“Because waiting is boring, let’s bite it.”

Choi Sangryul loosened his defensive stance slightly while being careful that he wasn’t seen. If that was the case, his opponent will absolutely decide to come in and strike.


“If he does not come in and strike, he must be a fool or else a careful sick person (a person who always be careful like a disease).”

Choi Sangryul thought it was one of those two reasons if he already gave enough chances but there is no attack.

If it was a fool, he would not have much of a problem but if it was a careful sick person, it would be a headache. But his worries did not last long.

The darkness in one corner broke as Sang Hyuk saw the gap in his opponent’s defense.


“It’s coming!”

At the very moment, Choi Sangryul also crossed his twins swords and set them as his defense. He had storm curtain, but he could not only stand and get attacked, so by using ‘Cross Defense’, the skill obtained through the Twin Swords of the Wind, he raised his defense to the maximum.

The black flash that splits the darkness flew through the air at a tremendous speed, but Choi Sangryul’s ‘Cross Defense’, which was already prepared, was his first line of defense.


The black flash immediately hit Choi Sangryul’s body. It pierced the storm curtain and hit Sangryul’s body which was locked into a defensive stance.

The four-layered storm curtain lowered the power of attack significantly. And because there was additional Cross Defense in use, theoretically Choi Sangryul should have been half invincible.

In fact, at this level Storm Curtain reduced the damage significantly, so it did not make much sense to use his ‘Cross Defense’. No matter how powerful the ambush was, it was insane to think it could break all his shields.

At least Choi Sangryul knew so.

The critical hit did not trigger. And the damage was reduced properly. Even the defense was perfect. *


When Choi Sangryul got hit, the result was completely outside of his expectations. It was completely different.

Kwakwakwa! Dudududuk!

The storm curtain shattered in an instant. It has nothing to do with the impact of the strike, just as soon as the shield was hit by the black flash, it exploded as if all of his defenses had been stripped away in an instant.



At the moment, Choi Sangryul felt something went wrong. Although the critical hit didn’t trigger but this was a really ridiculous result.

But the more striking thing was that this was not the end.

Kwaduduk, kwakwakwang!

The two swords, that crossed and used in the perfectly defensive posture, were thrown back. And…. uncouth damage swept across his body.


“What, what was that exactly…..”

At that moment, the question ‘why?’ was appear in Choi Sangryul’s head. But at the time he had that question, it was already late.

The black flash swallowed everything up and took half of Choi Sangryul’s life in a moment.

Of course, when half of the vitality flies in a moment, he was momentarily shocked and fell into stun lock.

In that situation, Sang Hyuk naturally waved the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King three times quickly.

It was similar to the skill of Ancient Knowledge: Knight named ‘Triple Slash’, which Sang Hyuk learned a long time ago. Of course, now that the Ancient Knowledge has been changed to Shadow Knight and has been deleted, but Sang Hyuk just reproduced the skill as his body remembered.

There was not much power in the attack itself because it was not a skill and has been quickly done three times as concise, light movements, but he took off the three layers of the storm curtain by those three sword cuts.

Sang Hyuk spent only 1.5 seconds on these three sword cuts.

However, since Choi Sangryul’s stun duration was 1.7 seconds, Choi Sangryul recovered from stunning almost simultaneously with the end of the three cuts.



Choi Sangryul instinctively knew how dangerous the situation he was in now. So, as soon as his stun time ended, he tried to get out of the crisis by using Wind Storm.

Thatak, Phaphaphat!

After the stun lock ended, Choi Sangryul withdrew about 10 meters backward. The biggest reasons for Choi Sangryul to use Wind Storm was because its cooldown was only 10 seconds and the travel distance was fairly long, and even the speed of movement was fast.

Is that so? Choi Sangryul could barely escape the crisis thanks to this skill. Nope, he thought he could escape.

Choi Sangryul who quickly got out of Sang Hyuk’s attack range.

He was going to do the next thing after catching his breath. But his actions were only possible up to this extent.




The Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King dug at his abdomen.

Surprisingly, Sang Hyuk appeared before Choi Sangryul right where Choi Sangryul was about to move to and Choi Sangryul was rushed to Sang Hyuk, like a moth flies to the flames.

He could not help it because Wind Storm was a moving skill that could not stop in the middle.

Choi Sangryul had no idea at all that Sang Hyuk would have the movement technique Blink. Even Sang Hyuk didn’t expected that he would accurately predict Choi Sangryul’s movement.

Thanks to this, Choi Sangryul was hit by a powerful attack once again without proper defense and no avoidance.

This time, about 30% of the vitality is lost again.

Of course it was not enough to collapse yet.

But it was not just about collapsing. It was about 50% vitality lost in one strike and another 30% lost again.

Two consecutive strong shocks once again stiffened Choi Sangryul’s body.

If you allow these powerful attacks in PvP in the first place, it had to lead to defeat.

Choi Sangryul tried to grab and hold onto the flesh that is being stiffened, however, even 0.5 seconds of the stiffness was fatal for him.

Hwiiing, sgok! Gwaduduk!

Sang Hyuk swiftly unsheathed the twin moonblades, secondary weapons that were on his waist while leaving the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King stuck in Choi Sangryul’s abdomen. At that moment, Choi Sangryul’s neck fell and his head fell to the floor.

All of these movement happened naturally as flowing water.

This was the end of the first death. Choi Sangryul will resurrect in the safety zone straight away….but the first death itself was so shocking that all those who watched this match could not close their mouths.

Sang Hyuk ended the fight in just five seconds of a collision with Choi Sangryul. And it was also so neat…

And finally,  Sang Hyuk’s figure was clearly revealed.

Guild Master of One Guild, ‘Immortal’.

At the moment he revealed his brilliant appearance while smashing Crash Choi Sangryul, the top rank of the winning candidates, some people recognized him at once.



Chapter 112 [Episode 58] Immortal, appear! 1 – End


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Editor’s Notes: Remember that the description for “Storm Curtain” stated it reduced the chance for critical hit by 88%.  So Sang Hyuk basically brute forced it…:D (of course if the critical hit HAD triggered, it would have insta-killed him…or triggered Ragna Blade!  So Sang Hyuk took that into consideration… )


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