a favorite environment for users who like melee. It was not such a good environment for users who like to use the topography with ambush tactics or force an opponent into a ranged battle.

In this sense, it was very pleasant news that this environment appeared to Choi Sangryul.

In fact, Choi Sangryul was not a negligible opponent.

The reason Choi Sangryul was called the strongest in the previous life was not just because Sang Hyuk had given him the best skill, the Heavenly Dragon Card Deck. To be precise, the Heavenly Dragon Card was the greatest ‘Trump Card’ and Choi Sangryul was the best soldier with the ability to use this ‘Trump Card’ to reach the top of the world.

In other words, it meant that he was a person who was strong without the Heavenly Dragon Card Deck. In fact, he was a top 10 pro-gamer even when he had not learned the Heavenly Dragon Card Deck.

He was called one of the top three professional gamers during his peak season.

The interesting thing was that he did not have a special Ancient Knowledge.

Choi Sangryul was a double soul player, his Ancient Knowledges were ‘Twin Swords of the Wind’ and ‘Windstorm’.

Twin Swords of the Wind was the most popular ancient knowledge among users that used two swords as their main weapons and while wind storm was not as popular, it was an ancient knowledge which showed a very great power in melee.

Choi Sangryul continued to play with these two Ancient Knowledge combinations until he met Sang Hyuk and was reborn again as a new user.

The combination of these two Ancient Knowledge was ‘Blade Crush’.

Choi Sangryul had a powerful combat skill to crush his opponents like its name.

The highway with few obstacles to Choi Sangryul was the best environment.


* * * *


Choi Sangryul laughed lightly as the game started.


“The weather is good and even the road is widely open… It cannot be better than this.”

Choi Sangryul liked the environment very much.


“By the way, an assassin user…. it seems that he only uses a single strike to win each match, so in the end is that all he has?”

The preliminary competition was still going on, so he could not get the full information on his opponent. However, an LGN staff, who was acquainted with him, provided a report, so he was able to figure out who the other person was.

In some ways, it could be a foul, but Choi Sangryul was completely unconcerned because he liked to use all he could to get the maximum chance to win.*


“However, just in case something happen, I should be really careful.”

Choi Sangryul invoked the Storm Curtain over his body and prepared for ambush. The storm curtain can hold up to 4 layers, each layer reduced 20% of the attack power. If you activate all 4 layers, the attack power is reduced by 80%.

Using those 4 layers provided a very strong shield with a shield amount equal to 80% of the maximum vitality. It also reduces the opponent’s chance of critical damage by 88% and reduced damage by 40%.

In other words, it was a shield that maximized the defensive power by reducing the attack power.

However, it was no possible to replenish the layers during battle because it was a skill that can only be invoked outside of battle, nevertheless, this skill was very powerful, depending on how you use it.

If Choi Sangryul did not know about his opponent, he would have kept one layer at most, but as he knew about his opponent, he would keep all 4 layers and induce the opponent’s ‘surprise’ attack.


“If you bite the bait… you die.”

Choi Sangryul used his body as the bait and started fishing.

His plan seemed perfect.

But there is a fact he did not know. That one fact ruined his perfect fishing strategy dreadfully.

A man who knows Choi Sangryul more than anyone else in the world.

Sang Hyuk knew precisely how Choi Sangryul would play.


“He has not learned Storm Wall yet, so he used 4 layers of the storm curtain and wait for me to ambush him, right?”

Sang Hyuk knew very well what skills Choi Sangryul has and how he used them.

Sang Hyuk in the past had no choice but to thoroughly analyzed everything about that person called Choi Sangryul and remodel him. So it was so easy for him to predict Choi Sangryul’s moves.


“In this situation, the most common method is to break each layer and attack with a full-scale attack, right?”

Talking about the storm curtain with 4 layers, meant that all of them could be stripped off if you hit it 4 times.

Because the curtain blocked only one attack anyway, so this way was the best.

But Sang Hyuk had a different idea.


“If you take the bait, you will be eaten? Fine, that bait… I will bite it.”

Sang Hyuk did not care, although his opponent crouched behind a strong shield.


“I’ll split the shield in its entirety.”

Sang Hyuk chose a method far from common sense.

Splitting the opponent wholly including the shield…. This was the most destructive and cool revenge method.

Choi Sangryul was obviously revealing himself because he was using himself as the bait. Of course he was looking for Sang Hyuk, who was using Concealment somewhere, but he did it passively.

This was literally asking for an attack.

Sang Hyuk was reducing the distance while waiting for Choi Sangryul’s approach. Choi Sangryul wanted to be attacked anyway, so waiting like this did not matter at all.

Sang Hyuk held the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King and quietly concentrated his strength. Sang Hyuk would smash Choi Sangryul, who was confident in his strong shield, smashing both the trap and his opponent in a single strike.

The two opposing intentions would collide in the near future.


“Shouldn’t he appear by now?”

Choi Sangryul looked around and confirmed the duration of the storm curtain once again.

The remaining retention time is 10 minutes. This much is supposed to be enough.

He thought that if the 4 layered storm curtain was maintained, any ambush could be negated unconditionally.

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