Sangryul realized that it was not a good situation for him to beg for favors.


“Your words are too severe….”

Again, when Choi Sangryul started talking, Sang Hyuk laughed and cut off his words.


“If you feel this is unjust and you’re angry, become stronger. You know that saying, right? ‘The weak has lots words to say, the strong has nothing to say.’ So stop mumbling and get lost.”


The saying ‘The weak has lots words to say and the strong has nothing to say’ were the words that Choi Sangryul had memorized and used a lot in his previous life. Sang Hyuk returned his words to him.

Eventually, Choi Sangryul withdrew without opening his mouth anymore.

Choi Sangryul got a big grudge as his pride was hit hard, but Sang Hyuk did not mind at all.

For Sang Hyuk, Choi Sangryul was only a nuisance bug. If it kept scuttling around, it would stop if you stepped on it.

Rather, he sometimes felt that its appearance helped to relieve stress.

Sang Hyuk simply did not want to end the revenge for his former life by simply dropping him in the offline qualification, so he intentionally humiliated him more and ensured he would play Choi Sangryul again later in the game.

This is usually called a big picture. *


* * * *


Sang Hyuk, who neatly shook off the clot of dirt named Choi Sangryul, destroyed his opponents in the ensuing match with his proudly overwhelming skill.

It was not hard.

Sang Hyuk would have a perfect victory if he did not die even once from the 32nd to the 4th round and he would make it to the final for sure.

Meanwhile, LGN followed Immortal and took as much of his footage as possible. Sang Hyuk got some promises and allowed them to interview him.

The offline preliminary finals are scheduled to be broadcast on the LGN official #1 live channel, as a special event.

Thanks to it, the finals have been pushed back a little bit and Sang Hyuk got briefly interviewed in the middle of it.

Of course the interview was conducted in games not in the reality, so Sang Hyuk’s real appearance was not exposed.

The interview ended briefly. In the first place, Sang Hyuk limited the scope of the question, so it was short.

Sang Hyuk answered only a few basic questions and deliberately omitted sensitive questions.

The interview was a bit insincere, but LGN won the final live broadcast instead.

Jeon Yongmin, a veteran gamecaster, was rushed in for the unscheduled relay match and Jang Minho, who can be called an EL professional, was also introduced as a commentator.

It was not a perfect team, but it could be said that these two were well equipped.

Sang Hyuk’s final opponent was Black Acorn and Jay (it sounds like that but it could be written as NJ – chapter 111).

Black Acorn NJ was a user who could barely make it into the 100th rank by his skill.  Originally, he was a user with the ability to go straight to the main competition but because he was an American resident in Korea and he doesn’t know about document handling so he had mistakenly applied for the offline preliminary.

If it was the usual case, he was such a user that there will be nothing strange if he won the offline preliminary match.

Unfortunately, the opponent was not good.

NJ began to worry the moment when the lush rainforest environment appeared in front of him.


“Hyuu, darn it, I want to forfeit.”

He has long been a fan of the live channel ‘One’ and was a really big fan of the One Guild.

However you look at it, Immortal, the Master Guild of the One Guild, was his idol.

From the moment he heard that the finals will be relayed and his opponent is ‘Immortal’, the Guild Master of the One Guild, he contemplated forfeiting.

To him it was the same as blasphemy.

If the LGN side hadn’t refused to let go of him and asked him to keep on going, he would have clearly forfeited.


“Hyuu, let’s just think it’s a good experience.”

NJ decided to think lightly about it. He could not really forfeit a match that will be relayed anyway.


[It is an environment where the rain comes down and the forest is thick. If it was this kind of environment, it would be beneficial for Immortal, right?]


Jeon Yongmin’s words sounds careful. However, Jang Minho, who was sitting next to him, was not cautious at all.


[Actually, I think the environment is not really important.]


[Why do you think so?]


[To the viewers listening, it might be a bit of an anticlimax, but in my honest opinion, NJ can not beat Immortal, no he will never beat him.]


[Is the gap that big?]


[Anyone watching this broadcast knows how Immortal is, right? The Guild Master of the One Guild and acknowledged as the strongest user. This player swept one extra large Line by himself. The pay-per-view video, which is the evidence, comes up when you go to the live channel One. It is a player who does not make sense. it’s just a matter of seeing how fast NJ is going to fall five times.]


Jang Minho had much more to say than usual. He cannot help it, Jang Minho was also an immense fan of Immortal.


[I also know that Immortal is a great player, but no matter how great he is….]


The moment Jeon Yongmin is about to go on with his words.

NJ fell.

The funny thing was that no one could see how he fell.


[The first death. Concealment was not released. Did you see it? I am now looking at the slow motion replay of how NJ fell through the secondary screen at the side… It is hard to see even with slow motion. Even though it’s hard to make out, he was caught in one strike by a knife. Waow, it was really an attack that feels like a foul.]


Jang Minho turned his head and showed the slow screen to the viewers.


[Maybe the relay will end shortly. But you do not have to be dissapointed. The Best One has just started. You can check it through the mainline relay.]


As asked by Kim Jongwoo, Jang Minho, who did the commercial for The Best One, nodded with a satisfied expression.

The relay will continue till the end of the game, but Jang Minho thought that the game would end in the next 2-3 minutes, so he seemed to have a little to say.

Immortal’s winning.

It was already fact that the winner had already been determined from the time Sang Hyuk entered the application for participating in the offline preliminaries.



Chapter 113 [Episode 58] Immortal, appear! 2 – End


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